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 Zavie Bryce's Social Links

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PostSubject: Zavie Bryce's Social Links   Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:41 pm

"I like people a lot! I hope they like me a lot too!"



Frogerio Zander

Rank One:
"An interesting person... I do not know who he really is, but he seems a little weird... I do not mind though. Weird people are also fun people, right?"


Gabe Gatsby

Rank One:
"He is a street magician that came too the bakery to buy some cookies for his class members. I am not really sure what he was going on about, but he seemed like a real adult. I wonder if he can take some pride... Pride can be good, you know?"

Rank Two:
"I can not believe I did not tell him my name yet... Hmm... Well, he seems nice and I will download that game so we can play next time! I will not loose, nope nope!"

Rank Three:
"I... Finally understand him a little better now, I think. Hopefully we do not get so confused again!"





Raia Jehuty

Rank One:
"Oh oh! He's foreign and likes koi fish! Plus, he gave me this super cute charm! I'll never ever forget him! Promise promise!"

Rank Two:
"Was that really him after all this time...? I... Want to meet him again so badly now... Please have that been him."

Batilde Gagnon

Rank One:
"She is super nice and really pretty! Plus she said she would come by the bakery often now! I can not wait to meet her again!"


Takeru Kagemaru

Rank One:
"He is a really smart guy... I lost a smartness game against him. Proxy and I will not loose next time though! We will totally beat him!"

Rank Two:
"I... Do not know what to think... He may be my ally, but he may be my enemy... I am very scared... B-But... I have to be brave, right?"


Bruno St. Peter

Rank One:
"We are friends... I... Have never had a friend before... I am excited to see what happens, in all honesty."


Noah Sapphire Joyd

Rank One:
"He is really nice! We got to talk a lot and I would love to meet him again! Maybe we could become friends... M-Maybe..."



Serial #8D Grins

Rank One:
"He is now my Kitty Cat Royal Court Jester! This is great! I have never had another member of the court... Oh, he is also part of Callie's family and I am so super happy to have met him! We will hopefully meet soon again! Hope those scary robot dogs did not hurt him..."

Rank Two:
"I do not know if he is trustworthy or not with all of this... He treats everything like a game, you know? Oh well... I will put my faith in him for a little bit... Maybe see how the 'adventure' goes tonight..."

Rank Three:
"I still do not know how to feel... But... Maybe he can be trusted a little more... He really scared me though!"

Zayasu Ritsuko

Rank One:
"She is a really nice lady! She gave me a go-en and I gave her a cat calendar! So, we will meet again! It reminds me of how Callie and I met..."

Wheel of Fortune



Rank One:
"She was a girl Callie and I met outside the Heartfelt Bakery. She scared me a little... And she was raised by scientists... But, other than that she seemed fine."


Hanged Man


Mr. and Mrs. Robinson

Rank One:
"Oh! They are so so soooo super duper nice! They own a ranch in East Eden and are just the nicest people ever! I so want to go back soon to talk to them more! Oh, but I have to stay super healthy! So, I will be super careful from now on! Promise promise!"

Rank Two:
"I spent a lot of time with Mrs. Robinson today! I got to see the nice horses and go on a horseback ride with her! I even got to bring home a daisy! Though... Proxy thinks something might be wrong with her son... I think he just reads books though! And maybe I will get to see him soon! Cool, right?


(AKA Liam O'Neill)

Rank One:
"He is a nice person I met in the chat room I made! I am supposed to play Ragnarok with him and Gabe soon... I hope we all have fun!"



Rank One:
"He was a nice man... He had a very neutral stance in everything... It was nice talking to him though."



Tatum Waldie

Rank One:
"She is another weird girl... She reminds me a lot of Callie... Oh goodness, do I have to take care of two weird girls...?"



Rank One:
"He lives in the forest and seems to protect it... I want to know more about him, in all honesty."


Rank One:
"I guess I met him the day of the Divide... I do not remember though... He seems a little weird. But, I guess I would be weird if I was a robot dog too."


Brittany Wilson

Rank One:
"Oh, she is super nice and really energetic! It is so totally lame thought that I lost the game! Next time for sure, alright!? I will not loose next time!"


Callie Ukai

Rank One:
"Oh! She was super nice and made me feel better after my ears go hurt! She also smells kind of weird... And she doesn't have a family, seem to live with anyone, and doesn't go to school... I'm a little worried about her, but I'm sure she'll be fine, right? After all, we're totally going to meet again because of this charm!"

Rank Two:
"Oh... She is still as rash as ever! She is worrying me more and more every time I see her! If she ends up hurting herself, I am going to be not happy! She better stay safe so I can visit her again!"

Rank Three:
"Hm... She is still as aloof as ever... Even after everything that happened last night, she still does not take anything serious. It kind of scares me, in a way... I am afraid she will do something to hurt herself even more than before..."

Rank Four:
"She still seems hopeless... But I know I can keep her safe and help her! So, I want to do that... So I will!"

Addendum One:
"She... Knows about my ears... A-And she has some too! I... I was so scared, but then I was so relieved... I-I... I am not alone in this world..."

Rank Five:
"I want to protect her and make her happy! She is a very important person to me, and I want to be there for her from now on."




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PostSubject: Re: Zavie Bryce's Social Links   Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:53 pm


Taylor Bryce


The young looking owner and baker of the Heartfelt Bakery and father to Zavie Bryce. He's a warm and kind hearted man, unafraid of the tasks set in front of his day to day life. He loves his family greatly, and would defend them with his life if the occasion occurred. He is a masterful baker and has taught Zavie everything he currently knows. The two share a wonderful father son relationship and there are many smiles between the two of them.

Carrie Bryce


The motherly and kind baker of the Heartfelt Bakery, and the mother and teacher of Zavie Bryce. She's a wonderful mother and caretaker, having raised Zavie to the best of her abilities. Because of this, the two share an obviously close bond and are quite the example for mother son relationships. Aside from this, she obviously stresses more about Zavie's special assets compared to her husband. As such, she frets and constantly has an eye on the boy. Regardless of this, she has a great family and would do anything to keep it together.

Kitty Cat Mercenaries

Wheel of Fortune

A band of cats that live in the alley way behind the Heartfelt Bakery. They are all in service to Zavie Bryce, be it through love and adoration or through the want of treats and warm beds. They all have different personalities, and come in varying shapes, sizes, and breeds. However, all of them share a similar interest and drive to serve Zavie as best they can. Be it a rough road or a smooth one. Zavie has given each of the cats a specific name, and remembers them all with the use of a cat notebook.



A college student and maid who works at Maid in Heaven full time. She's bright, cheerful, and energetic and has a tendency to make people feel comfortable and happy around her. She's, more or less, Zavie's contact at Maid in Heaven if he ever wishes to work there as a 'kitty cat butler' again. He finds her a good instructor and would love to learn more hosting skills from her in the future.



A weird girl that Zavie met at Maid in Heaven. He was forced, by her specifically, to perform in a small concert with her to entertain the guests. Apparently he was mistaken for someone else, maybe, but who really knows? The boy found his time with her enjoyable, at the least, and it's because of her he has a little bit more interest in idols.


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PostSubject: Re: Zavie Bryce's Social Links   Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:29 am

Social Link Information

Social Links Formed

Raia Jehuty :: Emperor :: A Morning of Fish

Callie Ukai :: Aeon :: An Afternoon Snack Session

Gabe Gatsby :: Magician :: Heartfelt Bakery

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson :: Death :: Times of Peace

Brittany Wilson :: Sun :: Forbidden Pleasure

Serial #8D Grins :: Hermit :: Hopefully Home

Takeru Kagemaru :: Hierophant :: Beautiful Beginnings

Noah Sapphire Joyd :: Chariot :: Granted Guess

Bruno St. Peter :: Lovers :: Jinxed Meeting

Frogerio Zander :: Jester :: Peaceful Beginnings

Gray :: Devil :: Sunset Lake

Batilde Gagnon :: Emperor :: Sakura Sweets

Tatum Waldie :: Star :: Baked goods!

Mr_Dragon (AKA Liam O'Neill) :: Temperance :: Mystic Message

Void :: Moon :: The Forests Melody

Selenus :: Moon :: Lazy Cat Nap

Zayasu Ritsuko :: Hermit :: Lukewarm Happenings?

Aleksandra :: Strength :: Lost and found.

Social Link Rank Ups

Callie Ukai :: Aeon 2 :: Forgetful Fauna

Takeru Kagemaru :: Hierophant 2 :: Enigmatic Energy

Gabe Gatsby :: Magician 2 :: Cookie Confession

Raia Jehuty :: Emperor 2 :: Sunset Lake

Serial #8D Grins :: Hermit 2 :: Hang Over

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson :: Death 2 :: Horseback Adventures

Callie Ukai :: Aeon 3 :: Hang Over

Gabe Gatsby :: Magician 3 :: An Apology

Serial #8D Grins :: Hermit 3 :: Fun fun fun in the lack of sun!

Callie Ukai :: Aeon 4 :: Fun fun fun in the lack of sun!

Callie Ukai :: Aeon 5 :: Lost and found.


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PostSubject: Re: Zavie Bryce's Social Links   Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:36 pm

Social Qualities


Rank One - 3 Points - Plain


Rank One - 3 Points - Basic


Rank One - 0 Points - Slacker


Rank One - 0 Points - Timid


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PostSubject: Re: Zavie Bryce's Social Links   Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:08 pm

Expression Threads:

Understanding Threads:

Horseback Adventures :: Understanding Points 3

Intelligence Threads:


Courage Threads:



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PostSubject: Re: Zavie Bryce's Social Links   

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Zavie Bryce's Social Links
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