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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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July 2020
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 Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread)

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Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread) Empty
PostSubject: Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread)   Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread) EmptySun Jul 01, 2018 5:59 pm

It had already been a few hours since her match with Amy, she was a new fighter and Isabelle was looking forward to spending the day and night with her, the time after the match was rather fun after all, but Amy needed to rest, and not an hour after they had finished changed and getting to know each other more, not to mention showering, Isabelle was informed she would be having another match this afternoon. A strange occurrence but not one she was going to argue with, money was money, and at least she was in good condition to keep going without issue.

As she got to the little shop that acted as the front for one of the entrances she waved to the man working the shop as she headed for the back and then down into the large complex, no real exchange of words this time, he was a bit busy with some of the regulars, most of the customers that came to the place where aware of the underground, all the regulars did, and there wasn't anyone new or not in the loop in the place so no need to be secretive about heading down.

As she walked down she spotted two guys having a bit of a disagreement and she only shook her head "OI! no brawling in wanna do that you head top side got it?" she said to them, one of them looking at her and backing down while the other pulled out a knife

"Stay out of it bitch unless you want to get hurt!" he called out as he walked towards her.

Isabelle only smiled as she walked towards the man and he brandished his knife in a threatening manner, though as she got closer and he realized she was a full foot taller then him he seemed to lose some of that cocky attitude but she had to hand it to him he didn't back down. "Wanna say that to my face short stuff? and look at brave...pulling a knife out...oh I am so scared..." she said as she cracked her knuckles.

The man seemed to be rethinking his situation but then decided to try to stab her, taking a hard stab at her midsection.

Isabelle twisted to the side, and let his arm go past her, before she brought her fist up into the guys stomach and lifted him from the ground knocking the wind out of him before punching downwards with her other hand and slamming him into the ground, the knife clattering against the metal floor as she simply kicked it away "wanna try that again?" she asked as she looked down at the man.

Her supposed assaulter was laying there gasping for air from the hit and as she asked he threw a punch at her...which did little to nothing since he wasn't in a position to put any weight behind it, not to mention he was still catching his breath.

With another Smile Isabelle grabbed the man as his weak punch hit and she lifted him from the ground with one hand "I was scheduled for a match in a few minutes...and I was worried I wouldn't get the chance to warm up....thank you for volunteering as my punching bag...". she said as he punched her again with no effect she had taken much harder and better focused punches, this guy wasn't anything to worry about.

On hearing the woman currently holding him up by the collar of his shirt was actually the woman that was meant to be fighting soon he got a look of realization and fear on his face "Oh..oh god...i..I'm so sorry..."

Isabelle gave the man a kind smile " will be..." then the beating began.


Getting down to the locker room and changing Isabelle was feeling nice and limbered up, beating the tar out of the guy that tried to knife her had also put her in a good mood as well as warmed her up a bit, and she smiled as she slipped into her ring attire, Her opponent was already in the ring warming up and showboating for the crowd So Isabelle was only needing to get dressed and head out for the fight to start.

After fully changing and walking out she seen the man, not muscular, but he wasn't that bad, though as she walked up to the ring he turned to her and started to make some rather obscene gestures, see Isabelle didn't mind fighting, or smack talking, hell she got a long with a LOT of the other fighters, hell she sometimes had some...."extra matches" with a few of them, this guy though? She could already tell by the way he was cat calling her and gesturing certain things, that she woudln't be getting friendly with him..

Then the announcer locked the cage and began the announcement "This match is scheduled for knock out or submission, In the Black and green trunks we have, Garen the self claimed "Man of the hour"....and in the Blue, white, and gold we have Isabelle The Amazonian...fighters.....BEGIN!!"

With that the match was underway and this Garen guy rushed at Isabelle, and as he got into reach he shot out a kick aimed at her waist, Isabelle simply moved forward and punched the man in the face as he was in mid kick knocking him back and down spoiling his kick, it hit but due to the sudden change in direction he was forced to do it didn't do as much as it should have.

As he lay there rolling around with a more then likely broken nose Isabelle only shook her head "Man fo the hour? you'll be lucky to last one round...." she said as she smirked a bit at the crowds laughter, and looking around and gesturing them to get louder she spotted Horice and smiled waving to him, well at least the time here wouldn't be a total loss....she wondered if Amy wouldn't mind some extra company at dinner...and breakfast?

Turning back around she seen the Garen having gotten up and he was rushing at her again, this time he leaped at her and aimed a flying a total amateur...and she ducked to the side, letting him pass over her and into the cage. It was about then that she realized something this guy didn't know how to fight! "YO Ref! I don't think this guy actually knows how to fight! What gives?" she called to him before she was kicked in the back...well more like shoved with a foot.

Catching herself and turning around she looked at the guy, her arms down as that kick he landed was...weak...stupidly weak...why was he hitting her with strikes that did nothing? Then as he rushed in and changed stance she caught on just in time. With a quick back step and a hop to the side she managed to avoid the well executed take down attempt..."Will teach me to take my eye off my target...guys a damned Grappler..who apparently never learned to do anything else if I am not lucky he only kicked me rather then grabbed amateur but he has some training" She thought to herself.

From here the fight turned into Isabelle dodging grapple attempts and landing half aimed punches, the guy could take a beating that was for sure. after two rounds nether was ready to end it, granted he had only landed weak hits on Isabelle, but Isabelle couldn't actually land any good hits since the first punch that nailed him in the face.

On the start of the third round Isabelle decided to do something...stupid..she let him catch her...but she made sure it was only her arm, and he immediately went into a submission move, the bugger even tried to grope her as he was trying to take her down to the ground, that was his mistake, as he tried to pull her down with his weight, she stayed standing, and began to use him as a bludgeon against the cage walls, until he couldn't hold on anymore, then she started to simply beat the jack ass, raining blows down on him before picking him up and bracing him against the cage wall where she continued to beat on him.

The third round was almost ready to end and so Isabelle pulled back and slammed her fist into the guys face once more, and he went limp crumpling to the ground and the Ref called the match she looked at the group of guys that had whistled and cheered louder when the guy tried to grope her and her eyes narrowed "You better not be here when I get out of this cage.....or I will make what I did to him...look merciful...." the guys quickly left after that.


Back in the locker room as she was changing she heard the door open and she looked back to see Horice walking in "Got a match lined up?" she asked and he shook his head

"No just came to see how your doing...don't usually see you get angry like that" he said with a nod to her.

Tossing him a towel she tilted her head to the showers "We can talk about it while I wash up..could use the extra hands...besides I have a few things to ask you" she said as she headed for the showers a smile on her face.


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Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread)   Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread) EmptySun Jul 01, 2018 8:15 pm

1599 words written = 3000 VC (1000 WORD CAP HIT)
+300 for being grammatically gewd
+300 for being stories'n sheeit

3600 VC for you, dawg.
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Afternoon Rumble (Isabelle Work thread)
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