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 Nilo's Social Links

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PostSubject: Nilo's Social Links   Mon Nov 24, 2014 5:03 pm

Potential Social Links:

Hyde Mizumi (5): Strength: Check it out!

Hyacintha Rose and Snow (3): The Tower: Tea Time

Ando Bishop: Hermit: Lost in the City

Oki Akumura: Hanged Man: Lost in the City

Maya Briggs: The Tower: An Interview


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PostSubject: Re: Nilo's Social Links   Mon Nov 24, 2014 5:03 pm

Social Links:


Sharaku Rikei

Rank One:
"He reminds me of a phantom... Mysterious but aery all the same... He seems to be friends with Rita... Unlike her, he seems capable of remembering my existence... Maybe I'll see him around..."

Rank Two:
"He's very serious and almost stern in some cases... But he's smart, that much is known. Sadly our conversation ended early but I'm looking forward to continuing it. I hope to see him again, regardless..."


Mae Iharu

Rank One:
"She just moved to Azores... I think today was actually her first day here, to be honest. She'll be staying at the dorms along side Eddie... Hope she likes it here... Even with all the things that are happening..."


Mayu Takanamiya

Rank One:
"I've met her twice so far, in the library and in the computer lab... I suppose she's nice... Mainly because she taught me how to use a computer... I don't know if we'll become friends... But for right now, she seems like an okay person to look forward to meeting again... I hope..."



Rank One:
"A robot designed for shadow annihilation... If it weren't for his compromised memory, I could have answers to so many questions... It seems we all have a similar goal, Jack, Charles, and I... To find out the truth and to repair Charles... I won't stop until it's accomplished... That's a promise."

Rank Two:
"We talked and seem to understand each other better now. I look forward to meeting him again soon... I also hope Gao stays healthy; pregnancy can take a tole on the body of an animal her size... I hope to see them both again soon... And maybe have Scruffles meet Gao... Hm..."


Akumu Yume

Rank One:
"... Out of all the people I met at the meteor shower, he was the nicest. He peeks my curiosity and I would enjoy meeting him again... He looks like an elf... And he had a bird in his sleeve? He's too curious to not warrant... Curiosity... Um... Regardless, I wish to meet him again."

Rank Two:
"I knew there was something curious about him... He knows of Persona, Shadows, Shadow Selves... The list seems to be endless... He's my teacher now and he gave me a key to visit him at any time... I'm making plans to see him soon, along with a list of questions I plan on asking him... I hope he doesn't mind my eccentricity..."

Rank Three:
"I made a list of questions to ask him... His home is absolutely beautiful... I wonder what it's like to live there all the time... Regardless, he said he'd help me if I need him in the future... I'm relying on him..."


Jack Rannells

Rank One:
"I found him trapped within his own mascot suit... He's strange to say the least but he and I seem to get along well... I 'saved' him from his costume after many an awkward moment and fearful use of tools... He's the person who made those 'Hero Fliers...' I suppose I'll see him more in the near future."

Rank Two:
"I was the only one to come to his Ranger meeting... He got really sad and asked if their was something wrong with him... It made me mad... I... I guess I do see him as a friend... Regardless I'm Ranger Black and he's Ranger Red... Wonder where this'll go..."

Rank Three:
"I had a bad day... A bully came and beat the snot out of me... Jack came and beat him up though... After being beaten up himself... He said I could do things right... I wonder if he's right... I wonder if he really knows what he did for me..."

Rank Four:
"He seemed down at the festival so I gave him some dango... We then went on a 'Honey Hunt?' To say the least, it was odd... But um... In the end I got a girl's number... I wonder if he got home okay after that scuffle... Hm..."

Rank Five:
"... He came after me when I went into the tower... I... I'm so confused right now... I'm so unsure of what to do... He seems so confident though... I wish I could be like that... Oh well... I'll just... Get there eventually..."

Rank Six:
"... I need to become stronger and not live on my past mistakes... Jack helped me see that... I don't want to let him down... I don't want to let my mother down... I'm going to fight for them... And I'll become a better person in the process."

Eddie Flynn

Rank One:
"An interesting guy to say the least... He seems to get scared and paranoid easily though... I hope he'll be okay at such a large school... I'll probably check up on him just to make sure..."


Rinna Lauderdale (NPC)

Rank One:
"She works at the museum... She seems nice and polite... But... She seems a bit off... She said she was only tired... But... I'd like to see if she's really okay in the near future... I hope she won't mind..."

Wheel of Fortune

Ryusaki Mitsuhide

Rank One:
"From what I know, he does track and goes to Zela Academy... From what I've analyzed from him he doesn't have much faith in his own abilities... I wonder why? Oh well, chances are that I'll see him sooner rather than later."


Hyde Mizumi

Rank One:
"... He's really nice and even offered to buy me ice cream before he had to go to work... He's my Senpai now so I hope he'll stay true and stick up for me... I hope we can talk again... Is that an okay thing to hope for?"

Rank Two:
"I'm glad to have met him. He's truly a helpful person and I enjoyed my time with him. I hope to work with him in the future... I hope h stays safe..."

Rank Three:
"... I don't know what to make of him yet. He's nice, that much is known... But can I trust him? After all, he's just some stranger I met at random... Regardless, he bought me candy and my mom seemed to like the bit I saved for her... Wonder what he'll think of the 'Ranger Club...'"

Rank Four:
"So one more person knows about my dark secret... He... Really seemed to understand though... He made me remember that I can't let the past effect me, no matter how I feel about it... He's going to help me reach the moon! ... And I'm going to count on him as a friend from now on."


Sky Akumura

Rank One:
"She's fascinated with the other worlds... More so than I originally thought she would be. She's passionate though, a determined artist wishing to bring color to our world... I wonder if she'll fulfill her wish if things end badly for us all... She knows something though... I may keep an eye on her for safety's sake."


Kazuya Fujiwara

Rank One:
"I suppose he's nice, if not flighty and a bit aloof... I feel a bit bad for thinking so negative about him when he was trying to help... Oh well... It's not like he'd want to be friends with me anyways... Right?"

Rank Two:
"It figures I'd get mugged by some freak... At least Kazuya was there to save me... He called me his friend even after I was rude to him earlier... I suppose I can rely on him now... Such an odd feeling, really..."

The Tower

Hyacintha Rose

Rank One:
"She's really nice and was the first student I met in the school. She seemed happy that I was polite to her... I wonder if she doesn't get a lot of respect or if me being 'okay' towards her caused her to be happy... She helped me get home when my arthritis broke out... Her and Snow seem nice... I hope they don't end up hating me..."

Rank Two:
"... There are to many emotions that confuse me right now... They truly are nice and seem to mean well... But... Something feels ominous about Snow... But then I feel the warmth from him that I feel from Hyacintha... It's all so confusing... I wish I could tell what they truly meant when they said they could take away my suffering... I wonder what a dreamer is too... But... They mean well, that much is fact, and I hope to have tea with them soon."


Raian Auric

Rank One:
"An odd one to say the least... He seems to enjoy cooking and is an expert at being lazy... I wonder if his stew came out well..."


Rita Arisato

Rank One:
"... I don't think I wish to meet her again. I got an over all cool, distant, and very aloof feeling from her even after her melt down... It doesn't matter, regardless... People are like that because of great pain... I don't know if I really feel like caring about her..."

Rank Two:
"I followed her into the tower... Least to say my suspicions of her where true... She's rude... Oh well... She seems more certain on what she's going to do for herself than I for me... That's admirable I suppose..."


Seekers of Reason

Rank One:
"... Everyone else seems so certain of what they're going to do... I'm so... So confused... How can someone be so certain on what they're going to do? This is life or death... It's... It's so confusing... Miss Divine said to have courage... I... I'll try..."


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PostSubject: Re: Nilo's Social Links   Mon Nov 24, 2014 5:04 pm

Proof of Ranks:

Social Links Formed:
Kazuya Fujiwara: Lost in School
Hyacintha Rose: Lost in School
Mayu Takanamiya: How Computer Do?
Jack Rannells: Um... A little help?
Hyde Mizumi: Wishing Well
Rita Arisato: The Radiance of the Night Sky...
Sharaku Rikei: The Radiance of the Night Sky...
Akumu Yume: The Radiance of the Night Sky...
Charles: Meeting For Heroes... Or Something...
Rinna Lauderdale (NPC): No Sick Days
Seekers of Reason: The First Broadcast
Mae Iharu: Arrival
Eddie Flynn: Arrival
Ryusaki Mitsuhide: Trance
Sky Akumuara: The Calm Before The Storm
Raian Auric: Chef's Orders

Rank Ups:
Kazuya Fujiwara (2): Luck? What Luck?
Jack Rannells (2): HW Pt2: Feathermen Unite!
Rita Arisato (2): The First Broadcast
Hyde Mizumi (2): Sweet Shop
Charles (2): Titanium
Hyacintha Rose (2): The House By the Park
Akumu Yume (2): Spiritual Pathways
Sharaku Rikei (2): Chef's Orders
Jack Rannells (3): Cold Chair
Hyde Mizumi (3): To the bottom of this
Akumu Yume (3): Questions To Remember
Jack Rannells (4): Even Heroes Need Company
Hyde Mizumi (4): In "Summer"
Jack Rannells (5): The First Broadcast
Jack Rannelks (6): After the storm...


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PostSubject: Re: Nilo's Social Links   Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:59 pm


Raina Lockwood
Hanged Man

Nilo's mother and care taker. She works multiple jobs to pay for Nilo's therapy and medical treatments. She cares for her son dearly and puts him first instead of herself. She has been one of the most inspirational figures in Nilo's life; being the one that introduced him to the world of literature. She wishes to see her son grow into a great man and supports him in every way she can.


Nilo's pet cat. He looks old and raggedy despite being of a moderate age. He seems to love everybody, especially Nilo. He is rarely seen outside of the Lockwood's residence.


An animatronic puppet found within the depths of the Haunted House within the Big Top. It's supposed to be broken but Nilo commonly says it moves on its own accord as well as make strange noises from time to time. Nilo loves the thing for an unknown reason.

Vladimir Lockwood

Nilo's verbally abusive and deceased father. His anger was centered around being forced to leave the small town he grew up in because of his son's condition. He became stressed due to lack of money and living in the slums. He was homesick and blamed everything on his son. He died an angry and depressing man, leaving permanent mental scars on his son to this day.


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PostSubject: Re: Nilo's Social Links   Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:36 am

Thread Graveyard:

Satoru Saito: Death: Writing Underwater, well, on a Train Underwater

Sky Akumuara: Lust: Writing Underwater, well, on a Train Underwater

Connections where made with these two but seeing as the thread hasn't been completed, a social link for either of the two had not been formed.

Kai Jamah: Magician: Dissatisfaction

Not enough interaction happened between the two for any bonds to be formed.

Sky Akumuara (2): Lust: Afterwork distress

Morisato Shigure: Strength: Afterwork distress

Interactions ended at a point that could have led to anywhere.

Iscariot: Priestess: Research on Fairy Tales

Interactions again ended to early for any bonds to form.


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PostSubject: Re: Nilo's Social Links   Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:40 pm

Threads That Involve Character Development:

Nilo's Past: Deafening Memories

A look into Nilo's past and the ties he has with those closest to him. It also show cases how he and his Persona, Miss Muffet, are alike.

Nilo's Evoker

How Nilo received his evoker as well as a deepening mystery of Puppet.


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PostSubject: Re: Nilo's Social Links   

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Nilo's Social Links
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