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 Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)

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PostSubject: Re: Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)   Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:13 am

"I don't mind if it's considered girly, i'd still try it." He lightly shrugged, only people with very fragile sense of self and egos would feel their identity challenged by a drink that had been assigned as "girly" or "manly". If he likes, then he does, if he doesn't then he'd just move on and that's the end of that for the Knight. Still, he was amused by the girl's knowledge on beer, something they had in common perhaps.

He'd nod in response before continuing his walk towards this gym, this time faster but still making sure Patty could keep up. He'd remain silent and focused throughout it unless the girl were to start another conversation. Not that he wasn't interested in talking, he was simply worried about getting there in time and he was terrible at starting conversations too.
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PostSubject: Re: Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)   Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:51 am

So that was good. Personally Patty didn't give a shit what people thought about stuff like that, you drank what you liked and she liked... she liked to drink drinks. Mostly vodka because it was quick but not the cheap shit but party drinks were pretty great. Beer was good too if you wanted to just chillax and hang out all day but she hardly ever got to do that because people here weren't cool about her cracking open a 12-pack on the steps and spending a school day getting day drunk. Nobody could just be cool about it and leave her to her own thing they just had to get preachy.

He didn't really say much as Albrecht starting marching off toward the direction of the gym. Her long legs let her keep up with him but she actually had to put in an effort to do it. It was kinda concerning how he didn't say anything else. Did she piss him off somehow? It was the joke about Americans wasn't it? The back of Patricia's head grew hot but her facial expression didn't change much aside from vague concern on keeping up with him. For once in a long while she was apprehensive about talking to him, she didn't want to be that mouthy girl that was just annoying. Like she already had his number and stuff but if she wanted to give Caitlynn the little chance she'd get or have a chance herself she couldn't be allowed to screw this up.

She'd stay quiet and let him charge on ahead until they'd finally reach where they were going. Nah, didn't wanna risk saying something. She'd get her chance.
"Hey, thanks for showing me around," she chirped, "But I better get going. It'd suck to be late, y'know?" Pssssssh she didn't care about that. Most of the time she could talk her way out of any punishment and the times it did catch up with her she usually ended up fine.
"Can't wait for this weekend though. I'll text you, 'kay?" Patricia waved to Albrecht and moved to head inside before the gym, stopping and looking confused. Yeah it was another lie, whatever. She peered inside before chuckling to herself.
"........Ahahaha you gotta be freakin' kiddin' me! I don't have gym this period I have Geography!" Patricia smiled and smacked her temple as if she'd forgotten and not like that's how it had been the whole time. Like, if she walked inside she'd get found out. 'Specially because the gym was filled with dudes and not girls.

Patricia turned to Albrecht in high spirits despite apparently making her mistake.
"Yo so thanks for showing me this place since I mean, I need to get here anyway but Igottarunseeyalater!" Patty'd take down the hallway they came from at a quick jog, snaking her way around the few people that were similarly dressed and also almost about to be late to gym class. Like if that were true and stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)   Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:22 am

"Hm?Uh... You're welcome, Patricia. But yeah we should." Albrecht would give the delinquent yet another nod, aiding another fellow student was hardly a problem for him. Especially since they were heading to the same place in this instance, so it's not like he had to sacrifice anything anyways. He'd nod for a third time when Patty talked about texting him later, admittedly he doesn't use the phone unless he needs to make a call usually his mind is occupied with other things to just chitchat through the phone.

His expression had remained mostly neutral, until Patty mentioned that she had mixed up her periods. He raised an eyebrow instinctively, sure her memory could have failed her but when considering previous events he had some suspicion.

"You know how to get here on your own at least." He gave a light shrug. "...Good bye?" He let out a sigh, the way that girl acted was a bit confusing but she seemed alright. He'd enter the gym afterwards.

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PostSubject: Re: Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)   Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:26 pm

YES! Yes yes yes freakin' scoooooooore! Patricia slowed down after rounding a few corners and put her hands in her pockets, the arrogant smirk clear as day on her face. She did exactly what she set out to do, now the only question was how far she wanted to take this and what she wanted to do with it.
...ah screw it, may as well do the nice girl thing and share with the bitch, not like she could've gotten this far on her own. As the liar turned one more corner she came face to face with her girlfriends looking... kinda not like she expected they would.
"Heya! Sooooooooo I got his number," she crowed, not letting the petty bitch shit in the air drag her down.
"Oh really."
"Ya really! We're going out for drinks this weekend although I might not be able to make it if you catch my drift. It'd suck to cancel plans like that sooooo..."
"Woah, you got him out for drinks!?"
"Do NOT underestimate my powers when I want something girl."
"Then you should go with him, you asked him out he probably likes you better anyway."
Patricia's face fell. It was gonna be one of those kinds of conversations.
"Uh, no? That's not what this was. Like, at all."
"Shyeah Patricia I've got a feeling you have no idea what any of this is either."
"Hey, I've got selective hearing against trifling shit wanna say that without the bitch in your voice?"
"You really don't get it do you? You can't even understand what a shitty thing that was to do to Caitlynn can you are you THAT self-centered?"
"You wanted his number, I got his number. You didn't wanna ask him it could've been someone else but it was me, your friend who said she'd share. Why don't you get off your back for once, I really think it's cutting off the blood to your brain."
"Uh, can we just chill a sec? This is getting outta hand..."
"So that answers that question, you can't just like I said. Don't even play it off Patricia."
"It's starting to sound like you really don't want me to share. Besides..."

"I just asked for his number. He's the one that asked me out."

With Miranda trying to keep the peace and Jenny fighting her battle for her, Caitlynn really didn't say much until right then when she looked to Patricia with unbridled hate in her eyes.
"Yoooouuuu.....!" The blonde girl marched straight up to her, shivering and shaking and starting to tear up. Patricia smiled even wider as she often did in situations like this. If Caitlynn wanted to hit her that was fine. She'd lay her the fuck down right afterward though. Dumb petty bullshit. Her hands were balled into fists and for a second it looked like she was ready to take a swing... but she never did.
"Y...! suck, Patty...!" Caitlynn shouted to her before turning around and just... running off. It was obvious she was crying, but that was her own problem for misunderstanding shit. Not like Patricia started it or whatever. Jenny took a half step after her before giving Patricia a glare.
"Good. Now look at what you've done." But she'd run after Caitlynn calling her name.
"Pssssh. Whatever I didn't do anything. Like, really?" she complained to herself. Miranda went to walk after them sheepishly.
"Yeeeeaaaaah like... I should probably go after them and stuff." Patricia smiled back at her. No, no she got it. It wasn't even personal, just another part of the game.
"Nah, you're cool. She probably doesn't wanna see me anyway, go help her out."
"Cool, catcha later!" Patricia gave a small wave and dropped her smirk as soon as Miranda disappeared from sight. Like, this was supposed to be a win so why did all this petty shit have to drag her down? Tssss, whatever it was dumb. It almost pissed her off how they had to ruin it for her but whatever, she wasn't about to let them control how she felt about herself. Patricia rolled her neck and started her slow walk to her locker just as the bell rung for the next period.

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PostSubject: Re: Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)   Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:33 pm

StacyPatricia McDowell of The Devil and Albrecht Frost of The Emperor have formed a Social Link...
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PostSubject: Re: Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)   

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Student Body (Patricia & Albrecht)
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