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 How Not to Plan a Ranch Visit [Frog/Cecil]

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PostSubject: Re: How Not to Plan a Ranch Visit [Frog/Cecil]   Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:33 pm

Frog grinned as Cecil took his hand with only as much deliberation as he'd predicted. The guy was obviously awkward but trying to be snarky or something. Frog could understand that. Nothing wrong with that. He noticed the way the other's eyes've been systematically darting about. The non-existant lumps on Cecil's back and neck needed constant rubbing as well. Heh. Frog had to supress a chuckle so as to not come off as even more obnoxious. Titus had come over to the two as well, sniffing about the ground around them. In truth, Frog was a bit annoyed with Cecil's behaviour, but he chose not to let it show in the way he acted or thought for now.
"It's okay. I bet Titus is getting bored already too so we'll be off as well." He said. Frog looked at Cecil with some interest apparent in his eyes when the guy mentioned he had something he wanted to do here, but he opted not to ask what it was, out of social awkwardness more than anything else, really.
Maybe if he ever met him again or got to know him, (heck, nowadays anything was possible), he would choose to implore otherwise.

"My name's Frog." He responded to Cecil's name as he put Titus back on a leash. "Well, see ya, I guess?" Frog added before going off away from the ranch.

[Frog - Exit]


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PostSubject: Re: How Not to Plan a Ranch Visit [Frog/Cecil]   Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:13 am

Cecil laughs quietly to himself. "See you, I guess." He briefly waves Frog off as he walks away with Titus, only letting his face fall once he's out of sight.
That was a mess. But then again, that's not much new. After one last look over at the ranch, he shakes his head clear and starts heading home at a lazy place, one idle footfall after another as he works his necklace out from under his shirt. He puts his earphones back in and listens for a while as he walks, but the music isn't enough right now to stop his brain from working away.

What even happened there? Why did I do that? I know I've not been thinking straight, but that's still odd for me. Without thinking about it, he moves out of the way of a rare passerby on his path. I can ruin an interaction already without doing shit like that. So why even-
Cecil groans.
I really, really need to stop doing this.

Cecil checks his phone, and finds...nothing of note. If only he had could have such a convenient distraction. Slipping it back into a zipped pocket, his train of thought continues on, running through the entirety of the interaction. ...why Frog, though? That seems like dodgy parenting. It''s not just me that thinks that's the sort of name that kids would-
Nope. Not doing this! Cruel name or not, that's a rabbit hole I'm not going down!
He tries to crank up the volume on his player to shut his thoughts up...and then realises it's already at the limit he put on it. Oh, come on...! Cecil picks up his pace and starts hammering away at the skip button, thumb working away to find a track that'd give him some peace of mind.

--> [EXIT]
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PostSubject: Re: How Not to Plan a Ranch Visit [Frog/Cecil]   Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:48 pm

Users have managed to form a social link..
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PostSubject: Re: How Not to Plan a Ranch Visit [Frog/Cecil]   

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How Not to Plan a Ranch Visit [Frog/Cecil]
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