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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 A Strange Trio (After Dungeon Takeru Solo Thread):

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PostSubject: A Strange Trio (After Dungeon Takeru Solo Thread):   Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:57 pm

That night, Takeru fell into a deep sleep, the toll of the nights events and thoughts swirling into the inky-black abyss of the mind.
It was there that Takeru's dreams took him into tonight.

Takeru found himself standing in a inky black void.
"What the hell? Where am I...? Wait. I'm dreaming. Have to be. Question is... why am I here in seemingly nowhere?" he said, looking around.
Then he noticed that he was in his mask attire.
"What the hell? I... I didn't summon Twelve... did I? So... why am I in my mask? And why is this place so damned dark? Ugh, I wish someone would hit the lights..." Takeru muttered.

Barely a second later, a light came on, revealing  3 figures that he couldn't clearly see.
"Your wish is my command!" One of them said in a squeaky, adorable voice before waddling into the light, revealing a rather ragged looking stuffed Penguin.
Takeru's look immediately softened into that of someone who saw a very dear friend that they hadn't seen for years, and was now on the verge of death.

"Sir Penguiny? Is that you? What... what happened to you...?" He asked the penguin doll that had been a key part of his childhood for a long time in a voice that contained a mixture of sorrow, and happiness, the sort of voice that one would be speaking in in the event of the above scenario.

"Nope! Not... *cough* * cough* quite. I'm your id, silly! I'm just taking a form you might be comfortable with... even if the template is a bit corrupted." It said, coughing for a bit before speaking again.

"My other two friends are Superego and Ego, who are here to congratulate you tonight! Come on out, you two!" It said, turning to the other two figures who stepped out into the light.
One of them was Twelve, and the other was a broken-down version of a robot that Takeru recognized from one of his old favorite childhood shows.

"Hello, Takeru. I'm Twelve, a.k.a your ego. The other one is Super-Ego." Twelve said, gesturing to the robot.

"HE-HELLO. I-I-I AM S-S-S-SUPER-EGO!" The Robot stuttered glitchily before it's arm popped off, forcing it to bend down and reattach it.

"I... I'm still lost. Why are only you undamaged, Twelve? And why are you three here anyways? I mean, i'm glad to see you all, but..." Takeru asked them in a confused tone.

It was then that Id and Superego turned to Twelve, who spoke.
"Oh no, I am, I just don't show it as mch, that's all. To be exact, we're damaged because you locked away most of us within you long ago, when you closed your heart off. The other two only gained the strength to manifest like this when you awakened. I'm only not as badly damaged because I was the part of your mind that you use the most conciously as your persona. Actually, we need to talk about that." Twelve answered.

"Why? Am I... am I doing something wrong..?" Takeru said, a hint of fear creeping into him.
It was Id who spoke to answer this time.

"No, no! You're doing good! Really good! Because tonight, we're feeling it! The more of your heart you unlock with Twelve, the more and more we come back! Isn't that wonderful?!?!" Id said in a cheerful tone before breaking into a brief coughing fit.

It was then that Super-Ego spoke:
"IT IS-S-S N-NOT AS S-SIMPLE AS THAT. I-IF T-THAT W-WERE THE CASE, WE WOULD ALL BE UNDAMAGED COMPLETELY." It said, causing it and Id to begin arguing for several minutes before Twelve stepped in.

"Would both of you please shut up? You're both half-right. I do get more powerful with you the more he lets us out. And it's also far more complicated then just that. So quit arguing! See, this is one of the things that keeps us back! We can't get ourselves to act in sync!" Twelve said, which only served to cause all three of them to said start arguing, and though Takeru wouldn't notice it, there was a faint black mist beginning to form around them.

Mainly because he finally had it with them. He had been patient enough with himself to give him the answer he needed.
"QUIET!" He yelled at them, causing all of them to immediately cease.

"Look, either tell me what it is that you brought me here for, and what you mean by how I have to unlock my heart." He said.

All three of them nodded, and began making apologies to one another before, finally, Twelve spoke again.

"The way to unlocking your heart lies in your ability to make friends. It was hatred that caused you to lock it up, and it is now love that lets it begin to grow and become free again. That's why we're here now. You feel much stronger than before, no?"

"Now that you mention it... yeah, I do. I feel much more... free. So... stay the course?" He said.

All three of them nodded.
At that moment, a small, golden portal began to open up in front of Takeru.

"Ooh, perfect timing! Time for you to wakey-wakey soon!" Id chirped.

"So... I guess this is goodbye for now. Alright then. So long." Takeru said, hugging Id, causing it to briefly return to pristine condition before reverting back to normal.

"Awww... we're still cuddly deep down after all." It said as the portal finally engulfed Takeru.

As Takeru opened his eyes, he found himself back in his bed, cuddled up next to some stuffed animals and a body pillow.
For some reason, he felt like he had not a care any more.
And as he got up, he felt the best he had in a long time.

On his way out, he hugged two of his favorite stuffed animals:
Quack The Duck, and Sir Penguiny the Penguin.

Thread Complete. Sanity Levels: 100%.

Takeru Kagemaru has reached Rank 5 of his potential. He has grown, but he has yet to reach its peak....

Hate cannot drive out hate.
Only love can do that.


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A Strange Trio (After Dungeon Takeru Solo Thread):
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