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 Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]

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PostSubject: Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]   Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:52 am

--> [J.W.Z.] :: [Salutations. I have a soft curiosity of the everyday life in Endymion, especially the state of its geography, economy, history, and social structure. If you would be kind, could you recount your personal observations of Sunlake Palms? I'm open to hearing any accounts of the recent and distant events there. I will make it worth your time, thank you. I look forward to your replies.]


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PostSubject: Re: Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]   Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:29 pm

Sunlake Palms?

Well, see, that's a funny thing.
If you asked me what Sunlake Palms was like, as far as i'm aware of, nothing major has happened there since the Eternal Divide hit.

When that happened, a lot of rebuilding for a lot of places had to be done, due to all the damage it sustained.

Although, even before the Divide, Sunlake Palms was always one of the quietest parts of Endymion, what with the peacefulness of it all.

It's always sunny there, well, at least it usually is, although there is the occasional rain once in a while, but that's okay. You can even go fishing at one of the lakes we have here! It's not called SunLAKE Palms for nothing, after all.

It's home, to me, and it'll be my home my whole life, like it was for my parents and their grandparents.

There's all kinds of things you can do here, especially since we're near East Eden, we get farmer's markets every Saturday or so, for example.

But i'm sure you're looking for the main places to visit, which are, according to what i've observed:

There's the Garden Path, run by Ms. Feya. Over there, in any season, you can find just about any flower that grows during that time there. There's even a small space where you can grow your own flowers if you ask her nicely. (Although I personally don't go there often in part due to minor pollen allergies, and because I just honestly don't have the patience to grow something lmao.)

Then there's the Sunlake Swimming Society, although don't let the name fool ya, it's really just a water park during the day (and a closed one at night.) It's small, but it has some water rides, like the "Lumberjack Run" and "Shivering Whirlpool", although i've never ridden on them, i've heard people say they're great.

Otherwise, there are some Water slides and pools, perfect for the kids and the adults.
Especially during the Summer. Make sure to get there early during the summer, because that place gets crowded fast during the summer months. Like "We're sorry, but we're at max capacity, please come again soon!" kinda full.

For the weary traveler, however, should not fear having to go into the city to find a hotel! There is indeed a place for you to stay here in the Palms!

That place being the Vagabond Inn, although it's on the top of the highest hill in Sunlake Palms, so be prepared for that potentially long drive, and absolutely long and tiring hike.

The inn is a bed and breakfast with a variety of things to do, open 24/7, so it doesn't matter if you come at the crack of dawn, or the middle of the night, or anything in between, they'll be open! Oh, and they rent out ATV's and Motorbikes, the latter of which can be used on the motorbike trails out back.

There's other places too worth mentioning, but those are the highlights that I think would be best for tourists to visit.

Oh, wait.

I forgot about one other place, although I don't really recommend heading there unless you've got business with the District Head (more on that later).

It's called the Lost Woods.

I live really close by, and throughout my entire life, i've never really explored it much, in part due to how dangerous it apparently is. None of my family has either, which is probably for the best, considering the rumors surrounding there.

Now, mind you, these are just rumors, but if you go in at night, they say nobody will ever see you again (hence the name).

Personally, I think that the odds of that happening vary based on how deep you go in. If you're near the entrance to it, don't stray too far from the path into the thicker parts of the woods, and have a good sense of direction, you should be fine.

Although there is one thing worth noting that's there within the heart of the woods: The town hall, where the district leader resides... although why there of all places, I have no idea why. Even my grandparents don't quite know, and they've been here since they were small.

I don't think anybody goes there more than they have to, not even us locals, in no small part due to the superstitions surrounding there.

But otherwise, I hope this convinces you to visit Sunlake Palms!
Thanks for reading!


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PostSubject: Re: Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]   Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:04 pm

So, you wanna know about Sunlake, huh? I gotta say it's a pretty boring place. A lot of people from the church hang out around there. Almost like they live their or something. Well, I mean, they probably do because the church is there? I dunno. Never been into the whole religious stuff anyway, so I've never been to the church. I know some weird shit's gone down there before, though. I'm pretty bad at geographical stuff, so I'll just talk about the real news, yeah?

Saw on the news a couple of days ago some dude stabbed someone? Like, I didn't catch the whole thing but that's pretty weird. Probably shanked him over half a bologna sandwich, or something stupid like that. Weird shit goes down in that part of town. I'm like, pretty sure those guys are huge religious nuts and do cult sacrifices. Really adds new meaning to "yasss queen slay" huh? Not that I think said sacrifices (if they exist) are in Isla's name or anything. Kinda fucked we have a queen though. I remember when a Mayor ran a city. That's a bit off topic though, yeah?

Anyway, like I said, Sunlake's boring compared to some other places in Endymion. They've got a small-ass little waterpark, right? Well I've heard that demons really love that place. No lie, they can't get enough of slipping and sliding. I hear there's like, a Cadet-Life Guard who has to kill them if they hang around too long. Never been a fan of waterparks, or potential demon death. Living in Endymion makes it hard to completely avoid the last part, but the first one I can, AND WILL keep away from. The rides are pretty crappy, I've heard. I'm honestly more surprised they can even stay in business, you know?

There's a cute little Inn Place. It's called Vagabond or something. I've never stayed there. The Shelp Reviews don't really paint a pretty picture. One time I saw a review saying there was a rat wearing hats. Different ones too, I think it was on some Bippity Boppity Boo shit. I dunno, it was probably a joke review. Still, I'm not gonna lie and say it's amazing. Like many things in Sunlake, it exists, and that's terrible.

Some gardening place. It's pretty gay not gonna lie. Heard somebody cut someone else with some hedge clippers here a while back. Wonder if they lived? Probably. Well, I hope they did at least. I wanna see if it left a scar. It'd probably be pretty metal if it did. That's something kids say these days right? Metal? Wait, why am I expecting you to know? Ugh.

Aaaaand the church. What can I say about it? Word on the street is there's a pretty swole girl who hangs around there. I've never seen her, so I just have to take it as it is. I've heard some pretty dumb rumors surrounding the place that are pretty blatantly not true. Like, a Psyche Terrorist confessed in there or something. I'm sure it was something way more mundane and boring though. Like, it was probably just weird, but not really a sin.

What else can I say? It's sunny, and there are palm trees.

There aren't Palm Trees, I lied, I'm sorry. I think there aren't, anyway. If there are I haven't seen them, so consider this a lie that has the potential to be true. It makes sense if you don't think about it Razz

I guess it's alright. Vista and Suzie-Q are way more filled with people. There's a lot of hustle and bustle, so it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Out in Sunlake it's just...bleh. I guess there are some local businesses. Like, there's a really damn good Waffle House. Would recommend if you come to Endymion for some reason. And some game stores with rare finds. Like, you ever played Samson's Punch Out? Some good shit right there. they also have some games that were pretty much panned universally, so you know, what you make of it.

I dunno, my brother likes it in Sunlake for some reason. He wants us to move there, but I'm not really all that interested. Like, it's decent. 4/10 at best. I don't even think the people living there really want to live there, honestly. I think they're all dead inside and all it's gonna take is someone wondering 'I wonder what brains taste like' for the Bath Salt Zombie-Apocalypse to start. I'm more comfortable in the city. More streetsmart, you know?

Also I was joking about the sacrifice stuff earlier, don't take that seriously by the way. I hate writing essays so this was kind of a compromise. Everything else is legit.

All and all, go there if you want some peace, but don't want to go into bum-fuck nowhere (A.K.A East Eden), but don't stay too long because honestly most everything there is terrible and an afront to this green earth. Good waffles though.

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]   Yesterday at 9:27 am


-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: I'll try to keep this relatively short. I'm not sure how much I can offer, but my daily routine takes me to Sunlake Palms pretty frequently, so I guess we'll see. Hopefully this'll help! ^_^

-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: The best part about Sunlake is how quiet it is hands-down. I'd definitely say without a doubt that it's the sort of thing that draws any non-locals to it! Don't get me wrong, Endymion's the greatest city on Earth and I love this place to death (it's my home after all lol), but when you live in one of the busier districts it can be really refreshing to find a place where you can just take it slow. You aren't getting blasted with loud songs and advertisements at every corner, or getting swallowed up by teeming crowds of people during rush hour, or getting lost in some long labyrinth of turns, alleyways, and intersections... nope! Just a nice little town where you can take things at your own pace while still enjoying some of the urban attractions that our wondrous home has to offer.

-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: Based on this, I'm sure you can tell it's not the most populous area here in Endy. Like, it's not barren or unsettled by any means, but it's a more closely-knit community for sure! It's one of the reasons that I kinda end up envying residents of it sometimes. Suzie Q's way too big and everyone's either absorbed in their work or current trends like idol popularity polls. In the Palms you can just go right up to a neighbor and strike up a convo in theory. Sure, maybe it won't necessarily work out 100% of the time, but the people there are a lot less busy and tend to live more relaxed lifestyles -- they've got more time for pleasantries than half of Endymion combined! You can see how well-coordinated and at ease with each other they are from some of the projects they've done too. That waterpark the other guys mentioned? It's a communal building, not privately owned. A bunch of people got together, decided they wanted a new recreational spot, and bam: there's another reason to visit Sunlake Palms. It probably seems mundane, and I guess I'd be partially inclined to agree, but when you look at it the right way it's easy to see it as an inspiring example of unity's importance and benefits. Only an idiot would fail to recognize that.

-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: Speaking of manmade structures, the church there is beautiful! It's also the only one in the entire city surprisingly, so it's good to see a lot of care went into making it. The architecture inside is awe-inspiring and everything from the marble pillars to the statue of the Goddess of Endymion up in the center fits the interior perfectly. The clergy there are all incredibly kind too and just from a glance at your surroundings you can tell they're extremely dedicated to their duties: it shows in how well they've taken care of it. I dare you to find a single speck of dust or dirt in the Sunlake Palms Church! Go on, do it! Regardless, it's still a bit strange how it's the only one in the city. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because the district isn't as crowded or noisy as its counterparts (like I mentioned before), but there might be some reason beyond that for it. Who knows? At the end of the day, it serves its purpose excellently, which is good enough for me and everyone else who attends the services.

-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: There was an incident I heard about involving a Psyche Terrorist attack on it, but no one was seriously injured and the suspect was apprehended, so I wouldn't worry about it. I heard about it from one of the brothers working there. Ultimately it's just another piece of evidence showing how reliable our queen and her holy soldiers are -- nothing can challenge Endymion's peace! Even if the terrorist is desperate enough to strike at day, it won't make a lick of difference! ヽ(^o^)ノ

-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: On a different note, I remember reading something about a "Forest of the Lost" while skimming over some of the replies? Yeah, unlike that problem I just mentioned above, that's definitely not real. If people were getting spirited away then it'd be a huge issue! Class Zero would be all over it, Vista Square would be blowing up with news articles about the alleged disappearances, there'd be some degree of increased surveillance, etc. If you want to know the root cause of these rumors it's simple: Sunlake Palms lacks the variety and excitement that its fellow districts eagerly tout. That might sound like a bad thing, but like I mentioned before, the main appeal to the district is how calm and tranquil everything is; it strikes a balance between nature and civilization. I'm sure some people born in Sunlake Palms see that as a negative thing (just like I see it as a plus-side since I live in Suzie Q), so it's not shocking that some of them that are more confined to the area would seek out ways to spice up their daily lives... so what you end up with is a bunch of kids telling rumors to gullible tourists and foreigners (no offense!) just to see how many people'll believe the most outlandish "spooky" stories they can spin. Those rumors get spread around by word-of-mouth and become idle superstitions that no one has any proof of beyond the fact that the woods themselves might look slightly frightening at night; it's nothing more than that, that I can say with certainty.

-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: Whatever the case, Sunlake Palms is one of my favorite places in the city to visit. It's definitely not for everyone and in spite of my occasional jealousy I'm not sure if I'd want to live there full-time, but it's an important aspect of Endymion nevertheless, another sector which serves the greater whole through its unique way of life. The people of Sunlake Palms enjoy perhaps one of the purest expressions of our city's order and seeing them live out their days in serenity fills my heart with joy. Maybe they aren't fueling a commercial cornerstone like the Backlight or a beacon unto culture like Little Tokyo, but they're still an invaluable part of the city, much like the quaint village they hold residence in.

-> [6DreamersAndMe] :: I only wish everyone else could see this as clearly.


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PostSubject: Re: Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]   Yesterday at 10:44 am

NVM, dropping out
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PostSubject: Re: Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]   

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Personal Observations - 1 [Case File 25 - Side Mission]
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