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 Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)

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PostSubject: Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)   Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:38 am

Susan walked quickly alongside her boss, swift steps barely keeping pace with the lanky man. Not to mention the fact that Mr. Thornton was walking with purpose. He was always the most serious over these matters which is probably why he was the Executive Assistant of Salem Limited. He always treated their money as his own, the company was his domain and any acquisition he had seen as his. And this was serious business today. What Mr. Thornton had arranged today was big medicine for the tech conglomerate, they would be acquiring a rival today if they played their cards right. No doubt that Lazarus Industries would fight tooth and nail to remain afloat, they would be sure to pull out all the stops. This would appear to be a simple negotiation of terms but Micheal saw it for what it was: the first step of many into dominating their rival company. For he had found a loophole in their financial support clause: Lazarus Industries was state-funded and he counted out to the penny that they were not meeting their service quota. He had dutifully watched like a hawk their service hours and pricing until the fiscal year was up and the quota had not been met. They were in violation of their biggest contract which meant that the contract was up for grabs. It would be a cold, bitter bid war over the contract and Mr. Thornton had brought his best economist along with him.

...Susan was rather proud of herself this time. Through her efforts she had spotted a mistake in the numbers of her competitors available through credit reports, over-reaching past her responsibilities but Salem Limited would be sure to grow from this. She hoped that this little contract would look good for promotion in the coming months, though she was comfortable where she was it would do well to grow until she hit her own personal ceiling. She rather liked Mr. Thornton too. He was the one that vested his trust in her more than any other executive and personally vouched for her on numerous occasions, most likely for situations such as this. The businesswoman was personally requested for this venture and she could not say no to it. It was a golden opportunity.
"Susan, take note," commanded the white-haired gent as he strode powerfully like a shark in the water.
"Y-yes sir."
"Under no circumstances can we miss out on this contract even if we need to make sacrifices elsewhere, is that understood?"
"Yes sir."
"I may need you to speak during this negotiation although I will keep such moments brief. Please be professional as always but concise and to the point. And do not give them any ground. Do you think you can do that?"
"Y-yes sir, I'll try..." Mr. Thornton stopped walking at this point and turned to Susan with an icy glare.
"There is no trying today Susan, there is only performance. I expect you to perform. Today you carry the company on your shoulders. Don't let me down." Susan froze and hunched her shoulders, cradling her tablet closer to her chest.
"Y-yes sir, I will not let you down."
"Perfect. Then it's time." He would pause for a second and look toward the grand oak doors that led to the meeting room. "I have complete faith in you."

Their announcement was made clear through Mr. Thornton's powerful entrance, throwing open the double doors and striding inside the meeting room with powerful steps.
"Good morning all," he spoke with command, "As you know I am Micheal Thornton, Executive Assistant to Thomas Salem of Salem Limited. I have full authorization to make executive decisions in his stead and I will be representing our interests today. This is our economist Susan Groves that will be chiming in with relevant financial data."
"G-good morning."
The man would then take his position as far as he could at the head of the table, exuding his dominion over the room as he did so. Susan would follow meekly  and sit with perfect posture, looking a lot less confident than he did.
"So without any more pleasantries let's get on with it, shall we? I'm aware that the bidding for this contract has an expiration date for this afternoon."
That was the killing blow. Micheal was aware that Lazarus Industries would let their contract renew by default, this was a last-minute formal bid he had put in for. All he needed to do was low-ball the competition and still be in the black enough to see dividends. They could even go in the red if it suited them. These were the guerrilla tactics of business and he would not be outdone. Susan merely flipped through her multiple documents nervously on her tablet, attempting to prepare for any and all talking points they would go over.
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PostSubject: Re: Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)   Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:36 pm

Rui was slightly too late. Right as the meeting began to rev to a start, a frenetic pink blur bursted into the room like a deranged rainbow.

"Ah yes, my apologies for the lateness!" Rui sat down holding a stack of papers that he immediately started filing through. He had made sure to familiarize himself with the deal...on the way here.

He of course, was not representing the actual company, but rather the financing party/bank that took them over in receivership. And as sole creditor, he had a right to be here.

The only problem - he really didn't want to be here. They really weren't seriously bidding for the contract. The company was a mangled mess that tried to branch out into too many things, while claiming falsely about "leveraging synergies". The firm had no idea how to run this company. It just knew that the company was worth more if they gutted it and sold off all of the different divisions to various competitors.

So why was he here? Simply put: optics. To keep morale up, it was important to act as if they were still planning to operate the company.

That being said, he still might get a contract somehow. If so, that wouldn't be a problem. As long as it was an easy contract to breach, they could assign the contract if it added value, and breach if it didn't. And as he had no idea how the market here actually worked, he cared more about legal terms than the actual numbers.

Plus, the more irksome he could be to his competitors in the bidding process, the more they'd be willing to pay him to go away.

Anyways, I'm Terui from the Milchkaffee Fund, representing CephaloCo. Ooh hey, lemme dig up my card.

Terui pulled out a bunch of business cards with his name before quickly dealing them across a table as if they were blackjack cards. The cards were in Portuguese and Japanese, making them utterly worthless for almost anyone else.

Also, before anyone asks, yes, these are in Silian Rail, or the closest actual equivalent. Anyways, I'm excited to meet everyone! He tilted his head a little, "So..I guess most people want to get started right away?
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PostSubject: Re: Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)   Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:32 pm

Mr. Thornton clasped his hands together and glowered over the table as was his usual way.
"I believe that would be prudent. As everyone here is aware this contract renewal is on a time limit, I intend to place Salem Limited's bid before that occurs and I won't be distracted." Mr. Thornton looked over to Susan as she nervously fiddled with her tablet.
"Now before we begin I'm certain there are legality questions over this admittedly hostile takeover, my associate Ms. Groves will clear the air regarding that. Ms. Groves?" The businesswoman nervously fidgeted and with one more final swipe was able to bring her presentation to the smartboard through the local wi-fi network. She stood immediately and waltzed over toward the display to make her points.
"Y-yes. As you can see here though the following charts per hours worked, while Lazarus Industries has been charging more in make-up for hours supplied they have regretted to supply the hours allotted per the established contract, falling short by nearly 40 give or take. W-what this means is..."


The presentation went off without a hitch, meaning that Salem Limited got exactly what they wanted out of the deal. ...which was absolutely nothing. Susan was able to spot that this was a lame duck through re-interpretation of the data and a cautious mindset, and although Mr. Thornton was displeased he respected her choice in the matter and trusted her judgement. They would leave without any forward progress, Mr. Thornton leaving ahead of Susan to "distribute their information" as he attended another important meeting he had skipped for this one. Of course, this meant wrapping up and handing out business cards which Susan was happy to do emotionlessly. Salem Limited held a certain image for professionalism and business etiquette mixed with the ruthless nature of a shark and she would not be one to break that facade. They were the ones that would stride in with stony faces and exact data, take as they pleased, and leave just as quickly, today was the same as any day before it.

Susan Groves boarded the elevator to the lobby dutifully, she also had things to attend to. The cost projection for this acquisition was included in her financial reports and it needed to be corrected, she tapped on her tablet absently to fix this mess as she laxly waited for the doors to close themselves. She was in no rush as long as the situation was being rectified.
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PostSubject: Re: Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)   Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:36 pm

Rui was happy with how everything turned out. A promise to engage in further negotiations with Lazarus was in itself valuable even if it turned out to be a dud, just because it would deny that time to other companies. Which in turn, would improve their negotiating position.

Anyways, Rui felt accomplished and ready to do something else. He practically skipped through the hallway to get into the elevator at the end, ready to enjoy his weekend doing, well, actually he didn't have a clear grasp on that. The newfound ennui of student life in a poor simulacrum of a body and all.

Noting the rather quiet, stern woman from the business meeting, he actually put a little distance from her. He didn't quite do that well with the stern type. Luckily, that put him next to the elevator buttons. He quickly hit the first floor, until he realized that he actually needed to exit on the second floor. So he hit the second floor button.

Right as the door closed though, he realized he might have left his pen in the meeting room. He hammered the open door button - and when that failed to do anything, he tried pressing the button for the old floor he was on. That seemed to have done nothing, so he gave up and decided to just get off at the next floor.

That was unfortunately not to be, as a huge grinding sound heralded the elevator jerking to a rapid stop. Rui had a nasty feeling.

"Uh...was that me?"

The lights in the elevator chose that moment to go completely dark, covering the entire room in pitch blackness with the exception of Rui's fluorescent yellow eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)   Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:33 am

Susan had hardly registered the young man enter the elevator as well, completely engrossed in her tablet. There was so much to do and no time to waste it on, she may just sit in her car for a time and continue to eke out this meetings minutes as well, it would be faster than driving back to the office though she was technically on her break. It was more efficient this way regardless, she could pick up something to eat on her way back anyway. Completing her work first would be preferable to rushing it out after lounging during her lunch hour. That she would spend the entirety of driving. The traffic in Endymion was absolutely horrid, truth be told.

But she did notice him as he pressed on the elevator panel, but just a cursory glance. She was certain he didn't want to be bothered or he would have engaged in small talk. Networking was a clear part of this trade, almost expected after all.

......Susan watched in a curious sort of disbelief as Terui pressed every button he could, multiple times. She could find herself becoming absent at times but she was typically nowhere near spacey enough to forget multiple times on where she was going in an elevator. Typically. There were embarrassing moments where she did not pay attention and exited on the wrong floor as many as five times in a row, it could be one of those days for him. Her focus was all on him when the sudden stop of the elevator almost caused her to stumble with a yelp.

"haaa.... I certainly hope no-AAIEE...!"

The businesswoman squealed when the lights went out. She could almost feel her heart leap out of her chest as soon as it happened, though things remained a little brighter with the light from her tablet giving the elevator a soft white glow from within. Susan's breathing quickened and she fell against the railing on the side to catch her breath, hand over her chest. The shock was intense to be sure but now she was trapped in an elevator, which led to its own problems. Susan did not enjoy these types of situations, dark and enclosed spaces were on her "never again" list. But she would not let fear take her, there was something that needed to be done about this issue.
"Th-this is... u-unfortunate..." she stuttered, more to reassure herself with her own voice than to comfort Terui.
"I-I will contact th... th-the front desk a-and inform them of this... th-this p-problem..." Of course, doing her due diligence, Susan had the numbers to these offices handy. She had called them to set up this meeting, after all, most of them she remembered off the top of her head. The timid woman brought out her cell phone which she was never very far away from and began to dial.
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PostSubject: Re: Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)   Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:30 pm

Rui didn't seem to react very strongly to the situation. Yes, everything was grim and dark, but the situation was rather mundane. He kind of imagined the room flooding randomly as everyone panicked and tried not to drown. But then thinking about it more, that was really an impossible situation considering that they were in an elevator suspended significantly above the ground.

To Rui however, the woman seemed...rather agitated. He couldn't quite put his finger on the exact tone of her voice. He couldn't detect what specific kind of agitation it was. Merely that it was agitation. So he naturally assumed the agitation was deep impatience. She had come off as a deeply impatient person to him, or at least not one for fluffy diversions. The squeal briefly made Rui suspect that the woman was afraid of the dark...but that seemed simply...too implausible for Rui. Too incongruent with what he knew about the woman.

He checked his own phone, a pink flip-phone that appeared deeply weighed down by a variety of cell phone straps and sparkly stickers. This was of course visible in the elevator simply because his cellphone and many of its sparkly stickers were fluorescent in the dark.

"Hm. No signal. I never get signal. Grr, bad signals grr." He then turned towards the woman, "So you actually get signal in elevators? That never happens to me."

He sighed, "Anyways, I'm sorry if I broke the elevator. Again." He did not clarify on that last word. "Since uh, you do seem like you need to be somewhere uh...really quickly."

He smiled, although this wasn't visible in the dark, "But hey, you've got one powerful excuse to deploy now." He spoke in a deep voice, "RECRUIT, WHY ARE YOU LATE?" He switched to a terrifyingly natural-sounding woman's voice, thanks to his modable vocal cords, "Sir, just busy dying!"

He paused for a second, "Uh, that's a joke, by the way. We're actually just high enough so that we would probably survive if the cables snapped and we plummeted down. I think."
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PostSubject: Re: Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)   

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Business as Usual (Susan & Rui)
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