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 Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)

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PostSubject: Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)   Fri May 11, 2018 6:54 pm

Persona Name: Goole

Persona Type: Initial Persona

Persona's Arcana: The Lovers

Owner: Tomomi Jōmyaku

Persona Appearance: A slim humanoid figure, Goole has needle like limbs, the legs ending in sharp points, and both arms ending in somewhat regular hands. The entirety of Goole's left side is covered by a large white cloak, obscuring that in Goole's left hand is a pistol, roughly the size of the average humans chest in length, shining with a silver gloss. On its right arm, Goole has a total of three red ribbons tied at the upper portions of the limb, that each seem to defy gravity and float with its arm. Its face is covered with a white goggled mask, a large brimmed white hat, and a red bandana. All underparts of its body appear a charcoal black. It is only when acting that this persona shows its nimbleness and its seemingly starved appearance, akin to a stick figure, as its cloak floats up and uncovers its gun any time the summon performs an action.

Persona Background: A detective that arrived without warning and introduced himself only as "Inspector Goole". It is revealed that the Inspector knows everything that he is interrogating about, and upon leaving, all traces of him upon police records disappeared. Yet his deductions are always proven true, unveiling secrets and forcing those he touched to question themselves. Whether a vengeful angel, or an embodiment of unresolved justice, Inspector Goole is truly an enigma.

Strengths: Wind, Light

Weaknesses: Ice, Pierce

Passive Boosts: Users have a latent 15% boost in either healing or support skills. (+15% Healing)

Persona Skill List:

Skill 1: Garu | Inflicts a small amount of Wind damage to one enemy. | 3 SP |  Tier 1
Skill 2: Media | Recovers a small amount of HP (20%) to allies. | 8 SP | Tier 1
Skill 3: Hindering Gust | 10% (20% with single target skills) chance of inflicting a wind based ailment with each Garu skill used. Not effective against opponents that are strong/block/ etc Wind. Adds 20% chance of miss towards the opponent's next attack. In PvS this translates to a lower visibility thanks to wind in someone's eyes, and can cause aiming problems. Effects do not stack. | Passive | Tier 1
Skill 4: Evade Pierce | Increases success rate of evading Pierce attacks by 30% [PvS Exclusive] | Passive | Tier 2
Skill 5: Garula | Inflicts a moderate amount of Wind damage to one enemy. | 6 SP | Tier 2 (Must have used your Persona an additional 25 times in PvS combat or completed 2 Missions; Must be a Tier 2 Skill or Lower)
Skill 6: Recarm | Revives one fallen ally with 50% HP. | 20 SP | Tier 2 (Unlocked once using your Persona an additional 25 times in PvS combat or having formed three rank three or more social links; Must be a Tier 2 Skill or Lower)
Skill 7: Mediarama | Recovers a moderate amount of HP (40%) to all allies. | 16 SP | Tier 2 (Unlocked once using your Persona an additional 25 times in combat or formed 2 rank 5 social links; Must be a Tier 2 Skill or Lower)
Skill 8: Marakukaja |Raises all allies' Defense by 30%  for 3 turns. | 12 SP | Tier 3 (Unlocked using your Persona 30 times in PvS combat or maxing a single Social Link; Must be a Tier 3 Skill or Lower)

Fusion Attack:

Fusion Attack Name: Balance Shift
Persona Name: Goole
Type of Damage: Support
Description: The wind gathers around Tomomi, before spreading out and seeming to encapsulate all enemies. Among these winds, the shadow of Goole can be seen, flickering between all of the enemies before, with the wind, Goole returns to Tomomi. When returning, Tomomi and Goole both in sync flick their arms outwards in gesture, as a soothing and healing wind envelops Tomomi and his allies. All stat increases on the enemies hit are removed, while all allies recover a moderate amount (40%) of hp.

Soul Skill Name: What You've Done
Persona Name: Goole
Tier: Tier 1
Cost: 6 SP
Type of Damage: N/A
Description: Pointing at an enemy, Goole appears behind Tomomi with its eyes glowing, allowing Tomomi to inform his allies if any of its attacks will be strong against the party, and if the party has any skills that are strong against the foe, without providing explicit details on what those skills or strengths are.

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PostSubject: Re: Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)   Fri May 11, 2018 7:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)   Sun May 13, 2018 2:08 pm

Since I've not awakened yet, skills edited, requesting reapproval
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PostSubject: Re: Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)   Sun May 13, 2018 2:10 pm

Just the Skill List, not Soul Skill/Fusion Skill, yeah? If so Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)   Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:14 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)   

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Goole (Tomomi's Initial Persona)
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