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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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January 2021
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Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds News10
Updated: 20/07/2020

*beep beep*This is the Captain speaking. Good morning, day, or evening. As you all must be aware, we have had our fair share of mishaps on this ship in recent times and I would just like to reassure you they're all being taken care of. Having detained and questioned the Anti Shadow Suppression Weapon that crashed into our ship, we have determined that they're indeed not hostile, simply on the run. As such, I would kindly ask any crew members and staff to treat our guest with respect until we can drop them off at a safe location. Speaking of, without both our engines in working conditions, we're stranded. For that purpose, a scout team has been assembled and sent to investigate a nearby planet for resources or help. We cannot contact them at the moment but they will surely be returning home soon with good news. Until then, please resume your daily duties and dealings. We have plenty to take care of on our end as well. *beep beep*

The site is entering a new era as our team of mods works tirelessly on updating old and obsolete information threads and links. Over the Summer, we aim to make many changes to the forum, including writing a comprehensive beginners' guide to help new players accommodate to the combat and other rp systems in place here.

Be sure to constantly check the update thread for any changes to the boards. You can find it ->Here<-

More to come


The Maker
Shin Megami Tensei and Persona belong to ATLUS. We own nothing, and have simply used their data to create a world of our own. They are the true geniuses behind the scenes.
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 Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds

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PostSubject: Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds   Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds EmptyTue Aug 15, 2017 4:01 pm

Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds PEUs0bm

"Helping others, guiding them towards their fortunate fate... That's what I want to do."


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Df33a1e2e5880a117ca8d82fcdf3d7fa


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_4_tarot_deck_hr___jester_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr5cs


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___magician_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr7v7


Rank One:
"He's an interesting bird man. Probably has a really bad taste in music... I wouldn't mind meeting him again, though."


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Vglw77

Alice Clarke

Rank One:
"She's Lucy's daughter! Ally, or, like, something! I guess we'll be partners in the future then! Cool! Though, she's different from Lucy... It's weird..."

Rank Two:
"She's really quiet. Not really sure why. Well, like, anyways hopefully we won't all, like, totally die!"


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___priestess_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr7s1


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___empress_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr7q3


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___emperor_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr7nd


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___hierophant_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr7ic


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___lovers_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr7fg

Lilly Huwnd

Rank One:
"Millward! Oh, she's such a cute dog person! Though, I bet I shouldn't tell that to her... Well, oh well! I hope we get along as partners!"

Rank Two:
"I, uh... Haven't seen her since the incident... I hope she's okay."


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds 9212c30b6cec1178fb681bf1f24f48c8


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___justice_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr783


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___hermit_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr7l3

Wheel of Fortune

Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___fortune_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr732


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_tarot_card_deck_hr___strength_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6y8


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___hunger_lust_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr59c

Hanged Man

Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___hanged_man_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6uh


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___death_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6ri

James Smith

Rank One:
"Lucy's body guard! Jack or something! Maybe it was Jay... A-Anyways, he too has a weird feeling to him... Can't really place it, but we'll be partners so here's hoping!"


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___temperance_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6ol


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___the_devil_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6ic


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___the_tower_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6e4

Mr. Fel

Rank One:
"So, after Blue freezed his people and stuff he got really mad... I had to negotiate with him to help us, and well it worked... He has a lot of pain... So much of it, I..."

Rank Two:
"I, uh... I don't remember what happened... I know we had followed through with my plan but, uhm... I don't know, everything's super blurry. He helped us though, that's what counts... I wonder if he's on Junction..."


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___the_star_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6au


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___the_moon_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr66a


Rank One:
"So, Blue! I, uh, don't really know him very well. He kinda exists? I think he froze some villagers... Well, um, maybe we could get along if we don't all die?"


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___the_sun_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr6ln


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___aeon_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr63e

Lucian Clarke

Rank One:
"That doom in his future... It was suffocating... I want to meet him again just to see if I can save him from it."

Rank Two:
"So he wants to be official partners with me and Millward! Okay, I guess. I'm fine with that... It makes me glad knowing I'll be able to keep an eye on him."

Rank Three:
"Ah, jeez! First he saves me then he, like, wants to send me everywhere while he goes all loner type! I need to protect him from that terrible fate... Luckily that means I know he's basically fine for right now, but um... I, like, still want to keep him safe."


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___judgement_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr5wv


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Persona_3_4_tarot_card_deck_hr___the_world_arcana_by_enetirnel-d6xr5j2


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds QWIHZJt

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PostSubject: Re: Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds   Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds EmptyTue Aug 15, 2017 4:23 pm


Nakir Pendragon


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Latest?cb=20160222103252

The wife of Munkar Pendragon and mother of Cassiel Pendragon. She is a spiritual person whose fortune telling abilities focus on guiding those towards their Fortune in life. She works closely with Munkar, helping the elites of Junction towards their fortune and towards a brighter future for all in Junction. She is a spiritual person who is more attuned to the fates of others than her husband. She views Fate as a kind of deity and serves it with her fortune telling abilities and work. Like her husband, she is a very traditional Virtue who values her race's ideals. She is disappointed in her son's rebellious actions but knows he'll find fortune in this course of life.

Munkar Pendragon


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Tumblr_inline_om6dj0uPAE1s4rxy6_540

The head of the Pendragon family and a very prestigious man in Junction's hierarchy. Acting as a Virtue, he does his best to guide those who come to him for advise, using his fortune telling abilities that focus on Doom to guide the elites of Junction away from their doom. He is a kind man and comes across as very simple, however, he is very traditional in his beliefs and disapproves greatly of what Cassiel does. He wishes his son would be more respectful and understand the ideals and traditions of the Virtue race.


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds QWIHZJt

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PostSubject: Re: Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds   Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds EmptyTue Aug 15, 2017 4:25 pm

Social Link Information

Social Links Formed

Ace :: Magician :: Fortunate Grooves

Lucian Clarke :: Aeon :: First

Azul :: Moon :: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands

Alice Clarke :: Magus :: Seekers Of The Round Table

James Smith :: Death :: Seekers Of The Round Table

Lilly Huwnd :: Lovers :: Seekers Of The Round Table

Mr. Fel :: Tower :: Permanence Mission

Social Link Rank Ups

Lilly Huwnd :: Lovers 2 :: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands

Mr. Fel :: Tower 2 :: Permanence Negotiation

Alice Clarke :: Magus 2 :: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands

Lucian Clarke :: Aeon 2 :: Seekers Of The Round Table

Lucian Clarke :: Aeon 3 :: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands


Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds QWIHZJt

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PostSubject: Re: Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds   Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds Empty

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Cassiel Pendragon's Bonds
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