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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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July 2020
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 Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning]

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Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning] Empty
PostSubject: Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning]   Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning] EmptyFri Jul 28, 2017 5:58 pm

Isabelle was rather surprised when she found the letter slipped into her room that early in the morning, apparently someone had called her out for the arena, apparently hoping she would be tired from having been enjoying her time off on her weekend, or at least that was one of the only reasons she could think of for someone to post a challenge so soon and in the morning rather then late at night. As she walked the early morning in the backlight she slipped to the side street and into a simple shop waving to the man at the counter "Hey Toshi, I'm heading down...I got a match" she said to him after seeing no one was inside the shop.

"Sure go for it, I was surprised to hear there was one this early but they got quite a crowd already built up...good luck" he said with a thumbs up as he watched her leave with a LOT of interest.

Isabelle only smirked "If I lose I'll give you that kiss your always asking for" she said as she headed on down hearing the man calling back "Hey that's not never lose!" followed by them both laughing.

Under the shop there was another set of stairs that led even further down to what could only be explained as an underground complex, when it was made, Isabelle had no clue, but what she did know was that the money she got from this place kept her reasonably well off, and that for the most part little punks liked to frequent the place, well and gangs and things of that nature. so she didn't have to worry about beating anyone innocent up at the very least....not that that would stop her mind you. she would just feel a bit bad about doing it.

As she got down to the changing room, there was only one since she was only one of a small handful of female fighters, she slipped out of her normal clothing and into her ring outfit, which was a bit tighter, but a lot more open to allow for easier movements, and give the opponent less to grab onto in case she fought a grappler, the men here had learned after the first night not to stare or cat call her when she put one guy in a full body cast after he tried it, so most only greeted her as she changed and she did the same.

After this she walked into the waiting room and there sat her challenger a large man but one she knew "Horice..didn't expect you to try an underhanded tactic like an early morning match up" she said with a smile.

The large man shrugged and didn't seem to be to pleased himself even looking a bit tired "Wasn't my Idea...My idiot brother set it up...I told him I wanted a match with you...and he said he would get one set up as soon as possible...I thought it would be at night like they always are...the little shit set it for the morning like this without even warning I gotta fight with a hangover..." he grumbled as he sat there.

" little brother? mean the one that loves to watch me fight in my old outfit? the one that keeps asking that I go back to that one that barely covered anything? the one that keeps taking pictures of me and even brags about having made a body pillow of me?...that little bother?" She raised an eyebrow, as to her it was rather clear that his little brother was rather bias on his leanings.

The large man looked up at her and as she poke it was like the whole thing had just dawned on him "That little shit...." he said with a look of surprise and then he started to laugh "well seems my brother is going to be in my corner sure...but he has been in yours the whole time...".

Isabelle nodded a bit "After the match mind beating the crap out of him for me? this isn't enough to count as fixing the fight, but I still don't like underhanded things like this...." she crossed her arms being rather annoyed that the little shit would do this. the large man nodded and gave a thumbs up.

"sure thing...oh..and no going easy on me..I'm going to be fighting my best regardless so you do the same got it?" he said with a smile as his entrance music started playing.

"Oh you know I would have anyway..." she said with a smile as Horice left for the ring to the sound of cheers and applause.

She smiled a bit, Horice was a nice guy, his little brother was a little bundle of shit though, and she sighed as she stretched and got ready to head out, then her music started to play as she walked out to the sound of even more cheers and applause and no shortage of whistling.

Now most people picked their music to sound dangerous or badass, Isabelle picked hers cause she liked how it sounded, and she wasn't one to like the hard rocking stuff all the time, in fact her entrance music changed quite often, and this time was a song she had heard from a band she discovered here in the city. though as she walked by one person in the audience she could hear him cheering even louder and yell out "AWESOME A TRINITY SONG!!!" and she couldn't help but smile at that.

Finally in the ring she looked at Horice and smiled her normal smile to him then to everyone gathered as they locked the ring, "This fight is scheduled for KO only, with no special rules in effect, all blows, grapples, grabs, and actions are legal! fighters....BEGIN!!"

It was that last pert about all actions grabs and such being legal that made most women not want to go in the ring, Isabelle meanwhile only seen it as another rule and as the bell rang she rushed forward.

The fight would be strait forward, Horace was a striker like she was, and as she drew closer he launched a punch at her gut, she countered with a spin rolling with the impact and landing a back hand across his face, the punch not having that much impact thanks to the maneuver. this was the fight, this was what she was here for and she smiled as she reveled in the thrill of it all.

The large man got his balance back quickly and he lashed out with a snap kick, Isabelle caught it and then crouched low before aiming a powerful uppercut to his groin lifting him into the air a good two feet before the momentum carried him back and away from her. a look of unfathomable pain on his face as he had to use the edge of the ring to hold himself up.

Isabelle only smiled and raised her arms, showboating for the crowd, and giving him time to recover from the vicious strike, after all...she wasn't done having fun yet.

Horice recovered and he got back to his feet though a bit shaky now as he advanced on her, lashing out with a combo of punches.

Isabelle smiled as she watched him advance and as he launched his combo at her body she braced herself with a sure smile, not dodging and not countering as the attacks hit her and she barely moved, this wasn't due to her being incredibly tough, though she was, it was due to the fact that he couldn't properly move his weight into the attacks thanks to that hit earlier, after all he couldn't shift everything into them thanks to the pain and soon swelling.

"That all you got?" she taunted as he finished the combo of attacks, they hadn't hurt nearly enough to make her double over, or even flinch, she had taken far harder hits before after all and she was still smiling as she seen the look of strain and effort fade to one of surprise and realization that he was fighting at far less then fifty percent of his strength thanks to that strike earlier, that he missed it earlier was a mistake on his part.

Isabelle only giggled as she boxed his ears and then started her own combo raining blows against his body, not aiming for the head as she knew the damage that could do, no she didn't want that, she wanted to fight him again later, so she aimed or his arms, legs, stomach, chest, places he had more protection from muscle and fat, though this would also take longer to knock him out.

Each strike was making him back peddle as he was forced against the side of the ring, the cage rattling with each hit she landed, and soon Horice's guard dropped as he took more and more punishment from the unending barrage that Isabelle was subjecting him to.

Finally after a few minuted of silence from the crowd, and the constant beating that Isabelle was giving the poor man pinned to the side of the ring with a smile on her face the whole time the ref called it. "ENOUGH he's done..."

Horice's hand moved up as the ref checked on him "not...out...yet...." he said through swollen lips, "You...know...the...rules..." he managed to mutter out.

Isabelle smiled and laughed a bit "wow...tough as ever Horice..." she said as she looked to the crowd "Anyone else want to see me beat this guy some more?" she said with a smile on her face and all around she could see people shaking their heads, the smile growing on her face "well...sadly not your call...only his keeper can call the fight....and I don't thing he's gonna....are you squirt?" she said looking at the man who had been constantly taking pictured of her the whole match, not even paying attention to what she had been doing to his brother. "Nope....keep going..." he said absentmindedly as he took another photo.

By this point the crowd had turned and Isabelle smiled a bit "well you all heard him...unless someone changed his mind..I gotta keep beating this poor guy....rules are rules...." she said with a smirk as she could already hear people yelling at the little shit and soon not even a minute later he was calling the fight to be stopped. Granted the headlock and the arm lock he was in might have had something to do with that call though.

After the fight, in the backrooms Isabelle counted her money as she walked to the infirmary, they couldn't go to the hospitals in the city after all, that could raise questions, she liked this place...the people here were not total far as she could tell anyway..still scum...just not total...

standing in the door of the infirmary as the doctors left she looked to Horice "How you holding up?" she asked him and she got a groan in reply before an actual one "Doing better now....come to gloat?" he asked with a smile, he knew she earned it after all.

Isabelle shook her head as she walked in "No...came to give an apology for that crotch shot...and to see if you wanted a more gentle round two...." and with that she closed and locked the door.


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Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning]   Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning] EmptyFri Jul 28, 2017 6:46 pm

+3300 VC.


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Early morning Battle [Isabelle Work thread morning]
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