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 Harmony Accord [Junction PU]

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PostSubject: Harmony Accord [Junction PU]   Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:07 pm

Harmony Accord
”Kee hee! We are excited, excited! Let us fall into madness together!”

The Biography

Birth Name: Harmony Accord
Aliases: Innocent Monster
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 17
Birth Day: October 27th
Species/Race Name: Polyphon
Original Homeworld Name: Babel
Arcana: Moon
Place of Residence: The Slums
Evoker: Coffin
Academy Semester: N/A

Full Time Job: Magician

Harmony appears as an older teen with very pale skin, white hair, and violet eyes. His canine teeth are notably longer than the rest of his teeth, resulting in a very vampiric look to him. T type of clothes he wears have a very gothic and darker theme to them adding to his already creepy atmosphere. He also seems to always be carrying around with him a giant coffin for unknown reasons, apparently, he hides something important within it. He stands at 5’ 9’’ and weighs surprisingly little, only about 85 lbs.

In actuality, Harmony’s true body is that of fifty small, shadowy bats with piercing white eyes. Each bat is identical to the next with the only difference being a drastically different personality. Each bat stands at seven inches tall and weighs around 2 to 3 lbs.

A little batty.
Harmony’s personality is hard to understand, often laughing maniacally and spouting phrases that make little sense. It is clear that he is not sane in the slightest, but there is reason behind his actions. He thrives to see the value in a person’s heart, what that person thrives to live for. He believes everyone has a reason to want to live, and those who don’t simply have viewed such trauma that they have forgotten why it is they live. Harmony considers himself the latter, someone who has forgotten why it is he lives. So, in his madness, he earnestly studies others in hopes to find out what it is he lived for in the past.

The Potential


Strength Name: Sadism
Description: Harmony enjoys inflicting pain on others, especially mindless creatures. His dex attacks deal 5% more damage than normal.

Strength Name: Dark Incantation
Description: Harmony’s people were very fond of the dark arts, and as such he became a willing pupil under twisted minds. His Dark based spells deal 5% more damage.

Strength Name: Composed Insanity
Description: Harmony may be insane, but in that insanity comes a lack of emotion towards things of the night. They simply seem more normal. The Fear ailment is 10% less effective on him.

Strength Name: Bloody Devil
Description: Harmony might need blood to survive and the sight of it might plunge him further into insanity, but that means nothing when in the face of drinking it. Blood is euphoric, and it does wonders for his health. Any health achieved through means outside of a Regen or Dia skills will have a 5% increase to them.

Strength Name: Human Observation
Description: Harmony observes the people around him, viewing what it is that makes them ‘human’. Because of this analytical behavior, he is quite efficient at understanding people even if he seems absolutely without reason. This observation also gives him a 5% increase damage rate to his critical attacks.


Racial Strength Name: Transmorphology
Description: A Polyphon is made up of fifty small, shadowy bats. They come together to form a shadowy cage that forms the body of a humanoid person. While in this form, they act as a single conscious mind, being capable of complicated thought and emotion. When separated each bat has a strong personality trait that makes up the combined conscious, one being very angry, another very sad. Regardless of this, they are capable of switching form at will and this allows them advanced movement whilst as a swarm of bats. However, when split, they are incapable of summoning anything from the ego such as a persona, soul bound weapon, or utilizing soul skills.
Should a single bat die, the entire conscious breaks and falls into disarray. Essentially, a single bat’s death can cause the entire mind to die as well. The remaining bats can still form he shadowy cage, but the mind will be broken and will be incapable of utilizing the ego in its entirely.


Weakness Name: Masochism
Description: Harmony enjoys pain in its entirety. He enjoys feeling pain almost as much as inflicting it. However, this means he is naturally less defensive. Dex attacks against him deal 5% more damage.

Weakness Name: Lament of the Falsely Living
Description: Harmony is not fond of the light. It annoys him and generally makes him grumpy. Light based spells deal 5% more damage.

Weakness Name: Migraine
Description: Harmony might have a composed insanity about him, but he simply hates thinking too hard less he get a migraine. However, when inflicted with a mental ailment, he is forced to think hard on the matter. Ailments force him to take 5% more damage when inflicted.

Weakness Name: Voice of Panic
Description: Harmony is not fond of being relieved of his pain despite everything. Simply put, being in pain means he’s alive and that brings him a small amount of happiness. As such, healing received through Regen or Dia skills are 5% effective.

Weakness Name: Curse of Separation
Description: Harmony despises being separated from ‘humanity’, especially his little sister. Simply put, he can’t stand only being around mindless monsters and the like. This means he is quite bad at being cautious around those he deems ‘mindless.’ Critical attacks deal 5% more damage to him.


Racial Weakness Name: Vampirism
Description: Each individual bat requires sustenance to survive, and Polyphons only consume blood. They can go a few days without consuming blood, but the bats must separate and consume at least a few liters of blood each to continue survival. Aside from this, blood of any species other than a Polyphons is a force that can drive a Polyphon insane just by smelling it. Should blood spill around one, they’ll lose most of their reason and be blindly attracted towards wherever the blood is spilled, flirting deeply with those who lost blood to entice them to share.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Bloodbath Crown
Weapon Description: A glowing red spear that spurts out violent red energy. It is hidden within Harmony’s coffin, it acting as a sheath. The spear itself is seven feet long.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Element:

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Boneless Man
Side-Arm Description: A horrific looking rifle that appears to be covered in glowing blood. It is rather large, a combined length of seven feet which makes it a very cumbersome weapon to use. It held within the coffin along with his soul bound weapon.
Side-Arm Image:
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Sniper Rifle - Aimed Shot - Accuracy and crit chance is increased by 20%, bullets also pierce through an enemy and ignore 10% of their PEnd. Takes a turn to charge/aim before able to fire. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background

The world of Babel is a strange one, lived upon by two unique species. The Polyphon and the humanoid creatures they hunted. For eons, the Polyphon were monsters of the night, intelligent beings that hunted the humanoid people as if they were cattle, except they were to them. They allowed them to grow, prosper, create governments and war against each other. But they were still just cattle to them, creatures they hunted down to prey upon as their lives were seen as worthless.

Babel was a strange world, covered in dark forests and vast wastelands. It was a very inhospitable planet to those who lived there, but it was a home everyone agreed they loved. However, the lands housed dark cults and people driven insane by the moon. This is where Harmony and his sister, Unity, found themselves into a spiraling maze of madness.

Harmony was a young Polyphon who took unique interest in the humanoids, being one of few of his kind that saw more worth from them other than them being cattle. He observed them with fascination, even venturing into a small town to mingle amongst them. However, this fascination and curiosity led him down a road he didn’t know existed. A cult of humanoids that worshiped the Polyphon as gods found out about Harmony and brought him to their layer. There, dark rituals were incantated that drove the Polyphon insane.

This insanity became a sickening bliss to him, though. And he wished to share it. He caught hold of his sister and spun her a tale that drove her insane as well. The two, now perfectly mad, concocted a sick idea to express their undying love to their parents. Both hunted one down and killed them, keeping all fifty of their hearts and preserving them as symbols of their parent’s love. They adored the way they acted in being killed, and it’s a fond memory they both look back upon.

However, in their insanity they were shunned by their race and so were left alone to their own devices. They hunted at their leisure, killing humanoid or polyphon with reckless abandon. This eventually led them to be caught by Junction one night, the depths of Junction bringing a new hunting ground they relished to play within. They left their home happily, but with a little longing to return to the dark forests. But both agreed the beauty of their new home was worth the loss of their old one.


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PostSubject: Re: Harmony Accord [Junction PU]   Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:58 am

Analyzing Character Data

All Requirements Met.

Congratulations New Citizen Of Junction, ID #VMP1285931 Otherwise Known As Harmony Accord

Welcome To Existence.
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Harmony Accord [Junction PU]
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