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 An afternoon concert (afternoon work thread)

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PostSubject: An afternoon concert (afternoon work thread)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:47 pm

Got permission to do my afternoon thread by Godai

It had been a decent day today, nothing to major really happened, though their shop opened to the general public earlier that day and the sales had been rather good.

but now they were at the afternoon concert and Alister was ready to put on an interesting show, a smile on his face as he felt the others were ready as well, "Well then I guess it's almost time to get on stage, any last things we need to take care of?" he asked his sisters in the mental construct as he finished doing a few last checks in the real world.

Myrna smiled and nodded a bit, "I am ready to head out and do the show, I have the songs listed in order to help you out, just in case" she said with a smile.

"I am working on the next one like I said I would, after all the next one is one that...I think we all want to make sure goes well considering..." she said as she looked to all of them including Yuuko and Lilith, even Trinity in the center of the room nodded to her when Nola looked at her. "and some special costumes will have to be made for it for a few songs, but I think we can manage it" she said with a smile.

"Well then at least we have that all taken care of I'll leave it to you Nola. Now I have to go get the show started" she said with a smile as he walked up the stairs and onto the stage, the crowd going crazy as she took up the position on the stage meant for him.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE ARE YOU READY!!!" he called out with a large smile on his face, he felt rather pumped up for the moment as a lot of things where falling into place, though one thing did weigh on his mind, and that was his sisters, then again they always weighed on his mind, he didn't want to lose them obviously, but now he had even more of them and he was worried he would accidentally ignore one.

BUT he had more sisters and that made him even happier as the music started to play and he began the concert. his first song was one that he wanted to do once more with just his sisters and so he smiled as the song started and the crowd went crazy, it was one they had done before but with a special guest last time, now it was going to be just them.

The song started and this time they added in Lilith's and Yuuko's voices to the song as backup singers, and the crowd noticed immediately, the new voices where far different and added more to the chorus of the three triplets, a few looking confused but most looking surprised and cheering like crazy at the new yet still familiar sound.

As the song came to an end Alister smiled taking a step forward, this concert was all about him, he already talked it over with his siblings, he wanted to get a bit more stage time this time around, a large switch from how he usually did things, but none of them seemed to mind, and so he started in on his second song leading strait from the first.

His fingers flew along the keytaur as he worked it, the song coming out as his smile grew, and an Idea came into his mind, why couldn't they add Lilith and Yuuko to the group? people seemed to like their voices...though they would have to bill them as different people...and working with their parents would be hard to do but then again they were used to them already so bringing up Yuuko and Lilith probably wouldn't be a problem.

This thought only made his smile grow larger, as he continued to play, slowing the music down a bit as she moved into his next song, a slow love song, something he found himself enjoying making more and more.

As he played several girls in the front row where blushing and reaching for him whenever he looked to them, that small smile as he gazed to them then to the rest of the crowd. Sure it was a slower song but he loved the sound of it, Myrna slipping in near the mid point to act as counter point to the song. The two of them playing off each other quite well. Though it seemed to make several of the girls in the front row get jealous.

Finally the concert came to an end and he bowed as the lights came up and he headed for the backstage to change, a blush on his face a bit from the last song but he continued on to change and then to the meeting area for the fans with backstage passes.

The first in line was a rather tall girl but she was dressed plainly, which was nice to see, often girls would dress themselves up to a near overdone degree and it was nice to see a girl who was a bit more grounded, though just as he was thinking that the girl took off her long coat and was standing there in a full Komono not unlike one Myrna would wear.

"hellow..c...could you sign these..." she asked with a deep blush as she held out a CD and one of the posters leaning over a bit to hand them to him but also blushing even more as it was a low hanging komono.

"oh...sure" he said blushing a bit, but not from the out fit, well okay because of the outfit but not for the reason the girl probably though he was "wow...she looks like an older version of Myrna...." was all he thought as he signed the things and she bowed a bit before leaving.

The next girl Leaned in REALLY close and whispered to him as she handed him the poster to sign "So how long have you and Myrna been a couple?" a devalish smile was on her face.

In their mental construct Myrna was now blushing so hard she was hiding her face with her Komono sleeves and muttering things.

Meanwhile Nola had her hand in her palm "I told you guys doing those songs together all the time was making weird rumors..."

Yuuko meanwhile was laughing like a maniac and Lilith was busy brushing the hair of her chibi Tatsui plushy.

Out in the real world Alister was blushing deeply and stammered out "W..w.ww.w.what are you talking about!?" she quickly signed the poster and handed it to her "Go...just go..." he said to the girl a deep blush on his face as he couldn't believe he got a question like that, the girl though seemed to give him a knowing smile and a wink before running off.

Thankfully the rest of the line wasn't nearly as provocative or eventful and Alister finished up, though he was still embarrassed at the thought that there was a rumor like that goring around about him and his own sister. "god damn we have to figure out what to do about this...." he muttered as he got in the car to head home.
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PostSubject: Re: An afternoon concert (afternoon work thread)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:04 pm

3000 VC for the Thread.
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An afternoon concert (afternoon work thread)
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