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 Glamour And Pettiness [Work-Afternoon]

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PostSubject: Glamour And Pettiness [Work-Afternoon]   Thu May 19, 2016 8:28 pm

Working as a model wasn't as easy as most people seemed to think . From a certain point of view, that of a person  who has never done anything remotely to Athena's job, it would appear like a simple task. A woman or man had to look pretty as a photographer took their picture. It didn't sound like rocket science and the only job a model had to do was take care of themselves, even that could be questioned since it wasn't hard to edit a photograph. However, Athena knew that these people were as ignorant as it could get. Just for today's photography Athena had to come to the location six hours prior in order to get her hair and make up done, to make things worse she had to make sure that she ate as little as possible resulting in her only having a carrot along with a lot of water for today's meal. Thankfully her friend, Jin, promised to treat her a nice chicken fillet once this was done. The very thought made Athena chuckle, he probably planned to ask her a favor, maybe she wanted to cover him in order to skip practice.

Today's photography session would take place in a church. Athena was going to wear a wedding dress and pretend the blushing bride for her partner. The model chosen to pose as the groom was a rather popular upcoming idol. The model used the name Jan Gift as his idol name but Athena recalled reading that his real last name was different, in fact the reason he had changed it was because it was too hard to pronounce and his manager believed that it would hurt his popularity. She wanted to gather more information about him and she could probably persuade the make up artist's assistance for some gossip while he was working on her eyelashes but with the three stylists arguing over her head about which hairstyle would suite her better made it hard to hear her own thoughts. All three of them were well known and thus she couldn't ask them to be quiet, young models who were rude to their co-workers often found themselves kicked out of the show business. All Athena could do was stare at her reflection and follow the instructions of the make up artists as her assistant applied eyeliner to her.

Athena wasn't sure how much time passed before the stylists started working on her hair but at least they worked much faster than the make up artist, it was as if they were trained to work together like that, of course she shouldn't expect anything less from professionals they have worked at the largest runaways of Endymion, a single hairstyle shouldn't be too hard for them. Even though the result of their worked appear simple an experienced person could see that behind the simplicity of it's design a great many hours of work were hidden. Athena herself never knew that her hair could look so elegant and massive at the same time.

"It's marvelous" She said as she admired herself at the mirror. "I have no words to describe it, it's like I'm looking at a piece of art, so beautiful." Of course it was simple a hairstyle but a few extravagant comment and a little flattery could help her establish a friendship with those stylists and though them improve her career. "I still think it's too caz for a wedding" The younger of the stylists replied, Athena had read about her in a magazine, she was an eccentric person, like most of the people in show business, who fancied herself a genius in her art though from Athena's point of view she seemed mediocre at best, still she had a lot of connections and thus getting on her good side was important. "I see. Still you have to admit it fits the plot we were given better. They wanted to bride to look pure and innocent, no?" The lips of the extravagant stylist tighten as she heard Athena's comment, she couldn't argue with that, but apparently she wasn't very pleased, at least she wasn't angry either. The other two stylists seemed delighted with her comment. "Ah, such a disciplined girl! I wish more models were like you." The male stylist replied as he finished with the last details of her hairdo. "Most of the professional idols don't even bother reading the script, you should keep up the hard work." Athena did nothing but reply with a kind, though fake, smile to the old man.

They have just finished when Athena noticed a man walking inside the room through the mirror. She recognized him on the spot, Jan Gift. As expected he was very attractive, tall with bright blond hair and fox-like features, he was the type of guy every high school girl wanted as boyfriend. Still Athena wasn't some lightheaded girl who could be swooped from the ground because she was going to have a hot co-worker, no model could afford to be like that. She turned her chair to face him and smiled.

"Good afternoon everyone! Sorry I'm late, the traffic got us off guard."

Jan said in a not even remotely apologetic manner. It was clear for Athena, and probably for everyone else, in the room that the model was lying, still his fame and connections protected him from any real scolding. Athena knew that if she had tried to pull something similar her entire career would suffer from it. A friendship of such a popular model would benefit her greatly.

"There is no need to apologize. We just finished with my hair, your delay gave us the luxury of paying attention to the details we might have skipped." She said as another fake smile bloomed on her lips. 'I'm Athena Griva and we'll be working together for today's photography. Please treat me well." Athena's display of cheerfulness seemed to please Jan who scratched the back of his head as he grinned, apparently he liked to think he was important enough to have others wait for him. "You don't have to be so formal you know. I'm Jan and it's good to meet you." The model replied as he sat on the seat next to him, he placed his feet on the desk but not before he took a good look at himself in the mirror. Such a vain and obnoxious person, he truly deserved to be punched in the face. She wasn't the only one who was thinking like that but everyone refrained from commenting, only the make up artist pretending to cough in order to express her disapproval as her assistant approached Jan timidly.

"So you're new in this modeling business?" He asked as he picked a magazine from the vanity he was staring at. "I know all the important models and since I have never met you it means that you're new." Jan was clearly challenging her, his manager must have spoken about her after all, and thus he knew that this wasn't her debut, the message was clear "You're not important enough to be with me". Still she decided to play nice, people like him weren't above her manipulation techniques. "I had a few minor deals but I still consider myself an amateur. Being partnered with an accomplished idol like yourself is bound to give my fame the boost it needs." Despite feeling nothing but disdain for the man Athena was able to deliver the praising lines effortlessly, Jan in return seemed a bit shocked by her sweetness. " see. You don't have to worry about your popularity any longer, any girls that are seen with me become the talk of the week in every magazine. Be prepared to make rivals though, my fanclub can be ruthless." He finally said as he winked at Athena.

Thankfully the stylist asked Athena to get dressed, she was glad she didn't have to talk any more with Jan. She only had to pique his interest for the moment. A soft flirt with a model like him would place her name in various magazines. She put those thoughts aside for that moment as she carefully undressed so she wouldn't ruin her hair and make up while an assistant helped her put on the wedding dress. 'It's a beautiful dress, don't you agree?" She asked the assistant. "I guess." She replied. "I'm not a fan of this wedding crap... no offense.". Of course she wasn't. Athena had figured that out just by looking at the assistant's tomboyish appearance, she must be feeling so different and unique by not being like "the other girls". "Even so the fabric is of the finest quality. If I could wear something half as good as it at my own wedding I would be more that thrilled." The assistant didn't reply, she just nodded and continue working on the lashes of the dress. After a few minutes Athena was ready.

"So, what do you think? Do I look like a young and innocent bride ready to wed the love of her life?"

Athena asked Jan as he unveiled her after the director suggested it. They have already taken several solo photos of her and Jan but this was the first in which they where together. Despite his annoying demeanor he knew how to control his body and facial expression, Athena realized that he must have been a very good actor. "Not bad...not bad at all. You have potential." He replied as he grabbed her from her waist and brought her closer to him, after the director's order of course. Being this close Athena took a better look at the man's face, the make up team had done a great job to cover any flaws from his face while at the same time perverse his natural good looks, she also noticed that even though his blond hair were in fact dyed since most the base of his head was much darker, nothing the photoshop team couldn't fix.

"Enough with the interior photos let's head to the courtyard for the rest have the team set up. The rest of you may have a five minutes break." The director barked and shortly all of the assistants began packing the interior equipment while another time began setting a new one outside. They worked quickly and sufficiently like a group of ants carrying supplies to their nest. The make up artist and her assistant rushed to reapply the make up on Athena and Jan, even though it didn't seem to have faded at all she wanted to be sure her work was absolute perfection. "Is it your first time doing a wedding themed photoshoot?" Athena asked "You seem a little on edge." She had notice him flinch from time to time when he thought nobody was looking. "I can't imagine a person of your experience being nervous." Jan seemed a bit embarrassed that his underclassman noticed his weakness, still Athena couldn't exactly pinpoint the reason Jan was uncomfortable. "Nothing I can't handle, you don't need to concern your pretty little your head with these kind of problems." the male model replied with a fake smile, Athena simply nodded to him although she was imagining her smacking his pretty face with a chair.

The next take took place outside the church. Athena changed in a more elaborate gown, though to her it looked like the one she was previously wearing only with A LOT more frills, she felt more like wedding decoration than an actual bride. Jan on the other hand was given a simple black vest and a new tie, still he somehow managed to look refined. The photographer gave them a few final directions and the shooting began. She found herself on Jan arms as he lifted her with ease while he was making his trademark grin, she giggled and wrapped her own hands around his neck bringing her head closer to his. He smelled nice despite all the heat, he probably have refreshed his cologne ,like she did with her perfume, but the mix of his sweat and the aroma created a very sensual odor.

"Marvelous, absolutely breathtaking! Even though Athena could't see the director she could understand from the tone of his voice that he was meaning every world he said. "Make sure to focus on their expressions without failing to reveal the pieces."

Athena realized that the male model was much more relaxed since the moment they've walked outside, perhaps he needed clean air or dislike churches, either way she was going to be able to finish the assignment without any incidents.

After a couple of hours she found herself undressing from the last gown she had to wear. The only thing that kept her from collapsing was the thought of a juicy chicken soon to be devoured. "Are there any pictures available? I need some for my portfolio." The assistant, who was helping her undress nodded and opened her bag. "Pardon me miss. I completely forgot. Mr. Jan asked me to give this one to you. Normally models have to wait a day or two but he's special." She said before she handed a picture to Athena.

"Such a lovely photo... I should thank Jan for this gift." Athena replied as she put on her regular clothes but before she left the room the assistant stopped her.

"I'm afraid that's not possible. He left along with his manager awhile ago." Athena didn't bother to hide her surprise. What was the point of giving her the picture if he didn't want to talk to her, Jan Gift was certainly a very peculiar man. She was sure they were going to meet again. "I guess it can't be helped then. I'll be leaving too, thank you very much for your hard work." She finally replied after a small pause, the assistant bowed in return. This wasn't the first time Athena had modeled but it felt as if her career had just began, the only thing she had to do was to ensure Jan's friendship, an idol of his fame would prove useful.

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Glamour And Pettiness [Work-Afternoon]
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