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 Satoru Ryuu [For Hobby Dungeon] (Only for hobby dungeon)

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PostSubject: Satoru Ryuu [For Hobby Dungeon] (Only for hobby dungeon)    Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:51 pm

Satoru Ryuu
"Who am I truly?"

The Biography

Birth Name: Satoru Ryuu
Aliases: "Rabbit"
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birth Day: January 1
Arcana: Aeon (Arcana types can be found here.
Evoker: Tarot Card

Satoru Ryuu:
Satoru is a short man with a decent body type. He has white hair and red eyes, which gave him the nickname of "Rabbit". He wears a cacky vest with a black shirt under it and black jeans. He is 5'2", hence the "Rabbit" nickname once again.
(At least a paragraph)

Personality: Satoru is a very inquisitive person, who at times still does not understand certain things known to the majority. But he is a quick learner so that helps in recovering from these lapses of ignorance. He is a very happy and cheerful fellow who likes to have fun with his friends. He can however be extremely serious and determined when the occasion demands it. All in all he is a nice person to get along with, who can set aside their personal feelings to do what needs to be done. (At least a paragraph)

The Potential

Strengths: (Anything your character is skilled in, such as Martial Arts/ Drawing/ etc? You are allowed a maximum of five strengths and a minimum of three.)

Strength Name: Cold Determination
Description: Satoru's determination is very ofputting and cold, making him relentless when needed. This boosts his Ice damage by 15% If Satoru's hp falls below 50% he will lose this buff, and he will regain it being above 50% hp.

Strength Name: Short & Agile
Description: His natural traits of height and speed make him naturally agile and hard to hit. This boosts his luck by 15%

Strength Name: Gotta hit fast!
Description: Another good trait of Satoru's natural agility is that this makes him able to attack faster, and more frequently. Allows Satoru to use his soulbound twice in a turn.

Strength Name:

Strength Name:

((A floating Strength is a strength you've gained inRP. For example, if you were on a Kendo team for some time, you'd naturally know Kendo which is where this strength would come in. However, be aware, it will not be as strong as any of your actual strengths and is a small plus)

Floating Strength Name:

Weaknesses: (You must have the same amount of weaknesses as strengths. These weaknesses pertain to you and not your Persona. IE: Physically Weaker, lack of attention span, etc.)

Weakness Name: Blood Sacrifice
Description: His usage of persona has revealed a dangerous condition in battle, that forces him to lose consciousness as fast as mental power. AKA losing HP equivelant to SP in attacking moves. Like -6sp & -6hp

Weakness Name: Short
Description: This height may be an advantage in agility, but it is also a weakness in endurance. Satoru's PEnd is reduced by 8%

Weakness Name: Little Man Aggrivation
Description: His height may have him look cute along with his other features, if you mock him about it it works him up into a frenzy. 10% extra chance to get hit by rage-inducing attacks.

Weakness Name:

Weakness Name:

((A floating weakness is one gained in RP. It could be a fear you inherited during RP, or an injury that hinders your character. Some can be temporary while others can be permanent.)

Floating Weakness Name:

Soul Bound Weapon: (This is the weapon you'll be able to summon to your hand while in combat. This weapon is special for your character specifically and allows you to fight Shadows and Demons without the need of summoning your Persona.

Weapon Name:Hestia's Knife
Weapon Description: It looks like an extremely well made knife with runes on it that glow.(What it looks like)
Weapon Image:
Hestia's Knife:
(Not necessary)
Weapon Attack Type: Pierce(Slash, Pierce, or Strike)
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

The Background

History: Sorry but no.(At Least 2-3 Paragraphs)


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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Ryuu [For Hobby Dungeon] (Only for hobby dungeon)    Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:22 pm

Alright. Since you're boosting Ice Damage by 15%, i'd like a condition to be filled for the 15% boost to trigger... or a way for it to stop working. For example, if your HP falls below a certain amount, you lose or gain this boost to Ice attacks.


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Subdual Unit Jerry


Posts : 2911
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Ryuu [For Hobby Dungeon] (Only for hobby dungeon)    Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:39 pm

Approved for Hobby Dungeon


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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Ryuu [For Hobby Dungeon] (Only for hobby dungeon)    

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Satoru Ryuu [For Hobby Dungeon] (Only for hobby dungeon)
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