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Welcome to Persona :: New Arcana! A Persona RPG site!
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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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January 2021
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Guess who's back! News10
Updated: 20/07/2020

*beep beep*This is the Captain speaking. Good morning, day, or evening. As you all must be aware, we have had our fair share of mishaps on this ship in recent times and I would just like to reassure you they're all being taken care of. Having detained and questioned the Anti Shadow Suppression Weapon that crashed into our ship, we have determined that they're indeed not hostile, simply on the run. As such, I would kindly ask any crew members and staff to treat our guest with respect until we can drop them off at a safe location. Speaking of, without both our engines in working conditions, we're stranded. For that purpose, a scout team has been assembled and sent to investigate a nearby planet for resources or help. We cannot contact them at the moment but they will surely be returning home soon with good news. Until then, please resume your daily duties and dealings. We have plenty to take care of on our end as well. *beep beep*

The site is entering a new era as our team of mods works tirelessly on updating old and obsolete information threads and links. Over the Summer, we aim to make many changes to the forum, including writing a comprehensive beginners' guide to help new players accommodate to the combat and other rp systems in place here.

Be sure to constantly check the update thread for any changes to the boards. You can find it ->Here<-

More to come


The Maker
Shin Megami Tensei and Persona belong to ATLUS. We own nothing, and have simply used their data to create a world of our own. They are the true geniuses behind the scenes.
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 Guess who's back!

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Wayfarer Jerry

Wayfarer Jerry

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Guess who's back! Empty
PostSubject: Guess who's back!   Guess who's back! EmptyWed Jan 06, 2021 3:11 pm

Aight, so most of you on the discord already know, but I'm back.

Felt the Persona Kick come back over new years (having played P3 over that week after how many years?) and I just figured I'd check this place out again. (Was very tempted to hop in on a brand new account, all incognito and shit), but eh.

So what's happened? Well, I've done a lot of things since I stopped being super, duper active on here, and I genuinely miss those days. I just feel like rambling on and on. Could be an interesting read for those of you who weren't here back when I first joined (Which I assume would be the vast majority of you all).

So hi! I'm Jerry. I joined waaay back in like... what? 2014? I think? I was struggling with my mental health at the time, and found this rather innocent little persona roleplaying site. I was deeply into Persona at the time, and as such, I decided to give it a try. I temporarily left, as I had to move, and get my life sorted out. I came back around Sepember/October, once my Life Settled down, and the second plot of the site (Azores) had basically just started a month or two beforehand. Things were getting a bit heated on the story-front, and this was when I actually made a character I felt comfortable in (And I have YET to make one which I really feel as comfortable with as her), Mae Iharu. Magician and all that. Fire and Light based, for the most part. Time moves on and the story goes kinda crazy. But I was never really involved with the overall Azores Narrative until like... close to the very end. What made the New Arcana Experience so special to me at the time was... really, all the friendships I made. Both in the universe itself, and the people I played together with. I guess I look back at those times with rather rose-tinted glasses, because everything was far from perfect (and I'll admit, Mae was pretty much a cardboard cutout. Not all that interesting when I first made her). Why I like her so much, is mainly due to how she grew over the course of the story of Azores 1 and 2 (Latter of which is really non-canon, but I digress). She went from this kind of generic anime highschool girl, to being somewhat relatable, and I... kind of need that to Roleplay for longer periods of time. The Social Aspect of the Roleplay was really the most exciting part for me (aside from maybe the BIG story developments later on.)

Then came Ueitawa, and I got my first real taste of plot significance, despite being a low-level character, kind of shoe-horned in at the end. IDK, but the two GMs at the time (Grantus and Philemon) were excellent at making everyone in the story feel valued, to some extent. I genuinely miss the magic they both brought to the table, and I cannot deny it saddened me to learn that they both ventured on towards greater things. I myself, wanted to fill that void. But never succeeded to.

I'm not sure how Froger's handling the plot right now, but from what I've seen, it looks pretty good. I'm excited to hop back in, once I get my Alien Set up. Either way, I'm excited to be here again, and maybe, just maybe, this break did me some good.

Guess who's back! Tenor

I'll see you starside!


Guess who's back! ZupWtjj
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who's back!   Guess who's back! EmptyWed Jan 06, 2021 5:10 pm

The Waddle-dees would like to welcome you back (=w=)b


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Guess who's back!
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