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 After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]

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PostSubject: After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]   Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:32 am

OOC Information:

It had been a full and exhausting day already and the sun hadn't even set, yet there were things that still needed to be done. After the ordeal with Serah Wilson the other night it had taken away from Susan's work which meant that she had to stay up late to finish it. Then she had to wake up early to put her hours in so that she could leave early in order to put this event together. And she still had to stay later than she wanted to anyway. The businesswoman had wanted to hold the meeting at 5 but had to push it back to 6 to accommodate her schedule and the required preparations which left her flitting about her kitchen and trying to cook as many things at once as her spoiled bengal cat got in the way and with so much to do and the implications it left her on the edge of a miniature heart panic attack. She had to be a good host, which meant food. She already said she would bake cookies and it had occurred to her to get store bought but then she would be lying and no longer impressive. Along with that she had to feed her guests so late in the evening since she was potentially asking them to be there through dinner time.

However even with her complete lack of time Susan managed to at least try to go over the top. She had one batch of sugar cookies already done (going the cheap route and using the sugar sprinkles instead of frosting, it saved on time) with some chocolate chip ones in the oven baking as she worked on literally everything else. About half of them were a bit blackened on the bottom b-but they probably still tasted alright. Susan had her hands full with her large pot full of tomato suit and the grilled cheese she was making, which was much harder to accomplish when she had to be extra careful not to get anything on her nice blouse. The apron helped but it wasn't 100% protective and she needed to be absolutely certain she didn't ruin her outfit. Not only were these her new peers and she needed to impress them but there was the potential that the actual Faces would visit her at her home. The businesswoman was almost caught in a fender bender on her way home fretting and worrying about just what she would wear. She couldn't stay in her work clothes since she didn't want to seem like a frumpy business grump nor did she want to get too casual with everyone and throw on capris and a polo. Susan had to actively restrain herself from chewing her nails down to the cuticle on her decision, but ultimately decided on a flattering blood red blouse tucked into black slacks. Something that said "I'm classy when I'm casual" and she could unbutton her blouse just a few buttons lower than normal and it wouldn't seem too out of place. The decision on if she should wear a necklace or not alone probably took years off her life but the enterprising woman settled for a silver chain and cross, something that could be worn regardless of the connotations and brought the eye toward a certain spot.

She had been rather pleased with her idea but for the moment Susan could feel the panic set in as the clock ticked down. Each second was agony. Someone could show at any moment and she was still not entirely ready. Nor would she be, not as much as she wanted to be or what she deemed acceptable. So Susan did what she did best and she multitasked. While grilling cheese, glancing at her soup pot, and intently watching the oven timer on her cookies she would keep her ears open for the doorbell with bated breath.
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PostSubject: Re: After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]   Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:10 am

The night before was a blur to be honest. He wasn’t sure how or when he went to sleep or when he had woken up enough to get home, but when he woke up around noon, he had somehow managed to go from his safe spot to home and into bed apparently. He even managed to get himself ready for bed, but not under the covers. It was bizarre and even stranger than that was the fact that no matter how he tried, he could not recall the steps he had taken to get to this point. This would not do. Not at all....Then again, maybe he shouldn't complain to much. At least he was in one piece and after a bit of searching, he assumed he either did something himself or got picked up cause nothing was missing and his clothes didn’t suggest he got in a scuffle in his sleep or something.

Shaking his head slightly at this new mystery, the idol would shuffle around getting himself cleaned up and ready before tackling his room. He knew there was a maid around to clean things, but still he didn't see the point in bothering her when he could do this himself. The only thing he required her to do is just well be herself and make her wonderful food and drinks. He wasn’t like his mother who was calling the lady all the time like some dog nor was he like his father who just accepted what she did, but didn’t seem to really notice her at all as he kept his nose glued to books or a screen. Now that he thought about he and Lisa were probably the only two in the house that actually treated her as just a person versus a servant and even then their handling of the lady was different. He was more gentle while Lisa was more strict, but the woman had stayed the longest of the servants they had in the past. The only one that was here longer than her was the butler, who honestly had an easier job than her since Mother dear was not calling him every five seconds. It was a wonder the woman hadn't gone mad from it all already. He knew he'd lash out before long if the roles were switched.

Regardless of that, the idol had a few hours to spare today thankfully being a rare free day. In his spare time, he prepared as much as he could for the meeting and then about an hour before it was to occur he was off to the meeting place. It would take a while to get where he was going, but he was still 10 minutes early when he arrived at the door.

Squinting at his phone to make sure he had the house number right, he glanced at the door not sure how he was feeling about this. It was true this was a business meeting, but still… would this really go, especially after what he discovered about her the other night? Well….she was a team member, so this should be fine, right? He tried not to think about that one as he pocked his phone and then raised his hand and after some hesitation rang the door bell. No turning back now.

The Look:
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PostSubject: Re: After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]   Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:47 pm

"Fuck this shit. Fuck this day.

Why did he have to go? It was an awful mistake to even utter the slightest mention of a gathering taking place today. His entire family cajoled him into going and even making him promise to bring back a selfie of the meeting. But he had to go for the sake of the safety of his gaming laptop. The Cadet grumbled and moped all the way until reaching his destination. Last night gave him a reason to want to skip the whole day. Hell, why weren't they given a day off from a successful mission? Stingy bastards, all of them, they wanted to work them hard. The least they could do is raise the pay a bit.

Someone arrived before him and ten minutes earlier the designated time, at that. Joseph quietly slunk to the side behind a corner and hid to watch the incoming interaction coming along. After a closer look, Joseph recognized the lady killer from the earlier night. At least this was the place. Did that loser have this much time to waste? Doesn't he have idol stuff to do? Not that Joseph was in any position to criticize. But how many other losers are even going to bother coming?


[color=#999966][font=Georgia]Joseph's Dialogue[/font][/color]
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PostSubject: Re: After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]   Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:23 am


The tension was building. With each phantom sound, each loud tick of the clock Susan could feel her composure slip further and further away. Any minute now, any minute now and her guests would begin to arrive and find her unprepared to host them. A nice first impression indeed. Though she couldn't will time to move faster than it already did. There was no choice left than to grin and bear it. Perhaps... perhaps this wouldn't be so bad? The businesswoman thought she had a lovely home, she kept it spotless, it was warmly decorated, she purchased those apple-cinnamon candles that made her house smell like freshly baked pie... This had to go well. It would go well.

She nearly jumped a foot when the doorbell rang though her ears were listening intently for it. Her grilled cheese jumped too, straight from the skillet and onto the floor.
"B... Be right with yooooouuuuu!" she sang despite her lack of courage. Susan grimaced and turned off the burner, scooping up the sandwich with an oven mitt and depositing into Mimi's food bowl as she fluttered toward the door and looked peered through the keyhole. It was Faces. Susan's heart stopped. W-why was he here first? Didn't celebrities like him like to be stylishly late...? Oh but he was so good to his fans, it would make sense for him to be punctual. M-maybe he was personally impressed with her report instead, th-that would be pleasing. But now she had to deal with him. Alone. With no one else to lean on or hide behind. It was nearly twenty seconds before the timid woman noticed she had stopped breathing and took a breath, taking off her oven mitt and wringing it in her hands. W-what would she say? H-how would she do this? He was... just a normal person offstage, there was no reason to get bent out of shape over this.

...but ignoring someone was. She took a few minutes to actually answer the door, wasting his precious time and being an inconsiderate hostess. Completely unprepared but with her hands tied, Susan took a deep breath and slowly opened the door.


The tiny woman took a gulp of air. It wasn't as if this was supposed to be a big deal but the Faces was standing right here on her doormat! What would be exciting was honestly now terrifying that she had to impress him and she was playing with the deck stacked against her. She managed to break her awestruck anxious gaze from him long enough to bring it to the floor.
"Hatsu... Hatsuhara...! I-it's so nice to... to see you...! Do you know if the others are coming...?" she fumbled. Susan really hoped they would, she worked so hard on cooking and cleaning it would be a waste to only have Faces here that evening. N-not that she wouldn't mind, of course! But... she wanted someone to be there to possibly help keep her foot out of her mouth and take focus away from her. With Joseph hidden behind the patio she couldn't even tell that he was there considering her gaze was focused away from anything outside of her socks.


Susan popped up and began to rush toward her oven at the chime.
"I-I have to get that!" she called out as she rushed into her kitchen, "Please come in and make yourself comfortable, help yourself to something to drink! ...Don't forget to take off your shoes!" The meeker woman would leave Hatsuhara at the wide-open door while she tended her cookies and soup, doing her best to take them off of the cooking rack before they burnt and turning back toward making the rest of her grilled cheese sandwiches before anyone else arrived.
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PostSubject: Re: After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]   Today at 1:40 pm

He rang the doorbell and heard the call from inside of the home; however, it would seem like he would have some time to waste outside as he kept his hands in his pocket for the time being. He would watch the door for a few seconds before looking away at the surroundings as he continued to wait. It was a nice place from the outside making him wonder what the inside looked like, but it would seem he would be waiting a while since the door still wasn’t opening.

Not that it mattered. The time outside gave him some time to collect himself and bring his anxiety down to a low. It was going to be alright. These were just people he worked with. Nothing to get wound up over, right? Right. He would shift his weight a bit and was on the edge of looking back towards the door and perhaps giving the bell another ring; however, he became distracted when he thought he saw some movement close by.

Eh? Was something there? He would watch the spot he saw movement from, but then hearing the door unlocking he would look forward again as the door open and Susan was before him, looking very nice he might add. He would meet her gaze as she spoke to him as he did his best to put on a nice smile. Even though this was very awkward for him, he managed to stay calm and at least appear to be relaxed. Even when she finally looked away, he wouldn't let it show just how much relief not having her stare at him caused.

“Hello, Ms. Groves. It is a pleasure to see you too,” he would begin in his usual soft tones and then hearing the question he would look around the area as he shook his head. “Mmmm. I apologize. I didn’t see anyone on my way here or while I was waiting. So I suppose it is you and I for now.” He would look back at the woman maybe thinking of saying more; however, before he could he was distracted by the sounds of a timer and Ms. Groves running off to go tend to said timer.

“Okay. Thanks,” he would say feeling a bit unsure, but knowing he could not turn and leave or just linger in the doorway. Well here goes nothing. He would cross the threshold and close the door behind him not realizing there was actually another outside hiding. Taking a moment, he would get his shoes off before stepping in further as he took in the home and the smell of apple pies, cookies, and something else. An odd combo of scents, but somehow it made him a bit more relaxed.

While he knew he could lounge around and chill, he would find himself following Susan’s path instead drifting towards the kitchen, but pausing outside of it as he looked around a bit and then seeing the woman looking overloaded with work, he would look off to the side a bit thinking. "Umm, Ms. Groves...uh. Can I help you with somethings?” he would ask for the first time letting his usually confident face disappear as he let just of bit of his normal self show up. He didn’t see the need to put up an act since they were one-on-one and he was not on the stage or in his usual business meetings, so as long as it was one-on-one...this was fine right?
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PostSubject: Re: After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]   

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After Action: Bad Girl [Cadet SL Topic]
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