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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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July 2020
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 The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)

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The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Empty
PostSubject: The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)   The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 10:38 pm

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_nho86eiWZV1qd16pfo1_500

"When I was created, I always knew the day I would lose my purpose. My Father, Yachiru-san, made it clear. So I always stayed within the tower, only allowed out to complete a recon mission when needed. Never allowed to enjoy life, as I was one who truly had no life. As a machine I did not have a right to live, as I was never truly alive."

Those involved with Four's demise would have been transported to an alternate reality, or so they'd believe. However, unlike the others, they could only watch and not participate in the coming events. It had begun with Four's activation by the hands of her Father, Yachiru. She was created with a purpose. To help her Father claim his dreams, even at the cost of her own. After all, machines didn't get to dream. They never had a life to live, so why would he ever care for what she wished? Such a small dream, like seeing a festival or fireworks, was not on his list of goals. And so, she understood this and accepted her Father's wishes as her own.

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_ngiqs52LqZ1s7mucfo2_r1_500

"I'm just another star floating in this wide spread sky. It wouldn't mean anything if I fell, as long as the Moon (Father) continued to hang high. I am okay with this. I'll always be okay with this, because this is my purpose. But.. but.."

The machine's inner thoughts seemed to be populating this alternate reality, covering it with various images and her mind for all to see. Was this another power of the tower? Regardless of that, the next image was that of a young man who looked all too familiar to them. Well, more to a select few.

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_memugyMrWp1r4f7nno1_250

"...Yata Onii-chan, I wanted to be by your side when you changed this world. I am truly sorry. It seems I was too weak to be by your side in the end. I am truly obsolete, but thank you for making me feel as if I were human. And the fireworks were really nice. Whenever I was with you, I could not help but feel warmth in my chest. I had to constantly use those cold substances called ice cream to keep my cooling in check. I wonder if this is what humans would call.. love."

Four grasped her chest and gave a thin smile. One of the only times she has shown a genuine expression from the bottom of her soul.

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_nhjlbppHLg1qdsh8vo1_500

"I wish I was human so I could say I'll see you again, Yata Onii-chan."

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_nhgeb0BWnO1sq9yswo2_500

"I wish I was a devil so I could defy the rules of this world and stay longer with you."

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_mxvpbb7hUD1rg3akeo1_500


A bright light would emit throughout the entire reality before all would begin to crack then shatter. The group would fall into a dark abyss, like so many times before, which would most likely lead outside of the tower.

OoC:: You can post once in this topic, but cannot interfere..

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The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)   The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 11:13 pm

Kogami only watched with a painful expression for some reason, but he felt as if half of those emotions weren’t even his own. “What? You feel sorry for her?! Shut up Kogami....i'm in charge now... nobody felt sorry for us!”

 Kogami would say as if he was talking to himself, and he was. Somehow, in some kind of way, his dark desires were somehow linked to the legitimate heart of who he was when he was alive. Kogami was an orphan, did he have a purpose? He thought of Nyra as a father, or maybe he desired a family like that. That was something he understood. “Many more would be going where she’s going…….wherever shes going…”

Kogami understood this well . He put his hat down and didn’t show his face, he felt no kind of guilt. However, he felt some kind of remorse for the robot.  He wondered  how Mir would feel about seeing all of this? She’s a robot too……” So guys, what’s it like to kill someone that loved Yata as much as she did. That Yata might have loved?  How does it feel? To be honest with you all, regardless of the fact that I was considered as criminal, never a murderer. Now look at this, this is what we are, we ended her life…..and it won’t stop there….. not if we want to keep going……. All the  kings…. Yachiro or whatever the fuck his name is……’s us or them. Heh…. To think I would be associating with the title of  “murderer… Yatagaratsu is going to be pissed hahahahhahaha….. but let him come..”

Kogami’s feelings were all over the place, but those feelings were his and his alone. Maybe if he wasn’t a shadow, he would have cried, but snakes don’t cry. “The simple end of a person with no purpose, locked up in this tower…and now she’s dead for the sake of someone else and their plans……some who never cared about her. Its comical…take it all in girls….all of the regrets….. it only feeds your own darkness in the end. Do you hear me? ...Persona users...are you ready for more of this?.... victory is achieved in the expense of the lives of others.

Kogami would then fall into the abyss with a smile on his face, determined to bathe in his sin.
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The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)   The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) EmptyFri Mar 27, 2015 2:40 am

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_m0as97jfuk1r444njo1_500

When the girl was defeated, they were transported again, and Tomoe could only watch as the woman; machine, display her inner workings....feelings out from seemingly everywhere and yet nowhere. She could only watch in silence as she spoke. This was a girl that was made, and she never got to live a life she wanted. She wondered what would have happened had Yachiru not created her; as the way she spoke....she hardly didn't have a life to begin with. Would it have been any more right? All life was important, fabricated or made....but all life is "made" so what made her so different? She stayed silent.

Then she saw images of the redhead from that reality with Lorielle. He really looked similar to Mikoto. Could he see this as well? She didn't know, but for some reason, she felt he could. She had someone watching her...well, perhaps two people. Both the redheads cared for her. Tomoe couldn't imagine how they felt now....and how she must have repaid the man who could have killed Lorielle with such an act. She was doing what she thought was right. And this mach-...woman died for it. But...the concept alone as it ran through her thoughts came with a sudden feeling of rejection. Her eyes widened.

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) 9dwi3n10

That didn't happen...


She is alive...Tomoe never killed her. None of them did. They were just fighting, and she vanished. She fled. She knew death may have been likely, but she never thought she had been the direct orchestrator of this person's demise. Was she just in harsh denial, or was she truly naive to the way this tower acted? She was not sure, and whether the answer came now or never, she did not want it. She caused her to go like this? Whoever did the actual final blow did not matter, as they all had a hand in it. They all killed, of course not...! She simply chose death herself, and left them with her motivations. Was it that happy? if it was, then why were streams of water falling down Tomoe's eyes? She wasn't dead. No one was dead. The orange girl was alive, as she left this world, nothing prevented her from living, except those four who stole her life. She was alive of course. She was dead. More alive and real. Dead and destroyed. She was dead. She was dead. She was dead.

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Tumblr_m3ujbltAtX1rni0w9o1_500

Was this their future? Killing? Tomoe did hear Kogami, but his cold and disgusting words were not worth the time, as she fell to the ground, unable to handle the situation. She was not a killer. Human life was meant to be spared and explored. Everyone deserved their values, and this girl was no exception. It was the very stone and firm belief that had stuck with her since she was adopted, that kept her from ever trying to argue or fight. This was Tomoe; who somehow still remained optimistic even up until the fight with her. But this moment, when she saw her core value being smashed in front of her; something that she had perhaps caused knowingly, everything had fallen like a house of cards. She was worthless. She feared the future, she feared the acts that they had done and may do. But worst of all, she feared herself. She could not bear with taking another's life, and she didn't know what to do. Was what she was trying to be and work to for both the future and when trying to save this town meaningless if it costed something as precious as life? She had to be strong, for her team, and so she was. But that would not keep the doubt away. She was weak. More Stupid than Intelligent. Someone who aspired to protect others in medicine. A killer. Could she be redeemed? Was she doomed? Would someone validate her? Would she turn horrible, ruthless and cold from this one act that meant so much to her? Would everything her real parents had told her while they used their utensils on her turn out to be true? The tower wouldn't tell Tomoe, but what it did tell her was that the girl was dead, and they had killed her. A single loud shout of manic despair could be heard from Tomoe's mouth as she fell into the abyss, a shout that would sound around the tower and leak outside once she returned to the courtyard. It was a shout she may have made once before after one of the various nights with her parents, but they would have never felt so different as this scream; the scream made by making a hole in someone's heart.

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The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)   The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) EmptyFri Mar 27, 2015 1:39 pm

This world felt... familiar, in a way. Mir couldn't help but keep her eyes on Four, whatever she did, whatever or whoever she ended up thinking of. The android recognized Yatagarasu from the King's memories, and couldn't help but clench her teeth at the display. She promised her... Four may not have believed her, but Mir promised her... they were both androids, they were both in the same boat, just opposing sides. Why was this even... When Kogami spoke up, Mir glared at him, tears starting to well up beneath her eyes. She wasn't about to answer, but that wouldn't stop her from making her point known.

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) 7hlOstH
"We couldn't save her."

The black-haired girl spoke up, finally, breaking the silence that Tomoe seemed to be putting up. Mir was never a murderer. She never wanted to take someone's life. She was sadistic, loved fighting but that didn't mean that this was enjoyable...! Four was the only one that could ever have known what it was like. Mir had aided in killing the only person that she could ever relate to, however little it was. The android suppressed her feelings, letting the tears dry up like the fake product they were. How could she even cry, being a machine? How could she feel sorrow, being a machine? How in the hell could she think that someone would understand her, being a machine?!

"What the hell am I fighting for...?!" Mir growled as she curled herself up tightly, letting the tears flow freely down her artificial skin. Why was this something that needed to be done?! Why the hell was this even happening now?! Four only did it for one person: Yachiru. The bastard. He built her, then sent her to die. He made her, she thought of him as a father, how dare he?! Memories of Laude surfaced to Mir's mind, how she murdered him in cold blood, burned his corpse to a cinder and didn't even bother to give him a proper burial. That's right... she was already a murderer before this, wasn't she...? Mir had already taken a life before this and, furthermore, felt happy about it... she didn't have the right to feel sad about this, not after what she went through. Mir had lost the ability to be seen as a human when Doctor Laude died, that was a fact.

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) J4O3A1Q
"Yachiru... I know very well that you're watching."

When they were brought back to the base of the Tower, Mir glared at the top of it, tears still streaming uncontrollably as she just grit her teeth. "Is this what you wanted?! She's dead! We killed her! We killed your own daughter! Of course you wouldn't even think of her as such, would you... she was a person... she loved someone, she wanted to be with them..." Mir shook her head, unhappy with her thoughts. Her outburst would probably be heard throughout the whole courtyard's area, but hell freeze over if she cared about that shit. The android walked to Tomoe, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"This wasn't the worst we could have done. Yachiru is up there, watching. If we don't keep going, then Four's death will be meaningless. I'm just another fucking machine, but I'm not going to let you waste any time in this..." Mir spoke harshly to Tomoe, yet still had a tinge of remorse in her words. "Remember, though... Yachiru's the one that's making us do this. He's the one with the stupid goals here. I have no idea what Four and the other Kings want with him, but if they die, it's for us to succeed. We shouldn't feel bad about this. Four would only keep hurting under that bastard's thumb, I'm sure of it. Hell, if she kept to support, we'd probably make her see the death of the one person she loved. I'm not saying what we did was right, but it isn't a reason that we should beat ourselves up over. Kyokudou, you have every right in being upset, but... I'm sure that this was unavoidable... I'm sorry you had to be lumped alongside a murderer like this." Mir closed her eyes before wiping the tears off with her arm. If Tomoe allowed it, she'd do so to hers as well. The android wasn't emotionless, but she wasn't about to let her true ones show as well. Despite this all... Mir was just another machine, made to think she was human...

After her speech, Jaqli walked towards a tree, far away from any other people, and sat down beside it, looking up at the sky. Her time here was spent in what? Fighting and fucking around? She hated that. If there was even a single way for her to avoid fighting, she'd take it. For now, though... she just wanted to rest. Mir's emotions needed some time to balance themselves out by this point. If there was one person that she'd have no remorse killing right now... it was Yachiru.


-Ah, How Far Away, the Ideal World-

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) GPuKc0z
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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)   The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) EmptySun Mar 29, 2015 5:13 am

Kahn felt themselves get transported once more, to where....who knows, but wherever it was, it flet like a movie theatre. He could hardly believe what was going on upon seeing it all, however these were all her inner feelings. This young it didn't matter, she had her own feelings and those she cared about as well. She was fighting for them, just like they were fighting for the ones they loved. "Two sides of the same coin...both of us trying to do what we believe is right. Though, all we ever wanted was to be with the one's we love." The young man felt a knot build in his stomach as her memories and emotions played out before them. He grew silent for several moments before speaking again.

"I wish you had taken up our offer of not fighting, I understand why you didn't...but....this is a tragedy. For everyone involved, your loved ones lose you and we have to bear the pain of knowing that..we played some part in that." He couldn't say was the one thing that he didn't want to think about, but his tears showed his true colors on the matter. He had gotten this power and had high hopes of using it to protect his friends and everyone he cared about. Now? ....Now a life was taken with it, he was sure that Philemon didn't intend for the power to be used this way, but the group had no other choice. Their hand was forced, the young man heard the others speak, Tomoe and Mir seemed to be taking it exceptionally hard. Kahn had always been to the school of hard knocks...roughing someone up was more than okay...but murder? That was a whole new ball game that Kahn didn't want to play with.

Four was dead...the tower had made that very clear...too clear. Was this trying to show them that it could have ended differently? Why? She had made it appearent they she would not allow them to pass unless she was defeated. Not dead....had they killed her for nothing, or was this something that her father had done? The young man had a sinking feeling that this would be held against them, by someone...maybe this Yata Onii-chan who was seen in her memories. He would becoming back for revenge....and that was something Kahn knew all too well. The avenger looked at his hands, and felt as though they were slick and dirty with imaginary blood. No longer the blood of those whom he had failed to protect, but now Four's. Was this what he was now...a killer? No longer an avenger who acts for those who cannot protect themselves, but a person who...kills?

He shook his head, no....he wouldn't allow this one event to define him forever. Yes, he would regret the outcome and having so many people be hurt by a conflict. The young man knew that while this may stain him and his soul for a long didn't have to define him. It would only define him if he let it define, that didn't mean he rejected his hand in the outcome. No, he accepted that much, because the people looking for revenge are expecting them to deny responsability. As much as it may hurt the group...denying responsability was not something that they could do. Beyond accepting what their actions have caused...they can learn that this will only define them if they allow it to do so. "Though this act may hurt us, deeply, and we may never like what has happened here. While we may have taken a life this doesn't mean we're heading down a dark path we can never escape. We can still be our own individuals...we just have to allow ourselves to find our own path. We are who we want to be, and nothing can change that." They were guardians, warriors fighting to protect all of those they loved, they just happened to come across someone else with the same motivations. ended in a painful way that no one here or those watching ever wanted. However, there was still hope...hope that they were not on a path of darkness. Hope that they could still be themselves without letting this event define who they were. Kahn blinked before falling into the darkness, the abyss whose blackness was only matched by the regret and pain and loss that the party themselves felt.
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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)   The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) EmptyThu Apr 02, 2015 1:26 pm

The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) 180px-JudgementCard

..Two different paths cross and the end of another's life is inevitable. Both fight for what they believe in, yet only one will survive to tell the tale... No one can escape the clutches of death, and this is all too clear now.. To change the world also changes the fate of others.. In the end, will anyone be truly happy?

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The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) 2vnkk95


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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)   The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3) Empty

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The Fallen Moon and Stars (Four's Demise - Reality 3)
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