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 The Fight For Food! (Lunairllie's Work Thread)

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PostSubject: The Fight For Food! (Lunairllie's Work Thread)   Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:18 pm

Within a small white walled, red roofed stray cabin, lost in the over grown foliage of a stray forest that rested upon a far out stray island of the aquatic bio dome. What seemed like such a lovely, peaceful and out of the way location. Was momentarily filled with shouts, cheers and screams of determination as two friends were battling out for their lives. For the fate of the universe! For all things big and small. To truly find out, which one of them had to go on the thrilling quest to catch dinner tonight.

"Ha! You barely stand a chance against my ultimate fighting moves! Bow down and witness the combo's of a true professional fighter!" The purplish scaled shark like creature would cheer out with a smug grin as he continues to slam down buttons on his controller, causing his in game fighter to perform one of their special attacks almost annihilating half of Luna's character health with the single blow.

"Whatz!? Luna would cry back, completely baffled by what had just happened. "Iz never seen that beforez!" She'd continue just as confused, spamming the block buttons as much as her claws would allow her until she managed to stop her friends onslaught of attacks and react with a counter attack. She could of sworn he'd been practicing, there was no way he was this good just a week ago! "Light attackz! Light attackz! Light attackz! Medium, down, right, strong attackz!" The dragon would commentate over her every button press as she in turn used one of the combo's she knew in an attempt to even out their two characters health bars. Though she was still slightly behind on health still, and Zako had his ultimate attack ready for use. "No! No! Nooo!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" The shark would chant back in response, literally jumping up onto his feet as he kept manically mashing buttons. Luna soon following his lead and standing up too. The pair would practically lock shoulders, pushing against one another as their battle raged on, both attempting to shove the other every so often to distract them from the game yet neither had any spare concentration left to even moan at the other for doing so. CRASH. BAM. NAP. POW. GAM. BOOM! With a carefully executed combination of buttons, inputted just fast enough before he was hit out of it. Zako would throw his hands into the air with an over exaggerated cheer as Luna's character went crashing to the ground. "Wooooo~! Ha ha! I did it~! I beat you Luna~! Now it's your turn to go out and catch us some food!" His tone was clearly that of mockery, though it was fairly justified as for as long as he could remember he hadn't managed to defeat the Great Dragon at that particular game for months at this point.

Meanwhile, during his celebration. Lunairllie would just be holding her controller out in front of her in the same position she was holding it whilst playing, just staring at the screen and the fact it was saying 'player two wins'. She'd scrunch up her face annoyed for a moment, dropping her controller on the ground and turning around in a huff. "Finez." She'd say eventually, sighing deeply. It was really not in her nature to enjoy losing, but a bet was a bet so she'd stay honourable to it. "I'll be backz in a bit!" She'd call out, quickly dashing out of the house before Zako got more of a chance to gloat about winning. Seriously! When did he learn to be that good at that game... That was always the sure fire game to pick when she didn't want to do the chores for the day... Bwpha.

Diving into the ocean, the light red sea dragon would quickly swim her way down to the bottom of the depths where she knew it was easier to find a plentiful amount of fish. She'd spot one school, then another, though they were both just bland common fish. Wasn't like they weren't tastey too, but she was in the mood for something a little more special if she was having to be the one collecting the stuff! Though as she kept swimming about, something noteworthy did catch her eye. A bright glint would shimmer in the corner of the girls eye, causing her to turn and stare at a rather large, round and white object. Ohhh! She'd seen one of these before! It was a pearl. Though if she recalled correctly, something bad happened the last time she tried to reach out and grab a pearl. It was quite a while ago so she wasn't entire sure what, though she could distinctively remember a SNAP sound.

Shrugging, Luna would decide to pick up a nearby rock that was lying on the seabed and throw it at the pearl with all her might. Granted this only made it go a couple feet, but that was far enough from where she was standing and throwing underwater is hard! The rock would bounce and scuttle along the surface the pearl was resting on before the massive great clam suddenly snapped shut and the pearl was lost from sight. Yes! That was what happened last time! Hmm... After a moment of consideration, Luna would pile a few heavy rocks on top of the clam in an attempt to make it not be able to reopen itself in case anyone else strolled by and wanted to take it for themselves. Satisfied with her work, she'd turn and swim off further into the coral reefs in search for some tasty grub.

It didn't take her long before she had a few silver-mained rickle fish pierced onto the end of her tail for safe keeping. Perfect, that should be more than plenty for tonight and this way her hands were still free! Shoving the rocks back off the clam, Luna learned from last time that trying to open a clam underwater was next to impossible, so she'd heft up the whole thing onto her back before swimming back up to shore. Shoving it onto the sandy beaches near her friends home, the great dragon would rip the clam open, snapping it back so far that it fell into two pieces. "Oopz." She'd mumble to herself, not entirely meaning to go that aggressive with it. But oh well! Same result, she'd gotten dinner and a nice shiny prize! She could probably buy a heap of new games by selling this thing to the puny mortals!

~Work Thread Complete~

Total Word Count: 1,091
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PostSubject: Re: The Fight For Food! (Lunairllie's Work Thread)   Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:24 am

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The Fight For Food! (Lunairllie's Work Thread)
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