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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 (Forgotten-New Plot Character) Naoki Yoshiki -WIP-

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PostSubject: (Forgotten-New Plot Character) Naoki Yoshiki -WIP-   Thu Aug 20, 2015 1:59 am

Naoki Yoshiki
"Hm? So this is like a game? All I have to do is slaughter everything that threatens me and my friends? Okie dokie, You can't spell slaughter without Laughter. hehe~"


Birth Name: Naoki Yoshiki
Aliases: Yosh, Yoshi, Subject #117
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: 6/6
Arcana: Devil
Place of Residence: N/A
School Year:

After School Club: (Are you a part of a club? If so, put it here. It needs to be a club listed on the guide here. This is optional.)

Part Time Job: (Do you have a job? If so, put it here. It can be completely custom or you can work in one of the various locations put on the board. This is optional.)

Yoshi Appearance:

Personality: Although seeming like a loner, and naturally never having friends, Yoshi doesn't seem like much of a talker. Often mistaken as a mute. But once Yoshi finds that your 'cool' enough he allows you to be his friend, with the amounts of retro to modern games as well as comic and movies. He has a list of corny humor he finds to be funny, and pop culture references. On the outside he is a cold shell of a male, but inside he is a kind hearted nerd. Though a loner, he still learned much from researching, to expanding his limited thinking. Having his childhood taken away, for his age he might look crazy to some, but he would disagree with anyone, mostly joking around and helping himself.

The Potential


—Strength Name: Leveled  Headed
—Description: Yoshi has managed to abandon any feeling towards someone or something happening, its very hard to break him. And even if he is twisted in a way, he doesn't do sloppy.

—Strength Name: Merciless/Ruthless
—Description: Developed after escaping or more like walked out the secret labs of the Yachiru Group, He lost his empathy and gained apathy and became very apathetic. Making choosing fairly easy, if it benefits him, and wouldn't care about the negative side to things.

—Strength Name: Twisted Fun
—Description: Still unclear on what physically and mentally the  Yachiru Group did to him during the experiments, But as a result his view on things that would creep or scare someone is changed to a fun activity that he's unflinching about, and takes it head on and get his hands dirty. (5% reduction to mental ailment chances on him)

—Strength Name: N/A


—Weakness Name: Childish
—Description: The root of most of Yoshi's weaknesses is the simple fact that even though he is fearless, brazen, ruthless,  crazy. He still wants the childhood that was stripped away, and because of that he finds any reason to not act his age. Leaving him to be native at times and often causing trouble to people.

—Weakness Name: Bossy/Disobedient
—Description: Yoshi has a hard time, taking orders after his childhood, having followed every order in his childhood, resulted in Yoshi barely following or hard to convice in simple or dangerous situations. Always believing he is right and everyone else is dead wrong, taking action into his own hands.

—Weakness Name: Addicted Gamer
—Description: Often seen with a portable device, the only thing that stops him from playing or stopping for a minute are the people he cares about, and if a situation requires him to react.

—Weakness Name: !!SUGAR LOVER!!
—Description: Because of lack of anything good during his younger years, Yoshi would easily be distracted with sugar, or junk food. His Shadow Weapon might be at fault for creating the man child.

Shadow Weapon:

Shadow Weapon Name: Okami Amaterasu
Shadow Weapon Description: Yoshi's weapon can't really be summoned or unsummoned in the real world. As a result it keeps herself in the form of small palm sized pure white wolf pup with a puffed up tail and a small leaf at the end of it, She is normally  is found on his shoulder or inside his shirt. Okami is about 2 inches tall and weighs about 3-5 pounds, but barely looks that heavy.
Shadow Weapon Image:
Pup form:
Shadow Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Shadow Weapon Element: N/A

The Background

The Past

As a child Naoki Yoshiki was bred for perfection, His parents were two scientist for the Yachiru Group. He was a tube baby and each thing that made him, "Him" was chosen, His parents knew each trait, to the natural blood hair and red eyes. The reason was cause the people they would capture and experiment were either weak, and die after a few test, Some committed suicide from the shadows. So his parents were in charge of a project, a project that results in a selected few of the group to capture children and perform minor test, before performing soul bounding a shadow on them. His parents wanted to see if maybe a child with a kind and intelligent, Unflinching attitude would make it easy for the shadow to be bounded to something that wasn't much of a threat. They were 'Dead' wrong, and correct.

At age five was when his parents finally resumed in the project, agents have collected a about one hundred kids from all around the world. However his parents decided to not involve Yoshi in the project, Having loving the son that doesn't look like them. But kids grow fast, and Yoshi had the reading level of a highschooler by that time. Finding files and reading on what his parents did. He volunteered to be a test subject, having a cheerful smile when he confronted it. His parents had no other choice and treated him like a test subject and 'kidnapped him' He awoken to be in a cell, he was captured, with other scared children, either they were scared of the dark cell, or the boy that just awaken with blood hair and demon like eyes.

Out of the many kids, only a handful survived the minor testings. That included Yoshi, the minor testings ran for about another five years. Ten years, Ten terrible years Yoshi and the now teens faced. Some snapped growing crazy, and having to be put down, however there one happy guy, Yoshi wasn't him. Yoshi grew cowardly, and shy. To the point where he knew his parents saw him as a disappointment when he started to act scared.

Soon the big day happened, The major experiment of having a shadow be a part of him, And on that day while he was strapped down, only moments before they prepare their tools. Yoshi had a part of him, spring open. Fear itself left, and had a deadpan face when his parents came to see him his carefully chosen Shadow, whatever the shadow was, it managed to kill a few agents when being captured. A black beast, wolf like monster, Before it was applied to Yoshi. He learned by his shadow that he wasnt a monster that could be caged. He wasnt a dog and that they would need to see that he was a wolf. A lone wolf....

The Escape

-WIP- Have base story already.

The Present



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(Forgotten-New Plot Character) Naoki Yoshiki -WIP-
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