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 Late For Work :: Afternoon Work Thread (Ongoing)

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PostSubject: Late For Work :: Afternoon Work Thread (Ongoing)   Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:03 pm

"Oh! Oh! Look at that one! That one looks like a rocket ship! And that one like a fluffy sheep!"

"Are you sure they don't all look like fluffy sheep? Nehehe."

"Yeah, but this one looks even extra fluffy! Just look at it!"

It was always fun to do silly things like this, it was fun even back when there was no one to do it with! But now that Terra always comes, she could lie here in the grass all day just staring up at the clouds, calling out any silly shape the clouds seemed to swivel into. She found it fascinating how the fluffy white clouds could all link together and change shape to form so many different shapes. Today alone she had seen the clouds form into a tree, a little house, a pair of socks, an apple, multiple different sheep that Terra kept pointing out, a light bulb and even a mop! There was probably a few others she had seen today too, but there had been so many that she could hardly remember even those ones! It had been such a sunny day and the weather was just perfect for cloud watching. There wasn't too many or too few clouds to get mix them all together too much or simply have nothing to look at. Even the wind was helping, it was blowing just enough to keep the clouds twisting and changing so that new shapes appeared all the time! Oh it was such a perfect day to have fun like this!

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Terra look! Look at that cloud just there! Oh its absolutely perfect! Come on you gotta tell me you can see that one, right? It looks just perfect! Look, that one right there!" The young girl would say with excitement, turning the little demon foxes head with her hand to face the collection of clouds in question. "Do you see it? Come on you gotta be able to see it right? It's got a big fluffy cloud in the middle for a body, those little swirly clouds coming off the bottom and back that look like legs and a tail. It even has its own separate smaller cloud to have as a head! It has little bobbles on the top and side and everything for the ears and snout! Come on, you gotta see it right? It's snout looks almost identical to yours! Hehe." The formation of the clouds looks almost too amazing to be real, they really did look as if they were but a white fluffy fox floating up high in the sky. Out of all the clouds the girl had ever seen whilst doing this, this... This was the cloud to beat them all!

The turned around demon fox would try to focus his eyes on the cloud that his head had been so suddenly turned to face, he had to admit, the girl was right in saying it did look exactly like what it was meant to look like. But then again all clouds were meant to look like that! "Yup, yup. Okay, I'll give you that one Cals. That is by far the best one out of all of them. Like I thought all those sheep I kept seeing before were impressive... But this, this sheep looks top notch! Nehehe." Terra would fall backwards chuckling to himself, he found it so amusing how easily impressed Callie was at such simple things in life. It was a cute trait that he admired of her, although he still couldn't tell what she meant for the cloud to actually look like. It definitely was just a big ol' sheep floating up there again... He half wondered how all them sheep got up so high. "Neheh, you have such an active imagination Cals, I bet you could try and see anything in the sky and spot it in a heartbeat. It wouldn't matter if it was there or not! You'd just pick out the first thing you see and be convinced you were right!" The demon fox would chuckle again, staring back up to the sky and gazing across the clouds until his eyes landed on one in particular. "Here, that one! I betcha can make something up for that plain old cloud on its own just there!"

Callie would looked up at the cloud in question puzzled for a moment, hmm... What did it look like? She had never tried to make a specific cloud look like something before. Usually she just scanned her vision across the sky until something just jumped out at her, yet trying to make one out of a single cloud was way more difficult it seemed! "Uhh... Hmm, this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be!" The girl would say honestly, causing Terra to fall over laughing. Although, the more she looked at the plain old cloud, the more it seemed to take shape... It almost looked like it was making a circle? With... Maybe a needle is that in front of it? That was strange... It almost looked like... "Oh! A clock! A clock! That cloud looks like a clock now!" She'd say with a beaming smile that quickly turned into a distressed one as she realized something. "A clock...? W-wait what's the time?" After taking a moment to try and figure out the time by looking at the suns position in the sky, the young vixen would hurriedly get to her feet and start running off after picking up Terra. "We're late for work! I forgot we had to work again this afternoon! Awww, we were having such fun too! I hope Kay doesn't get too mad at us!"

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Posts : 1291
Join date : 2015-04-26
Age : 19
Location : About a couple inches from my PC

PostSubject: Re: Late For Work :: Afternoon Work Thread (Ongoing)   Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:34 pm

Dashing through the field, the young vixen would wave behind her favourite cloud watching spot, ensuring she didn't trip over any lose rocks or sudden holes that may be littered across the grassy meadow. Reaching the gate out of the field without issue, the girl would quickly scramble over, not having an actual way to open the locked gate. Honestly she wasn't entirely sure if she was allowed to go in there, but she had never been complained at before so she assumed it was okay! At least it was okay for now, they weren't even using this field to grow any crops... Unless grass is a crop? No, that didn't make sense... You can find grass anywhere! Why would you need a specific place to grow it. What would you even use grass for... You can't eat it, it doesn't taste very nice. Callie learned that one the hard way once many years ago when she was still living alone. She was suuupppeerrr hungry and had no way of getting food so she decided it had to be better than nothing, right? At least give it a try or something. Although she did end up regretting it deeply.

Shaking her head, the girl would try to get back on track of what she was actually meant to be doing. And that was getting back home as quickly as possible! Which left her with a decision, which way would she go back home? She knew like three different ways back from here but she had never really timed which one was the fasted! She could count out the scenic route cause that was definitely the longest that she only took when she had nothing better to do and no real rush to get back home. Yet the other two were much closer and she wasn't at all sure which one would be faster. Well, one path was just to follow the roads back home, it wasn't too far from here. Only three or four blocks down? Or she could take the paths through the ally ways! Now as much as that would most definitely cut off some time at parts, she was sure the alleys didn't go exactly the way she needed to go so she'd lose time elsewhere. Hmmm, it was so tricky to decide!

Although it seemed as if she didn't really have to, whilst her brain was tangling over the decision multiple times trying to figure out the ins and outs of each different step in the way home, deciphering with very inaccurate detail how each path would fair in getting her home quickly. Callie had failed to notice that she had carried on running straight forward down the path along the road. Huh... Well, guess that decides that then! Down the blocks we go! "Don't worry Terra! We'll be home before ya know it! We'll get back and get everything we need to do in record time! That way Kay can't be mad at us for being a little late! I'm sure nothing too bad has happened whilst we've been away, she'll understand that we were just out having fun!" The vixen would say cheerily, looking up at the sky again, this time looking for the sun and not the clouds. Now she looked, she couldn't believe how late into the day it was... Were they really out for that long? They couldn't be that late were they... Oh this could end bad if she didn't hurry!

Terra, who had been too disorientated from the sudden get up and go that had occurred to speak before, would had quickly returned to his concealed state as the girl ran through the streets. Honestly, she really had to learn how to be more careful sometimes... As much as he himself wasn't that much into the whole being careful thing, she could at least give him a fair warning to hide before darting off like that! "Don't we always try to get everything done in record time though?" He'd finally ask once his senses came back to him. "I mean that way, once we're done we always get off work early to have fun! Nehehe!" He'd chuckle to himself from within the girls mind for a moment before registering what she had said last. "Hey, hey, hey! Don't drag me into this! It's your work young lady, it's not my fault if you were late ya know! We may be good friends Cals but I don't see how me taking the fall with you is going to benefit anyone!"

Callie would laugh as she rounded the last corner and onto the street that their bar was located. "But that's what friends do! If we both take the punishment it'll be way less than if only one person did!" She'd smile brightly as an idea popped into her head. "Unless you're offering to take the full responsibility for me! Oh that would be great! She can't punish you nearly as badly as she can punish me, cause ya know, you can hide and stuff! Plus you always gotta be with me anyway so we can just sneak out later! Oh this is just the best idea you've ever come up with!" The girl would finally reach the front door of the bar and open it to step inside before giving the now awfully confused demon fox a chance to respond to this 'idea' that apparently he had came up with. As ready as the girl was to get straight to work once inside, she'd look around in confusion... T-there was no one here? W-was she really that late...? Uh oh... Uhh, well things still looked like they needed to be cleaned up so maybe if she just made everything look nice again before Kay showed up everything would be fine!

As quickly as the young vixen could, she would dash and dart between each table and floor stain. Cleaning everything to a perfect shine in a heartbeat, ensuring she left no dirty mark untouched. She'd repeat this process over and over again between each of the many tables the bar had to offer before finally getting to the bar itself and cleaning that up as well. It was strange, there was hardly any actual big stains today. Usually there would be stains littered everywhere around this place, no matter how busy or quite the day had been! Someone always seems to manage to spill their drink or drop crumbs from their food all over the place. With her final goal in mind, the girl went to check how many mugs there was in need of cleaning. Yet to her surprise, once she entered the kitchen... There was none? H-had Kay done it all herself already? Awww, now that made Callie feel even worse! Suddenly the girls ear would perk up from under her hood, she could hear footsteps coming towards her from where their rooms were. Oh no! That would probably be her now! Y-yet there was no time to hide!

"Huh? Callie what are you doing back so soon?" Kay's confused and rather calm voice asked much to the young girls surprise. "J did tell you that we were closing for today didn't he? He has some important work to do and can't have any noise what so ever to disturb him so he said we had to close. Despite the fact he's just wasting our money and now making us lose even more." The women would sigh, that man was a real piece of work to deal with sometimes. "Here, take this and go have fun for the day. I might as well let you enjoy yourself before he inevitably has to 'borrow' it again." She'd sigh again and hand the girl a small floral patterned purse filled with some money. It was the least she could do for the girl considering she had ended up working so hard when she didn't have to.

"T-thank you, Kay..." Callie would say, blushing brightly as she was handed the purse. She felt so silly for not knowing that the bar had been closed today. Yet it wasn't her fault! J never told her anything important like that! He always forgot... He'd probably forget to eat or drink if he wasn't brought food down to his lab! "C-can I go back out then?" The girl would ask sheepishly, receiving a nod in reply from Kay. If J didn't want to have that much noise in the bar today, it would probably be for the best if Callie didn't stick around for too long. Besides! Now that she had the rest of the day free, she could do whatever she liked! She even had a bit of pocket money too! The world was her playground, and she'd most likely be found ten minutes later lying back down in an open field, calling out the shapes she saw float by in the sky.

'Work' Thread Complete~
Pocket Money Obtained~

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Late For Work :: Afternoon Work Thread (Ongoing)
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