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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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July 2020
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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] VmJmf1B
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 The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]

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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Empty
PostSubject: The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]   The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] EmptyFri Apr 15, 2016 7:20 pm

Far beneath the R&D grounds, the Scientists feverishly worked on their project to have it ready for the public. Soon a demonstration was to be had infront of thousands, if not more. The team knew the people came simply because most of them had free time and very few truly appreciated science. However, that was okay for them. Their taxes funded their projects here, and thus they felt obligated to show the common populace what exactly they had been up too for the past few years.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] I5xk09

"Make sure everything is stable. The Terminal seems to be drawing more power than previously possible." The Head Scientist of the Division barked orders to the rest of the staff as he stood before the gate. To think they would have come so far thanks to one foreigner's suggestion during their research. Now all they had been working towards was before them. This mysterious foreign scientist that joined their ranks, by the name of Lou Siffer, was particularly well knowledged when it came to the basic concept of the terminal. The Head Scientist had thought the foreigner mad when he first presented the idea of connecting two spaces and transporting mass as biological data. Their technology was no where near that level to be able to do such a thing. Yet, Lou educated them and soon joined them for two years in producing this end result. Now this hard work was to be shown to the world and he was nowhere to be found. Was it possible he got cold feet? That was indeed possible. Standing before thousands and revealing your greatest work could take the strength from anyone's legs. Perhaps that was how the Head Scientist had never heard of Lou's name before. Perhaps his greatest works were given to others, as he was too shy to take the fame for himself.

The Scientists continued to prep the Terminal for the big reveal while the crowds would be organized above. When they were ready, the plan was to elevate the platform beneath the Terminal and raise it to the main stage so all could see. That was, of course, the plan..

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Tmit

A certain green haired woman walked through the hallway of the underground facility with plans of her own. Her fingers trailed across the wall her she took small steps over the torn bodies that once belonged to guards. Nothing but feint whispers and slight humming came from her as she closed in on her destination...
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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]   The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] EmptySun Apr 17, 2016 12:03 am

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Tumblr_o4p9mqloez1sofnjqo1_500

The small beating wings of butterflies could be heard down the hallway and soon the sound of footsteps. Yomi followed the trailed left behind by her counterpart. The Wild Card covered her mouth at the scene of bloodied bodies thrown about the floor and walls. Whatever did this was not human. It was strange, as damage from Personas and Shadows hardly showed up on the bodies of those attacked by them. But this person had deliberately had these bodies ripped apart physically, even when never needed. It was as if they wanted to inflict as much pain as possible before their death.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] 11jm6aq

"Whoever did this is a monster. I have to stop them before they endanger everyone's lives here." Yomi grasped her blade and brought it close to her chest. She never thought she'd have to use her abilities against another human. But was this actually a human, or a complete monster's work? Philemon's champion would make her advance in a light jog, leaving the mess of bodies behind. Each step she took closer to this other, her Persona became more and more restless. Was it afraid? No, it was becoming as anxious as herself. For some reason she felt as if she had been here before. Running down this same hallway and heading towards this same unknown nemesis at the end of it. She felt as though someone was pulling her strings in a game, and the sad part was she couldn't pull out of it. This was her duty and she would be the Heroine even if she was scared. Little did she know a certain demon watched her run further into the descent of madness.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Tumblr_nl3ruhJ8o81solfhro1_500

"Run run run, Little Woman. You have a date with destiny. Now our game finally begins."

Meanwhile, the nameless girl had arrived at the gate. There was nothing separating her from what she had come for. Soon everything would change, and the small seed of mania she wished to implant would spread across the entire populace. More would become like her. She couldn't help but giggle as the scientists watched a blurry monstrosity take form behind her. They couldn't make out what it was, but it seemed to be resonating with the gateway as if communicating with something on the other end...

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] K5s6OSa

"And what... do we have here?"
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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]   The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] EmptyTue Apr 19, 2016 7:40 pm

The Scientists were frozen, as if some invisible entity forced the muscle and sinew within their bodies into submission. Some wanted to yell, some wanted to run. No matter what they wanted to do, they had no liberty too. They felt as if they made the wrong move, their lives would be forfeit. Even the Main Scientist had to watch in silence as the Terminal reacted to the woman and her strange presence. She lifted her arm and slowly dipped her hand into the black abyss on the other side. Just from this small ounce of contact, the Terminal began to react in a violent manner. Fluctuations shot forth from the deep abyss, and the readings on their screens were virtually unreadable. Soon enough, computers and monitors began to explode, and the very aura of the room turned into a twisted feat of madness as various inhuman eyes peered from the previous black abyss of the Terminal.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] TfxSaC2

This was it. The world would change and just a piece of her madness would spread out to everyone. The Unknown young woman began to cackle to herself before she took a deep breath. Every night she carved this recipe into her flesh as a constant reminder of what the devil at her doorstep always said. She made sure to constantly carve, even if she felt the liters of blood running down from her arms and chest. Unknown made herself into the very recipe of chaos she felt so enticed by. The creeping sensation in her mind was always there, even before giving herself to the crawling chaos. It always threatened to pursue her dreams and ideals then gouge them out like her previous view of the world from her eyes. Now she finally had the opportunity to spread that same feeling amongst everyone. The feeling of standing on the edge of chaos with a blade to your back and a long fall infront of you. That delicate fabrication of sanity within the mind was so easy to tear down. And when it was torn, there was no coming back from the world you plummeted within. There was absolutely no way she'd come back after witnessing the world, and its demons, through her eyes. She believed no one else would either.

Sad to say her moment of celebration was coming to an end, as she felt the presence of her adversary coming her way. She had felt her presence throughout the entirety of the day and knew sooner or later they'd meet face to face. Unknown relished at the fact there was another like herself, but found it repulsing to know how docile they were. When she turned, she found her adversary already at her figurative doorsteps. Blade in hand, Yomi attempted to strike her down in one blow and was met with a sudden slash to her side that caught skin. The Wild Cards broke apart from each other, and the Terminal began to spark as if reacting to them both being present. The otherworldly whispers and howls coming from the darkness of the creation grew louder and louder and Yomi narrowed her eyes. Now face to face, they had their first and final confrontation.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] 2is8ca9

"Why are you doing this!? Don't you see those monsters on the other side? This world will be destroyed because of you!"

"Do you fear them? These "monsters" are born from the paranoia of the human mind. They're born from the deep desires we all harbor in the dark corners of our minds.""Of our souls.""Like Adam and Eve when they took a bite of the apple, I'm going to turn this world into an experience even more delectable."

"Y-You're insane! I won't allow you to do this. I'll stop you and protect everyone here. Changing this world isn't your call to make!"

"So it's confirmed we're both non-negotiable. Then you're going to have to kill me before I kill everyone else. Can your stomach handle that? Stab me right in the heart so that vision of murder is burned into your eyes."

The two Wild Cards continued to focus on one another as the area began to quake tremendously. From Yomi's intervention, the Scientists were able to reclaim their composure and rush to their escape. However, the Main Scientist remained to try and disable the Terminal that was now running amok. With him working on finding a solution, the two women finally clashed...

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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]   The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] EmptyWed Apr 20, 2016 12:57 pm

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Wwci7p

As the two women clashed before the Terminal, there would be a large explosion of energy that shot throughout the entire R&D area that could be seen from hundreds of miles away. One would think this sudden force would have destroyed everyone and everything there, but the buildings still stood and the people would be fine. That energy had done something, but nothing fatal to the people. It did, however, change the state of the world. This was only the catalyst as the dark abyss within the Terminal erupted and a plethora of otherworldly monsters poured into the world. Yomi and Unknown continued their battle, even after being swallowed by the waves of demons that scattered upon this new world filled with fresh meat. Soon each area would be swarmed with these monsters, and the people who had come to celebrate this reveal would learn that it was one of the biggest mistakes of their short lives.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] S185xx

A certain Detective was currently standing before the entrance to the underground laboratory. His sources had finally pointed him to this direction, and when the women began their dual he could practically feel them. He knew he was too late the moment they crossed paths. Raidou felt like a failure to the Kuzunoha name for allowing this to happen. Throughout this day he had let his own personality become his blunder and wasted time talking to others when he should have been focusing on hunting down one of these women abit more actively. The Herald of Yatagarasu was correct when they had said he was the most unorthodox Kuzunoha they had dealt with over the ages. He knew the least he could do now was protect the people so they could escape with their lives. To do this, he'd have to use the entirety of his demons, which would leave him defenseless. Regardless, the Kuzunoha removed his vials and tossed them in the air. In a bright flash of light, they exploded and various blurs scattered to the different areas. They knew what he had to do, and he respected that they didn't get in his way. They were truly loyal. Now the Kuzunoha would have to find these two women and put an end to what they caused, even without his demons by his side. It was practically a suicide mission. Just another day as a Kuzunoha.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Tumblr_mibn03pb0w1rz1zo5o1_r1_500

OoC Information:
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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]   The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] EmptyMon Apr 25, 2016 1:55 pm


. . . .

. . . .

Time had passed, and the terminal had been deactivated. The damage was done, and the demons had leaked out into the world, but now the world were separated once again. The laboratory was destroyed completely, and flames covered the majority of the area. Three bodies laid within the smoke, all breathing cautious breaths. It seemed both plans were a success in some degree. The Unknown woman was able to open this terminal to the world she desired. However, Yomi and the Detective were able to close it on the other hand. Both sides were victorious, but both sides also loss.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] R1wvmp

"Hee Hee... Heheh.. I don't care if I die. I got what I want. There will be more like me even after I'm gone. I'll live on in the madness of everyone's minds. The demons will only be the catalyst that causes them to slip into depravity. And when they are there, I'll show them the true form of this world. I'm.. the most.. special.." Unknown's words faded as she closed her eyes with a smile. Even after death, she knew chaos continued onward. That was why she was not afraid to die. It was but a stepping stone. In the future, she knew others would continue where she left off. They'd continue to plant the seeds of chaos within the minds of others until the entire world fell into the delectable abyss called depravity. Something she knew oh so well.

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Tumblr_mdk43pzjoX1r92q67o1_500

The Detective attempted to walk towards the Terminal, but soon fell face first in his own blood. Without his demons, dealing with that woman was impossible. If it weren't for Yomi's sacrifice, he would have died and failed at stopping her. Regardless, the man laid on the ground and fought to keep his eyes open. Who would have known the one thing he wanted to do was see his successor's face just one more time. He had yet to teach her everything about the title of Kuzunoha. Would she make it out okay? These final thoughts clouded his mind as he bit his lip. "Damn the title of Kuzunoha. I don't want to die.." Those were his last words before the laboratory collapsed upon the remaining bodied. They were buried, along with the Terminal, far beneath the Earth where no one would be able to reach them.

Not all was death and gloom..

The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Sgnzfr

With the current state of the world, one woman knew it made things abit vulnerable. Vulnerable enough for someone to come in and lead those who were scared of what the future held. She felt like a woman reborn with a new purpose. To reclaim the order that was lost this day. She knew it would take years to gather the followers and build this empire on the now destroyed city. However, she had all the time in the world. Rome was not built in a day. The woman, named Isla, would take her leave from the R&D district. Her family came first at the moment, as they would play an important part in things to come.

The Night was dark and full of terrors.

But not all terrors took the form of Demons...

To Be Continued in Endymion...
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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]   The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]] Empty

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The Eternal Divide [Plot Topic :: Night [Closed]]
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