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 Checking on Anya [Mission]

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PostSubject: Re: Checking on Anya [Mission]   Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:34 am

Standing up from his chair, the Tsurinai would nod towards the Detective and enter the room as ordered. Seeing Satoshi laying in the bed, he placed a hand on his side and narrowed his eyes. She looked much different now that the Shadows weren't using her like a puppet on strings. Was there no after effects to the possession from the Shadows? Well he didn't know. "Satoshi, you're looking well. You know alot of students are worried about you since you've been trapped in this hospital for awhile. It's good to see you're awake." The silver haired young man spoke with a calm tone as he closed his hues and tilted his head forward. There wasn't much he could say here, it was all up to Satoshi. Hopefully she didn't remember the section where she had to knock the Shadows out of her, but if she did it couldn't be helped. If she gave enough information, he'd be content. The Detective and officer was in the room, so he'd have to be careful on the questions he asked her. "Satoshi-chan, if you do not mind, can you tell me something? I saw a strange masked man with you when I found you. On his mask was a strange red smile. Do you know who this man was?" He was sure the Detective would give him a glare after this question, as he didn't mention any of this to her beforehand. If Satoshi Anya did not remember, then perhaps the man wiped her memory of the event. If so, that was bad news. Naito was curious about who was behind the mask, but it wasn't his main goal. He needed to know just how much of a threat this man was. One thing was for certain, he believed Satoshi Anya and the other woman that went missing was taken to Limbo by this Smiling Masked Man. However the students who were thrown into Limbo where their Shadow was going to kill them, that was from someone elses doing entirely. There was another culprit surely, and the cops were over their head without the power of Persona or the potential to enter the other world.

Awaiting an answer, Tsurinai Naito continued to ponder the possibility of the violent culprit being a member of the school. There was alot of evidence leading up to such a thing, and they must have seen them around to be able to push their buttons in certain ways. Such as delivering a warning message to Kano Genji and then throwing Kiyomi Mio into Limbo soon after. They were watching them, yet because they were a member of the school no one suspected them. They were hiding in plain sight and that made things so much more difficult. How could you pick out a single individual in a school filled with people? No matter how much he cogitated over this simple question, there was no answer he could easily come too. No matter, hopefully Satoshi cleared some things up here. Perhaps she knew something? Maybe learned something from the Masked Man during her dazed time in that club? He could only await her answer to see what she knew, and hopefully indulge alittle into her mind to see what happened the night of her disappearance.
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Cole Sama


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PostSubject: Re: Checking on Anya [Mission]   Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:09 am

"Tch, about time." The senior thought to himself as he entered the room behind Naito. Cole couldn't help but wonder how long he has been trying to see this girl. If the policemen stopped him and asked for identification, another most have did the same to him too, right? It made the most sense, after all. Coming to that sudden realization, Cole decided not to greet the male in his typical friendly manner. Instead he acted as if he hardly knew him; acquaintances of sorts, nothing more, nothing less. How much information he gave whoever may or may not have questioned him may or may not clash with what he told the officers. So until he had some kind of general idea  what had been said, he'd act as if he knew nothing of this underclassmen. The senior stood back and allowed the underclass to do the talking. If Anya looked over, he could give her a genuine smile. If not, then he'd listen intently and wait for her response if any where to come.
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PostSubject: Re: Checking on Anya [Mission]   Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:05 pm

Deduction Theme:

Anya gave a smile to the two as they entered the room. With the police in the room with her she didn't feel in danger, though even without them she felt these two didn't mean to do her harm. "Thank you for helping me before. You two were the ones that saved me, right? I can't remember much, but I'm sure it was you two." The blonde haired first year listened, and apparently it was time for her to tell her story. She vaguely remembered a Masked Man, so she figured it'd be better off just telling everything she knew. "Masked Man? I'm not sure, but I can tell you what I know and you can come up with your own conclusion. Well me and a few of my friends hang around Nadashiki at night. I mean it's much more exciting out there than Hayabusa where nothing ever happens. For the last couple nights we had been running into the first lady who went missing.." The Detective took this opportunity to interject. "You mean Yotsun Kirito? So there is a connection between you two." Anya looked over at the woman and shook her head. "Not that big of a connection. We saw her moping around Nadashiki. She seemed pretty stressed, almost as if she had a weight on her shoulders. Each time we encountered her, she was just stumbling around without a place to go. We didn't do anything to her really, she just used to tell us about how her life was a pain. How she wasn't needed and everything was basically a waste of time. It was weird considering we didn't know her. But every night she would come back to the same spot to tell us more until she just suddenly stopped showing up. Soon after, those awful rumors about me being the cause of her disappearance shot up. It was quite annoying." She folded her hair over her shoulder and gave a sigh. "Soon I found myself friendless and in the center of rumors. Even my family struggled because of me. It was stressful. I felt like my life was already coming to an end. That was until I met a man.." The Detective's eyes would widen slightly. She hadn't heard this part of the story before. "He was very suave and charismatic. I had never met him before, but he told me to trust him. Without thinking about it I took his hand, and everything went black. Next thing I know I'm waking up here in the hospital with about a month of my life missing... But for some reason, I feel relieved." Anya gave a wry smile.

Looking over at the two boys, she rubbed her head. "That's all I remember. I can't even remember what the man looked like, but he was definitely someone who seemed trustworthy." Detective Keryu began to stroke her chin in thought. "So the two victims have one thing in common. They were both stressed with their current life, and that's when this kidnapper took them. Could he have a messiah complex? This is something to look into. One thing's for sure. Our culprit is surely Male, and most likely not a teen." This was more to add to her list of clues to find who was behind these kidnappings. Without another word she would leave the hospital room.
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PostSubject: Re: Checking on Anya [Mission]   Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:49 pm

The Tsurinai listened to Satoshi's explanation about the events that occurred. This Masked Man with the smiling face was surely attempting to play the hero. The silver haired teen was convinced this man was behind the disappearance of both Kirito and Satoshi, but could not link him to the disappearance of the other students at Kizuna. No, that was someone or something else entirely. "Charismatic and suave man, hmm?" Naito thought to himself as he pinched his chin between his index finger and thumb. "There are quite a few people that can fit that description, but atleast it narrows it down to being a Male suspect. How troublesome. For him to walk up to people without a care and bring them into that world, he's getting rather careless. This could be used against him in the long run..." The Tsurinai took a short breath as he closed his eyes. He could hear the Detective making her own thoughts about the case before she left abruptly. It was quite possible he did have a messiah complex, though when they met he seemed like he was doing it just because he could. What was his end game? Why was he doing such nonsense? "He's targeting people who are fed up with their lives? Stressed beyond their limit, hmm? Both of his 'victims' have been female and both apparently were going through rough times. This factor could bring him out of hiding if I were to use someone as bait for his ploy." The question was why should he be after this man? To eliminate competition when it came to owning Limbo? To find out the truth of why he was targeting females to bring into Limbo? In all honesty, the Tsurinai didn't really have a care about the Smiling Man's motives or what he was doing. It appeared Satoshi was fine, so he was not endangering her life. Well save for the fact he put a gun to her head and made her fight against them against her will. That was rather a pain, and he could have ended her life. He was too dangerous to keep letting run wild, thus perhaps the best bet was to force him to follow the Tsurinai's ordeals or end him altogether. The thought did cross Naito's mind every so often.

Walking over to the bed of flowers he had brought for Satoshi, he would reach in and remove his phone that was currently recording the conversation. He had snuck it in there previously just incase, but it seemed to be more help than even he would know. Now the next step was to assemble atleast a few followers. If this Smiling Man had the ability to control the Shadows so precisely, then he was certainly a threat and couldn't be taken alone. Though with that power, taking over Limbo would be so much easier for the silver haired teen. Things were getting even more interesting. With a slight nod towards Satoshi to pay his respects, he'd leave the room and head off to conduct business with the Attendants. He needed to get ahold of Chance. She, or he, would become very useful soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Checking on Anya [Mission]   

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Checking on Anya [Mission]
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