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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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Updated: 8/18/2017

Heya! I'm your friendly neighborhood Larsinny, a demon here to keep you updated on the current debacles going on within the site! Okay, maybe not debacles... Anyway! The Endymion Plot, our Third Main Plot, is underway! We also have our sideplot taking place called Junction! If you're a new member looking to join the new plot, you will want to choose Endymion. However, if you're interested in our sideplot, you may also join that one aswell. The choice is ultimately up to you! The Dungeon Master of the Junction plot is CWIS and the DM of the current Endymion plot is Godai and Grantus.

All templates on the site have been updated, and this also includes the rules aswell. When referring to the rules, please disregard any that say "Old" or "Obsolete" as we are no longer using those rules for the Endymion Plot. Oh, don't be mistaken! I love breaking the rules! But in this case, follow them or erasure!

Be sure to constantly check the update thread for any changes to the boards. You can find it ->Here<-

More to come


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Shin Megami Tensei and Persona belong to ATLUS. We own nothing, and have simply used their data to create a world of our own. They are the true geniuses behind the scenes.


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PostSubject: Dante...just Dante   Dante...just Dante EmptyFri Jun 08, 2018 3:09 am

"Dante...just Dante..."

Dante...just Dante Chris.Redfield.600.1129470

The Biography

Birth Name:Dante
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birth Day: 10/30
Arcana: Justice
Place of Residence: Vista Square
Academy Semester: N/A


Part/Full Time Job:  Former Infantry Captain

Dante has a very fit figure, and is a tall 6'3 wheiging 220 lb. On right shoulder there is a tattoo of an iron fist, an insignia of honor granted to him after The Blood Stained Year had ended. he is usually wearing some form of camouflage.

Personality: Dante is a very stern and assertive individual. Though quiet and reserved, he is a person who is confident and sure of himself, nda man with an unbound amount of loyalty. He has a strong sense of moral, and may be a somewhat self-righteous. He is fiercely loyal to who he deems is worth his friendship.

Ever since being let go from the Barovian Military, Dante has went to a sever bout of depression. He works out to halt it

The Potential

Strengths: (Anything your character is skilled in, such as Martial Arts/ Drawing/ etc? You are allowed a maximum of five strengths and a minimum of three.)

Strength Name: Marksmen
Description: Trained to be a sure shot, Dante rarely misses his mark.

Strength Name: Hand to Hand Combat
Description: Being in the military, Dante has learned different forms of hand to hand combat

Strength Name: Physical Condition
Description: Dante constantly exercises, and maintains his physical condition as much as possible.

((A floating Strength is a strength you've gained inRP. For example, if you were on a Kendo team for some time, you'd naturally know Kendo which is where this strength would come in. However, be aware, it will not be as strong as any of your actual strengths and is a small plus)

Floating Strength Name:

Weaknesses: (You must have the same amount of weaknesses as strengths. These weaknesses pertain to you and not your Persona. IE: Physically Weaker, lack of attention span, etc.)

Weakness Name: Stubbornness
Description: Dante is as stubborn as a mule. He will be very unlikely to change his mind once it has been made up.

Weakness Name: Solitary
Description: Dante is terrible with day to day social interaction. He is normally quiet and reserved as a civilian and doesn't take much to talking to others

Weakness Name: Foolhardy
Description: While quiet, Dante is very cocky and more than likely to underestimate his opponents, due to his overconfidence in his skills.  

((A floating weakness is one gained in RP. It could be a fear you inherited during RP, or an injury that hinders your character. Some can be temporary while others can be permanent.)

Floating Weakness Name:

Soul Bound Weapon: (This is the weapon you'll be able to summon to your hand while in combat. This weapon is special for your character specifically and allows you to fight Shadows without the need of summoning your Persona. This can be anything but a Gun (Or gun related weapon))

Weapon Name: Vindicator
Weapon Description: A large claymore with the hilt potentially resembling the Holy Cross. On the left side of the hilt, it says "Lord Protect Me." On the right it says "Light Guides Me." The blade is 47 inches and weighs 6.2 lb.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element:

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: M16
Side-Arm Description: A simple riffle.
Side-Arm Image: Dante...just Dante Xbrn177e2-landingpage-2-660x170
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Machine Gun - Muti-Round - Accuracy is decreased by 30%. Consumes 3 types of ammo at once to fire -must be same type of ammo.)

The Background

History: In the Eastern European Country of Barovia, Dante was born into the military, as part of a program where kids are trained to be soldiers at birth. He grew up in a stern environment, where he learned discipline and order, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. He excelled at all areas he trained, with the exception of aircraft operating. By the time he was 16, he was became a captain in an Infantry battalion.

Soon after, Barovia broke into a civil war. The country begin to crumble as the rebels and the loyalists became more brutal in their tactics. It was then on The Year of Red Stains happened. The Rebels had captured a Military city that was lacking in security, due to most troops focusing on the northern front, where most of the war took place. Dante’s squad, along with many others were tasked to taking back control of the city. The atrocities that happened were high, war plagued the city for almost a year, civilians were killed and atrocities were committed. Dante had his taste of what real War was. He saw the worst of mankind, but held his resolve and pushed through it, believing in his convictions. Out of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers there, including all of Dante's men. Only thirteen remained . Many deserted or were stacked among the casualties. The civil war came to an end in an armistice. Shortly after the leaders of the Rebellion were assassinated, keeping the Barovian Government in power unopposed once more. The surviving thirteen members, known as the Red Stained Thirteen. They were relieved from duty, and thusly payed for their bravery. This was not optional. Dante was told to take the money and leave the country, in an attempt to have the war forgotten as quickly as possible, ending in Endymion. From there he spiraled into a depression and took up being an alcoholic….

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PostSubject: Re: Dante...just Dante   Dante...just Dante EmptyFri Jun 08, 2018 6:45 pm

Barebones but looks pretty alright. Just got two things my dude.

1. Gonna need the dimensions of your Soulbound i.e. how big your sword is.

2. Can't have Floating Strengths or Weaknesses at character gen. You get those through RPing in the plot. You can have them as a normal Strength and Weakness but you can't start out with a Floating Strength or Weakness.
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PostSubject: Re: Dante...just Dante   Dante...just Dante EmptyFri Jun 08, 2018 6:58 pm

Edgy Chris Redfield is approved.
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Dante...just Dante
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