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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE]

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Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE] Empty
PostSubject: Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE]   Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE] EmptyTue Jan 15, 2013 9:28 pm

Strength of your Soul:

   As you probably speculated by now, this site's combat system is based off your character's individual stats. Like the game, your character here will have a chance to grow how you choose it. Below is the default stats your character starts off with.

HP: 50
SP: 30
PEnd: 0%
MEnd: 0%
Ppstr: 6
Pmstr: 10
Dx: 3
Lk: 2

   HP stands for Health Points. Each time you are hit, your health points will decrease. Once this hits zero, you are knocked unconscious. If you are attacked again while you are unconscious, you will die. When your health is at 10% or below, your character will start to feel fatigued.

   SP stands for Skill Points. These points directly relate to your ability to summon your Persona. Each time you summon your Persona, this number will go down. When it goes low enough to where you can't cast any skills, you won't be able to summon your Persona again. You can recover SP points with special items given out by the Velvet Room Attendants or by resting a single post. Each post you rest, you recover 5% of your total SP.

   PEnd & MEnd: Refer here for information -

   Pmstr stands for Persona Magic Strength. This number correlates to how much damage your Persona's skills will do to your opponent if using a elemental based skill. For example, if you were to successfully land a hit on someone with a Elemental-based attack, you would cause this much damage to their HP.

   Ppstr stands for Persona Physical Strength. This number correlates to how much damage your Persona's skills will do to your opponent if using a physical based skill. For example, if you were to successfully land a hit on someone with a Physical Skill-based attack, you would cause this much damage to their HP.

   Dx stands for Dexterity. This number correlates to how much damage your own Soul Bound weapon will deal to your opponent. For example, if you were to successfully land a hit on someone with your weapon, you would cause this much damage to their HP.

   Lk stands for Luck. This will determine your chances of landing a critical attack on the opponent. The staff members will be the ones to deal with this when you're in battle. The higher the number, the higher the chance to land a critical attack. ** In Player vs Shadow battles, this also translates to your chance of dodging an attack. In Player vs Player battles, this will also determine how fast your Persona can move in combat. The higher the number over the opponent, the faster. However, if the numbers are within 20 digits of one another, then their speed will still remain on the same playing field. Basically the Lk stat swallows both the Luck and Agility stats from the actual Persona games.

   Ranking up and Stat Increases:


   Each time your Initial Persona gains a new skill, all your stats go up by 6 points. You also get 6 extra points that you can distribute between these stats. It's completely your choice on how you want to build up your character. This will be kept up to date in the Persona Compendium category on the board. More information can be found there.

   Each time your Prime Persona gains a new skill, all your stats go up by 12 points. You also get 12 extra points to distribute between your stats.

   Each time your Ultimate Persona gains a new skill, all your stats go up by 16 points. You also get 16 extra points to distribute between your stats.

   For Tainted Persona users, each time your Persona gains a new skill, your stats are boosted by 12, and you get an extra 12 points to distribute between your stats.

   For Velvet Room Attendants, each time your Persona Compendium gains a new skill, your stats are boosted by 6, and you get an extra 6 points to distribute between your stats.

   Once a Velvet Room Attendant gains their "Ultimate" Persona Compendium, each new skill it gains boosts your stats by 12, and you get an extra 12 points to distribute between your stats.

   Each time a Shadow Self gains a new skill, they receive 12 stat points in each category and an extra 12 for them to distribute however they'd like.

  Each time a Forgotten gains a new skill, they receive 12 stat points in each category and an extra 12 for them to distribute however they'd like.

   Weapon Types:

   Once obtaining a Persona, your character will have the ability of using one weapon of their choice that can be summoned to their hand in battle. These weapons can be almost anything, such as knives, blades, bow and arrows, etc. (No Guns unless stated otherwise!) This weapon will be your soul bound weapon and can not be switched. For Example: If you made your character choose a Rapier as their weapon of choice, then you may only use Rapier type weaponry from then on. These weapons are special, as they do damage to the soul and not the actual physical body. Each successful attack relates to Tier 1 amount of damage.

   Each weapon has a specific type of physical damage they do. There are three main types separated as:

   Pierce Damage

   Slash Damage

   Strike Damage

   ** To see Persona related skills to these damage types, click ->here<-.

   Human vs Human (PvP) Battle Rules:

   It is inevitable that players will be put in battle against Shadows and possibly other players aswell. This is why a battle system has been formed. The battles on this site can be compared to the battles seen in Persona 4: Arena. By this I mean, once you summon your Persona it will do an attack/defense before vanishing back within your subconscious or remaining stationary on the battlefield. Persona act basically as "ghosts" and cannot be used as shields to protect yourself from direct enemy attacks. (Such as blows from Shadows or weapon attacks from other human players, such as a knife or blade.) Attacks from a Persona also bypass real world armor (such as bullet proof vests, steel plates, etc) as it attacks the soul directly. It takes another Persona to parry an attack from a Persona, or special skills/accessories.

   To parry an attack from another Persona, the user would only need to summon their Persona by using a skill. If the enemy Persona was to use a physical Tier 1 skill against you, you could summon your Persona and have it do a physical Tier 1 skill aswell. By doing this, you can clash with the opposing Persona. Now since both attacks are both Tier 1, they would be equal in strength. This is excluding any bonuses the user may have in strength, however. For example, if both Persona were to launch a fire based attack, and one of the Persona have a 15% boost in fire based skills and the other does not; that Persona with the boost will over power the opposing Persona (this does not count for Mind Charge or Power Charge). This basically means their attack will go through the defense and continue on its way. If the skill is a special attack that attacks more than once, then the Persona will continue to attack that same post until it ends. If you clash with someone that is equal strength as you, you will be able to continue your attack after your first hit clashes against their own. However, if their skill strength is above your own, you will fail to break through their attack regardless of how many attacks you throw at them with one skill.

   Elemental skills clash with other elemental skills. Physical skills clash with other physical skills. However, elemental skills and physical skills do not clash with one another.

**NOTE - It is now possible for a Tier 2 to beat or clash with a Tier 3. If the total boost is the same, the Tier 2 can clash with the Tier 3. For example, a Tier 2 gets a 50% boost from Tier 1, and a Tier 3 gets a 100% boost. Now if the Tier 2 user also had an amp move that boosts the skill another 50%, then it'd be a Tier 2 skill that has a 100% boost vs a Tier 3 with the same level boost. The two skills would cancel each other out.

   In battle, only one Persona skill can be used at a time. This means only one Persona skill can be used each post. Take note, each attack used by a Persona will remove SP. If you run out of SP, you can not summon your Persona again until it fills up to an adequate amount, unless you're using physical based skills. This means if you spam heavy hitting moves, you may find yourself vulnerable towards the end. Every post you remain stationary and don't attack, you will recover 10% of your total SP.

**NOTE - A human skill and a Persona Skill can be used in the same post for PvP. However only one or the other can be used in PvS per turn.

   When attacking with your own weapon and not your Persona, you have the ability of attacking alot more during a post. This can range from two to four attacks per post (four if your character is faster by a skill or strength used, two/three if not), depending on the situation and how skilled your character is in combat. Of course these attacks aren't on the same scale as your Persona's and can be parried by other weapons, but they are relatively faster and don't cost a thing to use. These Soul Bound weapons perform basic Tier 1 damage at all times unless stated otherwise by an accessory or Persona skill.


   As you can see, Human vs Human battles will be quite something. Now, it is possible for your Personas to attack one another, and there is a downside to if your Persona is successfully damaged. If your Persona takes three successful hits from the opposing party's own Persona, it will break. Break simply means it will disappear back within your subconscious and need three turns to be able to be summoned again. Once those three turns are up, it would have rebuilt itself and can take another three hits (and can also be summoned again). So be careful not to put your Persona in too many dangerous situations in battle.

   Human vs Shadow (PvS) Battle Rules:

   Player vs Shadow battles are quite different than Player vs Player battles. Unlike in Player vs Player where the combat is close to Persona 4: Arena, these battles are more like the traditional Persona style combat. This means all your attacks are dealt to the opponent directly. This removes the ability of clashing moves and parrying altogether, which is the main fore-point of Player vs Player battles. Your ability to dodge an attack is now based on the number of your luck stat and is calculated by the Dungeon Master during battle. This form of combat relies more on strategy and less on dynamic movement.

   Another difference in this form of combat than Player vs Player is that you can only perform one attack or defense per post. This means you can use one Persona Skill or use your Soul Bound weapon to attack. You can't choose to attack with both together, like in the PvP phase of combat. When attacking with your Soul Bound weapon, you only strike the opponent one time (unless you have a strength that says otherwise, then it'll be two). When using a move that boosts agility (such as sukukaja), this number is raised by one, meaning if you previously attacked two times you will now attack three times with your soul bound weapon.

   Unlike in PvP Phase battles, you have the option to have defending posts for these types of battles. By defend, this means you're covering your body with your soul bound weapon and bracing yourself for an attack. You can't attack these posts, but the damage you take is reduced by half. This also allows the one shielding to recover 10% SP. If you're hit by your weakness while shielding, you'll still take half damage and won't be downed your next post.

   When you hit an opponent's weakness, it not only causes them to stagger but forces them to recover their next post which won't allow them to attack. If they are attacked on their recovery post, they will not stagger again, and will be able to attack their next post. This can give you a heavy opportunity for damage.

   When using an item for this phase of combat, it uses your turn up entirely. This means after you use the item, you can not continue on to attack or defend the same post. This can leave you vulnerable, so be cautious.

   You are allowed to take attacks directed at one of your allies. By pushing them out the way, you will take the full power of the attack normally, unless something says otherwise. When you take the attack for them, they are safe from the damage, but you take it all. You can only do this for attacks solely focused on that one member. That means if there is an AoE attack that attacks everyone, you can't protect them. When you are going to protect someone, simply post before them taking the hit for them, and you can still attack that same turn.

  NOTE: When a Persona uses a skill, you may be creative on how they carry out the skill. For example: If your Persona uses Agi it does not HAVE to fire a fireball. It could bumrush someone as the fireball itself, or even do a fire punch into someone. It could even be the Persona picking you up and throwing you like a fireball (as long as it manipulates the flames so it does not burn you aswell). As long as the damage is calculated correctly, you're free to use your imagination on how the attack is performed. However, use common sense. If it's a small attack, it wouldn't be that extravagant. If it's something like a Tier 3 or 4 move, then it may destroy the surroundings and the like. Your Persona MUST use a skill to interact with the environment. If they do not, the only thing they may do is remain on standby. Even if you want them to cut a string, you need to use a skill to perform the deed. Now it can be any skill, physical or elemental, but a skill none the less.

  How Battles Work:

   Battles work on a post by post basis. For example:

   Post 1: John draws his blade and charges towards his opponent. With all his might, he swings his blade down in an attempt strike his opponent across the chest. If successful, John would attempt to follow his attack with a swift kick to his opponent's chest to create distance. If he failed, he'd attempt to pull his blade back to cover his body.

   As you see here in this combat post, our character John is initiating an attack. Now be sure to note he does not say his attacks automatically land. He is playing a "what if" scenario. This means there is a possibility that your attack might fail so it is good to use words such as "attempt" or "try", making your actions not absolute. If you auto-hit someone, you're basically god modding their character into taking damage which is not allowed here.

   Post 2: Watching John's advance upon him, Joe would cross his gauntlets across his chest in an attempt to block the oncoming attack. If this defense worked, he would immediately thrust his body forward in an attempt at headbutting his opponent down to the ground. Though a risky move, Joe took note that if he stayed close to his opponent it had the possibly of lowering the advantage of using a blade in combat.

   As you see here, Joe is responding to John's attack. Notice that the first part of his post relates to a defense against John's attack, and then goes into a counterattack if his defense works. This is fighting 101 and is rather easy. There is a honor code however. If you know, as a player, that your character should be hit, just take the hit. Please don't go into bs tangents on the subject where staff will need to get involved.

   Battles involving your Persona are very similar but have notable differences. For example:

   Post 3: With his attack blocked by Joe, John would have pulled his blade back to cover his body. With the follow up attack by his opponent, John would be pressed back. Though he was staggered, and would hit the ground, John would take this opportunity to summon his Persona. With a shattering sound, a blue mist would erupt from John's body as his Persona would appear towering behind him. Immediately pointing its blade towards Joe, John's Persona would release a small burst of lightning from its body that would be directed towards the opponent in an attempt at blasting him back. Using this attack as cover fire, John would attempt to roll back and recover his footing for his next attack. His Persona, on the other hand, would vanish once performing its attack.

   Notice in this follow up post John takes in account of the attack that has occurred. He has mentioned his own attack has failed, and thus crosses over to defense. In this post he summons his Persona to attack. Now unlike the Persona games where most skills are auto hits, the combat on this site relates more to Persona 4: Arena. This means all the attacks stem from your Persona and is literally fired off at your opponent. So instead of a thunder cloud forming over your opponent, his Persona literally fired the zio bolt from itself. Personas can be summoned on only a second or so, making them perfect to attack with in unison or to cover yourself. Be sure to remember Persona disappear after being used or remain in standby on the battlefield.

   **Note: When you use a skill, at the bottom of the post be sure to post what skill you have used in a spoiler. This is so people know what kind it is, of course.

   Determining successful Ailment Skills, Critical Hits, and Successful Hits:

   Unlike the elemental skills and physical-based skills, Ailment skills directly affect an opponent. These skills have a percentage chance of working. To determine this, you will need to use the random generator. Under the "Others" tab while posting, there will be an option called "Random." You will want to click this.

   If successful you should get an option that looks like "[rand][/rand]". Between this coding you will want to put the number "10." So it will look like "[ rand ]10[/rand]" without the spaces.

   Now by doing this, a random number will appear between 1 - 10. If your support skill has let's say, a 20% chance of being successful, in your post you will do this coding once at the end. Also, you will put two separate numbers as your guess of which the random generator will land on. If one of the numbers are correct, your attack would have worked and the status ailment would be successful. If wrong on both accounts, it failed. If you're doing it to multiple attackers, you have to do it for each of them. Have fun.

   **Note, if your chances are still something like 25, still calculate it for 20. Round down on percentages like everything else. EVERY decimal number is also round down here, no matter the situation.

   Now when it comes to critical hits, it goes the same way. However, this directly correlates to your luck stat, and your enemy's luck stat. You will take your opponent's luck stat and subtract it to yours. The remaining number will be the percentage chance of you getting a critical attack. When you use skills that boost this chance (rebellion for critical), that percentage will be added to your chances. It goes without saying, if you have a high luck number, you have a greater chance at getting critical hits. There will always be a 10% chance for physical attacks to be a critical no matter the situation. You simply have a much better chance if your luck stat is higher than your opponent's.

   Now for missing attacks, things are the same and alittle different. This, just like your critical hits, correlate to your luck stat and your enemy's luck stat. You will take your luck stat and subtract it to your opponent's (The reverse of the critical way). Taking that number as a percentage, that will be the chance you will miss your attack. So if the product between the two numbers is something like 5%, then you have a 5% chance of missing your attack. However, moves such as agility boosting skills need to be added into this percentage if your opponent has buffed themselves. Also, if you've increased your own agility, that 30% is subtracted to your percent chance of missing. Meaning if it was 5%, but your buff gave you 30% in hit, then your chance of missing is literally 0%. Just like the others, you will post this at the end of your post. If the number you guessed comes up as the number the random generator spits out, then you've missed your attack. number, you have a greater chance at getting critical hits. There will always be a 10% chance for attacks to be a miss no matter the situation. You simply have a much better chance of hitting if your luck stat is higher than your opponent's.

   REMEMBER: There will ALWAYS be a 10% chance of an attack missing or a physical being a critical attack. Be sure to calculate this in your posts!!!

   The max percentage allowed for dodging an attack is 60% and for criticals it is 60%! This means it automatically caps here! Don't forget this!!!

   Numbers are a pain, amirite? You can choose to have a staff member play third party for you all if you don't want to calculate all this yourself. However, if you want to be independent than you can use this method. Just inform someone on staff if you'd like them to do it for you, however.

   These are specifically for PvS combat (though critical and ailments will be used in PvP combat aswell.)

   What happens when hit by your "Weakness" or a Critical:

   When you're hit by your weakness or a critical, you take double the damage and must recover your next post. By recover, this means you can not perform an attack and must focus solely on recovering your footing. (You do not recover SP this turn even though you're not attacking). This leaves an opening for your opponent. **If hit by your weakness or a crit in PvP you are not downed, but you will still take double damage.

   When NPC opponents are hit by their weakness or a critical hit, they will be down and dizzy their next post. The following post they will need to recover their footing, giving the players another chance for free damage. This also allows the attackers to perform an "All Out Attack" which is basically everyone attacking the enemy in a brawl. The damage done will be all the Dexterity stats added up together, and then will get a 200% boost. All enemies must be downed for an All Out Attack to occur. To perform an all out attack, it only takes one person's post to initiate.

   For Example: If the opponent is downed by its weakness, the person on your team who downed the enemy will be able to initiate an all out attack. If everyone agrees, their single post will be used for the All out Attack, meaning he'll have everyone attack on his post. Now after his post is over, the rest of his team mates still have their own separate turns. The All out Attack only occurs for that specific person's turn who initiated it. HOWEVER - If you perform an all out attack, the enemy will no longer need to recover their footing and will be able to attack again their next post. They can not be re-downed until the next turn or if it twice by its weakness/critical after surviving the first All out Attack.

   What happens if I run out of HP?:

   If your HP hits zero during a battle, your character will fall unconscious for the rest of the topic. This is unless someone uses a recarm skill on them to revive them. If you are attacked again while you are unconscious, your character will die. When you're unconscious you can not defend yourself or summon your Persona.

   Calculating damage done based on Tier:

   As you've most likely figured out, there are different tiers of damage a Persona can perform on an opponent. This is a little guide to help you determine the damage done. All decimal numbers are too be rounded down, no matter the case.

   Tier 1 damage - This is the base damage. Whatever number that is under your Pstr section of stats will be the amount of damage this tier will cause. This goes the same if it is a soul bound weapon which will instead be marked under your Dx stat. **Note: This isn't taking in account the possible percentage buff you may have. Such as if you have fire that is 15% stronger, you need to take your base number and calculate the percentage in. If you're bad at math, just go to google and type "what's [enter percentage] of [insert stat number]". Once you get that number, add it to your stat number and that will be how strong your attack is.

   For example, if I had Pstr 10, and got a 15% buff for fire based skills. My Tier 1 fire based skill would do 11.5 damage (round this down to 11). Now it seems weak as you start off, but once you start getting accessories/inventory that raise stats, and also begin to level up, this 15% will have a larger impact.

   Tier 2 damage - When calculating your Tier 2 damage, you will take your base attack number and add 50% to it. So once again, if I have 10 as my base attack and I use a Tier 2 skill, it will do 15 damage. **Note: If you have a percentage boost for this, you will do the calculations for the actual attack first. Once getting the sum of that number (in this case 15) then you will add the percentage boost of that number. So if I had a 15% boost for something, that 15 attack would be boosted up to 22.5 damage. This is by taking 15% of 15, and adding it into 15 to get 22.5.

   Tier 3 damage - When calculating your Tier 3 damage, you will take your base attack number and add 100% to it. So basically, you are doubling the number itself. If your attack was 10, it'd be 20 when performing a Tier 3 assault. If you have a percentage boost, you will add this boost in after calculating the actual attack damage. It is the same as Tier 2 in terms of calculations.

   Tier 4 damage - When calculating your Tier 4 damage, you will take your base attack number and add 150% to it. This follows the same rules as the previous Tiers on how to calculate damage.

   Tier 5 damage - The fusion attack for your Ultimate Persona. This is the ultimate move combining not only your strengths, but the strength of the bonds you've created over time. You will take your base attack number and add 200% to it. This follows the same rules as the previous Tiers on how to calculate the damage. This fusion attack is usually compared to such moves as "The Great Seal" that has tremendous power, but also a sacrifice of something important in the end. This is the only type of Tier 5 move on this site, and only works once you've reached your full potential as a Persona user.


   ***Note - For calculating in debuffs/buffs, first take into the account the total damage you will do without the buff/debuff. So this means if you have a latent boost, add it into this final number. Once getting that number, then calculate in the buff/debuff involved. For example, if the enemy was debuffed by 30%. Get your damage output (including the boost), then once getting that number, calculate the 30% into it to get your final damage output.

   ****Note: - You do not add your latent boost percentage together with your Tier boost. These numbers are added to your attack separately. So first get your damage output while factoring in the Tier you're using, then add the latent boost to that number.

   Post Stalling:

   If someone is purposely stalling/not posting and holding everyone else in the topic up, or haven't posted within 48 hours, they can be skipped and further excluded out of the topic. This goes for battles and social rp, as I'm not a fan of people who slow down character development.

  Regarding Stat Boosting Accessories and Equipping Items:

   If you have an item that boosts some stats once being worn, you will always add this boost on before your latent boosts.

   For example: If you were to get a stat boost to health, and your latent boost gave you a boost to health. You'd calculate the health added with your item first, THEN add on the latent boost to that new number.

   When it comes to equipping items that boost stats, you can only have four item types equipped at once. These item types are:

   Weapon: [Items that correspond with your weapon specifically.]
   Body: [Items that mostly correspond to your clothing.]
   Feet: [Items quipped on the feet, such as footwear.]
   Accessories: [Items that fall under none of the other categories. These could be glasses, a ring, a pendant, etc.]

   Items such as these are usually found in dungeons. There is also a small chance a Boss or Sub-Boss may drop the item themselves.

   Human Skills:

   Human Skills are skills that can be performed by a person without the need of summoning/evoking their Persona. To achieve these skills, one needs to unlock all the skills for a Persona first. Once this is done, the Human Skill will be able to be created. These skills can be completely custom but keep them balanced for the sake of the site. A mod or admin will check them. Human skills are only for certain characters. The only two classes that receive them are Persona-Users and Nyarlathotep Children. Other classes can purchase human skill cards from the Velvet Commodities.

   Depending on what Persona is maxed will determine the Tier of the Skill:

   Maxed Initial Persona unlocks the ability to create a Tier 2 Human Skill

   Maxed Prime Persona unlocks the ability to create a Tier 3 Human Skill

   Maxed Ultimate Persona unlocks the ability to create a Tier 4 Human Skill

   Maxed Tainted Persona unlocks the ability to create a Tier 4 Human Skill

   Team Attacks:

   Team Attacks are special attacks that can only be obtained once forming a rank four social link with another. These team attacks are custom skills that use the power of both players as one, and cause massive damage. When performing a team attack, one of the players involved will post first, doing their part of the team attack. The post after theirs will be the second person involved in the attack, and they will finish up the attack. Now even though the second player was involved in the team attack, they still are able to attack again their same post, since the team attack technically was the first player's attack their post. This means you have the chance of getting some massive damage.

   Each new Persona you receive, you get to create another Team Skill with those you've social linked with. On average, you could end up with many different combinations between players. Try to stay creative.

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Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE]   Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE] EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 2:07 pm

Rules Continued and Changes:

* From now on, when your health is lowered to 20% percent of your total, that is when you'll show signs of fatigue. This goes the same for all enemies aswell.

* PvS items such as health boosters and stat boosters are now applicable in PvP aswell.

* In an unrelated note. We're adding that each rank up, HP and SP will get an extra 15 points. This means if you're a Child and you rank up, you'll get 12 points around the board, and an extra 15 points in HP and SP. This is so you don't have to rely on items so much. Enjoy.


Alternative Experience:

What is Alternative Experience?

Alternative Experience is another way of gaining experience to level up your Personas/Demons/Etc. Alternate Experience is based on a number, and each rank of your Persona/Demon/Etc will have a set number you must reach to gain that skill. That is, of course, if you do not wish to follow the guidelines and rank up faster.

For example: Let's say skill 1 says you must form a social link. At the end of this objective to rank up, there will also be a number in parenthesis. This number will represent how much EXP you will need to gain to level up to that skill without needing to fulfill the objective, if you so wish. It is, in all intents and purposes, another way to rank up.

How to calculate your EXP:

Calculating your EXP is simple and will be listed below. To gain EXP, this only counts when you're in battle. This means if you're just using a skill to use it, you are not gaining any EXP. Keep in mind each Persona/Demon/Etc has its own EXP. They do not share their EXP.

List of Exp Gaining Ways:

15 exp = Using a skill in battle

40 exp = For each enemy defeated in battle

80 exp = Horde of enemies defeated

400 exp = sub boss defeated

When regarding bosses, users will obtain exp based on how strong the boss is. Taking all the bosses stats and adding them together, you will divide it evenly amongst each party member to determine how much exp is gained. The smaller the party, the more experience you will gain. Keep this in mind.

You will continue to add up this exp, and if it comes up to equaling or surpassing the number on your skill, it will unlock the skill, even without you completing the objective to ranking up the normal way. It is your job to keep up to date with your EXP following these guidelines. You will keep up to it in your compendium and link the topic where you gained the EXP for mod review when you wish to rank up.


Skill 4: (500 exp)

Skill 5: (1500 exp)

Skill 6: (3800 exp)

Skill 7: (6000 exp)

Skill 8: (10,000 exp)

Prime Personas/Etc:

Skill 4: (1,000 exp)

Skill 5: (3,000 exp)

Skill 6: (6,500 exp)

Skill 7: (10,500 exp)

Skill 8: (15,000 exp)

Ultimate Personas will be announced. We're using Initial/Prime as the test.


Character Exp Rank and Persona Rank:

In the new plot we will be changing some things in regards to our ranking system. We are giving the individual characters their own rank (called level) that is simultaneous with their Persona rank aswell. These levels will allow you to continue to grow in strength, even if you cannot fill the requirements of your Persona gaining new skills within the same time frame.

This will remove the Exp option of ranking up your Persona and gaining new skills that way, and will solely be based on your own character leveling up. Each level up, regardless of class, will give you 6 points in each category (not Pend and Mend), with an extra 12 points to be distributed across the rest how you see fit.

The leveling up system for your character goes like this:

You start at Level 1:

Level 2: 100 exp

Level 3: 150 exp

Level 4: 225 exp

Level 5: 337 exp

Level 6: 505 exp

Level 7: 757 exp

Level 8: 1135 exp

Level 9: 1702 exp

Level 10: 2553 exp

Level 11: 3829 exp

Level 12: 5743 exp

Level 13: 8614 exp

Level 14: 12921 exp

Level 15: 19381 exp

Level 16: 29071 exp

Level 17: 43606 exp

Level 18: 65409 exp

Level 19: 98113 exp

Level 20: 147169 exp

These are the first 20 level ups. After you level up, your total exp goes back to 0, and you must work towards the next level. So this means if you hit 100 and level up, you'll need to get a total of 150 for the next level up. The Level cap is 99 for this.

If you could tell, each level grows in number by half of its previous level. So to find out how much exp it'll take for the next level, you take the current level, divide by 2, round down if it's a decimal, and then add that to current level to get the amount for the next.

**When your Persona gains a new skill, you still get the rank up points from that aswell. These rank up points still follow what class you belong too**

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Battle Guides and Rules [OLD AND OBSOLETE]
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