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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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July 2020
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 Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)

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Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) Empty
PostSubject: Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)   Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) EmptyWed Sep 09, 2015 8:09 pm

The day had started simple enough. Quiet enough. The pieces on the board moved here and there, but the pace was the same as always. Blood red eyes were watching the board with a lazy expression when unexpectedly, the board glowed brightly with white light and with a tremble and loud snap, it cracked right in half causing pieces to fall off and shatter as they hit the stone floor beneath them.

The sudden action had startled Hiro in such a way that he had actually jumped out of his chair and backed away from the board on fear of being harmed by whatever happened to it. The surge of power that broke it came sudden and without warning and then just as sudden left the area. Still staring at the broken chest board, Hiro let out a held breath as the room seem to go back to normal. Picking up his chair, he would cautiously go back to the board to take in the damage done.

That surge of power…it didn’t just snap his board, but demolished it! There was no hope in saving it and so with a wave of his hand, his dimissed the thing he had created to watch the game. He’d recreate it when he had some time to spare. Right now, he wanted to know where…

Hiro’s thoughts cut short as the room he was in began to drop suddenly in  temperature. Finding the change odd considering it was suppose to be summer, Hiro’s automatically headed towards the stairs that led upward and towards the outside. Reaching the door, he turned the steadily cooling handle and walked out into—


He couldn’t help, but verbalize his surprise as his red eyes widened slightly and he stepped out a bit more onto the small roof top of the abandon building he was in. All around, white flurries drifted down from an angry black sky as chilled winds blew through the area. The storm was abnormal for sure, but that did not bother the man so much as the ripples of energy bouncing all over causing this chaotic way of weather. Where was the energy coming from?

Hiro would close his eyes, ignoring the bite of cold on his exposed skin as he instead focused on that one source. After a moment, a mist of black and red would swallow him and pull him into the world between reality and non-existence. He would linger here for only a few seconds before being released into a new area.

As the mist vanished, Hiro was exposed to the new area’s weather. Rain drops like ice was falling from a sky equally as black as the one he had seen seconds ago. Was the mass storm coming from here and spreading all over? Or was it something else causing it? The energy in this new area was indeed high, so the black haired man would not doubt such thoughts.

Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) Shiki210

Shifting in his spot, the leather of his clothing creaked slightly as he began to walk, his boots sloshing through the water puddles already on the half earthy ground. As he walked, red eyes would scan the area as a thick fog rolled in and tried to block his view, but the man did not slow down as he continued to move on. He would move like a ghost in the rain, searching always for the core of the power until finally, he found himself standing before the entrance to a stadium of some sort.

Not really familiar with the sports, Hiro would go inside the cold hallway of the stadium before exiting through a second pair of doors and going back out into the rain. Once back out, he would pause as he looked around the area, the energy here thick and nauseating, but he stomached it as he did his best to understand what was happening here.

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Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)   Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) EmptyWed Sep 09, 2015 9:06 pm

Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) J6WiNlm

Once walking through, Hiro would find his legs beginning to sink as though they stepped in mud. Below him was a void of blackness that only seemed to wish to consume. He of course was able to stay afloat if he tried to move around enough to escape. He could see in the middle a simple egg-like shape, floating over black tentacles and thorns, in silence. However on in the inside, even without awakened potential, Hiro could feel something odd from it, as though it was pulling something literally out of thin air, and something he could not define.


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Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)   Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) EmptyThu Sep 10, 2015 11:48 am

Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) Shiki210

Hiro would observe the area for a second before noticing he seemed to be being pulled downward. On instinct, he looked downward and notice the ground...or rather lack of ground, he stood on was the cause of this. It wanted to devour him, make him one with whatever it was; however, Hiro was too stubborn to let something like this stop him. With a bit of work, he was able to pull his boots free of whatever this substance was and get back onto the surface…more or less.

As soon as he was on the surface, he would begin to sink again a sign that this trek could be troublesome; however, assuming whatever was around him would not affect his natural abilities, he would use a bit of energy to make himself float right on top of the substance. A small float that made it easier to walk in this already tricky terrain.

Provided nothing went wrong, he would look around the stadium once more until a strange sight caught his attention. An odd egg shape thing that floated over a bed of thorns and tentacles as black if not darker than the substance that was in this place. What was this?

Curious yet cautious, Hiro would approach this strange egg feeling from within it a strange power that defied all logic of what was normal for the man. He had met all sorts of spirits, but this thing…this strange thing….he could not comprehend it…define it….

And due to this he became even more curious as he moved carefully walked around the thing, observing it. He wanted to get near the egg to see if he could perhaps figure out from there what it was he was dealing with; however, he had a bit of a problem didn’t he?

Red eyes would drift to the rather dangerous looking bed the thing rested on. Hmmm…would it attack if he dared to get closer? A gloved hand would reach back towards the solid wood blunt sword that Hiro carried when he fought against spirits. The thing couldn’t harm a shade, due to the form being made of pure energy, but it could harm and touch the ones that became solid matter. It was a defense against the hostiles, but today it was going to be a tester for this thing before him.

The weight of the black sword settled in his left hand as he held it loosely by his side for a moment. Creeping forward, he would begin to hold out the sword, shifting it so he held the very end of the sword as he stretched it towards the strange bed, keeping as much space as possible between himself and the potential threat.

Very carefully he’d poke the closest of the odd "vines" very gently to see if it was hostile or perhaps something else….

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Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)   Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) EmptyFri Sep 25, 2015 9:01 pm

Before he could attempt to touch the vines, the swirling mass in the middle made an inaudible noise, that shook the ground under Hiro. He would see a small opening open up near him, as black tendrils shot from the dark depths and latched onto his body, draining his strength. It would be far too fast for him to react, and he would have little hope to bust out of it unless he had any kind of awakened potential. The tendrils would begin to pull him below the dark if he could not resist, and he would only be able to see black, and no air would reach his lungs, as if he were drowning. It was some sort of defense mechanism that would pull under anything that it could not recognize or defend itself against. It was unknown what was at the end, but it still seemed just as cruel and cold as death itself...
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PostSubject: Re: Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)   Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) EmptyFri Sep 25, 2015 9:27 pm

The “sword” went towards the thing, but before contact could be made the world around him reacted. A strange sound, a tear, and then tentacles. Hiro’s body tensed and prepared to flee, but the black haired young man never did make it away from the threat. Before he could blink, black tendrils were coiling about him and while he tried to pull away at first, he found himself slowly losing his will to fight or stay atop the strange black substance. The strange tendrils that touched him were draining him of energy…no life!

This was not…This was not how he should go out. No, the world had to die before that happened…He had to keep living! Had to complete his mission… But, but...


For the first time in years, true fear filled the rouge attendant. His mind swirled and tried to get his body to move out of danger’s way, but the more he struggled the more his body refused to respond. The blackness pulled him into its grasp filling every pore in his body, blotting out air and then finally light. He was completely submerged in the stuff blind, unable to breathe, and afraid. His heart raced for a few tense moments and then slowly began to slow to a lower rate as conscious began to leave him…and his will to struggle became lost to the darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)   Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan) Empty

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Eggploring - Response to Incubation - (Gran-Chan)
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