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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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January 2019
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 Watch Watch! Our Moon Shines! [Deshi]

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PostSubject: Watch Watch! Our Moon Shines! [Deshi]   Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:22 am

"Kee hee! Watch, watch! We bring forth the Labyrinth of the Moon!"

The almost cheerful voice of Harmony would ring out to a rather empty street, only a few people daring to stop and look up at him. He was most strange, up on his measly excuse for a stage accompanied with a coffin large enough to fit two people. With his creepy smile, slanted eyes, and fanged teeth, most were wise and simply left. Though, few stayed, looking up at him with curious and somewhat concerned eyes.

"Kee heeee...! We have gathered a crowed! Come, come! Watch as we show you our madness!" the innocent monster would say gleefully, holding out his hand and pointing at a person in the crowd, the person would look confused before hesitatingly taking a step forward. As he did so, though, Harmony's hand would fall off of his arm and thump against the ground. Someone would scream, another waving a hand and booing. This only cause Harmony to laugh gently.

He'd hold up his handless arm and pull down his sleeve, clear as day there was no trick to this. His hand was very much on the ground now. But, soon after his arm would simply fall off as well and upon hitting the ground, burst into five or so shadowy bats, swarming towards the audience before returning to all perch on Harmony's only intact arm. He'd grin happily, half the crowd clapping while the other half simply stared in shock. Though, it was now time for the real fun. The bats would fly off, one picking up his hand and spinning it mid air, it too would turn into a bat.

Harmony would open the lid of his coffin, spinning in front of it with an almost sadistic grin. Slowly and, quite sadly, not painfully for him, he'd begin contorting, his body's limbs either falling off or cracking like glass, soon he'd simply fall apart with a maddening laugh, bursting into bats. The crowd was stunned, fifty bats swarming around the coffin before all of them forced their way into the coffin and caused the lid to slam shut with a loud bang.

Shuffling, silence, anticipation...

A thud, thunk, a steady rustling...

Bang! The lid would fly open, Harmony spinning out a full person again. He'd raise his hands as if waiting an applause. The crowd would quickly dispatch and run off. Harmony would simply be left laughing to himself. Another successful show!

"Oh... How they look at us with horror... We can only wish to feel their terror and confusion..." Harmony would say to himself happily, standing on the stage with arms wrapped around himself. Truly an euphoric thought... A wish...


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PostSubject: Re: Watch Watch! Our Moon Shines! [Deshi]   Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:48 am

The demon was used to the struggle between himself and the creature within. Used to the pain that came with sunset and the madness that swallowed him and the others whole each and every night since he had awoken to his strange power. He was used to being prisoner and watching the beast do what it did….so this night. This night he expected the same to happen. To be forced to submit to that thing, but when the time arrived this round something strange happen.

The thing within did indeed awaken, but instead of laughing and forcing its way in, the beast simply watched the demon letting him stay himself. Letting B and Sinclair stay themselves. It was bizarre to be honest and for an hour the small demon was on edge sure that the creature was going to push its way in, but it never made a move. It just watched him quietly do what he wanted to do. It was such strange behavior that after about two hours of this staring the creature was doing Devi finally sat down in front of a mirror alone and for the first time ever called out to the creature within asking what it was doing.

The answer? Giving him a choice. It told him, he could choose to stay himself or choose to combine with it, an idea that was compulsive on its own and at first one the small demon resisted as he left the room quite sure that the creature within was lying….but the time stretched on and the demon remained himself. In time, he would go back to the mirror room and after a good long think on the matter, he would call Demix to the front again. The creature would respond and make his offer to let the smaller demon fuse with him and this time, the demon willing took the offer. He expected the creature to laugh and take over fully, but tonight the takeover was different.

Sinclair and B sunk peacefully into the cold ink and as it consumed the last of the demons, Devi found himself unafraid for once and once they were combined? A new form and a mind that was a perfect blend of all would surface. The creature that opened its eyes tonight was quite aware of itself. It’s name was Devi B. Sinclair and that was that.

Quite curious and a bit confused about why it had only just realized this with such certainty the demon would ponder what was so different this round than before. He wasn't the mess he typically was so what was it? Hmmm...

The demon would be drawn out of his thought by the grumbling of his stomach. Ah, he supposed he did need to eat, didn’t he? Well at least he knew what to do first as he moved through the theater and out into the night.


Some time later, the demon would walk the dark streets with a brown paper bag filled with nuts, nails, and other small pieces of metal that he had purchased from a vendor who probably thought he was going to build something; however, the demon had no such plans for this metal. No. That metal was going straight into his belly and my what a delicious crunch and saltiness those little pieces had! Quite content with his meal, the demon would continue to eat them only pausing when he heard some loud talking and saw people gathering in a spot. Not a ton of people, but enough to warrant the demon’s curiosity. Standing at the back of the crowd, but in a spot where he could see, the demon would eye the strange stage and the strange individual on it as he picked up a sense of unease and curiosity within the crowds gather. He would pick up a few more nails out of his bag and munch on them as he watched the show and the reaction of the crowd.

While the crowd may have been disturbed by the show, the demon was quite amused as he watched the arm fall with a fangy grin on his face and when the other performed his final trick? Hehe. The area would clear out, making the one on stage believe he was alone; however, the light clap of a single person could be heard. That single person being the demon who was now bagless for some reason, but hey details and who cared about that when the demon was easily approaching the odd guy and his stage?

“Oh very nice. Very nice,” the demon would say as he looked up at the other with a fangy grin. “Tell us do you have more tricks? Would you perform more for us?” The demon would ask its voice full of glee and excitement, but then seeming to remember something the demon would hold up an elegant finger before bringing its other hand forward in a fist. When he uncurled the fingers though there were coins in that dark hand. “Of course we have money to pay you for humoring us.” The demon would finish with a grin as red eyes blinked up at the other.

His Look:


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PostSubject: Re: Watch Watch! Our Moon Shines! [Deshi]   Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:20 am

Clapping, the innocent monster would steal himself away from his self indulgence. To see a person had stayed after his show! The contortions he had done were specifically gruesome, just that alone would be enough to send people away in unease... Yet, the entire show someone had stayed! Aaaah, were they lost in the Labyrinth of the Moon as well? No... Too composed, too refined! There was no madness on its face, no loss of one's self...

"Kee hee! We contort, we twist, we fall apart! We are a magician of shadows, one who falls apart only to put himself back together. We do not know what you would wish to see. A headless body? An empty chest? We feel you will never be satisfied with such tricks!" he'd state with a gleeful laugh, eyes looking the being up and down. What a strange being... One with a slim body, one who smelt faintly of metal... Was it perhaps not part of 'humanity'? Aaaaah, what a shame! Those detached from humanity could never feel the euphoric bliss of madness!

"We care not for coins. We perform for something you lack. Aaaah, we would never deny 'humanity', are you one with it? Kee hee, if so, we would never stop performing...! We may even show you what we hold most precious... Kee hee, we lied, but we would be willing to perform." he'd state with an almost childish smile across his face. He didn't know what to think of this person yet... If he proved to be part of 'humanity', he might be worth it! Aaaah, but without blood, could one's mind truly be broken? Plunged into the Labyrinth of the Moon? You had to loose something to be plunged into madness' euphoric bliss... He'd wonder...


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PostSubject: Re: Watch Watch! Our Moon Shines! [Deshi]   Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:04 pm

Madness was a strange thing. Sometimes it showed in great quantities upon an individual. A peculiar laugh, an odd grin, a twitch of the body no sane person would think or dare to move in, or even clothing choice and appearance. All of this could point towards madness, but the creature before the strange young man that had frightened his viewers away did not seem to be as loud with his madness. Not yet, but then again there was no threat of battle or blood spilt about. Either way, the creature was far from sane - the grin it gave and the expression it wore was that of a child that had just witness something beautiful and awe inspiring. Only the insane or truly unbalanced could find such joy in the show that had passed, one could argue, but for this artist he appreciated what was here and seemed to appreciate the way this one spoke too.

“A magician that can take himself apart and rearrange himself? How lovely, but you are right. If this is all you can do we will become bored and disappointed. Surely you have something even more twisted and magnificent that. Entertain us with your best,” the demon would say as his tail flicked under his “cape”. He would spread out his other arm as if inviting the other to do something as he continued to watch with a fangy grin. He wondered if the boy would humor him and put on a show worth his time. Or would this one shoo him away or disappoint? He honestly wanted to know, but found that being placed on the back burner as something even more curious came about.

To what he heard the demon would chuckle as the hand holding the coins clamped shut tightly the coins melting into ink that dripped and evaporated on the ground. The demon would keep that hand closed as he spoke.

“Ah, you prefer precious life then?” the demon would ask as he reopened his hand this time with an odd shaped vale of crimson liquid inside. “We can provide that even if we lack it ourselves. As for being of ‘humanity’, perhaps we are...then again perhaps we aren’t. We come from the mind you see. The mind’s image made real. So beautifully real, but only appreciated by those that can see us for what we really are and not just what the world assumes we are.” A strange set of words, but ones that seemed to carry some form of weight to them. Though what sort of weight was unknown to all except those who could untangle the answer within the cryptic web that was spun. That aside though, the demon would tilt his head at the other. “And you. What are you of?” It was only fair to poke back no?


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PostSubject: Re: Watch Watch! Our Moon Shines! [Deshi]   

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Watch Watch! Our Moon Shines! [Deshi]
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