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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch]

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Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Empty
PostSubject: Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch]   Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] EmptyTue Sep 24, 2019 7:08 pm

For every end there is a beginning

The infinite cycle of life and death is tried and true, a guarantee that this too shall come to pass

For every end there is a beginning

A chance to start anew and fresh, limitless opportunities, brand new experiences free from the shackles of the past that preceded it

For every end there is a beginning

The pain and blight that came before disappears with time as all things do, fading into dust we forget these traumas and leave them to rot where they are

But to make a new beginning

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Giphy

Ș̫̥̝͎̜o̲̺m̲̦͚̙̖̗̗e̯͕ț̹̹͍͎h̗͉̞͙̙̫i̫̜̝͖͓̟͕n͉̲̥̝g̺̗̳̫̳̲ ̪̻h̙̭͖̞̝a͇̺͉s ͖͇̟̦̻t͖̤̟o̫̮̙͇̮̟ ̲͙͖e͔n̮͍̪̪̱̪͈d̹͉ͅ

The world is ending soon.
What are you going to do about it?

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Intro_11

Apocalypse Now (and Forever)

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 3vjA

There isn't much that can be done about the end of the world. Or IS there? The eruption of Mont Santa Fantasma brought reality as we know it to a halt and eradicated all existence along with it. But in Neuvo Vitae nothing is permanent, not even the end. It is two weeks before that final day but at the same time...

...after it. Because it already happened once, but no one seems to remember.

No one but those with The Potential can recall this horrible future but when the eruption happened something strange came along with it. The monsters and tears in the fabric of reality that happened along with the cataclysm were unheard of long before that fateful day and the past isn't how you remember it. This reality is ripping at the seems with Distortion Bleed, giving rise to Shadows and The Potential and transmogrifying city blocks and even individuals into warped and monstrous versions of what once was and what may infinitely be. People have mobilized to stop it, the brightest minds in the scientific community, the mammoth might of the military, even the occult but none of them can make a difference. Because this isn't the first time THIS has happened either.

Over and over the world keeps ending. Over and over you start again, getting a little worse each and every time. Something has to give.


This plot is a current-apocalyptic plot in contrast to Endymion's dystopian post-apocalyptic plot and blends the slice of life homeliness from before things go awry with the panic and desperation of people facing their ultimate fate and the groups that seek to stop it, all mixed up in a slurry of broken time and reality-breaking goodness. Neuvo Vitae borrows heavily from Devil Survivor and Persona Q as inspiration and will be more focused on how players influence a situation and the choices they make than previous plots.

Enjoy It While You Still Can

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Intro_10

The eve of the Festa Fortuna, the festival of good fortune on the summer solstice, is where it all begins and the first you can remember of however many times. Over and over the citizens celebrate and usher in luck and good tidings for the heat of summer is over and the harvest season will be beginning, unbeknownst to them it will never come. Or at least most of them. Some of them know what is to come.

Those with the Potential can recall what has happened and preserve perfect recall of any way the timeline changes ever since they Awakened. This connection to the Collective Unconscious shares the true events of all realities as they skip back and forth and end in the cataclysm, only to repeat. Many of them are just as confused as you are, some more so being newer than you are. Some have been surviving this for much much longer, how long is anyone's guess. When the world resets again everyone without the Potential forgets, even the dead come into the world again no matter their fate.

But you're different, you don't follow the same rules as you actively defy Fate. It's your choice what you do with this. You can live out what's remaining of your life with style and substance, sipping tropical drinks by Spiaggia di Cristallo as the world burns around you. You can join the carnage and revel in a world without consequences. Or you can try to get to the bottom of the disaster lest you live another one... or perhaps speed it along. If you are so inclined.

Even Death Can't Save You

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] MB86gpR

The situation in Neuvo Vitae is deadlier than ever with many more direct threats and disaster events that those with The Potential will face. The cataclysm won't hold back and can't be reasoned with. Monstrous or murderous enemies no longer care if you're KO'd when choosing single-target attacks and can target KO'd players, killing them if the attacks connect. There is no longer a bail-out option in VC aside from patrols and if you are killed is purely up to the context of the situation. It stands to reason that if you would die in a situation, you're dead. But death is no longer the end.

NEW MECHANIC!: Embodiments of Fate

When a player dies they will remain dead for the rest of the thread but at the end they will face an Embodiment of Fate in the continuum between Life and Death. Embodiments of Fate are eldritch manifestations of Destiny that enforce the natural law that what ends ends and what continues continues. They exist to ensure your death means you stay dead. But like all things in this world you don't need to face it alone. Players with a Social Link Rank of 5 or higher can join a dead player if Facing their Fate, even while occupied in another combat scenario.
But there's a catch. If you are killed by an Embodiment of Fate you stay dead. Permanently. At first, as you've defied Fate this far, the Embodiment of Fate you face will be weak. But as you continue to cheat Death it will find a way to catch up to you...

Make a Difference

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Giphy

So the world is going to Hell in a hand basket. Distortion Bleed rears its ugly head in every clime and place, bringing with it a taint of the natural land around it as the timelines merge and summoning abominations in what's known as a Distortion Event. Distortion Bleed occurs when something very important happens in the timeline, current or not, or the timeline is altered and creates these so-called Distortion Events. During these events player choices and intervention will impact the timeline and alter Fate in meaningful ways, and it is only during Distortion Bleed where players will be able to fully access their Potential. Doing so creates a Dimensional Echo, which is Fate resolving itself to work in the same way next time. That event will play out as if you made your choice whether you were there or not during the next time loop. Certain Dimensional Echoes may be revisited to make a different choice with new information or resources or abilities and further alter the timeline.

But every time time loop is different. Fate is determined to resolve itself.

NEW MECHANIC!: Decision Points

Plot progression relies more on RP and saying or doing the right things in the right situations and Quick Action Sequences will be less prevalent for what a player chooses to do but will be augmented by a new mechanic. Whenever an area suffering from Distortion Bleed has a divergent result in the timeline the players will be able to sense it and a Decision Point will occur. This decision will change how the game progresses into the next time cycle so choose carefully, but as above some choices will be able to be revisited.

When you Awaken to your Potential you will unlock your memories of the cataclysm and play out your role in the final fight the last time it happened. This will be your canonical first experience with Distortion Bleed no matter your class and you may be exposed to other players or NPCs during your memory who may be familiar with you later on. Even if you never were before. The Collective Unconscious further obfuscates the timeline, and you were both always and never there for The End. Evokers are not needed to summon a Persona in this plot during Distortion Bleed.

It's Not What You Know But Who You Know

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Giphy

Of course no on is going to sit idly by and let the world end. Everyone is invested in perhaps the same thing you are, and there are many entities that will aid or hinder you in you goal. The Social Quality system will not be continuing into Neuvo Vitae. It will instead be replaced by Favor and Ire.

NEW MECHANIC!: Favor and Ire

The Favor and Ire system is tied to the many factions that influence their will in Neuvo Vitae. You don't need to align with them or you can align with several but certain people may find out about your exploits if they're public enough and it will influence their opinion of you. Factions are not exclusive (with some exceptions) and you can further many goals at once in the name of several but certain decisions or missions will color a faction's opinions of you. A high enough level of Favor will give a player access to special privileges, shops, or favors from the faction they have impressed while a level of Ire may lead into making a new enemy. But even Ire can be useful. Someone invested in your destruction is invested in responding to what you do, for better or worse.

Prepare For the Worst

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Original

Given the time loop you may have an opportunity or several to make sure you're in top shape for what is about to come. If you're aware of a hard choice that will need to be made the second time around you will be better able to gain the skills you need to make that work in your favor. There are many ways to pass the time in Neuvo Vitae, all in your benefit. Time of Day mechanics are gone, you are instead limited by what you can do before the next plot interaction. What this means is instead of planning out your Day slots and trying to cram everything in that you want you can now do... well, just about whatever you want within reason and with a few limits. Days are only measured in what happens during that specific Day according to the timeline. Work Threads will no longer exist either. Instead of writing Work Threads you will need to undertake missions and tasks or find your own VC by investigating or engaging in combat.

Distortion Events/Dimensional Echoes

The events that impact time and are corrupting the world, you can spend time dealing with any Distortion Event or Dimensional Echo that occurs on that specific day. These will only be available on specific Days and you must act immediately or they can be passed up, most of these are plot events or unlocked missions. With the exception of socializing with NPCs, you cannot be doing anything else and engaging in these events.

UPDATED ACTIVITY!: Gardening & Cooking

Gardening makes a return in Neuvo Vitae! With the lush temperate climate and with the love of food it's known for gardening is a popular hobby in Neuvo Vitae from the spiciest taste bud-searing peppers to cilantro for that je ne sais quoi and even things like bonzai gardens. Capo Ristorante is always up for trying new things and will take whatever you offer them and combine them into a dish more powerful than any raw fruits and vegetables could offer. The possibilities will be far greater this time around, so make sure you flex that Green Thumb!


Patrolling functions much like Dungeon Dashes in that a team of combatants will run through a sector of enemies where Distortion Bleed is present. Patrolling is a little different than current Dungeon Dashes in that enemies scale with how many are defeated and how much time has passed instead of collecting items, and certain factions may have Patrol requests that people can fulfill for additional rewards! Once you unlock your Potential there is no limit to how long you can patrol for (as long as you can survive it).

UPDATED ACTIVITY! - Investigation

With everything going on you're going to want to check out what's going on behind the scenes. Investigation is just like it sounds: going to one of the locales in Neuvo Vitae with a goal in mind and seeing what's what. It's a catch-all for the Investigations of previous plots and depending on what you choose to look at and when you may find something different each time.

You could uncover hidden information or Distortion Events and Dimensional Echoes, find money or items, come across an NPC, receive a new mission to complete, or any number of things. Whatever happens will depend on where, when, and what you're doing so it pays to stay tuned to what's going on in the world. Unlike Investigations from Endymion you will always find something to help you out when you Investigate Neuvo Vitae, no matter what spot you pick a random encounter will trigger that can earn you rewards, becoming better the more well-informed you are. You cannot Check something Out while currently involved in a Patrol, and only once per Day.

NEW ACTIVITY! - Training

You will need to prepare and prepare well considering you know what's going to happen each and every time. It would be wise to spend that time learning new skills or improving on ones you already have. Players can spend their Days Training in order to gain Floating Strengths in tangible skills that can be learned over a certain amount of time. A player will pitch a skill they went to learn before they begin Training as a Floating Strength and staff will assign a number of Days it will take to learn it. They can then spend their Days Training that skill and, when they have Trained enough over the course of those Days, earn that Floating Strength. How much time it takes to earn a Floating Strength will depend on the complexity of the skill, the versatility of the skill, and if it has mechanical effects attached. Training skills can't be done indefinitely, only once per Day.

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Tenor

Fight For Your Life or Prepare to Lose It

As with all things in Neuvo Vitae the approach to combat has also changed. More unique skills will be available to you as some are removed entirely, but a bevy of new elements awaits and for the patient (and fortunate) anything becomes possible. You'll need it to defeat Fate itself.


As time unravels itself it leaves shreds behind, pieces and mementos of long forgotten timelines that have never existed or no longer exist. And, just as yourself, anything that defies Fate holds in itself a twisted power and connection to the world beyond time. Figments are artifacts that somehow escaped the reset of time and the cataclysm altogether, they are objects that are not supposed to exist by the laws of Fate. These Figments carry with them twisted memories and mysterious powers from an unknown origin, and they hold with them infinite potential.

Each Figment you come across will have associations with it, connections to its origin. These objects will function as Forgotten weapons to an extent, containing a certain amount of skills but also their own Strengths, Weaknesses, Arcana Boost, and perhaps some other abilities as well as their own skills. However, most Figments will be mostly empty. Using materials of a specific type you can forge them to your Figment and create a skill it can use as a result, but that is not all: skills on Figments can be upgraded with materials to more powerful skills, Figments can be fused together to combine their skills and change their affinities and bonuses and shape, and skills can be combined together on the same Figment to create an entirely new skill. Most specifically this can be done with elements to make all new Mutated elements from them with their own properties and therein lies the possibilities.

A Fire skill combined or upgraded with an Ice skill or materials will yield a Water skill, but a Fire and Water skill will create a never-before seen element of Smoke. And what will Smoke and Lightning create? As long as you have the skills and materials to use you can continue to combine old elements into new ones and new elements into even newer ones. Certain combinations may even lead to powerful custom skills.

UPDATED MECHANIC!: Mutated Elements

Originally their own upgraded element Mutated elements will undergo a large change in Neuvo Vitae. They are no longer an evolution of a current element, all Mutated elements will be a combination between two or more elements. They will also lose their ability to pierce Strong resistances at a greater rate but instead will attack with two elements at once. When using Mutated elements the affinities of an enemy will balance out and make the attack more or less successful depending on the enemy's weaknesses and resistances. If you attacked an enemy with a Water skill, a mix between Fire and Ice, and it was Weak to Ice or Fire it will be Weak to Water. But if it is Strong to Fire and Weak to Ice the attack will hit for damage normally, or Strong to Fire and Neutral to Ice Water will be resisted. Got that? Because Mutated elements can now be made from other Mutated elements this can spread across the entire base elemental spectrum if one is dedicated enough.

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Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch]   Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] EmptyTue Sep 24, 2019 7:08 pm

With the world ending as it is everyone in Neuvo Vitae has a stake in what ultimately happens, and amidst the chaos several groups exist with their own goals and approach to the apocalypse. Whether you align with many or hold allegiance to none each group will consider your actions in the world to be beneficial to them or not, and will treat you differently based on your actions as you deal with the eldritch and the unknown.

The Participants of The Fall

The United Nations Troops
Keepers of the Peace

When creatures first started appearing and wreaking havoc the military was quick to respond with what resources they had. Unfortunately it's not enough. Neuvo Vitae isn't in a good position to receive greater support from the military so it came down to the U.N. with what personnel were available stationed at the local embassy and whatever resources they had available. Their role in the conflict is to respond and neutralize monstrous and domestic threats taking place using martial law and prowess. They carry out their duty, giving their lives to protect the citizens of Neuvo Vitae no matter what.

Rank 1 Favor Benefit - A Badge and Gun
The United Nations has recognized your helpful status to them and will allow you to act as you will within Neuvo Vitae. You will receive identification marking your status with them and presenting it will allow you to carry a gun in most places. You will also gain access to their supply depot, which sells more varieties of more powerful guns and other weapons. You have free access to the Embassy no matter what situation, some areas may be restricted to you.

Advents for Ascension

The Rosencrantz Institute for Supernatural Entities (also known as RISE) studies supernatural phenomena in order to advance humanity, their goal to master unknown elements in order to protect mankind from them and to use this new technology to slingshot humanity forward and into a future where they are true masters of the natural world. Naturally RISE is filled with scientific minds and advocates of controlling the unknown, possessing technology and resources far greater than anyone else in this disaster. RISE is already aware of The Potential and is actively trying to weaponize it against this new threat using any means they deem necessary to preserve the greater good. But this also might mean doing something... less than savory... if it means an overall better result.

Rank 1 Favor Benefit - Fringe Benefits
The Rosencrantz Institute of Supernatural Entities considers you to be a part of their collective, either as someone with potential they can use or as an employee in your own right. You have the access code to the RISE facility and can move about common areas as long as you wear your badge, but most projects and areas you are not directly involved in are restricted. RISE associates enjoy the benefit of anyone within RISE: access to advanced scientific and supernatural prototypes.

Last Bastion
Guardians of the People

In humanity's darkest hour, when things are bleakest, sometimes all you really have is the people around you. With everyday citizens caught in the mix the U.N. can't save them all and can anyone else really be trusted with public safety or are they only dealing with the apocalypse with their own goals in mind? Last Bastion is the collective effort of a number of public servants who are doing their best to keep people safe and cared for during the end of the world, trying their hardest to keep society from breaking down without reliance on the military that would take their freedoms away or anyone else attempting to use this situation in ways that will put someone else over the general public. They want as many people to leave this situation alive and intact as humanly possible and will make great sacrifices to do so.

Rank 1 Favor Benefit - Underground Railroad Ticket
You are recognized as helpful to the people of Neuvo Vitae and somewhat of a local celebrity. Most normal citizens will treat you favorably though they may be skittish of your supernatural abilities. You have better access to rumors and global information than everyone else does as Last Bastion members will try to keep you informed and expect you to do the same. With your Potential to fight Distortion Bleed the group has given you priority access to whatever supplies you need to protect the people of Neuvo Vitae. If your stock of healing items is under a certain amount they will fill it to that amount once per Day.

The Heralds
Disciples of The End

Of course not everyone involved in the cataclysm wants it to end so peacefully. Some people just want to see the world burn. The Heralds are a cult that accepts the apocalypse for what it is and is looking forward to all of reality being eradicated. They advocate hedonism and violence and their leader, the Grand Seer, can allegedly see the future. They are a dangerous organization that's always somehow one step ahead of the others and won't hesitate to resort to murder and terrorism to ensure that this is humanity's final hour. Only the most fanatical and insane need apply.

Rank 1 Favor Benefit - This is a Warning
With your standing within the Heralds you are more informed on what they believe and how they operate, even if you aren't a direct member. Heralds cultists will speak openly to you and you can glean advanced warning for some Distortion Events and their own actions and movements. When the Heralds are conducting disruptive activities they will keep you informed enough to not be involved at the epicenter of the chaos and will not consider you a target or a threat.

Templar's Heel
Warriors of Divine Order

Mont Santa Fantasma has a secret history behind it spanning ages and ages back. There exists an order of Templars that protect Neuvo Vitae, foretold from scripture that The End of Days would begin at the base of Nostra Signora del Cielo. They have vowed to smite this coming evil of Neuvo Vitae and now it seems is the day of reckoning. Templar's Heel sees those with The Potential as either members of His exalted army or warriors of Satan during the End of Days and have pledged to fight for justice and God. They will eradicate the sins and evils against mankind without mercy.

Rank 1 Favor Benefit - Blessings of the Faith
Your Potential is recognized by the Templars and they consider you an ally in their holy war. You may freely visit El Basilico del Cielo at any time, day or night, no matter the circumstances to seek aid from them. Templar's Heel as a whole has access to divine techniques to help their initiates and keep the side of God strong, and can heal bodily injuries supernaturally faster than other organizations can. With the church's support and for a small fee they will be willing to bless you, increasing your performance in combat.

The Velvet Room
Hopefuls of Justice

Like all Persona Users your Journey is guided by the Velvet Attendants of the Velvet Room. They have vested special faith and confidence in you to live as you see fit and to guide you on your journey. Through your Awakening Philemon has shown faith that you will do right and use your Potential responsibly and in moral ways, the Velvet Room is to oversee the growth of your Potential. They are just as involved in this conflict as anyone else is and will guide you on your way. Everything rests on your shoulders.

Rank 1 Favor Benefit - Begin Thine Journey
As you first ally yourself with the Velvet Room the attendants within will seek to aid you on your own path of self-discovery. They will occasionally have tests to be passed and quests to be undertaken, and will reward you for completing them. You may use The Velvet Room as you wish and use it to communicate with other guests of the Velvet Room anonymously or not in your dreams.

The Masked Circle
Renegades of Anarchy

The end of the world is a prime opportunity to delve humanity into chaos and depravity before snuffing it out, to which The Masked Circle exists to that end. It is a gathering place in the voids of time not unlike the Velvet Room where Nyarlathotep Children and Shadow Selves can meet and plot the end of everything. As time loops and things grow more grim bleakness overtakes until, once and for all, humanity submits to its fears and weaknesses and gives in to complete and total anarchy.

Rank 1 Favor Benefit - Masked Initiate
With this newly vested power you show great promise in bringing about The End, directly or indirectly. To this effect you may retreat to The Masked Circle in the reaches beyond time as you sleep, where you can communicate with anyone else in the Masked Circle anonymously or conspicuously to plot and scheme. In Neuvo Vitae you may call upon an alternate form to mask your identity and hide your involvement in events. While disguised in this form you do not gain Favor or Ire from anyone who does not know your true affiliation, but you can earn it later if you reveal your involvement.

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Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch]   Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] EmptySat Sep 28, 2019 9:37 pm

The Weavers of Fate

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 9341aa7d3623d91001497190aeee3bd8a53587ea9a9b80c8349f5cd45ff66224_thumb

The Child


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] B95b09ea057a6baa032e2e5a0268d4c11560868474_full

The Protector


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Xwm9jch0ox931

The Rescuer


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] AN66SAzgKfp8trkwU2J8jJEbJDz9S8XFrT0T1ekkBw=s900-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no

The Servant


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Kuranosuke-Koibuchi-Princess-Jellyfish-rainbow-unicorn-40444825-720-960

The Novel


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Latest?cb=20100929213559

The Master


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Hqdefault
The Brave


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 2d83aec0e58d96ffd0871a6678ba7037

The Student


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Uraraka.Ochako.full.2270789

The Cheer


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Xanxus.full.461742

The Oppressor


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Medusa_%28Soul_Eater%29

The Enigma


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Sakura-san-no-Ashimoto-ni-wa-Shitai-ga-Umatteiru

The Forlorn


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 8d15aff61197d4a891e625bab5398f79

The Devoted


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch]

The Healer


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Fujimoto.Shirou.600.1778587

The Misguided


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 809a925b3fef42e1e1eef7236848c370

The Righteous


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] DySN5zMV4AA5sCo

The Librarian


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 346653-specter

The Prodigy


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 1309b1528cef011dfb1235d371ef56e6

The Professional


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 252?cb=20140803090256

The Caretaker


Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Hqdefault

The Sword


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Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] D9b73f47e75b61120117411f5f3f5d23

Dressed to Kill

In Italy fashion is everything and what you wear can be just as important as who you are. The impression given off to others is apparent at first glance and you'd rather be a powerful mover and shaker with the look to match rather than a slovenly thug at the bottom. In Neuvo Vitae it can also save your life. Looking good means feeling good and feeling good means living to see another day, and Il Meglio Vestito will be your suave survival guide with only the cutting edge fashion you won't be caught dead in. Or caught dead at all.

Custom Equipment Makes Its Encore

Just like in Endymion materials and forging custom equipment will remain as a mechanic but will be greatly expanded upon. With new materials and even greater earning potential everyone will be granted the privilege to craft their own custom equipment. But it's more than that. Within the style capital of the world how fresh your gear is will be more important than ever before.

NEW MECHANIC!: Ask the Expert

What better person to ask about fashion than a fashion designer? If you're itching for a new piece and unsure of what will complete your outfit you can ask the seamstress to recommend equipment for you based on what you currently have. They will suggest a handful of items that they can make with whatever you bring them! However they cannot do this infinitely or without new material to work with, and if you're unhappy with their suggestions it's unprofessional to ask for more without suggestions of your own.

NEW MECHANIC!: Alterations

Getting tired of that same old look? Is that protective arm guard you made not doing it for you anymore? Don't have the moolah to make another from scratch? Worry no more! You will be able to upgrade the effect of your equipment for a fraction of the cost it would take to make it brand new. You will also be able to modify your equipment's appearance, even changing which equipment slot it's in. But there are limits! Anyone can freely upgrade their equipment's effects or make an effect more powerful up to the maximum they can support with their Tier of materials. You can even add additional different effects to the same piece of equipment, however once you add a different effect you may no longer modify that item any further and you may only do so for one piece of equipment. This is your Signature Flair. You may alter the look of your equipment item for a small fee and any piece of equipment can be turned into an equip for the Accessory slot, but not back again.

NEW MECHANIC!: Set Bonuses

Everyone knows that the key to looking stylish is to coordinate your outfit. By wearing equipment using the same elemental materials, you will get a small bonus effect for matching. When you make equipment it will cost base material and other materials depending on the effect of your equipment. Wearing several pieces with the same material type will show in your style and will give you a small boost in your survivability as a result. Different types of materials will have different effects and not all of them will give the same bonus or even have the same requirements for a matching set. There's also a unique and dashing Avant Garde flair. To be Avant Garde none of your equipment can use the same materials, but you will receive a different type of boost. You can only have one set bonus at a time, of course you can only really rock one style at once. Unless you happen to be a member of the fashion elite, that is...

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] 8bfa28db8144f4acdbc0d42f40659e62

Eat to Live, Live to Eat

Fashion isn't the only thing Italy is famous for, it's a world of culinary expertise! Family recipes are held as long-standing secrets and the success and failure of a restaurant is all on their reputation. The right touches, the right flavors, and the smallest splash of something can turn an ordinary dish into a legendary one and you can be part of that tradition.

Cooking Returns Better Than Before!

In Neuvo Vitae gardening and cooking will be more accessible to players and offer powerful bonuses in battle. By combining the right ingredients it's possible to create something stronger than the sum of its parts. Through experimentation and optimization you can find the best combinations to appease your hungry palate.


Gardening will now no longer require a dedicated time slot in order to grow fruits or vegetables that you plant, they will now grow on their own as long as you choose to plant them. Gardening plots as a whole will be much cheaper and methods will exist to grow them faster, as well as a larger selection of seeds to plant. With a green thumb and the right dedication you can grow just about anything, and you'll need a wide variety of ingredients.


With ingredients you grow yourself, find, or purchase you can craft incredible dishes that will give you the edge you need when facing down the end of the world. Combine different ingredients to empower their base effects and add completely new effects on top of that, the wait and price will surely be worth the effort. From defense and HP boosts to elemental resistances a hearty meal can make a serious difference. Eating a professionally-crafted meal at one of Neuvo Vitae's fine restaurants will empower you for the entire day, all day, although there are different ways to enjoy the taste of Neuvo Vitae.

NEW MECHANIC!: Cuisine To Go

For the same price you can also get your food To Go. Not as filling, the duration isn't as long as a sit-down meal and will wear off after a number of battles as you burn off the calories. But you can dive into another To Go bag. Not all meals will be To Go but you can easily swap between your meal effects by having whatever you need on hand, but be warned! Eat it quickly. Leftovers don't last forever.
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Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] JsNE

Not the Fight You Remember

As with all other things in Neuvo Vitae the combat system is undergoing some changes and additions and removal of skills. With the additional Mutated Elements and variety also comes new base skills to experiment with, removal of some old out-dated ones, and tweaks to the battle system as a whole.

The Combat System

  • Psychosis, as an Endymion exclusive skill, will not be returning to Neuvo Vitae. Even if you Mutate a similar element it cannot be Psychosis.
  • Counter skills no longer trigger on attacks reflected back at you, either from an enemy Reflect affinity, Tetrakarn, or another Counter skill activating. However you can stack Counter skills up to a 60% activation rate.
  • Skills that "drain" such as Virus Breath or the Drain skill do not require a roll to hit in PvS.
  • Multi-attack skills that can cause Ailments only roll for their Ailment once per target, not once per attack. Attacks that can potentially cause 2 or more Ailments trigger their Ailment in order of the roll, so the first roll to succeed is the Ailment that is applied. Ailments that are part of the attack itself (like Holy Arrow) are always rolled first.
  • Out of sight, out of mind - Enemies can move around in Patrols and other events, and players will not know where enemy stars are if they are not currently looking at them or around the corner from them (except for some bosses).
  • Skills "strictly for support characters" are no longer restricted.
  • Instant Kill attacks bypass Endure and Enduring Soul.
  • All Tactical Support skills are now on a global cooldown. Which means if a someone uses a Tactical Support skill with a cooldown, everyone must wait for that cooldown to finish before that skill can be used again.
  • Skills that are Ranked Up by using a card or something else can now be a skill within that same family, not just a direct upgrade of the skill. So a Ranked Up Fire skill can be any Fire skill of the new tier, or an Enhance skill can be any Enhance skill. The same applies for Mutating skills or changing them to Almighty.
  • Forgotten now have a different capstone ability.

Removed/Changed Skills

Alarm Refresh | A skill only for strictly support characters. If an alarm goes off in a dungeon from a failed hacking/pick locking attempt, this skill will allow you to silence it once before back up arrives. This can only be used once per dungeon. | 10 SP | Tier 1

Scout | A skill only for strictly support characters. When used it allows the character to initiate Negotiations with the enemy via Remote View. Normal negotiation rules and stipulations apply. | 15 SP | Tier 2

Scout+ | A skill only for strictly support characters. It functions the same as Scout, however, it also enables the user to talk to enemies of up to three levels higher than them. | 30 SP | Tier 4

Remote Heal | Allows user to cast recovery skills on party members without needing to be within their exact location. [Must be in same dungeon/topic] | Passive | Tier 4

Makara-Break | Null a single enemy's Makarakarn. | 55 SP | Tier 4

Tetra-Break | Null a single enemy's Tetrakarn. | 55 SP | Tier 4

Life Drain | Drains 30 HP from one enemy. | 3 SP | Tier 2

Spirit Drain | Drains 30 SP from one enemy. | 3 SP | Tier 2

Growth | Increase all base Tiers of your skill slots by 1. If supporting a team, each use and enemy defeated counts towards your rank ups as well. You may only have Tactical Support Skills on your skill set for this skill to take effect. | Passive | Tier 1

Dungeon Scan | Allows users to sense Shadows/Persona-Users (anyone with a Persona) within twenty squares of their current location in a dungeon and displays where an enemy will move next turn. When used out of a dungeon, this scan has a radius of 15 meters around the user. The range of this skill stacks the more times the user has it under their Persona. Both inside and outside of dungeons scanned entities are revealed for 3 turns. | 15 SP | Tier 2

Baisudi | Removes an elemental ailment from one ally. | 3 SP | Tier 1

Mabaisudi  | Removes an elemental ailment from all allies. | 6 SP | Tier 1

Evade Light | Increases success rate of evading Light magic by 30% [PvS Exclusive] | Passive | Tier 2

Evade Dark | Increases success rate of evading Dark magic by 30% [PvS Exclusive] | Passive | Tier 2

Resist Light | Resist Light based skills. | Passive | Tier 4

Resist Dark | Resist Dark based skills. | Passive | Tier 4

Added Skills

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Slash

Guillotine | Inflicts Moderate Slash damage to one opponent. Attack power is boosted by 30% if the target is inflicted with an Ailment. | Tier 2 | 13% HP

Rising Slash | Inflicts Heavy Slash damage to one opponent. Attack power is boosted by 50% when used during a Baton Pass. | Tier 3 | 18% HP

Deadly Fury | Inflicts Severe Slash damage to one opponent. Attack power is doubled when used during a Baton Pass. | Tier 4 | 22% HP

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Strike

Brain Shake | Inflicts a Moderate amount of Strike damage to one opponent with a 20% chance of inflicting the Charm ailment. | Tier 2 | 15% HP

Skull Cracker | Inflicts a Moderate amount of Strike damage to one opponent with a 20% chance of inflicting the Panic ailment. | Tier 2 | 14% HP

Arm Chopper | Inflicts a Heavy amount of Strike damage to one opponent with a 30% chance to lower attack by 30% for 3 turns. | Tier 3 | 18%

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Pierce

Hailstorm | Deals light Pierce damage to all enemies. | Tier 1 | 9% HP

Myriad Arrows | Deals a large amount of Pierce damage to all enemies twice. | Tier 3 | 20% HP

Death Touch | Deals a large amount of Pierce damage to one opponent, with a 40% chance of Instant Kill via Mudo against enemies suffering from a mental ailment. | Tier 3 | 19% HP

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Gun

Double Down | Deals a small amount of Gun damage to one enemy twice. | Tier 1 | 8% HP

Snipe | Inflicts a small amount of Gun damage to one target. In PvS this attack can't miss. | Tier 2 | 10% HP

Blast Arrow | Deals a large amount of Gun damage to one enemy and reduces their buff duration by one turn. | Tier 3 | 19% HP

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] If63v9

Drain | Drains 30 HP and 20 SP from one enemy. | 6 SP | Tier 2

Lifesteal | Drains 60 HP from one enemy. | 4 SP | Tier 2

Dream Devour | Drains 40 SP from one enemy. | 4 SP | Tier 2

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Light

Kouha | Inflicts a small amount of Light damage to one enemy. | Tier 1 | 3 SP

Makouha | Inflicts a small amount of Light damage to all enemies. | Tier 1 | 3 SP

Makouga | Inflicts a moderate amount of Light damage to all enemies. | Tier 2 | 12 SP

Kougadyne | Inflicts a large amount of Light damage to one enemy. | Tier 3 | 12 SP

Makougadyne | Inflicts a large amount of Light damage to all enemies. | Tier 3 | 24 SP

Nirvana | Inflicts a severe amount of Light damage to one enemy. | Tier 4 | 30 SP

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] I3ywd5

Eiha | Inflicts a small amount of Dark damage to one enemy. | Tier 1 | 3 SP

Maeiha | Inflicts a small amount of Dark damage to all enemies. | Tier 1 | 6 SP

Maeiga | Inflicts a moderate amount of Dark damage to all enemies. | Tier 2 | 12 SP

Eigadyne | Inflicts a large amount of Dark damage to one enemy. | Tier 3 | 12 SP

Maeigadyne | Inflicts a large amount of Dark damage to all enemies. | Tier 4 | 24 SP

Eternal Black | Inflicts a severe amount of Dark damage to one enemy. | Tier 4 | 30 SP

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Heal

Recarmdra | Revives all KO'd allies with full HP. KO's the user. [Does not trigger Endure or Enduring Soul] | Tier 3 | 60 SP

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Support

Tetraja | Shields party from one instant kill attack. | Tier 3 | 40 SP

Dekarnda | Nulls a single enemy's Makarakarn and Tetrakarn. | Tier 4 | 45 SP

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Passive

Survive Hama | 50% chance to survive a Light Instant Kill attack with 1 HP [PvS Exclusive] | Passive | Tier 2

Survive Mudo | 50% chance to survive a Dark Instant Kill attack with 1 HP [PvS Exclusive] | Passive | Tier 2

Null Hama | Nullify Light Instant Kill attacks. | Passive | Tier 4

Null Mudo | Nullify Dark Instant Kill attacks. | Passive | Tier 4

Sleep Boost | Increases odds of instilling Sleep by 25% | Passive | Tier 2

Despair Boost | Increases odds of instilling Despair by 25% | Passive | Tier 2

Life Aid | Restore 25% HP after battle [PvS Exclusive]. | Tier 2 | Passive

Spirit Aid | Restores 10% SP after battle [PvS Exclusive]. | Tier 2 | Passive

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Skill_icon_tactical

Risk Management | The supported team cannot be ambushed and always acts first [PvS Exclusive]. | Tier 2 | Passive

Renewal Ray | Restores 20% HP to one ally. Can be used on Alt Cast. | Tier 3 | 12 SP (Tactical Support)

Soothe | Cures one ally of all mental Ailments. Can be used on Alt Cast. | Tier 3 | 15 SP (Tactical Support)

Purify | Cures one ally of all physical Ailments. Can be used on Alt Cast. | Tier 3 | 15 SP (Tactical Support)

Prayer | Restores 30% HP to all allies. Can be used on Alt Cast. | Tier 4 | 32 SP (Tactical Support)

Coordinated Assault | Ally can act anywhere in the turn order next turn. | Tier 1| 4 SP

Turning Tide | Move all buffs and debuffs on one ally to another ally (excluding yourself). Does not affect buff/debuff duration. | Tier 2 | 12 SP

Adverse Resolve | Removes debuffs from one ally. Can be used on Alt Cast. 3 post cooldown. | Tier 3 | 24 SP

Orb of Power | Grants ally Tarukaja. Can be used on Alt Cast. 3 post cooldown (cooldown applies to all Orb skills). | Tier 3 | 32 SP

Orb of Haste | Grants ally Sukukaja. Can be used on Alt Cast. 3 post cooldown (cooldown applies to all Orb skills). | Tier 3 | 32 SP

Orb of Protection | Grants ally Rakukaja. Can be used on Alt Cast. 3 post cooldown (cooldown applies to all Orb skills). | Tier 3 | 32 SP

Emergency Shift | Switch one ally in battle for another one in Alt Cast (including yourself). [PvS Exclusive] | Tier 2 | 20 SP

Final Guard | Take all damage for one ally this turn. 3 post cooldown. | Tier 4 | 40 SP

Trafuri | Flee the current battle with a 100% success rate. [PvS Exclusive. Bosses may be immune.] | Tier 2 | 25 SP

...and more skills to be found and created!

Neuvo Vitea [Main Plot Pitch] Tumblr_o1kpnmMZ1f1uqrfrco1_500

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Where You Want Them

With everyone wanting something different from the time loop it's only inevitable that those with the Potential will come into conflict, and in Neuvo Vitae everything has changed. In Neuvo Vitae Player Versus Player conflict will have lower stakes when you can defy death so easily, but that does not mean your opponent will be much easier to finish off.

Attacks with a higher percent boost to them will still outclash smaller attacks, but the percentage of clash potential of the smaller attack will reduce the power and speed of the more powerful attack. So an Agailao with its 50% boost from its Tier will still run over a Zio with Elec Boost, but it will only do base damage +25% total and the attack will be slowed down to a degree. The closer your attacks are to matching the more you can slow an attack down, and a slow enough attack may allow you to dodge it creatively. More attacks in a clash can further reduce the attack potential of a stronger attack and its speed, but the stronger attack cannot be outclashed. It can only result in a draw at best.

Your affinity will also affect how much an attack's other properties affect you if they try to move you or disorient you. If it is your Weakness they may be more easily able to overpower you, but if you are Strong to them you can stand your ground and Blocked elements will leave you unaffected. The destructive capability of your skills will also vary dependent on their Tier and potential, with higher percents able to destroy hardier or larger objects. Soulbound weapons have a Tier 1 destructive potential, which is affected by Dex boosting Arcana and skills but Soulbounds never clash.

But What If I Lose?

If you lose a fight in PvP combat, depending on what happens you may or may not fight your Embodiment of Fate which is wholly decided on how generous the other player is feeling. You can also lose items and VC. Players defeated in PvP combat can lose up to half their items and VC to the winner each time they are defeated. The winning player will choose an item they want to take in any amount as long as it is the same item. Then the losing player will do the same with an item they decide is off-limits. This will go back and forth until no items are left, and depending on circumstances the game will continue. There may be other ways to insure your belongings against player theft, if you're so worried...

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