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 Vera Valentina [Complete]

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PostSubject: Vera Valentina [Complete]   Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:38 pm

Vera Valentina
"Everything about me is a contradiction, and so is everything about everybody else. We are made out of oppositions; we live between two poles. There's a philistine and an aesthete in all of us, and a murderer and a saint. You don't reconcile the poles. You just recognize them."

The Biography

Birth Name: Vera Valentina
Aliases: Valentine
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birth Day: Feb. 14
Arcana: Moon
Place of Residence: Living with Aunt in Yoro
School Year: First Year (Temp Student)
Class: 1-A

After School Club:  Student Council (Working towards being a Treasurer.)

Family Trade: Thief


Valentine is relatively tall (5'6), has purple eyes, and fair skin. Being from Russian descent, her eyes are rounder, her lips are perkier, and she has a more solid build than others around her. Her most outrageous feature would be her violet colored hair that runs down her back to her hips. Her outfit usual consists of a purple design, starting with a purple long sleeve jacket over a white blouse beneath. With this blouse she wears an red tie that stretches down to her abdomen. Going to her hands, she wears diamond studded gloves that appear to be for fashion, but it's really to keep her fingerprints from appearing on whatever she touches. Moving along to her bottom, she wears a black skirt with short black spats underneath. This continues down to knee high black lacked boots. Her expressions usually consist of stoic glances or aloofness, but can change suddenly do to her fickle personality. Never being one to stand out, even though her appearance warrants attention, she is usually located in the background only watching and not interjecting herself into the limelight. After all, a thief with too much attention on themselves is hardly a good one, are they? When it comes to her build as a woman, she is slender yet holds some tone.


Vera Valentina is a philistine in every meaning of the word. She takes material value over belief and ideals that hold no physical matter. Things such as God or karma mean nothing to her, and she'd rather hold onto things that she knows is real such as science. This materialism does transfer over to her thieving exploits, as she's very keen on taking whatever that catches her eye. Life is only worth living if you have what you want. Though that sounds quite avaricious, material value goes a long way in life; especially if you take it without paying a cost. There's an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. People work jobs they hate to buy filth they don't need. Being the middle children of the history man, she believes they have no purpose or place in humanity's timeline other than to screw the world and pray to the only "Gods" they know for a reason to continue living. There's no Great War, no Great depression. Infact, most people who don't cling to materialism are forced to fight a spiritual war where they fight their own depression because they didn't turn out how the TV said they would as a child. Having a solid grasp on something infront of you is better than believing in something you cannot see, and she firmly believes this to no end. After all, life's promises were broken before they were even given, and following an unseen path leads to nothing but a depressing life.

Vera Velentina is also plagued by an extremely fickle disposition. It is difficult for her to focus her time on one thing solely before losing interest and switching over to something else entirely. This includes, but is not limited too, items, people, and/or affections in general. Because of this she is incapable of maintaining relationships, and thus does not becoming seriously involved with anyone. There is only one thing in her life this extreme fickleness hasn't crossed into, and it is her love of thievery. It was her birthright to become a thief, and thus it is the only thing she can dedicate herself too 100%. Her interests lie in taking what doesn't belong to her. There is no higher meaning for why she steals, other than the fact she wants what she doesn't own. Thanks to being so fickle, these possessions of hers keep changing, as she doesn't have a certain type of item she always steals. Diamonds, jewels, paintings, whatever the case; if she wants it she will take it. One day it could be an expensive painting and he next just a cup of one dollar ramen off a supermarket shelf, whatever the case she will change what she wants without any prior reasoning.

As easily predicted, Vera is not very talkative regardless of the situation. Whether she be one on one with someone, or in a large crowd, she remains silent unless spoken to directly. She is very reserved and prefers to watch and listen, other than interject and speak. When there's a group conversation going on, she will purposely put herself off to the side to allow the others to speak without needing to pull her into the conversation aswell. This reserved behavior could be toned down alittle if she does feel as if she can trust someone, however; with her mysterious past and troubled memories this is highly unlikely. Even so, this does not mean she lacks of sense of humor and falls under the archetype of being heartless. If something or someone is humorous, she will laugh, and if they are annoying, she will also display that aswell. Being reserved does not make her as expressive as a plank of dry wood roasting out in the summer's day.

Being a firm example of a pessimistic archetype, Valentine looks at the bad side of everything in life. She believes being optimistic is just the coward's way of viewing reality, and that the only real fact is that things will never go one's way. If something bad can happen, there's a large chance it will happen, and she sticks by this. Looking at the bright side of things isn't in her blood, and most of her predictions of what's to come have a horrible conclusion. A simple drive to the supermarket to her could be a flat tire, or a car crashing taking a few lives. Nothing goes the way it should, and nothing turns out for the best, making her quite a debbie downer. Luckily she is not the talkative type, so she keeps these cynical thoughts to herself as she simply observes the others she may be around. When it comes to balancing hope and despair, she is most likely batting on the despair side of the field. It'd be naive to believe everything will turn out okay if nothing but bad things have been happening to you.

Sometimes it is possible for her philistine like qualities to clash with her fickleness, causing her to steal things she truly has no desire for. Things such as music, paintings, beauty, and art in general bore her. Infact if someone were to mention a famous poetic line, or recite some poetry to her, she'd have no idea what they were talking about. She has little to no appreciation of the artistic side of life, and thinks such things are a waste of space. Even someone asked her her opinion on a work of art, she'd be completely blunt and to the point to an answer. Though that answer may be harsh, she is truly just expressing her views on the subject at hand.

The Potential


    Strength Name: Pickpocket
    Description: Vera, being a member of a family of thieves, has a natural ability of sleight of hands. She can pickpocket with extreme ease to the point people won't even know she has taken something from them until much later when she's gone. This can happen from many ways, including bumping into the person or even sneaking behind a person.

    Strength Name: Acupressure
    Description: Vera has the distinct ability of pinpointing pressure points on the human body and using them against her opponent. This allows her to defend herself against opponents who tower over her, as when a kunai is jabbed into a pressure point, that specific limb becomes numb and useless until the blade is removed.

    Strength Name: Lockpicker
    Description: If it has a lock, she can most likely crack it. It comes with the family trade, and no good thief makes their weight in gold without breaking into a few homes or safes.

    Strength Name: Elusive
    Description: Hiding in the shadows, blending into crowds, wearing various disguises, whatever is needed she will do to take her prize. Lucky for her, she is actually good at not being seen or easily spotted.

    Strength Name: Dexterous
    Description: To be a proper thief, you must be quick with your hands, and precise. Vera is capable of catching falling objects, or objects thrown at her (as long as the eye can follow) and can throw them back with extreme precision. It was a gift she was born with that needed little to no training.


    Weakness Name: Psychological Disorder
    Description: Vera has a problem to where long term memories are lost over time. This causes her to need to record everything she experiences in her life in a journal, as she'd lack any memory of her past exploits without documentation.

    Weakness Name: Pessimistic
    Description: Vera believes if something bad can happen, it will happen and will become even worse. She has blinded herself from seeing the bright side of things, and will always expect a worst case scenario no matter the situation.

    Weakness Name: Extremely Fickle
    Description: To be fickle is to be changing frequently. This can be in regards to loyalties, interests, and/or affection. In some cases she may even become bored of her current personality.

    Weakness Name: Follower
    Description: She is not the leader type, nor does not strive to lead. Infact she is too fickle and may lead her team into death if she's placed in charge of anything. This forces her to follow the whims of others if she needs to work in a team.

    Weakness Name: Complete Philistine
    Description: She is a person who is guided by materialism and is usually disdainful of intellectual or artistic values. She believes physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life, thus making her take what she wants, when she wants it. People who believe in higher callings would never see eye to eye with her, as she believes what she can touch and feel is the only reality worth noting or acknowledging.

Soul Bound Weapon:

    Weapon Name: Stealth Kunai
    Weapon Description: 5 inch throwing knives
    Weapon Image: Here
    Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
    Weapon Element:

The Background


Most of Valentina's past is scattered amongst her mind like that of puzzle pieces all combining into the Mona Lisa. There are some things that have stuck in her mind, and the most important being her heritage and where she comes from. The Valentina name is well known in the underground as a family of thieves. Ever since the Russian Revolution, the Valentina have been putting in their work as thieves for not only personal gain, but to assist their comrades in the times of war. What first could have been seen as just a skill for one, became a family trophy for the rest of the generations. Various skills were passed along to each generation of the Valentinas, and it was a duty for the newest generation to always leave new and interesting techniques for the following generation after them. It became a family tradition of thievery, but it kept them all unified under one goal. Each member of the family had different reasons to steal. Some stole to change things and help others, while some others stole just because they enjoyed material value. Regardless of the reason, each of them swore an oath to the family to continue the tradition of thieves, and it lasted many many generations, now coming down to the newest, which involves Vera Valentina herself.

With her parents being international thieves, she was born on the move but calls Russia her home. One could say she had an average childhood, if you called average being trained to steal from others and take what did not belong to you, of course. Sometime during her childhood is a large blank, as if years of her life had been removed from her head. She chalks this up to her disability that causes her to have to document long term memories, as she loses them quite easily over time. The only thing that bothers her is she has no documentation of those number of years, literally making it as if a large portion of her life just vanished from the pages of time. Even so, it felt as if her body took the memories in itself, as she has skills she doesn't remember being taught in her years of life. Moving off instinct, she can perform extraordinary things that would make her thieving family quite proud. Though she never got the chance to show her growth to her parents since she moved in with her Aunt in Japan. She has no documentation on why she is living with her relatives and not her family, so she could not answer the sole question of: "Why did you move to Japan?" so easily.

Though her relatives never give any clear answers on why she's in Japan now, they still teach her the ways of being a thief. When it comes to breaking into homes in the neighborhood, or stealing things from buildings in the city, Vera continues to hone her skills so the job is done completely. Since her time in Ueitawa may be rather short, her Aunt has decided she does not need to go to the Academy as long as she does not want too. Of course she took this opportunity to focus on more important things in life, such as finding the memories she had lost in those long years before coming to Ueitawa. Because of this, she is hardly seen at school.

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PostSubject: Re: Vera Valentina [Complete]   Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:51 pm

Extremely well made application. Approved.
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Vera Valentina [Complete]
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