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 The Life of a Broken Man (Story Time)

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PostSubject: The Life of a Broken Man (Story Time)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:04 pm

Hey there ~

I got some inspiration recently, so I decided to do a thing. Plus, I need a way to keep my Azores 2 hype going, and this should do the work. On top of that, you all will get something to read in your free time.

So here's the deal. The short things we all write in our character's history obviosuly can't cover everything, amirite? Of course you all agree ~ And I definitely did not go much beyond a vague story when I first made Sharaku's app long ago when Azores started. Thus, I figured it would be fun to actually expand on things, and give away some details for your viewing pleasure (and also to practice writing just because)

Of course, I'm not about to write everything from top to bottom, as that would end up a novel, so I'll be doing this in form of short-mid length one shots. Sort of like a timeline of random moments that happened during my character's life prior to the Azores plot, that I'll be updating whenever I happen to write something up.

And just so this isn't completely onesides, I'll let you guys give me some prompts, or suggestions on what would you like to see if you want to (There might be some thing I shall not reveal though, or that are not within what I can write about so I may not accept everything)

P.S: I'd love if people didn't post here though, as I want my stuff to look clean. You can lemme know your thoughts in CB, PM or such ~

Now then, enjoy reading (once I get the next post out)


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Posts : 4552
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PostSubject: Re: The Life of a Broken Man (Story Time)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:36 pm

Shot No.1
Current Age: 8
Setting: School/Home

The faint sound of the school bell registered in the boy’s mind as he snapped from his daydreaming. Huh. Guess the class was over already, and he barely even noticed. Did it matter? Not really, as proven by a glance at the blackboard which told him he basically did not miss anything of importance at all, regardless of having spaced out for the last 20 minutes. The saving grace of some teachers being more or less useless. He was rather tired, and the day was still long, even after school was over. For him, anyway. With a light sigh, he looked outside of the window he was sitting by, taking in the foggy and rainy autumn weather.

Rain. He had always liked it, albeit it tended to make him feel sad. It was funny how even something as fleeting as weather could change his mood that much. Yet, he minded it little. Perhaps he was just glad that there were moments that painted a bit of color in his life, no matter how small or insignificant they may be for others.

‘’Hey, beauty mark, are ya sleepin’ or what?’’

Hazel eyes turned upon the source of his distraction, eyebrows furrowing slightly at the brown haired boy standing next to his desk.

‘’...No, I’m not. And I wish you would stop calling me that.’’

‘’Eh, ‘is easier. Cheers.’’

The kid stuck out his tongue before walking off. Had he just been interrupted simply for that? It seemed like such a waste of time. With a bemused shake of his head, he would finally make a move to get up. He should get home to drop off his things before heading back again. At the very least, he didn’t live too far away…


Closing the door shut, he briefly scanned the part of the house he could see from his position, trying to decide whether it was actually empty, or it was just his imagination playing games on him.

‘’Home already?’’


Nope. Definitely just imagination, he’d conclude soon after with a mental shrug. It was barely different either way. That in mind, he’d stalk off towards his room, making sure to take his time putting his things away and all that. When done, he walked over to his window, opening it and leaning on the window frame as he gazed outside. Couldn’t he just pretend he forgot he had to be somewhere else and stay home? No, he didn’t really want to deal with that. Maybe he’d just find a way to leave earlier…


He’d mutter in slight pain, after having somewhat dozed off and promptly hit his chin on a hard surface. Yes, maybe it was time to go before he really forgot in an entirely different way than playing pretend. Adjusting his coat and running his hand through his messy hair, he would make his way back from where he came quietly, almost as if hoping that he wouldn’t have to engage in more conversation than necessary. Alas, his stealth skills were far from perfect.

‘’You’re taking an awful lot of time today. Are you sure you won’t be late?’’

The dark haired woman gave him an inquisitive look from the kitchen counter she was standing by.

‘’I won’t. And If I do, then it just means I got lost on the way there.’’

‘...and I doubt they would care that much anyway…’

She shook her head in slight disapproval at the dry remark.

‘’Sharaku, what did I say about mouthing off…’’

‘’Right. Well, maybe I’ll end up as a comedian, mom. Now, bye.’’

With that, he would shut the door begin him, making his way back to school…


’You know what I’d give anything for right now? Some sleep and peace.’


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Posts : 4552
Join date : 2013-09-06
Age : 21
Location : In front of my computer

PostSubject: Re: The Life of a Broken Man (Story Time)   Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:06 pm

Shot No.2
Current Age:
Setting: Outside/Home/School (Flashback); Continuation of No.1 with a timeskip

The grass crunched under his feet as the boy walked back home. It was already rather dark outside, for which he was sort of glad, not really wanting to have people gawking at him thanks to how he looked right now.

Some time earlier…. (Flashback)

‘’Man, I wish I could do that so well. You’d make a good actor.’’

A shrug.

‘’You make it sound like pretending is hard. Sounds like you don’t really want to be here if you complain this often.’’

‘’I don’t know, do you?’’


‘’I wish I could tell if ya lyin’ or not.’’

‘’It wouldn’t matter.’’

Certainly not for them. Not really. Although, he was not lying about this one. He didn’t like after school clubs. It wasn’t exactly his choice when it came to attending one. Maybe it was just easier for his mother to do that than to spend time with him herself. On the flip side, she wasn’t that much better of a company either. Maybe if she spent more time on this thing called empathy.

That conversation was apparently over, as a short blue eyed boy made his way over to them, now that it was over and they were free to go.

‘’Guys, look what I found outside!’’

…the kid was holding...a bunny?

End of Flashback

Sharaku sighed in resignation as he made a great effort to be as quiet as possible when opening the door and getting in. Thankfully, luck was on his side as he managed to not get noticed before he dunked into his room. He really didn’t want to face a lecture speech he knew he would get almost for sure. Explaining why he looked like got into a big fight (technically, he did) was not something he wanted to do.

Flopping onto his bed, he hissed in slight pain as he absentmindedly touched his bleeding lip. Where are band aids when you need them..? Ugh, whatever. It would heal anyway. He was more upset about what happened than about some bruises. One of the kids wanted to hurt the poor bunny as a means of playing with it, and he got angry over that, which eventually ended in a fist fight. He would probably not hear the end of that anytime soon…

But, he was leaving this place soon due to his parents moving anyway, so maybe it didn’t matter as much…

….still, he was more concerned about an animal in the end.


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PostSubject: Re: The Life of a Broken Man (Story Time)   

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The Life of a Broken Man (Story Time)
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