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All templates on the site have been updated, and this also includes the rules aswell. When referring to the rules, please disregard any that say "Old" or "Obsolete" as we are no longer using those rules for the Endymion Plot. Oh, don't be mistaken! I love breaking the rules! But in this case, follow them or erasure!

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 Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea)

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Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea) Empty
PostSubject: Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea)   Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea) EmptySun Nov 11, 2018 3:31 am

[I would like to preface this post by saying that at this precise moment I am new to the game. I'm learning quickly, but this plot's more mechanic elements are ideas that are very likely to change as I experience more of the game and plot of Endymion. My chief goal in this has been to respond to the reality of Endymion, by offering a plot that will, either after Endymion or as a potential side path to it, be different in tone and tempo than the previous plot (and hopefully, from the plots that came before it). So, please read what I have so far, and post any question/comments/considerations you think are appropriate. Keep comments constructive please. If you just straight up don't like the idea, then don't vote for it when the time comes.

So without further adieu, Diamond City Daydream.]




“Diamond City was prosperous even before the Shadows came. Nobody knows why the dark creatures rose up out of the water and out of the earth, but we remember the carnage they wrought.

In those days, there were only three layers to the city, if you'll believe it. The other seven layers have all been built up in order to continually stay ahead of the threat from below. Now, those first three layers of the city have been claimed by the Shadows as their territory, and only the brave Divers can go down to face them. If they ever fail in their duty, god help us all.”

75 years ago, Diamond city, an island city in a small archipelago off the coast of southern California, was besieged by creatures known as Shadows. No one is sure why, but on that day everyone could see them. Now, it is quite well known that only Divers, those who have awakened with the power to fight against the Shadows, are allowed to enter that place. They do so to salvage supplies, and to take the fight to the creatures who constantly push to take higher ground.

For years, life was struggle and worry, fighting for survival. Those who were powerless could only do their best to keep to their daily lives. As time wore on, and the city rose higher and higher, it became apparent that people could not live in this fear and content worry. So, over time, it became a game. The Divers separated themselves into guilds, wore colorful costumes in public, and their techniques and abilities, as well as their achievements, were released to the public in the form of the Devil Diver's Almanac.

Devil Diving, as the survival-tactic turned sport would soon be called, grew in popularity until a company, Latticeworks, created a way to capture the powers of the Persona, and the appearances of the Shadows, on Camera. Suddenly, people could see the fights as they raged. It was exciting, but also devastating. There was only one “season” of Devil Divers, and it ended with an entire party and the cameraman being brutally devoured on screen. That was nearly 50 years ago. For a while, the people returned to reading the Almanac, with a new and solemn Clarity of what their saviors faced.

While Divers continued to delve into the shadows to protect the citizens, Personas were not seen by the populace again until the invention of the Crux Games. To further distract the people from their peril, the Divers suddenly had a new facet to their jobs. They fought against each other in a more regimented and controlled environment. The Crux Games pitted two opposing units of Divers against each other, usually in a contest between two guilds. These fights were televised, and became popular very quickly. Finally there was a safe way to celebrate the heroes of Diamond City.

As these televised fights grew more elaborate, the search for technology to show this supernatural world live to those who could only see it on television was a prime concern. In the 60th year after the arrival of the Shadows, The Latticeworks company created the first ever “Deus Eyes.” A face mounted headset that could process visual information of Shadows, Personas, and the like, and translate them for the viewing of normal people.

“View the truth of the world with your own eyes.”

A stadium was erected in the newest Layer of the city, and people would flock from every layer to see put their headsets to use and see the fights live. Since the introduction of the Crux Games, the notoriety of the Divers has increased ten fold. They are celebrities, stars and idols to the children of Diamond City, and a beacon of hope.

Still, there are those who seem unsettled by the sheep-like adulation of the public toward the Divers guilds that vie for their attention like rival idols. For the Crux Games that are televised every sunday, and for the Guildmasters who watch over it all in perfect harmony, despite their guilds competing against each other. It’s all so perfect...perhaps a little too perfect.

New Aspects


In Diamond City, exposure is everything. Do quests, raids, and competitions to get reputation points. The more reputation you have, the better sponsors you can get. You’ll get a stipend of VC every week based on which sponsors patron you. You can also acquire sponsorships through high rank SLs with certain NPCs. So get out there and make an impression!

Reputation is an important form of spoils from Crux Games, a feature talked about further below.

Seeing Things

The “Deus Eyes,” more colloquially called M2D (Mounted Devil Display), are available to most of the citizenry, and many wear them out at night to see what they can see. With the diligence and abundance of Persona Users, and others that fight the Shadows, it’s rare for Shadows to be found prowling the streets at night, but it’s not unheard of in the lower areas closer to the Devil Gate. The M2D make it hard for Persona Users and those like them to keep hidden if they choose to be, but it also makes normal people more aware of their threats.

Guilds and Teams

There are 3 guilds in the city that vie for the attention of their adoring fans. In addition to fighting shadows both outside and within the city as needed, they also compete against each other in co-op PvP scenarios called Crux Games. For the purposes of these games, and the hunting of shadows as well, players are split into teams of 5. In most cases they choose their teams themselves, but in the absence of standard members, or as needed, the guild may impose temporary members to round out the group. Teams of 4 are also acceptable, but at a disadvantage. In NA game terms, it’s a team of 4 and a 5th member that is support. In the event of a player missing for a particular mission, their character can appear as a tension. Teams of 4 players can choose to have an NPC support tension into their team as their 5th man.

Crux Games

Crux is played with two opposing teams of Fighters. Each team has four Advance units and a Support ( or support Tension). The game is played within a circular field, cut in half. Each half circle is crowned with a triangular marking where the Support player is positioned. The other players move around the half-circle as they see fit during the game.

The objective of the game is to knock all the opposing team's players out of bounds using persona skills and weapon attacks. Because the goal is to knock the opponent's out of bounds and not to do lethal harm, in many cases skills are not used directly on the targets, but as Terrain effects. During Crux combat there are strict rules in place in order to keep the game from getting out of hand. Instant kills spells are banned from use within Crux. Likewise, skills that hit multiple targets are also banned. Once the four Advance members have been removed from play, the opposing team wins. A Support player does not need to be knocked out of bounds in order to win the game. Attacking the enemy Support at a distance from your own side of the field has a base miss chance of 30%. This is in addition to other things that increase miss chance like multi-hit attacks and firearms. This penalty can increase miss chance above the normal 60% cap.

More specific Crux rules:

King Cross:


Working for the Weekend:


About Character Classes (now featuring regular folk):



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PostSubject: Placebo User Rules   Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea) EmptySat Nov 24, 2018 6:54 am

Children Playing at War

More on Placebo Users and Placebo

Skill 1: Unlocked Automatically
Skill 2: Unlocked Automatically
Skill 3: Unlocked once completing your first Crux Game, or by participating in the defeat of 5 shadows.
Skill 4: Unlocked by defeating 10 Shadows, or by Winning a Crux Game (can not be the same game used to unlock skill 3)
Skill 5: Unlocked by defeating 15 Shadows, and consuming 5000 VC worth of Placebo
Skill 6: Unlocked by defeating 20 Shadows and consuming an additional 7000 VC worth of Placebo, or winning 5 Crux Games.

Using Placebo

Placebo is a drug created and distributed by Raytech Pharmaceuticals. It is the drug used by Rogues to manage their artificial persona symptoms, but can also be used by normal, unawakened folk to experience a fraction of the power that The Awakened experience. Using Placebo can be a dangerous and addictive habit, and because of this, it's use is monitored very closely. All Placebo users are meant to be registered in the Raytech database. Each guild employs a Raytech engineer, who manages the distribution, purchase, and data collection process. Anons (unaligned Devil Divers), must register with Raytech on an individual basis.

Placebo can safely be consumed once a week, Generally on saturday or sunday, so as to be fresh for the game/mission of the week. When you take a Placebo Pill, it's effects last for one week, assuming you take no other pills. Taking more than one Pill at once results in Placebo Overdose detailed below. But it can be purchased and consumed at any point. You may purchase Placebo pills whenever you like, and have as many stockpiled as you desire. You must post in your compendium when you've used a pill, and adjust your skills accordingly.

Placebo grants the user a specific, pre-determined skill-set, based on which pill is consumed. Upon consuming the pill, there is a 10% chance that your body will exhibit a temporary physical change based on the type of pill (completely cosmetic, rolled and decided at the time of using the pill), such as a change in hair or eye color, increase in body temperature. Nothing that would cause permanent damage or that would provide a potential combat benefit.

While the skillset provided by Placebo doesn't change, the amount of skills you have access to is decided by your rank as normal. A Placebo User ranks up as any other class does, though their moveset is not as broad. The Placebo pill description will have six skills listed, and your receive them in order based on which ranks you have unlocked.

A Placebo User Rank increase gives them 4 points to each stat, and 4 points to assign as they see fit.

Placebo Overdose

Placebo Overdose occurs when a Placebo user takes a second Placebo pill when they already have one active. The Placebo User experiences a surge of psychic potential for a short time, granting them the use of both Skill sets for three turns. Any pills beyond 2 do not amplify this effect, and consuming a second pill of the same type you are currently affected by only extends the effects of that pill for another week.

For three turns, the player has access to both skill sets, rolling any necessary randomized skills immediately upon taking the pill. However, Overdosing on Placebo has a cost. Upon reaching the end of their third turn, the Mundane has used up all their potential, and loses all Persona abilities (they lose their rank up stat points, Soul Bound weapon, Skills, etc, but retain any stat boosts obtained from leveling up) until they take another Placebo Pill (which can be done on their next turn).

Clear Pills

Clear pills are the easiest pills to come by, and also the cheapest. They are also the most unpredictable. When using a Clear Placebo pill, you roll randomizers for each skill to see which other skillset the skill is drawn from. [1] Red Pill, [2] Blue Pill, [3] Green Pill, [4] White Pill, [5] Yellow Pill, [6] Black pill. The result determines which of these skillsets the slot you've rolled for is pulled from.

Colored Pills

Red Pill:
Blue Pill:
Yellow Pill:
Bronze Pill:
Green Pill:
White Pill:
Black Pill:
Silver Pill:
Gold Pill:



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Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea)   Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea) EmptyThu Nov 29, 2018 2:24 am

Fight to Live; Live to Fight

Joining a Guild

Once every year, at the start of the new year, the three guilds host an event called the Crucible. It is a televised event where a sortie of hopeful new Devil Divers compete not for victory, but to stand out to various guilds for selection, as well as to potential sponsors for sponsorship. A single recruit may receive or request commissions for more than one guild, but they can only sign on to a single guild, as different guilds value different aspects.

The structure of the event changes from year to year, to keep the event entertaining, and to keep new recruits on their toes. It takes place not in the Crux Arena, which is on the highest level of the city, but in the Crucible Arena, on the lowest floor, closest to where the demons prowl. There is reason for this. In order to test the recruits against more than just their peers, the recruits are pitted against live shadows. It's the only time most people ever get to see actual Shadow fights, which builds even more hype over the event. Of course, new recruits are aware of the dangers, they are not sent blindly into the devils' den.

Although the Crucible takes place once a year, it is still possible to join a guild at other times, in a smaller, closed Crucible session. These sessions usually only involved a single or small group of new recruits, and the representatives of the group they are vieing for membership in. If more than one guild have new applicants around the same time, they may choose to hold their closed review session at the same time. Closed Crucible sessions are not televised, and have less chance of growing report with sponsors.

Guild Facilities

Training | all Guilds are equipped with all the necessary training equipment and programs you could hope for, and then some. Lion Heart is known for having the best training facilities. Even a virtual simulation room that simulates shadow battles. Doing well in these training missions will spread word of your Guts.

Food and Living | while it is not required to live in the Guild Apartments, many divers find it is the most convenient and cost-effective thing to do. Guild facilities offer a large selection of cafeteria and dining options, many of which are open to the public (and other divers) but not all. Some enjoy fraternizing with the citizenry and others do not. Vanguard is known to have the best food and the most lavish living areas, and lunches their are especially spectacular, sometimes featuring live shows or meet-and-greets with Popular Vanguard members. Spending a day enjoying fraternizing with the public on Vanguard's cafeteria earns you (as a vanguard member) Showmanship.

Schooling | Not all Shadow Divers are high school graduates, and even more seek higher learning. Every Guild has facilities and faculty geared towards schooling from the later years of high school onward, but Dauntless is said to have the most rigorous regimen of all of them, requiring their members to take some kind of class or home a skill outside of Dives and Crux games. Taking classes on the Dauntless campus generates Strategy reputation.

Reputation AMENDED

Reputation is an important mechanic in Diamond City. It's your literal gateway to fame and fortune. As you complete activities, meet with sponsors, and perform heroic deeds, you will gain Reputation points. Depending on your Reputation points, your rank will increase. At the start of each new week, you will receive a Stipend of VC based on your Reputation rank. Your Rank will also determine your basic quality of life in Diamond City. Your residence may rise from one level of the city to the next or more each time you rank up. Your backstory and occupation may affect your quality of life positively or negatively as you might expect, this is simply a guide line for how well you could live as a Diver.

Rank D | 0 Rep | No-name | 0 VC/week
People starting out as Divers have no reputation to sell themselves with, and as such receive no support from sponsors. If they are lucky enough to have contacts in Diving, they may begin with lodging in the Guild Campuses. Most Early-stage and aspiring Divers live off campus, and work full or part time jobs to cover their living and expenses, using their weekends to dive or Crux in attempt to garner favor. Even those who have the fortune to start in the Campus dorms usually have part time jobs. Food and equipment aren't free, you know. It's a dog-eat-diver world out there.

Rank C | 30 Rep | Up and Comer | 1200 VC
Up and comers have sponsors and are starting to make enough money from them to make headway into their diving Career. At this level, many divers are still working part time jobs to cover expenses, and most have earned enough reputation within the community to be offered a campus housing arrangement with the Divers Guild that they are a part of.

Rank B | 80 Rep | Rising Star | 2500 VC
The Money you earn at this level isn't fantastic, but it's enough to live off of outside of campus without needing a job or anything else to pay the bills. Rank B funds full-time diving in it's entirety, with a little extra for saving or leisure.

Rank A | 140 Rep | Fan Favorite | 4000 VC
The Fan Favorite makes good money, it's enough money to live an extravagant live style week to week and still have a bit left over. For those who choose to be miserly with their spending, however, Rank A can be a great way to make enough money to live off of for a very long time.

Rank S | 200 Rep | Hero | 6000 VC
The Amount of money a Hero earns from being Rank S is not just enough to live off of, but enough to live prosperously. Many Hero-level divers are able to fund their retirements off of a few years' service at this level.

(These Figures are subject to change)
The stipend hits at the end of the week, on Saturday, so the money can be used to purchase provisions for Sunday's games.

Judgement, The Social Link of Teamwork.

In Diamond City, players have the choice of joining in a team. Crux is a team sport, and while teams can fluctuate based on the availability of certain members, they always fight better when they are together as a team. They build trust with each other, understand each other. And in doing so, gain access to a special Social Link. The Crux Team Social Link of the Judgement Arcana.

Each character can be in only one Team at a time. Established teams, once accepted, will be listed in a specific board once (if) Diamond City goes live. In order to form the Judgement Arcana social link, you must be accepted by the team. In other words, nobody on the team can be against your presence there. They don't necessarily have to all like you, but they can not dislike you. The point is that you're growing as a team and learning to work together.

The Judgement Arcana Social link will gain rank ups as any other social link would, gaining points as the team fights their way through dungeons or competes in Crux games together. Each individual in the team has a social link with the "team" not with each other. The Judgement Arcana social link does not influence individual character social links. It is considered a separate social link entirely. The benefits of this social link are tba. (likely in an addendum to this post.)

Law in Diamond City

Law and legal decisions are made by two branches of government in Diamond City. The Devil Diver's Union presides over matters between Divers and themselves, and the Diamond City Police Department charges crimes that involve Devil Diver aggression towards general citizens. The DCPD also reacts to Dueling, which is highly illegal. The DCPD's commissions have the authority to temporarily and permanently suspend a Diver's Diving license, and investigate matters involving Divers to the fullest extent of their power.

The supernatural abilities that Devil Divers use is dangerous and powerful, and if not kept in check, could cause major damage to the city and it's citizenry. It can be used any time day or night, and is feared by many outside the realm of the Crux Games. For these reasons, fighting outside of Crux or Dungeons, between Divers or with citizens, is harshly punished. Devil Divers are only permitted to use their Sidearms when on missions in the Underworld. Sidearms do not play a part in Crux games, and are kept in lock up when not in use one diving missions.

Scores between specific Devil Divers, or between guilds, are settled in events called Gauntlets, which are either fights against captive shadows, or one-on-one fights between Divers. These fights are not without risks, and do not happen often, but it is a Diver's right to challenge another Diver to a gauntlet, and the challenged party decides the type of Gauntlet to be played. Most typically, the Gauntlet is called to settle a score, and comes with stakes. That is, consequences for each party if they should lose or win. These usually end up being money or privileges, such as membership in a particular mission party over another member, or the cost of weaponry or merchandise unfairly damaged by the opposite party. If a guild's leaders believe that a Gauntlet was called unduly, they withhold the right to petition the Union to invalidate the challenge and thereby cancel or postpone the Gauntlet. This has been known to be done to save important members from harm before big events.



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PostSubject: Re: Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea)   Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea) EmptySat Dec 01, 2018 2:42 am

Non Player Characters NEW

General NPCs

Lord Flauros
Wheel of Forune

Lord Flauros is not a ruler, per se, but when the unsuspecting city was upturned by shadows and no one had any idea what to do, it was Flauros who first exhibited the power of the Potential, over the years he has taken a back seat to instead oversee the Devil Diver's Union. In fact, no one is really sure what his powers are. No one has seen them since the invention of the M2D, and he enjoys his secrecy. Rumors abound about his powers over the elements, or his ability to summon all manner of monstrous creatures. His true power remains as enigmatic as his strange hobbies.

Despite his eccentric manner and honestly questionable repertoire, the Lord Flauros has become the undisputed authority when it comes to persona users, the crux games, and devil diving.

Flauros enjoys things that interest him, and if you are not interesting, he will likely act as if you do not exist. You must have a high enough reputation to pique his interest... Unless he just randomly decides you're worth of an SL.


No one knows how to reach the Font of Glory other than those who are chosen to reach it's narrow halls. Somewhere in the lowest levels of the city, near the gates to the Shadowlands, is the golden fountain which can bestow power or ruin to those who enter. And it's master is the mysterious Gremora. Her horns and glowing silver eyes denote her as not human, and the unnerving gas mask she wears never leaves her face.

Gremora is just as much a mystery as Flauros is, although less is known about her. There are whispers, heard by few and believed by less, that Flauros had a partner, maybe even a lover, when the world was ending. But stories warp over time. Their forms shift and take on new meaning, and Gremora's origins are too mysterious to guess at.

She has little mind to pay the unawakened, but may be persuaded to share words with the initiated. Those who she has gifted with power are always welcome to seek her out for conversation, however trite or brief it may be.


Lycoris is a small, quiet attendant who watches over the Velvet Isles, the shops and facilities that the Velvet Room offers to those with the potential, artificial or otherwise. It is not the true Velvet Room, which is only available to those who have made the contract, but it is an extension of the same space, one created by Lycoris herself, at her master's bidding.

Lycoris is a Velvet Attendant, and through the many years she has not seemed to age at all in correspondence with the passage of time. It may be because she spends all over her time in a place that exists between dream and reality; mind and matter.

Lycoris rarely leaves the Velvet Isles, but when she does, she often does so in search of more cards. For if there is anything that Lycoris treasures, it is the Crux VS. trading card game.

With a bit of flashy Showmanship, you may just be able to convince her to spend time outside the Velvet Isles. She has also been known to grow rapport with accomplished VS players.

Compass Rose
The Hanged Man

Her real name is Rosette, but her stage name is Compass Rose. She is an accomplished diver both in the leaderboards and in Crux, earning herself the title of Free Lance at a surprisingly young age. Rosette is a bit of a work-a-holic, promising much of her time to different teams in search of her expertise in the arena of navigation and tactical support. It is said that she is capable of communicating with her team over any distance through the depths of the underrealm, and is highly sought after for her talents.

Despite her high acclaim, if you meet her personally, Rosette will seem plain, even reserved. She doesn't have much of a social life, and even during her time participating in Crux games she was never very flashy. She was brought up through the Dauntless guild, but has left the stigma behind, content to lend her skills to any Devil Diver in need. There is some talk of her having a trouble past in regards to her time in Dauntless, but few know the full story, and she doesn't seem forthright with information on the topic.

No particular SQ ranks are required to form an SL with Rosette.

Olivia Lattice

Not all Devil Divers belong to the guilds. Some find their own ways to obtain licenses and keep their freedom. Their lives are not as glamorous as those of the guild Divers, but their grittier, more honest outlooks still somehow draw people to them. Most unaligned teams pittle out and die after a little while, but Sparrow's Edge, and it's fearless leader Olivia Lattice (daughter of the owner and CEO of Lattice Corp) have managed to stay afloat in the cut-throat world that the guilds ignore.

Olivia is competitive, fierce, and loyal. She is a mechanical genius and notorious tinkerer, building drones in her free time. It is known that she offers drone services to her team at a reduced rate, simply because she enjoy's the work.

Oddly enough, Olivia does not have the potential, and does not believe in Placebo, instead relying entirely on her own personal drone, Perfect Sparrow which is modeled after herself.

Kaine Highwinde

Kaine is a dutiful officer of the law, just like his father was before him. He takes his job very seriously, but he also has a kind and understanding side. Those who know him know that he is a patient and understanding individual, and while he is a man of few words, he often happens to have the right ones when they are necessary.

Though you wouldn't know it by talking to him, Kaine is a young officer who is fresh to the force, but his upbringing and his natural even temperament would never lead you to believe this. He does not harbor unhealthy ambition or rush recklessly at danger like other officers might. He fully expects to live the rest of his days doing this, why rush ahead, when you're right where you need to be?

Kaine has a shrewd, keen mind, but doesn't begrudge anyone a conversation. You don't need any SQs to SL with Kaine.

Frank Bones

Frank is a tortured soul. Ever since his other self willingly gave himself over to him, the Shadow Self has lived in persecution. All he wants - his only desire in life - is to live a quiet, content existence selling his potions and tinctures. He runs a drug store, and often finds himself the victim of scorn from customers of all ages and creeds, because of his appearance. Indeed, it is a tragic life this poor soul leads.

Still, Frank is not without friends, despite his looks. He can be quite a friendly guy, and a helpful physician - though his skills in this area are limited. He mostly assists Divers by selling them provisions to keep up their health and strength while they do their dangerous work. Anyone who has spent any time will tell you, "Thank Franks a good guy, just takes a bit of getting used to."

Because of his slightly frightening appearance, it takes Guts to hold a conversation with Frank without being freaked out by his skeletal visage. Don't worry...he doesn't bite. Or eat brains, which he has been accused of once or twice if you'll believe it!

Lucian "Luke" Ramporte

Luke, also know as Mr. Reaper by some of his students, is a teacher and Devil Diver in the Dauntless guild. He teaches classes mostly, does a few PR events, and it is rumored he has his hands in a few different things both in his own guild, and inside the Guild, and the Devil Diver's Union. He is one of the oldest and most well known Devil Divers of the Guild, practically giving the Guild it's less than savory reputation for clever tactics bordering on the underhanded in the realm of Crux games.

Mr. Reaper is known is a hard teacher, with a gaze that can bore into your very soul. His students respect him fiercely, though there are few that would truly call him a mentor. He can be sly, coy, or crass depending on the situation, but most who know him will agree they themselves know very little about him or his personal life.

For as much as he is an Enigma, he is not hard to find, and can be found around the campus and in his office quite often, Though most tend to steer clear of him - which is exactly how he likes it. Finding a situation in which Luke will take you seriously as anything more than a student takes Strategy.

Lucas Redding

Lucas is one the junior members of the Lion Heart guild, one of the youngest Devil Divers at the tender age of 15. Despite his small stature and unimposing physique, his Persona, Galahad, provides him with a devastating amount of physical power. Lucas is hard-working, determined, and kind-hearted, always working towards his goals, but often stopping to help achieve the goals of others along the way. He believes, just like his older brother, Finn did, that the only way a devil diver survives is with a strong team.

Lucas's older brother is a source of great pride and also great sorrow for the boy. Finn Reading was the known Wild Card, and a strong Devil Diver and Crux player. Lucas looked up to him immensely. Finn disappeared two years ago on an important, but secretive mission undertaken by members of many different guilds. He, along with most of the other divers that were sent, did not return.

The incident still doesn't sit right with Lucas, and he can sometimes be seen pestering Rosette for answers regarding the mission. She was the only Diver to return alive from the mission, after all.

No SQ levels are required to SL with Lucas.

Caleb Castro

Caleb is a self-proclaimed master of Crux Versus. His look, his attitude, his interests, are all bent towards this role he has for himself. And it's not without warrant. Caleb has won the Crux Versus championship every year for the past three years.

Despite how much he would like to lead people to believe his is only a master of Versus, he is also a student, and an only child of a single mother. His winnings often are spent on pragmatic things, to help support his mother in the best way he knows how. He works hard to understand the game's Meta, and to get the best cards as quickly as he can to stay on top - without cheating of course.

Caleb is honest, motivated, and strong-willed. A loyal friend if you can get past his annoyingly one-track mind. He'll SL anyone who has beat him in a game of Crux Versus, or anyone who has won 6 matches.

Serah Richards

Serah is a fiery, opinionated girl with a lot to prove to herself and her family. As the youngest of three sisters, she has two fine examples of lives she could lead, and she battles with which path she herself should take. She covers this insecurity by powering through whatever situation greets her, and does her best not to talk about her problems to others.

Despite her attempts not to talk to others about her feelings, it's easy enough to unlock her heart for one whose problems are similar, and she has a habit of confiding in people after they crack her shell.

Serah exudes an air of competence and skill, despite her inward turmoil, and it takes Guts to strike up a casual conversation with her.

Alexis "Alex" Richards

Alex is an accomplished Devil Diver, despite her young age. She is the first in her family to be born with Potential, and she takes the mantle very seriously. She is kind, helpful, and studious, but rarely opens up to people on a personal level. She never begrudges anyone a conversation, and is always willing to help the students with their studies.

Alex is learning the ropes of teaching within the Lion Heart guild, and puts a lot of time and effort into her work. She is still an active diver, however, and is known to join Lion Heart Diving groups that need extra members.

Alex is feminine at heart, even as a warrior, and does her best to balance this part of her life. Though she will admit that she could use more female friends to go shopping with. It's just not the same alone.

Alex will form an SL with anyone who avidly attends her Classes, or anyone whose team she has completed a Dive with.

Alexander Marquee

Alexander is a man who has worked hard for everything he has. He began his career as a Placebo User, until forming a pact with a demon weapon. He values honor, diligence, and constant adherence to the Vanguard code of arms. While Vanguard is often regarded as the "pretty" guild, Alexander reminds students and peers that it is more than appearances, it is presence. Mind, body, and spirit, bent towards showing the masses that their protectors are competent and present.

Perhaps his most fervent belief, one that he frequently shares with his students, is that the Guilds are three branches of the same tree. They are rivals, but as much as they seek to overcome each other, so also do they push each other to excel. Alexander is chivalrous, honorable, and accepting of other guilds' practices, and he expects the same from his students. He has a reputation for being a difficult teacher, but most of his expectations are put in place to make sure his students succeed in the unforgiving world of Devil Diving.

You must prove your Showmanship for this man to take notice of you above the other students under his tutelage.


Doll is an ASSW, and even among them is is quiet and unassuming. She is the heaviest hitter on the "Free Gears" Crux team, and the many say she is the reason the team has made it as far as they have in the Crux circuit. Doll exhibits a human like innocence and confusion in many of her PR videos (hosted mainly by CL♥️VER, oddly enough) though it's hard to say if that is part of the video, or Doll's actual personality.

The robot's creator and history are mysteries, even to those who play on her team. No one seems to be able to get close to her or find out more about her.

With the right amount of Guts or Strategy you might be able to pry yourself into her mysterious and solitary life.

Aliya Monroe

Aliya Monroe, also known as "Canary" or "Siren" to some, is a Devil Diver from the old days of Devil Diving. Years of experience have tempered her into the visage of a collected and soldierly warrior, but underneath the calm, a storm brews. In her youth, Aliya was known for passionate bursts of strength both in Crux matches and in her daily life. Despite being raised as an upright, measured, and composed member of an old family, Aliya was always wild at heart, and was able to unleash that wildness in Crux, or even more so during Devil Dives.

Aliya inherited a powerful Mirage Spirit, Boudica, who has been watching over a member of her family for the last three generations. Aliya does not plan to continue the family line, but it is possible she may pass Boudica onto a willing and worthy successor sometime soon.

Aliya values tenacity and resolve, and if you display the right amount of Guts She may give you the time of day.

Bridgett Algiers

Bridgett Algiers, also known as Cordelia, is the undisputed paragon of the Devil Diving world. She remains at the top of the leaderboards for Shadows slain, and is one of the longest standing King's Cross "Kings" of all time. Her appearances are brief, but even so her many many fans adore her and follow all of her PR and social events, though she has little patience for such endeavors. She sees anything other than shadow slaying to be trivial at best, and only plays Crux to maintain her title, and as a form of training against other, hopefully worthy opponents.

She is understandably busy, but if your Reputation Proceeds you, she may just be interested in having a conversation with you. Coming to her as a fan can also be effective, as even with her vast popularity and power she can still sometimes be humbled by the people who -realistically- pay her bills.

Liam and Larissa Cruise

Liam (left) and Larissa (right) are non-identical twins whose mother and father run the TOP SHELF Game and hobby store. Liam is an incurable prankster and Larissa is sarcastic and opinionated. They have a tendency to get into trouble together, but they are not bad kids. They are friendly, outgoing, and helpful around the shop when it matters (though Liam always seems to be missing when there is stocking to do).

For every time that the two are in perfect harmony, there is another time they find themselves in bitter argument, as is the way with siblings much of the time. As a staple of the TOP SHELF atmosphere, their squabbles often end up involving the customers who know them so well.

No SQ points are required to start an SL with the twins, but a good amount of Showmanship might impress Larissa, and Liam only likes the Gutsiest Devil Divers.

Demon King Viceroy the First

Demon King Viceroy I is a demon. He doesn't hide it, and he certainly isn't shy about it. He isn't shy about anything, really. He'll regail anyone with his life story who shows interest, or who doesn't show interest. Or who happen to be in the same room when the fancy strikes.

Despite clearly being a Demon, this forceful presence is a friend of Lord Flauros. The two are often seen having lunch or tea on the town(and tend to be the only ones in the establishment at the time).

Demon King Viceroy the First is known to most people as the host of "Deep Diving with Demon King Viceroy the First," a mid-morning talk show where Viceroy interviews Devil Divers and their Sponsors about their exploits, the results of Crux games, and other miscellany about Diving life. Despite his love of talking about himself, he always seems to know what's going on with divers around the city, right down to who they're seeing romantically (which has come up a time or two, unexpectedly). He doesn't have any problems giving advice on these subjects. He's a man of the world, after all.

Those seeking an SL with Demon Lord Viceroy the First must first prove themselves in glorious combat. Not against him of course, they'd surely die, but rather in the sport of Crux. He only takes time out of his busy schedule to meet with Gutsy Divers who display the utmost Showmanship and Strategy.

Sponsorship NPCs

Reginald Fontaine

Fontaine is the Sponsorship representative for Sorcery Shores Games and Toys Co., the company that makes the highly acclaimed Crux Versus card game, as well as many Devil Diver action figures and other merchandise.

Don't let his looks fool you, he may look like villain, but he is a simple pragmatist. He will push you when needed, but he may also lend an ear to your troubles when they interrupt your performance as a Devil Diver. He understands the burden of Diving, if only in theory, and has a certain amount of sympathy to the double life they lead.

To SL Reginald Fontaine you must unlock the Sorcery Shores Sponsor.

Danette Richards

Danette Richards is an editor at Six Story Press, as well as their Sponsor Representative for Devil Divers. She is a writer of romance novels, and has been known to write erotica on occasion as well, though that is not common knowledge. Unlike her younger sisters, Danette was not born with the Potential, but she takes Placebo purely so that she can see the supernatural without the need for an M2D, claiming she hasn't found one that doesn't make her look ridiculous.

Danette is single, despite her clearly apt understanding of relationships and love. She acts as a sage when it comes to the prospect, handing out advice here and there, even going as far as to match people on occasion. Even so, none who work with her could ever say they have seen or heard about her dating anyone. Where did this woman come to understand love so well? Only her younger sister, and closest friends know.

You can only SL Danette after unlocking the Six Story Press Sponsor.

Rydia Erinforth

Rydia is a headstrong and passionate woman with a childish eagerness despite her mature appearance. What was once childish banter has become cunning and shrewd insight. Rydia is the Sponsorship Representative for the Clothing brand CL♥️VER, and does her job with fervor. She knows what she wants, and will often approach potential sponsorship clients before talking it over with the company. Luckily, she has been doing this long enough that they trust her judgement almost implicitly.

Rydia does not have the potential, but her brother, Cecil, was once a relatively well known Diver by the name of Paladin. Rosette is her niece, and she is very protective over her. She is protective over all of her "children" as well - that is all the Divers she has selected to sponsor. She has been known to make threats to those who cross her clients - and usually follows through on them.

Rydia is available to SL once the CL♥️VER Sponsorship is obtained.

Ken Groves

Ken is the Sponsorship representative for the Reytech Pharmaceuticals Company. He is an easy-going and laid-back guy who sees everyone as a friend until they prove otherwise - and even then, no one is without redeeming qualities. Ken is a pacifist, but he loves strategy games like chess and Shogi, and even has been rumored to have been seen at a Versus venue or two.

Ken likes to build personal relationships with those who he sponsors, not unlike the patient-doctor relationship shared by long-time physicians and their clients. In his free time, Ken is known to experiment with medicines and other substances, being fascinated by science and biology in all its forms. Just...make sure you don't unwittingly end up as one of his guinea pigs.

Ken can be SLed after obtaining the Raytech Pharmaceuticals Sponsorship.

James Savage

James is the Sponsorship Representative of Savage Motors. He loves all things mechanical and is a mechanic himself. He builds and even designs many of the motorcycles build by his company, but is usually found tooling around in the garage, working on the bikes he loves so much.

James's brother, Ashton, is the CEO of the company, and makes all of the executive decisions, despite being the younger sibling. James doesn't like calling the shots, but he's been known to show up at a meeting whenever Ashton needs some extra assertiveness on an issue. Between the two of them, they own the controlling shares of the company, but James prefers not to throw that weight around.

James is very aware of his strengths, and encourages the same self-awareness in the Divers he sponsors. He is honest and forthright, and has no problem telling a Diver in no uncertain terms that they are fucking up their career. He'd expect no less from someone if he was making mistakes himself - lord only knows it's been necessary once or twice in his life.

James becomes available as an SL when receiving the Savage Motors Sponsorship.

Forest Lang

Forest Lang is the Sponsorship Rep for Latticework Engineering. The only thing Lang enjoys more than doing his work well, is the power he wields when he is doing it. Lang is a perfectionist, and idealist, and an elitist. He believes that being the best or most known for something is proof of quality, but also stresses that quality is essential for becoming well known.

Forest Lang involves himself actively in the reputation of his divers, making sure they have access to all the best opportunities before other reps even catch wind of the events. "Reputation is where Crux battles are won, long before you enter the arena" is something he stresses to all his clients, and expects - demands - that those he sponsors step up to his rigorous schedules and handle the events he plans with efficiency and attentiveness. He has a reputation for being one of the best reps, but also one of the hardest to work for.

Forest Lang's Social Link becomes available only once the Latticework Engineering Sponsorship is obtained.



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It's Who You Know

Diamond City Social Skills

Social Qualities work a little differently in Diamond City. Instead of being a quality of your character's emotional capacity, Social Qualities are a measure of how other people see you. As you perform daring Crux maneuvers, defeat enemies, and overcome your challenges, you will be awarded based on your characters' methods as well as their results.

Guts | This social Quality is pretty self-explanatory. How gutsy are you? Are you willing to take risks? Can you take a hit and keep on kicking? Do you talk big, and then put your money where your mouth is? Some people will think better of your for it. After all, a devil diver has to have the courage to brave the dangers the world has in store for them without flinching. But, at the same time, being overzealous can lead to ruin.

Rank 1: Meek | 0 pts
Rank 2: Foolhearty | 15 pts
Rank 3: Bold | 30 pts
Rank 4: Daredevil | 45 pts
Rank 5: Insurmountable | 60 pts

Showmanship | This social quality has to do with style and panache. Can you strike a pose and be inspiring? or do you just look dimwitted? When you enter a room, to people notice? A showman knows that there is truth in the words "all the world's a stage," especially for devil divers. Showmanship measure your clout, how you carry yourself and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Are you a Class Act or the Class Clown?

Rank 1: Bumbling | 0 pts
Rank 2: Pretty Face | 15 pts
Rank 3: Charismatic | 30 pts
Rank 4: Head-turning | 45 pts
Rank 5: Savant | 60 pts

Strategy | This social quality is the product of careful study and understanding of how skills and the rules of the game works. Do you always use the terrain to your advantage? Make sure you're on top as often as possible? When you don't have type coverage, do you make sure your allies do? Do you work to make your team more effective, for the betterment of all? A Good strategist thinks ten moves ahead, and always sees their way out. Just make sure someone else doesn't steal your limelight when the time comes.

Rank 1: Obvious | 0 pts
Rank 2: Level-headed | 15 pts
Rank 3: Devious | 30 pts
Rank 4: Tactician | 45 pts
Rank 5: Mastermind | 60 pts


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New Class: Mirage Master

Mirages are a mysterious force, set apart from Demons and Shadows. Where Shadows and Demons are aspects of the human psyche given form and dark purpose, Mirages are the goodwill and protection of the human psyche given sentience. Mirages are loyal guardians who can only interact with the world when bonded to an individual. The Mirage bond grants the weilder their weapon (soulbound), and the ability to use skills much like that of a Persona. The Mirage is not a Persona, however. When the pact ends, the Mirage Master is rendered as a normal human again. Where a Persona is an aspect of it's user's consciousness, the Mirage is a foreign consciousness with it's own ideals and beliefs, and typically bonds with a user who shares those goals and ideals. The harmony of their souls is what gives force to their abilities, and manifests as a special resonance called a Soul Concerto. The Concerto gives life and energy to the bond between the Mirage and its master, a rising power that empowers not just the user, but also their party.

Soul Concerto

The Soul Concerto is both a mode and a special skill. At character creation, the Mirage Master creates a special tier 2 skill that utilizes their Mirage, called their Crescendo. Once the Concerto is initiated, it lasts for three turns. During these three turns, the Mirage Master may use any of their own skills, but on their last turn, their action must be used to cast their Crescendo skill. This skill can only be used during the last turn of their Concerto.

Each round while the Concerto is active, the entire party receives an increase in potency for whatever skill they use. Damage skills increase damage output, healing skills heal more, ailments have higher effect rate, Buffs and debuffs' potency are increased. The buff from Concerto increases each turn, and stacks with other types of buffs (but does not stack with the concerto buff of another Mirage Master). The first turn this buff is 10%, the second turn is 20%, and the third turn is 30%. Buff and debuff skills that are cast during the duration of the Concerto end when it does. If the Mirage master is downed or rendered unconscious during the effect, the effect immediately ends. If the Crescendo skill is not used on the last turn of the Concerto, the effect immediately ends. The Crescendo skill does not count toward skill uses to determine Rank advancement. Soul Concerto can only be used once per encounter.

Mirage Progression

Rank 1: Must be Tier 1
Rank 2: Must be Tier 1
Rank 3: Must be Tier 2 or less
Rank 4: Must be Tier 2 or less (Unlocked by defeating 15 Shadows, or by wining a 2 fights in Concerto)
Rank 5: Must be Tier 3 or less (Unlocked by using Mirage skills 30 times and wining 3 fights in Concerto)
Rank 6: Must be Tier 3 or less (Unlocked by defeating an additional 20 enemies and or using Mirage skills 30 times)
Rank 7: Must be Tier 4 or less (Unlocked by using Mirage Skills and additional 30 times and winning 5 fights in Concerto)
Rank 8: Must be Tier 4 or less (Unlocked by defeating 30 additional enemies and by using Mirage Skills 35 times.)


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Brands: What you wear matters

Branding is very important in Diamond City. When the spotlight is on you, people notice the kinds of clothing you wear, the things you're interested in, and make those things their own. The more popular you become, the more these things will come to matter. Your sponsor may ask that you wear their brand into Crux, or for a PR video.

Each Week, depending on the events of the previous week, A brand will be chosen as the Hot Brand by the Six Story Press, and wearing that brand in Crux will enhance your rep gained from Crux games you play that week. In addition, the effects of items from that brand will be increased by 10% in the Dungeon that week as well.

Brand List

CL♥️VER | One of the most popular every-day clothing brands in Diamond City, and certainly the most longstanding and most lucrative. The Clover Brand sponsors some of the top Crux players and tries to stay on top of their competition. Their apparel is often bright, modern, and sometimes a little punk or grunge, depending on recent fads. They have a special agreement and often get their own fashion sidebar in the gossip magazine Firestarter.

Memento Mori | Memento Mori is a popular brand for people who like less flashy, but still stylish and moder-looking clothes. They specialize is simple designs with muted tones, and a look that borders between Casual and formal. They also are known to make some more formal apparel as well, some of which is dated or retro in style.

Sun±UP | Sun Up is a loud brand, full of flashy colors and varying styles. They try to do what they can to give their customers a variety of eye-catching material to build their own individual look. A lot of their colorful clothing harkens back to an a more psychedelic phase in fashion, though in a tasteful way.

Tacticool | A favorite of man Dauntless divers, Tacticool specializes in military fashion, putting emphasis on function, but not ignoring the form either. You'll be surprised just how good some of this stuff looks in every-day wear (and how many amunition pockets that skirt has). Tacticool also makes things like body armor and more practical military grade wear, and is the official outfiter for Dauntless Uniforms.

Modern Savant | Taking a different route on Military Fashion, Modern Savant makes flashy, colorful uniforms that also serve their function in battle. However, where Tacticool emphasizes Function, Savant emphasizes form. If you're going to kick ass, you better look good doing it. Modern Savant started as an internal branch of Vanguard's guild that produced their uniforms and flashier equipment, but with the growth of the other guilds, they have expanded their service to members of all guilds, and even people beyond them.

iCandy | iCandy is a relatively new brand, but one that shot up in popularity with the younger generation. They feature typographic material with pop culture references and iconic media franchises. In short, they produce clothing geared towards the nerdy, media-crazed youth of Diamond City. Their shops also sell toys and action figures based on Devil Divers. get popular enough, and iCandy will probably end up selling a shirt with your face on it.

Dark • Matter | Dark Matter is famous for more gothic and victorian inspired apparel. Their motto is to take a page from the past and apply it to the future. Though most have trouble seeing past the rather obvious gothic skew that the apparel of Dark Matter offers. They also have an abundance of formal clothing, elegant and often elaborately buckled or strapped.

virtual_feel | Virtual Feel is a brand based on clashing colors, cobbled together iconography, a style known as Vaporwave that is very popular with young adults of Diamond City. Their brand carries some vintage clothing as well, many Vaporwave print outfits and grunge-inspired accessories. some of the other aspects of their shops showcase blast from the past memorabilia of retired Divers and out of print media icons.


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Diamond City Daydream (Plot/subplot idea)
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