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 Character class propositions: Demons and Stand Users

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Abel XIV


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PostSubject: Character class propositions: Demons and Stand Users   Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:48 pm

Hello there, I'm writing this from my cellphone to post it later, so I'll be brief.

I had a pair of ideas for character classes I'd like to share with you all, in hopes they are incorporated at some point to the selectable classes, these are Demons / Atma Avatars and Stand Users. I'll explain them in that order.

-- Demons and Atma Avatars are two subclasses that work the same but are the inverse of each other. Atma Avatars are humans infected with the Devil Seed, which allows them to transform into demons. Demons are exactly that. Actual mythological or religious figures that have slipped from their world and into the human one; they can adopt human forms to avoid detection. They were both brought into the world by Nyarlatothep, but are not bound to his will.

Now, on a matter of mechanics, they work a bit different than everybody else:

1) On a matter of resistances, they start with one Null and one Weak and these cannot be changed except through the use of passive skills.

2) They only have an skillset of 8 abilities that can be altered, switching abilities in and out at will when out of combat.

3) They start with 3 abilities and level up a total of 37 times, gaining 5 points for all stats and another 6 of free distribution by each level up. The first 6 skills must be tier 1, the next 12, tier 2, the following 12 tier 3 and the final 8, tier 4.

4) Levelling up is also a bit more... Complicated. Though they do not rely on Social Links, they need to consume Atma (also known as thought energy or Magatsuchi), which is obtained in small amounts by defeating and devouring enemies. To truly have a meaningful gain of Atma, the finishing blow must be dealt with a hunting skill. However, no matter how powerful a hunting skill may be, its power will be divided by 4 unless the enemy is under 25% total HP or if the enemy is suffering from the Fear or Panic ailments. In those cases damage will be multiplied by 2.

5) They do not have fusion attack, transformation, orgia mode or anything. Just their 8 chosen skills. In exchange they have the power to switch an ability with another one each 8 posts.

6) They do not have a soulbound weapon or a Dexterity stat, Strength determines their normal attacks.

7) Even though they are not human, they still can establish SLs with anyone, for this, they shall be given an Arcana on their apps and a 15% Arcana independent bonus on a single area. This bonus cannot be changed except through plot events.

Cool Possessing huge concentrations of thought energy, they are preferred food sources for shadows and attract stronger ones. If a Demon/Avatar is defeated in combat, they do not die, they will reform somewhere else, but will be drained of their Atma and loose the last ability obtained. This ability can be recovered by gathering the Atma that was needed to level up and obtain it.

-- Stand Users are people which, despite lacking the potential to call forth a Persona, are able to create a Stand. A Stand is the result of a metamorphosis a human soul undergoes, transforming into something similar to a Persona. These transformation may spontaneously occur when a soul is strong enough, but the most usual way is to receive a wound from an Arrow or a piece of it. The Arrows are mysterious objects that were created thousands of years ago with the rests of a meteorite for unknown motives and upon piercing someone, the arrow either destroys their bodies or gives birth to a Stand. Stand Users are neutral in the war between Philemon and Nyarlatothep.

1) Stand Users do not evolve. They start at the level of maxed Prime Persona Users with 8 abilities, 4 tier 3 max and 4 tier 4.

2) Stand Users do not have a fusion attack, but an special ability only usable during PvP combat and mundane situations which costs no magical energy and varies wildly. From the power to repair what was broken with punches, to creating living beings from objects and unraveling into strings, anything is possible!

3) Stand Users have an Arcana and an Arcana-related bonus.

4) Stand Users can summon their Stands with a thought and do not suffer Breaks, though all damage received by the stands is received by the User as well.

5) Stand Users can see and interact with Shadows, but cannot enter Limbo unless an exceptional circumstance or accompanied by a Persona user with who they share a maxed Social Link.

6) A Stand cannot be damaged by anything except other Stands, Personas, Demons or Shadows. However, Stands can damage physical things. The Stands are completely undetectable for anyone not possessing supernatural powers.

7) Stand Users do not possess a Dex stat, but rather depend on entirely Strength.

Cool Stands do not necessarily vanish after summom, they can remain in the battlefield as long as their masters wish.

9) Stands can rarely get any further than 3 meters from their users at any given time.

10) Stands do not possess either elemental strengths or weaknesses.

11) Stands are usually named after albums, bands or artists, rather than mythological figures.

12) Stand Users attract eachother. They are fatted to gather and, most times, fight.

As for this model, Demons are a class that is more or less equally strong as Persona Users in terms of raw power. They develop at slow rates but steadily and end up with a slight advantage in power over them, advantage that is compensated by maxed Persona Users possessing the World Arcana bonus. However, since they fight with their own power and not through summons, they have a much more limited skillset within combat and cannot change their weaknesses and strengths, not to mention they also lack special attacks and the such. They compensate this by learning more skills than any other class and being able to combine them as they wish, even modifying them within combat, therefore, even though they don't have 3-4 skillsets available at any time like a Persona User can, theirs is the most flexible of them all. When it comes to PvP battles, Demons' physical power (speed, strength and endurance) is equal to Anti Shadow Suppression Weapons.

The other class Stand Users is... Bizarre. They start out more powerful than anybody else, but are left far behind when the maximum potential of other classes has been reached, and their restrictions to enter Limbo leave them in a similar position to Attendants. Their skillset allows for tremendously powerful abilities, but is completely rigid, what leaves Stand Users unable to adapt to any situation... So, what's the point?...

Skill in PvP. That's what this class is all about. In this class, normal abilities do not matter, what really makes a difference is the personalized power they all possess. A Stand User is bound to face much more powerful enemies than himself, and to overpower them, he must master this ability to make up for his lack of raw power. If he exploits his resources with intelligence and creativity, he will be able to triumph, if not, he will be sure to die.
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PostSubject: Re: Character class propositions: Demons and Stand Users   Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:26 pm

Considering this is a Persona based site, we're going to be strict on the classes. Things such as this could be allowed in a side event situation but main plot we'd make sure they'd stay seperate. So if you have an idea for a side plot or event you can Let us know but for the main plot we're keeping it simple.
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The Tormented One


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PostSubject: Re: Character class propositions: Demons and Stand Users   Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:46 pm

I'm down for the whole Demi-fiend/ become a demon sorta thing for Tokonosu. However the Stand Users thing, WOMP WOMP. Not about that life! Fooly Cooly, Furi Curi
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PostSubject: Re: Character class propositions: Demons and Stand Users   

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Character class propositions: Demons and Stand Users
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