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 Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]

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PostSubject: Re: Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]   Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:58 pm

Tsk. What is it with questions almost never being answered the way they were asked, or outright ignored in some cases? He asked whether having an Angel's blessing mattered in the outcome, pretty much. For all intents and purposes, he already knew what Deva told him. She only confirmed the part that he already deduced by now. Of course they wouldn't help at all if you chose to not play by their Event. He never really thought it would be different after what he saw of the Angels up till now. And he still didn't follow how exactly they were assisting for real. Giving a bit of extra power was nice, but that alone could be a poor form of assistance at times. It wasn't really fair for them to fight while the Angels sat back in their worlds. If that was a rule, then it was a rather biased one. The Primordials were obviously targeting both sides, but apparently only humans should go and actually fight them. The Angels would just wait for whatever happens, watching on from their spots on the other side. Plus, from what happened to Israfel and Teshub, they were poor at fighting back against an assault as well. Such a great assistance, that in the end humans had to go and save the Angels from Corruptions. Or try to, at least. ''I'm still not sure about your assistance. Is it only that bit of a power boost? Because that doesn't strike me as too much. Compared to the fact that we are the ones directly facing the Primordials, while you sit here in your worlds and wait. Plus, the Primordials already attacked Israfel and Teshub, and the two Angels lost very quickly? How strong are you then? We had to go and attempt to rescue the two Angels and actually help them, instead of them being a help to us.'' That was kind of a low blow. Saying how they were helping, but it became the opposite very easily. All it took was one attack from the Primordials, and an Angel was out of comission unless helped. Even humans could last against them better. Rita, DJ and Oki faced Ananke and lived, no? Maybe he wasn't at full power, but they still handled it better than the Angels seem to be.

He would snort. ''No. At least not me. I know well what it is like to suffer, and face chaos instead of order. I am well aware that having everything be a piece of cake is not the answer, as it would cause humans to become too lazy. Yet, an extreme like this will not make it much better either. I don't expect a walk in the park, but I don't want so many people to suffer just because either. What did we do to deserve this kind of treatment?'' It was rather uncalled for. There were many other ways to make a change happen without it being a forceful competition. The Primordials were a problem in the equation, yes, but surely they wouldn't be that much of a trouble if the Angels weren't so skittish with their help. If they banded together, or actually did something more meaningful, perhaps Thesis and Ananke could be stopped much more quickly. He wouldn't comment on Simon this time around. He knew he most likely wouldn't get a clear response anyway.

He would blink as Oki used him for support, but not protest against it. He wasn't as jumpy about touchiness nowadays, so it was fine. He would smile thinly. ''You don't have to tell me what you want now. I'm simply saying it's your call. Afterall, it is my fault that you got dragged into this mess, so you are free to deal with it the way you choose.'' In a way, maybe Oki was right about Simon. The only problem was that Simon was completely fine with actually killing the Angels, and using even weak people for his cause. That wasn't nice of him. Sure, maybe the Angels knew how to be a pain, but that didn't mean they deserved to be erased. Yet, if this is how it was going to continue, then defeating them may be the only way. Didn't seem like an agreement was possible to be reached.


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PostSubject: Re: Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]   Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:20 pm

Oki would continue to lean against Sharaku happy the man wasn’t jumpy or the sort to push it away. Perhaps he was simply use to this sort of thing now or maybe it was trust, Oki didn’t know and at this moment didn’t bother to find out. It had enough on its plate right now as it listen to the word war going on.

Sharaku wanted answers, but Deva gave none. It was frustrating, but slowly the being was beginning to understand one simple thing. Perhaps it wasn’t the angel’s power they needed in the end. Perhaps it was their own. It was this realization that caused it to say what it did to Helen.

“No choice? How so, my lady. Do you not have faith in the strength of your own kind anymore?” Oki asked seeming more or less okay with Helen as it sought her reasoning behind her words. Why would she say such things? Surely, relying on the angels weren’t the only way out whatever problems were occuring. And what would she do if Deva fell? The being would watch her from its position carefully and see what she had to say before it focused back on Deva and Sharaku.

“Disorder is not what upsets us. It is the idea of being toyed with. We understand that you have rules and all this, but seriously it is frustrating when we have to run in the dark with no hints on what to do. It’s like we are directionless or if set on a Wish single minded with no space for other options. We don’t like either path…seen it too many times….thus we wanted peaceful means instead of whatever this is,” Oki said in a surprisingly gentle tone despite its blank expression.

The expression would soften slightly as it closed its eyes and smirked at Sharaku’s words.

“Heh. Oki does not know if it will ever find the answer, but then again maybe we will. We will just have to see. And no harm done. I think it helped bring some clarity to somethings that have been spinning loosely in our mind,” the being said as it continue to rest against Sharaku for a moment longer. It would not state what the things were here, but a change was definitely occurring within the rather emotionless being.
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PostSubject: Re: Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]   Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:08 pm

"Would you like to test my strength in battle? Melding our essences with yours ascends you beyond normal Humans. You become almost an Angel, yet not. You have both the power of an Angel, and the versatility of a Human to fight the Primordials. There is simply no talking when it comes to our Wishes. We shall help with the Primordials, but that-"

"Enough." Helen interrupted. "I have heard enough. I let you talk to them, but I will not hear any more. You could be fighting back the true threat in your world, or at least find a way to end the cause of yours and our own, but it just seems to go in circles. Find a path and take it, or I will find one for you. I am done with explaining. Humans in my world are nowhere near as resourceful as your own. You may be able to pull your own from the darkness, but I cannot. So do what must be done, or someone else will; and I myself have taken that role. You are done talking to her." She watched Sharaku warily as Deva remained silent, even herself unsure of what to do now.


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PostSubject: Re: Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]   Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:11 pm

Really now? Then again, he figured it was easier to go issue a challenge than explain properly. And technically, even though he was somewhat stronger, he didn't really feel close to being an Angel. And if it meant being like that, then he didn't really want to either way. He was fairly fine with being a human. Plus, he already had a Shadow mixed with him. That was quite enough. He didn't need to be part Angel too. Not that this blessing of theirs felt like that. He was still quite was just a bit of a power difference and such. Yet, it's not like it altered his views and opinions.

''Well, if this is what it means to be an Angel, then I'm glad to stay mostly human.''

He didn't see the merit in a higher being like that. Too much stubborness for his tastes. He could be hard headed too at times, but he wasn't completely out of it. Deva was just repeating how they were helping against the Primordials, but never really clarifying what the help was besides that power gift. So what if it gave them a boost? That was still a very passive way to help when you claimed to be so eager to assist humanity. Well, in the end, it would be the Angels' own fault if they failed to get any Wish across. No compromise wasn't the best way to show how great you were. Not really. He would grin slightly.

''As much as I'd love to accept the challenge, I don't go against my own words. I did not come here for a fight. Maybe one day I'll come back just for that. But for now, I'm not interested. I have better things to spend my time with at the moment.''

He was decently sure he could take her on. He didn't exactly know what was the difference between an Angel's normal powers, and those of a corrupted one, but it couldn't be that big. He would even guess that due to the Primordials' influence, Israfel and Teshub had more power than normal in those forms. And he managed to fight them just fine. Sure, he wasn't alone back then, but he had his ways. Plus, would Oki have turned against him if it became a fight? That was a question to consider. Yet, he didn't want to fight right now. Maybe a bit later, he would, as it seemed that there was no way to solve this matter peacefully.

He would shrug at Helen shutting Deva off. He didn't mind as much as he already figured talking was over regardless. ''If that is what you want. I think anyone is capable of rising to the challenge if they believe in themselves. Regardless of their standing against others. But the call is yours in the end.'' It appeared more like Helen wasn't willing to consider a more creative way than following the nearest source of power. Still, it was her choice. It wasn't really his business for as long as the other side wasn't willing to listen. This was one of the reasons why it kind of mattered little whether their worlds were connected. There was so much difference...and it appeared that these worlds didn't want to believe strangers from the other side much. And they didn't have the time to make amends if it took so long. Therefore, the point was starting to become moot. ''In any case, if that is your final say, then I'm done here for now. Maybe we'll meet later, but not even I am interested in a talk that leads nowhere.'', he would state before turning his gaze to Oki. ''Your decision is your own. If you want to hang around more, feel free. But I think I have no reason to stay longer considering that they don't really want me here. I'll find me own way to deal with this if they want to be this stubborn. If conflict is what they want it to be in the end, then they might just get what they ask for eventually.'', he would smirk thinly, before turning around to walk off...unless they decided to stop him, that is. Thankfully, he did pay attention on the way here, so he wouldn't have much of a problem getting back to where he came from, regardless of whether Oki went along or not.

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PostSubject: Re: Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]   Sat Sep 12, 2015 3:41 pm

The back and forth of words that went nowhere was indeed grating on the nerves; however, things would change when Deva herself asked if Sharaku wanted to test her by challenging her. This alone made Oki tense as it pushed slightly off of Sharaku. If a fight were to break out, Oki wondered if it could help at all. It was not exactly broken from Deva or Helen despite being highly frustrated with the situation, but it wasn’t against Sharaku at all. To have them clash would break the being, but it would appear Helen was the one to stop fuel from being added to the fire.

Her sudden interruption caused green eyes to swivel to her as Oki tilted its head and rose its eyebrows slightly at this. She had enough of it all and waves of uncertainty seemed flow from her. She was ending the conversation here and now and pretty much telling everyone to scat since nothing was being accomplished with the current conversation, but Oki had to wonder if that was truly the only reason she stopped this. Was Helen running before she was broken? A curious thing that Oki ponder for only a second before letting it go for now. It could check on Helen at a later date for now it had this minor strife to contend with.

Thankfully Sharaku seemed to be more or less willing to comply. He shared a few words with the pair before turning to leave. Oki watched him go quietly glad the man had kept his word and then when he was out of earshot, the being looked towards Helen and Deva as it sighed and shook its head as one gloved hand went up to pinch of the bridge of its nose.

“We will be honest. We aren’t sure of what is the right path or not; however, we will not abandon you yet. We have much to consider before making such a choice,” the being said and then dropping its hand, it would look at the pair as its expression softened and its tone of voice became gentler.

“Goddess, Helen, I know you two may think there is no other way in all of this, but we think you are highly mistaken. We will show you the path we spoke of when we first met, so until next we meet. Farewell,” Oki said and then giving the pair a low bow, the being would nod and then turn and follow the path Sharaku had taken out of the area.

~ Oki has exited the thread unless stopped~
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PostSubject: Re: Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]   

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Two sides of a coin [Oki/Gran]
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