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 Investigations of a Murder

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PostSubject: Investigations of a Murder    Investigations of a Murder  EmptySat Oct 26, 2013 10:40 pm

By  the time the cops had arrived on the scene, thick clouds had covered the sky and began to pour a strong rain down upon Kizuna Academy. There were four patrol cars on scene with more on the way, but they took in account that the students here would panic if they saw such a large number of police personnel on scene. The car that parked closest to the school entrance was one being driven by a young woman with aqua colored hair. Opening the door, she'd step out of her squad car and look towards the mascot of the large, modern school. Reaching into her car she would remove an umbrella and pull it over her head to keep out of the rain. This wasn't the first time she had been to Kizuna Academy, seeing how her younger brother was currently a student. Still, something about this place didn't sit right with her, but she couldn't exactly connect it to the disappearances other than with one student; Anya Satoshi. This could have been another incident entirely, seeing how none of the disappearances ended with murder as of yet. So there was a large chance this was an isolated incident altogether, though telling from the reports it was just as strange. What the hell was going on in Ueitawa?

When the forensics team finally arrive, the blue haired woman gave them a nod as they made their way to the entrance of the school. The doors would open before they would arrive, and to greet them would be the young blonde teacher by the name of Nola, and the older second year teacher by the name of Yui. The aqua haired woman was the first to speak up and speak to the two individuals. "My name is Atsuki Keryu. I will be the Detective handling this case. Please excuse my team, as it is procedure to set up the crime scene as it is still fresh." How the woman spoke, it was obvious she had plenty of experience with dead bodies, and strange cases. However, even then Ueitawa wasn't popular for its violence other than in Nadashiki. So this was strange. Regardless, Yui welcomed the young woman and lead the team to the scene. On the way, they began to have small talk. The young woman removed her notebook from her vest to begin to jot down notes. "Approximately what time was the body found, and when was the last time you saw the Patière alive?" Nola thought on this while Yui seemed to be able to answer immediately.

"Today Principal Patière held an assembly around 11:30 am. In this assembly, he spoke of the disappearances, and methods of protection so we would not lose another student. Recently we've had a large number of students gone missing. Most of them stayed at the dorms near campus here, so of course we're all very worried. He told us all that'd he be staying on campus to speak with anyone of us in his office if needed." The woman jotted down the notes with a nod as the older man continued. "Nola, Aburai, and myself encountered the first individuals who discovered the body around 3:00 pm. They were two students by the name of Lorielle Rutherford and Kahn Azame. I also spotted a young woman with strange silver hair that I had not met before. Though I did not see her in the room with the students and she was leaving, she's of importance." The Detective would nod once more while filling out the information in her journal.

"I see. So there was a rather large margin before the body was found and the last time he was seen alive." In this time Aburai came sprinting to the group of cops and the two teachers. "Yui-sensei! Nola! I got bad news!" The third year teacher knelt over and placed his hands on his kneecaps. He was out of breath, and was panting heavenly before shaking it off. "The body is gone! Principal Patière's body is gone!" The moment he said this there was obvious shock between the officers and the teachers. Yui grabbed the man on instinct. "What do you mean the body is gone? Where the hell did it go? It sure as hell didn't walk out of here!" Aburai was taken off his feet by the man, but would regain his ground and look to the side. "Look! I went in there and the body was gone! I was walking those two kids and the new teacher to their classroom and only left the room alone for just a few minutes. When I got back, he was gone. It was like the room was destroyed, but there was no signs of him even being there!" Aburai raised his voice at the older teacher, which surprised Yui and made him release the younger staff member.

The teachers and cops began to discuss the situation as the Detective continued to scribble in her journal. "I see. Excuse me, Yui-san, can you show me to where you keep any camera footage. I believe you mentioned footage over the phone?" The older teacher would nod and the small group would make their way to the staff tech room that held the footage. The young woman would look towards Aburai with piercing away eyes. "Around what time did you walk these students to class and return back to see the body missing?" The third year teacher rubbed his neck and thought to himself. "So I think we left the room around 3:15 and it took about two minutes to walk them to the second floor and to their classroom. I ran back down once that was done, so they took about another minute, and then I found that his body was gone when I re-entered the room." The woman jotted it all down before giving a nod. "Well then, forensic team, please continue onward to the crime scene. I will go to the camera room with Yui-san and Aburai-san." Nola gave a grunt, noticing she was going to be stuck leading the team to the murder room. Oh how she hated that room now. Regardless, both parties knew what they had to do now.

    End Part 1 of Investigation- Information Found:

    Principal last seen at Assembly that occurred at 11:30 AM

    Body found by Kahn Azame, Lorielle Rutherford, and possibly silver woman around 3:00 pm, give or take a few minutes.

    Aburai-san escorted students to their class room at 3:15pm and returned to crime scene at 3:17pm, give or take.

    The body was missing in his return. Could the culprit have returned to the scene of the crime and removed the body? The Camera footage may be the best bet here.
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PostSubject: Re: Investigations of a Murder    Investigations of a Murder  EmptySat Oct 26, 2013 11:57 pm

As group made it to the room where the camera footage was held. Luckily everything was intact and in place, meaning the killer hadn't come to destroy any footage that could have possibly put them away. Keryu sat in the seat that controlled the video footage with Aburai and Yui looking over her shoulder at the screen. The older teacher gave her directions on how to use the equipment and in that moment the footage began to play.

Scene 1 Display: The Principal can be clearly seen walking down the hallway and into his office. He closes the door behind him. Sadly the camera can only see the doorway, and not inside the office. However, it has full view of the hallway outside his office. This footage was taken at 1:30 pm.

Detective Comment: "That must have been some assembly. Well I don't blame them, there has been some strangeness going on with this school. It's ironic the man who says "Stay Safe" was the first to die after."

Scene 2 Display: There are various students walking through the hallway, but none seem to be interested in visiting the Principal. It seems the bell has just rung. Classes are most likely switching. The time is now 2:00 pm, so this means the Principal has been in his office for roughly thirty minutes with no signs of leaving... Wait, a small figure is going to the door. A blonde haired girl with blue eyes and a blue dress.

Cut-in from Aburai: "Hey! That's the girl I saw leave his office pretty pissed off. She's not in any of my classes."

Cut-in from Yui: "Neither is she a second year student I have seen in our hallways. Perhaps we should ask Nola the next we see her if she can identify this young lady."

The footage continues with the young lady knocking on the door. There seems to be no response to her knocking. She puts her ear to the door, and telling from her expression she must hear something. She tries to open the door, but it appears as if it is locked. In what appears to be a fit of agitation, she marches off and leaves. The footage ends at 2:30, thirty minutes before the body was found.

Detective Comment: "Hmm, so this student could have perhaps been a first year? Aburai-san nor Yui-san seem to recognize her. That is interesting. And telling from her body language, it appears she must have heard someone in the room. Perhaps she believed she was being ignored and left in a hurry because of this?"

Scene 3 Display: The time was now 3:00 pm and a blonde was the next to make it to the door. This was the precise moment where everything the teachers spoke of fell in line, even the silver haired woman aswell. They seemed to enter the room and exit, and the silver haired woman even brought someone with her with a briefcase. The teachers entered the scene soon after. Without a body it was hard to tell when the Principal was actually killed.

Detective Comment: "Something is off here. There was a lock on the door when the previous young lady used it. However, the lock is clearly damaged here, and the door opens without any obstruction. This means sometime after the first young lady left, and the second one arrived, the lock was broken from inside the office. That could have been when the murder took place. Yet there was no footage of anyone entering the Principal's office, even before he came back after the assembly. Is it possible this could have happened from some type of bomb somehow delivered there? This is strange. I feel as if I'm missing something here."

Scene 4 Display: The footage displays everyone leaving the office. It continues on to show Aburai taking the students and the other man away from the classroom. Throughout the entire time he is gone, no one enters the classroom. After roughly two minutes pass, he returns to the classroom in a jog. Catching his breath, he enters the classroom.

Cut-in from Aburai: "This is it! I came back to the classroom and noticed the Principal's body was missing. So I searched under the desk and checked every corner! Trust me, there is no way he's in that room!"

As said, about thirty seconds pass as the teacher comes stumbling out the room with a look of disbelief on his face. He then runs off, most likely coming to find Yui-san which lead him to meeting the Detective. The scene was around 3:15 to 3:18 to complete.

Detective Comment: "So no one entered the classroom, and the body is no longer there. It's impossible for a body to suddenly disappear. Was the Principal truly dead? Best thing to do now is to question all parties involved and also check and see if the room has any hidden compartments."

    End Part 2 of Investigation- Information Found:

    One student was seen outside of the Principal's office. A young female, suspected to be a first year student.

    Possibility that the time of death was between 2:30pm and 3:00pm. This is also the time period the lock to the door was broken from inside of the office. Chance that the killer was already in the office?

    Strange silver haired woman at the crime scene. Any connection to case? What was in the briefcase?

    Body was moved in the two minutes Aburai left the classroom. There was no one who entered the classroom in time. How did this happen? Was there a hidden compartment somewhere?
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Investigations of a Murder  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Investigations of a Murder    Investigations of a Murder  EmptySun Oct 27, 2013 6:48 pm

Nola had finally arrived to the tech room where the three adults were waiting for her. The young Detective would look towards the woman and call her over, obviously to show her the footage of the young female. Nola seemed to recognize her immediately. "Huh? That's-.. That's no little girl, that's Sao-kun. He's the leader of the anime club. He's a sweet heart, there's absolutely no way he's connected to the Principal's murder." Detective Keryu jotted down these notes aswell. The next course of action was to get a hold of this young man and question him on exactly what had occurred in that office. It was a long shot, but there was a chance he may have heard something important, which warranted attention. With a plan in action, the Detective would raise from her seat and leave the room. The teachers followed behind her. They were heading to the first year classrooms to find the young male.

Opening the door to class 1-A, Nola would peek her head in to see if Sao was currently in there. Trust and believe they found the young boy sitting at his desk and drawing in his notebook. He would be called out into the hallway while the rest of the students were to remain in their seats.

"What's this about? Don't tell me it's a crime to dress like this, is it?" The young crossdresser stood out in the hallway with his hands on his hips and cheeks puffed in annoyance. They were close enough to the classroom door for the students to hear clearly if they made an effort to listen. "Please, Sao-kun, we're here to simply ask you a few questions. For one, when you visited the Principal's office, was the office empty?" Detective Keryu was ready to take the notes down in her journal. Sao put a hand on his cheek and tilted his head while thinking. "Well when I went to the office it was locked, so I didn't think anyone was in there. But I did hear a voice, and it was definitely the Principal's. It sounded like he was talking to someone, but was rather angry about something. I tried to enter the room but the door was locked and everything suddenly went quiet. I thought maybe I was hearing things so I called out with no response. Then I just left. Why, did something happen?" The teachers looked towards each other, knowing there would be a panic if they answered that at the current moment. So instead, Nola would place a hand on his shoulder and give a soft smile. "Not at all, Sao-kun. Please head back into the class. I'll let you know when it's okay to head home."

The student gave his regards and went back into the classroom. The three teachers and the Detective stood out in the hall quietly. Keryu looked towards Aburai. "You only saw Sao-kun, correct? No one else? Did you hear anything?" Aburai shook his head, he hadn't seen or heard anything other than what he already told. Their next course of action would be to investigate the room.

Once making it to the Principal's office, the Detective would survey the room, not fazed by the fading stench of blood. She had waited for the forensics team to finish their part before holding her own investigation. Putting her gloves on first, she'd then begin to check the Principal's desk for any clues. Going through them, she could tell someone had been in there recently, as there were blood stains on the paper within it, when the drawer was previously closed. Whoever rummaged through this desk before her was looking for something. Now she was curious if they had found it or not. Could it have been the Principal or the Killer? Whatever the case, her next step was to search for any secret passages or compartments to enter and leave the room. Sadly she came up with nothing, making it concrete proof that the doorway was the only way someone could enter or exit of their own free will. Something was amiss here.

Turning towards the teachers, the young woman stroke her chin in thought. "I'll need to question the two students you spoke of. We should split ways here, I can find them myself. Please start escorting your classes out of the school while I speak with them." With the orders given, Keryu would leave the office on her way to find these two children that found the body first.

    End Part 3 of Investigation [Last Part] - Information Found:

    First Year Hibiki Sao was the young "lady" seen in the footage. Recalls hearing the Principal raising their voice as if speaking to someone in their office. Door was locked this time.

    Blood found in the dresser drawers which could potentially mean they were open during the murder. Was something taken?

    No secret compartments or passages found in the room. The Killer and Body must have entered and left the room in a particularly way.
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PostSubject: Re: Investigations of a Murder    Investigations of a Murder  Empty

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Investigations of a Murder
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