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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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July 2020
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 The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]

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The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Empty
PostSubject: The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]   The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] EmptySat Mar 19, 2016 3:19 pm

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Tumblr_m5epu8fvpv1rt3gb1o1_r2_500

Aburai, Natashi, and Souka sat at a bar located in Nadashiki. The three were having a drink to celebrate about certain news regarding Aburai Nola's pregnancy test. And even though the news was great, the Teacher couldn't help but rub his temple. "I'm extremely happy, but I get the feeling that I've forgotten something important. Every time I'm in Kizuna Academy, I can feel like something happened there that I totally shouldn't be forgetting. Maybe this teaching job is going to my head after all these years..." The man took a sip of his rum and cola before placing the glass back down on the hard surface of the table.

Natashi took a drag from his cigarette and released a small trail of smoke at his friend's words. "You're over thinking things, Aburai. The moment you learned there was a bun in the oven, you've been going on tangents about life that make no sense. I hope I wasn't the same way when I first heard the news about Kirito. Tell it to me straight, Souka. Was I a mess like this guy?" The dark haired man laughed under his breath as he put an arm around Aburai to try and get his mind off the things that didn't really matter. After all, he was about to be a Father aswell! That was good news and worth a drink!

Souka placed his forehead on the bar and gave a smile. "You guys are getting me jealous. Getting married and having kids! Maybe I should finally settle down too. Ya know, I do have alot of love to give aswell." The blonde chuckled to himself as he sat up. Out of his group of friends he was the most likely to be the last get settle down anyway. When his art really picked up on the market, he was being flown out to various places around the world. The group was amazed he even found the time to return and spend this time with them. But after hearing such news, what friend wouldn't come back home to celebrate? After all, they were like the three musketeers. If one of them went missing, they all had a filling everything would turn towards the worse.

Three friends finally reunited in a world that didn't call for violence... They weren't the only ones to find happiness in this world they held so dear. Others also found their one place they truly belonged... such as...

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The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]   The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] EmptySat Mar 19, 2016 3:44 pm

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Tumblr_n11z63sdVo1r2pvg2o1_500

"Are you sure about this, Atsuki-senpai? I don't think I'm cut out to run for Student Council President my third year." Satoshi Anya was sitting at a table outside her parents' shop with a certain Kizuna Academy graduate. His vibrant blue hair certainly caught the eyes of those passing by, as only one family in Ueitawa had such a peculiar appearance. His name was Atsuki Kiryu, and he had graduated from Kizuna Academy two years prior to this conversation. However, he had made a social call to Satoshi Anya.

The young man had a dream to get involved in politics after his run as the President of Kizuna Academy. Now he wished to pass his knowledge onto another before leaving Ueitawa entirely. Satoshi's name came to mind, simply because of the progress she had shown over the years he had known her. From being a trouble maker as a child, to growing into a young woman who had shown responsibility. Also if she had the integrity of running this shop on her own someday, then being the Student Council President would be good training for her.

"Trust me, Anya. Only you could do something like this. I have a few weeks I'll be in town, so I can help you prepare. Let's not waste any time." Atsuki spoke with his usual confident tone of voice, even when there was a piece of steak hanging before his face that he was ready to bite into. Anya wasn't too convinced she could pull this off, but it meant alot to her that one of the previous Student Council Presidents would come to her for this task. She simply bowed her head to him, causing her blonde hair to fall over her shoulders and down onto the table. Satoshi Anya was never the type to get involved in such big affairs, but she wanted to take the plunge this time. She wanted to do something that would push her to change and become a more outgoing person. Perhaps this was what she had been waiting for all this time...!

"Please teach me everything you know, Atsuki-senpai!"

A timid girl who grew into a daring young woman... A haughty boy who wished to change the world... Many things were the same, yet some things had changed in this new reality... In the center of Shibakuzoi... A certain tower still stood strong...
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The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]   The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] EmptySat Mar 19, 2016 4:22 pm

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] 156xoxl

"Is the sun even brighter than usual today? Heehee, it really feels like things are looking up for me!" Laura walked with bags in hand, coming from the Satoshi Market and heading back to Shibakuzoi Tower. The pathway she took was beautiful, and it really did feel as if the sun was welcoming her home from such a long day. Trailing behind her was her mopey sidekick, or atleast that's what she called him. Gureen, now free from his fate of being a Phalanx, followed along with a miserable aura.

"The sun hurts. There's plenty of shaded paths we could have walked through, but you deliberately chose this path to scorn me, didn't you?" The young man grumbled as he raised a hand to keep the sun out of his eyes. Laura simply giggled at this as she spun around and began to pick up her pace to get back to the tower. "H-Hey!" Gureen yelled after her, being forced to run to keep up with the woman. She was excited to make it back and he already knew why. After landing this job with the owners of Shibakuzoi Tower, she had been added as his underling to support the son of the Tower's current owner. Where Gureen's job was to be a bodyguard, he believed her job was to be something more to him. Regardless, it only added to his workload having to keep up with the both of them. And when they finally arrived back at the Tower, Gureen folded over out of breath while Laura gave a wave and smile.

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] SP8ItQi

"We're home!"

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] LHatouz

"You're late. Welcome home."

Even those who wished to disappear found their way back home... The Shibakuzoi Tower, no longer known as Yachiru Tower, was now a monument for all of Shibakuzoi to marvel at... It promised a beautiful future for the people of Ueitawa... The World was forever changing...
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The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]   The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] EmptySat Mar 19, 2016 6:34 pm

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] 2cqhc0z

"Ugghh, I can't catch a break today. These all nighters are going to be the end of me." Keryu yawned into her hand as she walked the streets of Shibakuzoi. The Detective had been pulling long nights trying to catch some so called phantom thief. The strange thing about this thief was he never really stole anything that couldn't easily be replaced. It was almost as if he were trying to get the attention of someone or something. For some reason she couldn't shake the feeling that she had to deal with a strange masked person before. But there was no way she'd forget something like that, right? The young woman shook her head as she raised her phone to watch one of the many videos this Phantom Thief left behind in his wake.

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] O90p6c

"Like before, I mean you no harm. My specialty is the theft of thousands of hearts, but my goal is to capture the heart of one. So I'll continue to play the role of the thieving Prince looking for his Ice Princess. Let the chase continue!" The Thief took a bow at the end of the video and the Detective scoffed. Kids these days were really playing serious games. Just because Ueitawa didn't have one serious crime to date didn't mean someone had to go out and try to start some sort of trouble. Well, regardless of the case, Keryu planned on catching this Phantom Thief that apparently searched for his "Princess".

The woman's phone walkie talkie began to ring, alerting her that the Phantom Thief had struck again. The moment she thought she had a break, she was now off again to go hunt this mysterious red headed youth. "Sorry, Kiryu! Looks like your Sister is going to be pulling another all nighter!"

No matter the version of oneself... It seemed at the end of the day, they were drawn to those they cared for... Though it was another life, it was the same red head a certain thief had grown to know in her previous life...
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PostSubject: Re: The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]   The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] EmptySat Mar 19, 2016 11:16 pm

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] 2dj84yo

That was another one made. The dark haired young woman removed another sheet of paper from her bag and began to make the next paper crane to add to the collection. Sometime she forgot this was a part time job she had taken up, considering it was such a hobby of hers. Something about origami always got the young woman excited, as if she had a closer connection to the art than she'd ever truly know. Ree was currently riding upon a train, heading out of town. Her family was moving away from Ueitawa and heading to a new city to start their dojo business. Ree couldn't exactly remember why her family had ended up in Ueitawa, but she continued on anyway. This was the sole reason she was on this train, surrounded by the mountain of luggage that belonged to them. Her sister had found work in Ueitawa and opted to stay behind for the time being, but Ree knew it was just because she was lovestruck with some guy. She mumbled to herself about this, and a low car woke her from her day dream. Looking to her left, she looked towards her pet crow in its cage, watching over her. Ree gave a smile, and continued her work on the origami.

Sitting across from her was a young man that just happened to be riding this train to the same destination. He wore a long brown coat and a hat that sat comfortably on his head. "You seem very obsessed with finishing your origami. I don't mean to pry, but is there any reason for that?" The Man asked with a questioning tone.

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Tumblr_nkya1b5vGr1tmj9foo5_400

"It's always been a hobby of mine. Though, for some reason, I feel like I'm missing something really important to me. Doing this comforts that longing, if you could understand." She believed he would not. After all, didn't people have hobbies usually to forget something else? Not to remember it. It was confusing, or so that's what she believed. However, the man crossed his arms in agreement to her words. Did he truly believe what she was saying here? Ree gave a chuckle and asked her own question. "Who are you, Mister?"

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Tumblr_mo5d1dz0V31rp6vzco1_500

"No one of consequence. Just a simple Detective."

A young woman moves forward, leaving her past behind... This surely wouldn't be the last time she'd be seen... Nor her mysterious guest on this train ride... That just left one more... A certain young man who had his own second chance at a real life... Yusugi..
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PostSubject: Re: The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]   The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] EmptySun Mar 20, 2016 2:18 am

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] Bebo6q

"You've really never watched the sunset from here? I thought anyone who went through Kizuna Academy would have heard of this place." It'd be an understatement to say Yusugi was not feeling particularly giddy at the moment. This was one of the places he definitely wanted to show someone. Even his years going through Kizuna Academy himself, he never expected this classmate of his to miss out on such scenery. Especially since she seemed to love Ueitawa so much from his own speculation. For some reason he felt as if he had to show her. Almost as if he had promised her before that'd he want to share every minute of his happiness with her.

Yusugi took a seat on a bench that gave the perfect view of the sun slowly falling behind the neighboring rooftops. His partner, however, walked towards the fence that was used as a safety barrier. Her fingers wrapped around the links of the fence as she watched the sun fall with a smile. For some reason, she felt accomplished...

The End [Ueitawa Epilogue] 2b9kcj


Ueitawa :: True Ending
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The End [Ueitawa Epilogue]
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