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 Natsumi Shinohara (Nyar child for next plot)

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PostSubject: Natsumi Shinohara (Nyar child for next plot)   Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:34 am

Natsumi Shinohara
The whole world is a stage...

The Biography

Birth Name: Natsumi Shinohara
Aliases: Li'l Sis (by Saito)
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birth Day: September 11
Arcana: Fool
Place of Residence: TBA
Class: Grade 7

After School Club: N/A

Part Time Job: N/A too young

Natsumi stands at 4'5. Like her brother(In base shadow form) he has silver hair,pale skin, but she has blue eyes. she likes to wear something white. If there is no white, she will wear something red. She likes to wear make-up everyday despite her young age.

Natsumi is a silent girl. She does not speak much unless she is on stage for acting and necessary situation where she needs to speak. Despite being silent, she has a big self-esteem and self-confidence and she can act very well. However on the other side, she can be very chaotic. She always wants to be the best and she will be angry to someone who is better than her. She will always show her best even if it means to hurt a person. An another fact, she is a sweet girl to everyone but not someone who is better than her and if you look stupid for her, she will treat you like trash.

The Potential


Strength Name: Great Actress
Description: Natsumi is really great at acting. She can use this to deceive enemies because her acting was so realistic that you won't even realize that it was just an act. So be careful.

Strength Name: Onii-chan is here!
Description: Natsumi really likes to be around with his big brother. He feels even more energized with him and it keeps him in a good mood. (5% attack when Saito is in the battle with him)

Strength Name: hey, i like you
Description:  Congratulations! Natsumi likes you! it means she wants to be your friend and maybe even bestfriends! So please be her friend (social link chance increases when triggered)

Strength Name: Physically weak
Description: Natsumi being a girl has no physical training even jogging. So getting hit physically is like a thousand bees stinging at her.


Weakness Name: Bitch MODE ON
Description: Even if you hear that she is sweet girl to everyone well that is eveybody except for you. This means she doesn't like you and she is disgusted. So stay away from her (social link decreases when triggered)

Weakness Name: Prideful
Description: Due to her great skills at acting, she can be very prideful about this. Even though you're great at it as well, she won't acknowledge it. She will do everything to prove that she's the best even if means to step on a person.

Weakness Name: i'm scared onii-chan T.T
Description: When faced in grave situations, Kaito is scared but he will be forced to fight back with or without Saito. (-5% attack when health is at 30% and Saito is not around)

Weakness Name: Crybaby
Description: When things go down and Natsumi can't take it anymore. She will just shut herself to other people and cry their until she moves on. With this weakness, you will have a difficulty interacting with her when this weakness is triggered.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Rose Sword
Weapon Description: a rose-themed sword. the hilt is 5 inches long while the blade is 1 meter long. The sword was very light for swift swinging and although the blade was made of leaf, it's very sharp that it can technically cause paper cuts or you must say 'leaf cut'.
Weapon Image:

Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element:

The Background


Natsumi Shinohara was the youngest child in the Shinohara family. Saito was his big brother and the Shinohara family would always take them to a park for the sake of family bonding. Although it was kinda cheap, the family became close with each other with this everyday park bonding. They were all happy until a fire incident happened on their home, Natsumi's parents have sacrificed their lives in order to save the lives of the two brothers. Ever since then, they suffered everything in the world that it succumbed to them.

The two siblings started in a new life in a cheap apartment. Natsumi was not raised well by his brother and the incident too that's why she has that kind of personality. All she wanted to do was to forget about her parents and the incident then move on to live a happy life but it seems Natsumi is failing to do this.


Minerva - Level 2:

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PostSubject: Re: Natsumi Shinohara (Nyar child for next plot)   Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:59 am

In advance, you can't have telekinesis as your soulbound. That would have to be a Human Skill. You need to give yourself an actual weapon.


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Natsumi Shinohara (Nyar child for next plot)
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