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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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All templates on the site have been updated, and this also includes the rules aswell. When referring to the rules, please disregard any that say "Old" or "Obsolete" as we are no longer using those rules for the Endymion Plot. Oh, don't be mistaken! I love breaking the rules! But in this case, follow them or erasure!

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PostSubject: Toryuki (Junction NC)   Toryuki (Junction NC) EmptyMon May 21, 2018 6:14 pm

A rebel is never without a cause. A rebellion is when two opposing causes clash. And I... I will be that clash.

Toryuki (Junction NC) V1Gr7A6

The Biography

Birth Name: Toryuki
Aliases: Toryuki of the FDR, Rebel scum, traitor of the empire, That Blue Lizard Bitch
Gender: Female
Age: 127, according to human measurements
Birth Day: The thirteenth day of the Third Dystoran Lunar Cycle, likely referred to as March 13 in humanoid terminology
Species/Race Name: Dystoran
Original Homeworld Name: Dystor
Arcana: The Justice
Place of Residence: The Lower Ward - Slums
Evoker: Self-inflicted bleeding - anything from a purposefully bit lip, to a slit wrist.
Academy Semester: Academy? Do rebels truly go to such a thing? (Does not go to a form of education)

Part/Full Time Job: Scavenging and scrap engineering

Appearance: Standing at 6'7, Toryuki is relatively average height for a Dystoran. Covered throughout the entirety of her body in blue fleshy scales that, from the neck up, get gradually lighter to a shade of cyan. Her neck is relatively long compared to that of a human, and her legs are bent with the knees opposite in direction to that of a human, akin to an Ostrich or dragon. If compared to other Dystoran's, one thing that would stand out is that Toryuki has no feathers where a human would expect hair atop their head, Toryuki plucking any that grow regularly as a sign of rebellion. Interestingly, those of Dystor do not have a sense of smell due to a lack of the respective sensory organ, and their "ear" is instead a large, bag like organ that can be found at the back of their head, covering the connection between the skull and the neck. Furthermore, it can be noted that the eyes of a Dystoran, Toryuki included, are similar to humans in the sense of having white sclera, however will only ever have white irises and a deep grey pupil, although mutations have been known to occur. Toryuki is not one of these mutations. Like humans, Dystorans have fingers, however including a thumb, Dystorans only have a total of four, each one being large, and flat. They make up for this by each finger having special ridges that allow for easier grip, leading to relatively no issues with hand co-ordination compared to other races. Furthermore, despite looking like a lizard, there are a few distinct differences to lizards when it comes to biology beyond the obvious heteromorphic nature. For one, Dystorans have no tails, although are like frogs in the regard that, when born they have a tail that slowly disappears as they grow. Furthermore, unlike lizards, Dystorans have different blood - not just being warm blooded over being cold, but rather than having blood that is heavy in iron, it is instead heavy in copper, resulting in a more minty appearance, and a more brittle consistency when dried. Of course, if another species were dumb enough to try tasting the blood, they would find it would taste of a mixture of copper and blood, since it is, well, blood. Lastly, the concept of gender for Dystorans is completely societal, with no distinct biological differences. This means that, while often Dystorans will stick to an identity, there are some that will find themselves as gender fluid, or just flat out ignore the definition of the gender system. Toryuki sticks to her female identity, but in reality, just doesn't give a shit beyond that.

Under normal civilisation circumstances, Dystorans would be required to wear specialised uniform relating to what their occupation is. However, as a rebel against the generic Dystoran empire, Toryuki forgoes that, instead wearing a simple brown cloak. Of course, if required, she will wear more than just the cloak, however it is often far more convenient to wear a cloak - it is not as though there is such a sense of something such as embarrassment in combat or rebellion after all. That being said, there is an attire that Toryuki will flat out refuse to wear ever - anything that could be considered uniform. Due to her roots in rebellion and fighting against the oppression of the empire, Toryuki detests the idea of uniformity over individuality, sometimes getting flat out violent when it comes to situations of dress code. Finally, Toryuki will likely refuse to wear anything that would be impractical in a combat scenario. Once more this stems from her background, a sense of paranoia leading to her believing there could be an attack from anywhere, and that she must always be ready.

Personality: Toryuki can best be described as a fighter. Of course, another word for this is being stubborn on what she believes in. That being, Toryuki entirely believes in equality, and believes in crushing any forms of oppression, big or small. This can lead to fair bits of dispute, as if she views anything she disagrees with, she will debate on whether or not murder would be the appropriate course of action. In a matter that only effects her, this is less likely, yet her sense of what is right remains the same. In terms of this anger, it is a fearsome one indeed. Rather than exploding in anger, Toryuki remembers anything or anyone that enrages her, plotting.

To any suffering, meanwhile, Toryuki only ever wishes to offer help. Even if she doesn't understand what someone suffering is saying, due to being of a different species, or perhaps not being a conversational creature, Toryuki acts protectively, using herself as a shield, and doing whatever action she believes would be best to make sure the victim is comfortable.

Still, aside from plotting, Toryuki is not adverse to diplomacy. Haven't spent most of her life in conflict, she feels that any blood shed must not be done without requirement. Needless blood is, as the name implies, needless, and so is looked down upon by Toryuki. When approaching diplomacy, Toryuki takes an approach of attempting to gauge the others intentions, and depending upon their intentions, either speaking to reach a compromise, or ruthlessly aiming for her own perspective - only on rare occasions is she convinced against continuing for her own ideal.

Outside of hostile and tense situations, Toryuki is approachable - at least outside of her intimidating appearance. She upholds herself with a sense of both pride and willingness to communicate, taking her time to understand the conversation, and genuinely holding interest in many of the topics or conversation, even if it were with someone that may be considered an enemy. In her mind, even her enemy is likely to have some form of personality, and so any chance to reach a peaceful resolution would be appreciated.

However, if made truly angry, then all this thoughtfulness leaves. Simply put, Toryuki will go in a flying rage and go after whatever set her off with lethal intent. This rage, however, tends to only occur when informed about any aid provided to the Emporer of Dystor, or other things that would result in mass suffering or the assistance of mass suffering. Because sometimes, violence just is the answer.

The Potential


Strength Name: Ruthless
Description: "You chose this path like I chose mine. You get no remorse."
Toryuki, when it comes to death, stopped caring a while ago. For this reason, she does not hesitate on any blow she tries as a killing blow. Toryuki deals 15% more damage with dex attacks.

Strength Name: Embodiment Of War
Description: "Death awaits you. Death awaits me. It's akin to a dance. Shall we partake in one of our own?"
Battle hardened and pretty violent in combat, Toryuki is, in a word, violent, and prepared to end lives for her cause. She deals 10% more damage with Light skills that deal damage.

Strength Name: Resourceful Engineer
Description: "It's the best I could create with what I had available. It functions however, so I would not complain."
Toryuki is quite good at making creations with what she has available, aided by her experience in having to do so for the sake of the rebellion - and the lack of availability with most resources. Because of this, she's pretty decent when it comes to making makeshift equipment and devices.


Racial Strength Name: Second Wind
Description: A race known for insane durability, Dystorans are known to be able to come back even from the jaws of death. This vitality can, in some cases, reach unprecedented levels of strength, with some cases recorded at being dead, and then getting up and complaining that their grave was too cramped. Toryuki is no different, having a reputation among her fellow rebels for being tough, even by Dystoran terms.

If a Dystoran takes an injury while unconscious that would lead to a fatality, the user regains consciousness and regains 5% of their HP instantly. This ability can only happen once per combat, and only if the user is attacked while unconscious, or if the damage would be otherwise fatal. In PvP, this also applies to damage that would be fatal from "normal" damage, however if it is because of "normal" or "real" damage rather than HP inflicted damage, then the user does not regain any HP.


Weakness Name: Way Of The Many Blades
Description: "You try using this many weapons. See how efficient you can be with them."
Toryuki uses a lot of swords. A significant and ludicrous amount. Getting a precise blow with such weapons is unlikely at best. Toryuki cannot crit with her dex attacks.

Weakness Name: Enraged
Description: "You dare? You DARE?!"
When angered, Toryuki is hard to calm down at best, and one that knows the right buttons can push her to the limit. Toryuki has a 10% higher chance of being afflicted by the Rage ailment, and will last an additional turn than its normal length.

Weakness Name: War Flashbacks
Description: "..."
Loud noises, such as explosions, tend to cause Toryuki to tense up, reliving the stress and strain of years upon years of conflict and deceased comrades. Even something such as a pan falling down can set her off, into a heightened state of tension.


Racial Weakness Name: Bizarre Physiology
Description: Due to the odd make up of their blood, neither heat nor cold are preferable circumstances for Dystorans to live. This in turn leads to both cold and hot being, in extremes, dangerous for Dystorans.

Both Ice and Fire element attacks have a chance to crit (10%) those of Dystoran blood. This also means that Fire and Ice attacks cannot be absorbed by those from Dystor, no matter the circumstances.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: The Hundred Blades
Weapon Description: Quite literally, this weapon consists of 100 blades, each one summoned at its individual use. Rather than use them normally however, every attack made with a blade causes it to desummon, resulting in the user being unable to consistently make attacks with the same weapon without taking the time to resummon it. This in turn leads to a fighting style that revolves around constantly using different blades, which vary from short blades such as dirks and knives, to long blades such as einhanders and katana's, the longest being a single claymore of 2m length.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element:

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: The Emperor's End
Side-Arm Description: A standard length sniper rifle that operates with clockwork mechanisms, bullets are inserted into a revolver mechanism along the left most side of the weapon, and must be manually moved every time the weapon must fire. Yet, when it does fire, the range and speed of the bullets more than make up for the time to load, making it just as good as a normal sniper despite its clearly dated origins.
Side-Arm Image:
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Sniper Rifle - Aimed Shot - Accuracy and crit chance is increased by 20%, bullets also pierce through an enemy and ignore 10% of their PEnd. Takes a turn to charge/aim before able to fire. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background

Dystor. A planet that for the past three hundred years has been under an absolute tyrannical rule – the rule of the Emperor, Jaster. Jaster, upon rising to power by murdering the entire council that had previously ruled Dystor, enacted a regime that took over the entirety of the planet with a large degree of force. The system composes of a set of castes, each one that its people are set into from childhood. Upon reaching the age of three, children are taken to what are known as ‘schools’. In these rooms, the children are forced to place their hands on the table, where Dystoran soldiers known as Trainers lash the children on the hands. Depending upon how long it takes for the child to bleed determines how high within the class system they end up, with those that are quick to bleed getting sent to the less desirable locations.

Toryuki was not one of these, originally getting sent to the station of being what are known as the Cadre – An elite troupe dedicated entirely to performing tasks commanded at the behest of the Emperor, usually in the form of crushing and making a public example of rebels. Yet, Toryuki was not blinded by the power her position got her. Quite the opposite, however, as she found herself having to murder whole families of simple citizens who did not wish for their child to be taken to school – even the children were not safe from the Emperors wrath. After putting up with it for years, what pushed her over the edge was a mission taken with one of her fellow Cadre, named Elanil. The two entered a location known as the dome, where it was rumoured an insurgence was planned to occur. The dome was a large city, however its populace was one of the few that had more civilians than soldiers – one of the worker clans, as the elite would often refer to them as. The two searched for the rebels, only to be incapable of finding any signs of rebellion. Only fear. Fear that, as it turned out, was well earned.

Elanil, frustrated with their lack of progress, issued the entire sector in quarantine, preventing the citizens from leaving. Then, upon ensuring that any soldiers had left the area, the female lizard woman burnt the entire dome to the ground, with all citizens within. The screams and sounds of burning families haunted Toryuki.

So, she acted, and the next day, Elanil was found as a charred corpse with multiple stab wounds, and Toryuki had disappeared from the Cadre’s roster. Enraged at the betrayal, the Emperor took the most logical step he could – he enforced the use of a new technology, to force the majority of the planet into an artificial ice age, with the capital and a few difficult to reach locations as exceptions. This was done in order to weaken any resistance, as a rebel within the capital was essentially dead – or sometimes worse.

Slowly, Toryuki built up a group of people that were also suffering – some which fought alongside her, others that came only as refugees. For years upon years, Toryuki operated within various cave networks. Empire gravitational tanks, weaponry, and local foliage and ores all became pieces of scrap with which she built together her weaponry and fortifications. The empire’s downfall – the scrap rebellion.

And there was one cave in particular that Toryuki worked upon solely. A singular operations base so that, if the event came where she was followed, it would not lead to the rest of the rebels. And within this cave, Toryuki set to work on creating her best weapon yet – a functioning robotic synthetic with its own personality. She had grown so close to getting the equipment together.

Then Junction arrived.

Upon having her cave become a part of Junction, Toryuki freaked out. What happened? Where did she go? What was she going to do to help the rebellion from here? Would they be alright? How would she get out?

She left, to get answers, and upon being welcomed and given an ID… She went back into what she found out to be called the slums, ignoring the room that they had given her. She had a cave to run, a weapon to look after, and a robot to build. Most importantly though, she had a rebellion to fight.


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PostSubject: Re: Toryuki (Junction NC)   Toryuki (Junction NC) EmptyMon Jun 18, 2018 11:18 am

Analyzing Character Data.

All Requirements Met.

Congratulations New Citizen Of Junction, ID #LSW1853720 Otherwise Known As Toryuki.

Welcome To Existence.
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Toryuki (Junction NC)
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