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 Home Sweet Hideyhole [Tomomi/Cecil]

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PostSubject: Re: Home Sweet Hideyhole [Tomomi/Cecil]   Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:36 pm

Feeling a little guilty for a moment about the looks Rydia got from Cecil and Luneth, Tomomi lost the sense of guilt at the mention of cream and custard, feeling it would probably be ruder to insist against going first. "Ah, um, thank you!" the boy replied, getting some apple crumble before turning to ask where the cream was.

Upon being told and getting himself far more cream than was healthy, Tomomi sat back down with a spoon and a smile, waiting for everyone else to be sat down again before tucking in with a child like grin on his face.


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Infernal Zero

Infernal Zero

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PostSubject: Re: Home Sweet Hideyhole [Tomomi/Cecil]   Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:07 pm

The supplies of crumble and custard soon receded further as Cecil seized a healthy dose of each, sister and father opting for the pie and applying their own lashings of cream and custard. No time was wasted in digging in, Rydia not even waiting for anyone else as she started inhaling her dessert of choice the moment it was ready in her hands.

It tasted even better than it smelled.

Events continued for a while longer, food and discourse in plentiful supply as the feasting wound down. There was never any possibility of getting close to finishing off the banquet at hand, and both Cecil and Luneth were rather insistent that Tomomi take a healthy amount with him. Definitely enough he'd not find himself wanting for a while.
Cecil was the happiest he'd been in ages, positively coming alive in this moment where he hadn't before.

When Tomomi finally left, it was to a hearty farewall and a wish that perhaps, the whole thing could have gone on a little longer.
...but the feeling was quashed under the memories of the night.

The only regrets of the day originated in the bathroom, where the pained groans of a girl too greedy sang out a song of deep and boundless regret.

--> [EXIT]
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PostSubject: Re: Home Sweet Hideyhole [Tomomi/Cecil]   Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:28 pm

Originally hesitant to taking some with him, Tomomi eventually relented, not finding it in his heart to turn down the offer. The day was fun, with a few awkward moments however overall great joys. For the Japanese boy, whose first house visit this was in over 5 years, this was a good day to remember.

After taking the long walk home through the darkness, the boy let himself back into his apartment, setting the food down where it was safe for storage. Then, the sun long set, the boy laid down on his sofa bed, smiling to himself as he quickly settled down to sleep.



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PostSubject: Re: Home Sweet Hideyhole [Tomomi/Cecil]   Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:02 pm

It is moments like these that cement our Bonds on this Journey. While we may struggle on this road of Life there are moments when we also prosper and engage, we take our packs and set them down to enjoy the scenery. The joining of friends, the breaking of bread... and the acceptance of family.

Tomomi Jomyaku of the Lovers and Cecil Erinforth of strengthened their Bond. Their Social Link is now Level 7.
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PostSubject: Re: Home Sweet Hideyhole [Tomomi/Cecil]   

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Home Sweet Hideyhole [Tomomi/Cecil]
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