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 Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)

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PostSubject: Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)   Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:13 am


"If you're asking if we've seen the killer in action, unfortunately not, or else there wouldn't be a killer right now. Though Clare took a look through her husband's files and found out that only adults have been targeted, looks like even a psycho has standar-...Ok! What is that! That is NOT ok! Did your MmMmmm! No!" Vshnre seemed openly shocked at the sudden display of functionality by Milton. Almost to the point of loosing her footing and toppling over. Her beady black eyes would widen in shock and amazement as Milton seemingly lit up like a light bulb and got warmer. Once the little display was over she would turn up her snout and move on ahead of the pack, only hearing the beginning of the conversation on Persona abilities. "Nope! I don't want to hear it! Super powers and robot men, it's all unnatural! Hairless baselines always getting these weird little quirks nu uh! I am not going to be privy to it!"

Vshnre marched off seemingly offended by the topic and display on principle, not even staying long enough to hear Milton's question. Tammy on the other hand groaned at the furry mother's actions."I-I am so sorry for her. Please do not let that color your view of MOM poorly... I swear Vshnre has some sort of thing about Baslines... Sometimes I wonder why she even hangs out with the rest of us. So closed minded, she should really be more accepting of all the different cultures and peoples of Junction. I mean of anyone I should know, I write several blogs on CWumbler about equality and how to respect the rights of the countless species that live on junction! I've studied the cultures and customs of over two hundread different cultures and frankly I think-"

"I can still hear you girl! You better shut your mouth before I come back there and shut it for you!" Vshnre's voice from up ahead come more as a growl then anything else. Turning back slightly she bore her teeth to Tammy, telling her in no uncertain terms that this particular conversation was over.

"Meep!" Tammy peeped and jumped slightly, getting behind Milton and holding Kuzi a little tighter."R-Right... well um. I'm just a few steps off baseline so I can't do anything really interesting. My species just has a higher capacity to retain information. We can't process it better, just remember it. Oh, and we can successfully breed with almost any species provided it has Male Female genders." Tammy said, gaining back a bit of her confidence. "And I'm a Cultural Anthropologist, thank you for asking."

As the group walked Tammy would listen to their discussion of powers with a mild interest, while Vshnre ignored it on principle."Oh, you had Germany on your planet to Milton? The Odyssey is one of my favorite German myths from my home world... If you ask me it's like a Splicer, yeah they're a little different now but they're still the same person inside! Cus when you get right down to it we're all just Sentients trying to-" Tammy's speech was cut off as she, and by extension Kuzi bumped into something large, soft, furry, and angry. Vshnre had stopped cold as she entered the next room. It had appeared empty save for a few people milling about, seemingly going about their own business. Mostly baselines, but some sprinkling of other species... All appeared to be children playing some sort of game.

The children seemed to be divided into two groups, one of two and one of three. The group of three, two boys and one girl, road road in a small wooden wagon, about the size of a red pull wagon, pulled by the largest boy. The group of two chased the group of three, who laughed and screamed as they ran from them.

"That's... a new one."
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)   Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:31 pm

As Milton wanted to explain his physical predicament, his MOM to escort had started to march off ahead of him, seemingly startled by his functions. Baseline? Was Milton close to this baseline of races the bear mother had been mentioning? Either way, this new animosity towards the topic wasn't sitting well between the mothers. As Tammy took cover behind Milton, Milton's open hand tightened into a fist for a second as he stepped up to face Vshnre.

"That's enough, Vshnre. Baseline or otherwise, I'm here to keep you safe. Don't go running off where I can't protect you. Fighting's only going to make more noise for you-know-who to find us."

With Milton's peace spoken, he invited Kuzi and Tammy to walk with him as he picked up the pace to reach Vshnre.

"So, whatever ability you are capable of leaves you hungry afterwards, Kuzi? I'll admit that I'm curious to see just what power that could be. As you've noted, I'm not fully organic. In fact, everything you can currently see of my body is entirely mechanical. I still possess an organic brain that's been hooked up to give me full motor control of my body, but everything else is just metal, energy, and a special type of element from home to keep me in top physical health. After the... incident that required me to take up this form, I can't produce it in large quantities like my people can naturally, so I need it transfused into my system regularly. As for the power that grants me... I'll be keeping it a surprise as well. It's not like you'll need to worry about it anyhow.

Cultural anthropology, Ms. Tammy? That's an incredibly useful field to use in the cultural jumble that Junction has become over time. If you'd like, I believe I have some stories to share and information that could prove useful to your analysis of Orbis Hom culture. I don't know what this "Germ-many" is, though. I merely came across the term in a search on CWIS. The doctor told me about Locke's socks, so I don't know where that comes from."

Finally, they had reached the room of Vshnre's choosing. Milton stopped himself short of planting his face into Vshnre's soft fur and walked around to her side to see what was going on. There were children here, running about in this empty space playing a game Milton was attempting to understand. Vshnre's comment on their game being "a new one" prompted Milton to ask.

"A new one? Are you familiar with this children, Vshnre? It looks like they're simply playing make-believe. I can't quite tell what the purpose of this grouping or their actions are..."

Milton took a preliminary scan of the outer borders of this room, looking for any movement to indicate the killer's presence in the room before attempting to step forward towards the children.

"Hi there. May I ask what game you are playing? It's a bit late to be out without supervision."
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)   Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:50 pm

Kuzi would blink and tilt his head at Vshnre's outburst. Honestly a little confused where it came from. Didn't they hire them to be here? Why would she of hired them if she didn't want anything to do with them...? Weird. Though what they were doing and were capable of was kinda odd, so... And what was all this talk about baselines? Was that what Milton's race was called orrr...? "Heh, don't worry about it Tammy. If she isn't used to this kind of thing that's kinda understandable. Honestly it was a little jarring getting used to it myself when it first happened. Still not fully confident in it either, like, how it works and stuff. Confident enough to know I can defend myself though and I mean, if I have the power to I want to try and help others out so that's why I'm here!" The small Dreedle would chirp happily.

"Oh so you are like a robot! Or, well, robot man? Isn't there a word for that... I think I heard it once, it had a cool sound to it, like, uhmmm... Andatory. Or Anthmometer? Antund? Andree-ANDROID! That was the one. I think." The creature would chuckle to himself, hoping that his random rambles on the subject weren't offensive in any way. He was half tempted to ask what had happened to him before for his brain to have to be transferred into a new body. Thhoouugghhh, as much of a loud mouth as he was and as much as he often spoke his mind without thinking about it, he still managed to hold his tongue on that one. Especially when Tammy brought something else up that had him asking something inappropriate anyway. "Wait, so basically any species with a Male and Female? What if they had males, females and a third gender?" Curiosity killed the cat, at this point Kuzi hoped it didn't strangle the Dreedle.

"Antthhh...Antthhrroopooogy?" Kuzi would attempt to repeat but not able to find the right way to make the sound of the word. "What does that mean? I'm guessing its something to do with other people though... At least that's what the rest of it indicates. Hehe." The fluff ball would jump suddenly as he and Tammy slammed into the back of Vshnre, h-huh? What happened? Had she seen something bad? Was the bad guy here? Or at least some kind of bad guy? Was ther-... Why were there kids here?

Refusing for now to get down from Tammy's hold in case the kids decided he'd be their knew play toy. Kuzi would stare confused at what the kids were doing. It wasn't so much weird that they were playing a game of that sort, it was normal for kids to do that kinda thing. Though... Why were they out this late in a place that's obviously been declared dangerous? Where were their parents?

"Yo! You guys haven't seen anything weird going on around here tonight have you? It's kinda late and dangerous to be out and about here all by yourselves you know. Is no one around watching you? Do you lot at least live close to here?"


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PostSubject: Re: Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)   Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:21 pm

Milton's glance around the area would show no sign of any malicious entity, however a feeling of foreboding would fill him as he approached the kids, their game seeming to end suddenly without any resolution. Vshnre would eye the Seeker wryly as he spoke, Tammy approached the group as well to allow Kuzi to speak to the children easier.

One of the boys from the group of three, the one who had been pulling the cart stepped forward.

"Hiya Mr. We're playen pirates!"

The young girl stepped forward next, shy and hiding behind the large boy.

"Y-Yeah... do you want to play to?"
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)   Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:34 pm

Kuzi's naturally happy look would drop a little as the kids ignored his questions. Not so much because they ignored him, he was used to that kind of thing, more so because of the kinds of questions they were ignoring. Especially as Milton had asked something similar and they hadn't responded to that either. Were these kids just stubborn... Or kinda dumb?

"Pirates, huh?" Kuzi would question, deciding to jump down from Tammy's grip, turning to her and giving her a concerned look and a nod. Even if they were just kids, something felt wrong about all this and he hoped Tammy would understand that he wanted her to stay back just in case. "That does sound like a lot of fun!" The Dreedle would step up next to Milton and try his hardest to get a proper good look at the kids, letting his gaze cross between each of them and ultimately landing on the pair that had spoke to them. "Though why don't we go play somewhere else, huh? It's starting to get dark and spooky around here, and I'm no fan of the dark!" The fluff ball would lie in his cheery tone. It wasn't really his intention to actually play with the kids, though they were here to stop a killer right? He couldn't just ignore the fact these kids were out here, if they were all alone he wouldn't be able to go on without doing at least something to ensure their safety.


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PostSubject: Re: Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)   

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Mission: A Concerned MOM (Bleep Bloop and Floof)
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