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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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Heya! I'm your friendly neighborhood Larsinny, a demon here to keep you updated on the current debacles going on within the site! Okay, maybe not debacles... Anyway! The Endymion Plot, our Third Main Plot, is underway! We also have our sideplot taking place called Junction! If you're a new member looking to join the new plot, you will want to choose Endymion. However, if you're interested in our sideplot, you may also join that one aswell. The choice is ultimately up to you! The Dungeon Master of the Junction plot is CWIS and the DM of the current Endymion plot is Godai and Grantus.

All templates on the site have been updated, and this also includes the rules aswell. When referring to the rules, please disregard any that say "Old" or "Obsolete" as we are no longer using those rules for the Endymion Plot. Oh, don't be mistaken! I love breaking the rules! But in this case, follow them or erasure!

Be sure to constantly check the update thread for any changes to the boards. You can find it ->Here<-

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Shin Megami Tensei and Persona belong to ATLUS. We own nothing, and have simply used their data to create a world of our own. They are the true geniuses behind the scenes.

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 Randomizer System Change

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PostSubject: Randomizer System Change   Sat May 19, 2018 4:22 pm

Randomizer Change

*In effect after the current battles of plot dungeons of Day 10.*

Previously we have been using 10 numbers for our randomizers. We will now be moving over to 100 instead. What this will mean is that the middle numbers between the 10's (such as 10, 20, 30, 40...) can be counted in the roll as well. You will only roll numbers from 1 up to the maximum chance you have for the action you'll partake in. This includes miss and critical chances as well. Say you have an ailment chance of 45%. You will be rolling a 100 and you must only choose numbers between 1 to 45 only. This is to prevent people from haphazardly choosing numbers on their own and for the sake of expediency.

This will now be the code you'll use.


Random number (1,100) :

Like this. Now we will look into miss chances as an example. 10% will remain the base miss chance for everything as usual. But it will change things up a whole lot more. If you have a luck of 42 and the enemy has a luck of 28, then you have a difference of 14. Then your enemy must go 1 to 14 for their miss chance like so. While you have a miss chance of 10% due to being the superior luck.

Miss if 1 to 14.
Random number (1,100) :

If it hits within 1 to 14, then it will miss. If outside of it, then it will not miss. Hope this helps.


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PostSubject: Re: Randomizer System Change   Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:04 am

Misses/Hits and Crits are back to 10 randomizers. Ailments and insta-kills are still 100 randomizers.


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Randomizer System Change
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