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 Grubby the Gob - Junction - Pee Yew

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PostSubject: Grubby the Gob - Junction - Pee Yew   Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:58 pm

You want a haiku? Fuck you. How about that one?

The Biography

Birth Name: Grubby
Aliases: Grub, Old Man, Old Grub, Dirty Old Bastard
Gender: Male
Age: 32 (this is a human equivalent of someone in their mid 50's)
Birth Day: Celebrated on the Orillian Soltice, Earth equivalent of August 7th or 8th every fourth year
Species/Race Name: Goblin
Original Homeworld Name: Orilla
Arcana: Fortune
Place of Residence: Slums
Evoker: Orichalcum Ring, a gift from a dear friend and wizard. It is said to channel magical energy like an electrical circuit.
Academy Semester: Grubby ain't need no schoolin'. School never taught you nuthin' anyway.
Class: Peasant. Har har har!

Part/Full Time Job: Scavenger and shop owner. Grubby makes a living finding the gems out of the useless junk that ports into Junction after the jumps. It's dangerous work but something Grubby is not only well-suited for but also well-experienced with. He also sells his own findings and creations of those findings to make some quick coin.


Personality: Ya gotta be real bad at people if you ain't figured it out by now, or yer one of those golems that works on fuggen voodoo or some shit so I'll spell this out too. I'm rougher 'round the edges than a goddamn cactus. I swear, I smoke, I drink, and I don't give a fuck and if you got somethin' ta prove I'll just laugh at your greenhorn ass until it becomes my problem, understand? I won't start no fights but I'll sure as hell finish'em. Now I'm a simple kinda guy, I like the finer things, and I ain't even worried about this "Junction" or whatever you knob gobblers call it cuz I'm just passin' through. This is just gonna be a crappy couple weeks and I'll be right on my way, yessir. I'll find my way out of this lil' mess, always have, always do, and if I got somethin' to say about it always will.

So I been spendin' a lot of time raggin' on your ass but I'm a nice guy, honest. I ain't kick you in the stones yet so you got that goin' for ya. Me? I like a good joke, a good laugh, and I get shits and giggle fits from pointin' out the obvious or making pretty bold statements and watchin' the younger ones lose their shit and protectin' their egos and gettin' all riled up cuz they're such fragile 'lil flowers they can't get shit-talked by an old man and still feel like a man at the end. But that's just me. So don't take it personal, everyone gets an earful from this old bastard, it ain't personal. But let's set this straight right quick: if you fuck with me or anything I care about they'll be scoopin' yer guts out of the drainage ditch for days. Understand? Good? Good.

The Potential


Strength Name: Quick Old Bastard
Description: I don't mean to brag but I've been around the block a few times and to even get around once ya gotta be fast. Fast to notice things, fast to move, fast to get the hell out or fast to draw yer piece. If yer slow yer gonna be slow forever cuz yer gonna be fuggen dead.

Grubby's occupation and life experiences have honed his precision and reaction times, giving him a +10% Luck bonus.

Strength Name: Nimble Lil' Fuck
Description: Now bein' fast ain't enough if you can't get nuthin' out of it. Ya gotta stick and move, stick and move! Story time, if yer ass is gettin' chased by an Orcish Warbeast and you don't can't get yer butt over a wall yer gonna regret it for all of half a second.

Grubby is skilled at maneuvering around his environment out of necessity. While he's not physically faster in a straight run than anyone else he can get himself around obstacles with ease and is an excellent climber. Grubby's movement inside dungeons is double the normal rate.

Strength Name: Gotdamn Sneaky Jagoff
Description: Lemme tell ya a secret. Ya wanna know the best way to survive runnin' in to an Orc patrol...? ...ya don't let'em see ya! Khaaaaaaa ha ha *hack hack wheeze*... Urgh... I gotta kick the pipe one'a these days... but yeah, I done things I ain't proud of. Things I ain't gonna talk about and no one's gonna know cuz no one saw me do'em.

Grubby is a rogue by trade, a distinction he makes between thieves and brigands on the merit that he helps do good with his talents. Old Grub knows how to travel silently, hide from anyone looking for him, pick locks and disable traps, and generally go unnoticed.

Strength Name: Diamonds in the Rough
Description: What I do? Well I like to sit and smoke and make fun'o people if that's what yer askin, keh heh! I know what ya meant, what do I do for a livin'. S'what I've always done, I scrounge for the useful bits that people leave behind. Let me tell ya, they throw away some really good shit sometimes. Broken needles? Those're just lockpicks waitin' t'happen. Old copper pipe? Split it with a brick and you got yerself a grapplin' hook! Ya gotta take every advantage you can in this life kid, and sometimes that's feedin' on the scraps others toss in a ditch.

This Strength allows Grubby to open a shop selling adventuring gear used for exploration and navigating the game world, useful items to have like climbing rope or bags of marbles. Some of these items can be used in combat but all items Old Grub sells are useful outside of it.

Strength Name: Git Yer Head Down!
Description: I dunno if anyone ever told ya this, but bein' friends with a wizard is a dangerous spot to be in. Even if he's on yer side just one mispronounced word and kablooey! No more stinky gob. Slingin' fireballs here, lightning bolts there, whole place is covered in a gatdamn snow storm for some reason, there's sheep every fuggen where... You learn to keep yer head down or lose it.

Grubby has first-hand experience with attacks that hit wide areas and has learned the hard way that they hit hard and they hurt. Grub has a 10% extra chance to dodge AoE attacks by ducking at the right time. He also has a slight advantage in dodging out of the way of traps that he triggers using the same experience.

((Racial Strength: This is where you put any special powers that your race is capable of. This area is where your character truly comes alive. Things such as flight, shape shifting, or anything else your race can do is put here. This strength will be heavily scrutinized to ensure balance.)

Racial Strength Name: Rubbery Bone Structure
Description: Somethin' not a lot of people know about gobs is "How the fuck that rat bastard get in there?" or "I hit that ugly fuck as hard as I can, how come he ain't dead?" and I'll tell ya a secret: it's all in the bones. Y'see a gobs bones ain't like people bones. They're flexible like sheep stomach. So next time you see a gob contort himself through a hole the size of a tankard'a ale or get walloped by a golem and keep on chuggin' you'll know.

Grubby, as a goblin, has more ligaments interlacing in his bones than in other creatures making him incredibly flexible in addition to acting as a form of shock absorption. Just as he says he can squeeze into spaces about with a 10" diameter opening as long as he has room to maneuver his body. In addition to this when a goblin is struck by a strong force their bones bend with the strike or bounce around instead of outright breaking. A goblin can walk away from a fall at terminal velocity, and although he won't be in good shape he will indeed be walking away. They take blunt strikes better than other races too as long as their organs don't take too much pressure. This of course only applies to real-world effects.


Weakness Name: Dumber'n a Box o' Shit
Description: So I got a friend named Hilderbrandt the Luminous 'n he's one o' them wizard magic folk. I know, I know, he picked it himself, I get my digs in whenever we're out havin' a pint. But yeah, he's the one that's good with the spells. I ain't even know how to read. You ain't need to read to stab a man in the gut anyway.

Grubby isn't skilled with the intricacies of magic, technology, or even that chain of logic that leads one to be capable with those tasks. True to his word, he also can't read. Grubby's PMstr is decreased by 15%.

Weakness Name: Bad Back
Description: I been in the game a while, kid, and these old bones ain't gettin' any younger. Every time I get up in the mornin' sounds like a herd'a cattle are walkin' on acorns. When I bend down 'n pick somethin' up y'hear a crack like a whip. Holy fuggen Azmodeus I need to retire.

Grubby's an older goblin and isn't as spry as he used to be. If Grubby gets knocked down in battle he loses his Quick Old Bastard Strength and gains a 10% Luck penalty until the end of the battle or until a healing skill is used on him.

Weakness Name: Damn Dirty Habit
Description: Uuuuooof...! *hack hack wheeze hack hack* Myaaaah... Fuck it sucks gettin' old... Been smokin' since, what, I killed my first boar? Mind you I mighta been no more than three rotations at the time. Anyway moral of this lil' story is don't ever smoke and if you do yer gonna look like me one day. Well maybe not this bad, but trust me it's gonna be ugly.

Grubby is a heavy smoker, favoring pipes and cigars and when he's not on a job he's constantly lighting up. This obviously impacts his stamina and after a long flurry of activity he might just break out into a coughing fit. The smell lingers too, and anything attempting to find him via scent will locate him more easily.

Weakness Name: Slummy Gutter Rat
Description: Know what I can't stand? Those hoighty toity fuckers at the top that ain't ever had to have sleep for dinner. Yeah you know the type. Got their salad fork on one side and the meat fork on another and they're adjustin' their monocles and they got this scoff like Harumph! That's what they say, they say Harumph! Rich bags of floppy cocks wouldn't know what to do with themselves if the caca really hit the fan.

Because of Grub's behavior and appearance he won't find any favor in the Middle or Top Wards, or anywhere generally nice for that matter. He might not be able to gain entrance to certain facilities and security will be sure to keep him under closer watch. That is unless he's the victim, then they might just turn a blind eye.

Because people don't want Old Grub shopping in places and smelling up the store they often overprice their stock, making Grubby pay 10% from shops other than his own.

Weakness Name: Newfangled Pieces of Crap
Description: So's I see I'm the only one totin' around a bow here. Everyone else got fancy schmancy iron boxes or wands or whatever the fuck that go "pop" and shit dies. That's swell, real fuggin' swell. You can dodge an arrow, catch it, bat it away, ya had options. How the hell do I compete with "point and go boom"? That shit ain't natural.

Grubby is easier to hit with Gun attacks by 10%.

((Racial Weakness: If you take a Racial Strength, you are required to take a racial weakness. This weakness must tie into your racial Strength and will be looked over just as heavily.)

Racial Weakness Name: Weak Little Creatures
Description: Remember when I was talkin' about bones? ...I ain't hittin' on ya, ya goofy fuck! Now git yer dick out of yer ears! Now how we got flexible bones, know what we don't got? Strength. Orcs got strength. Dwarves got strength. Even the pinkies got strength but we ain't got nothin'. Those rubbery bones like to bend when you put too much weight on'em.

Bones are the foundation of muscle and work as the lever that muscles use to move weight. Now when those levers bend easily it's not a good thing. While goblins can squeeze into tight spaces and survive long falls they can't move a whole lot of weight, especially for their size. At a maximum Grubby will be able to lift a little over a hundred pounds with a full-body lift and that's including his own weight. Any heavier than that and his skeleton won't be able to structurally support it, his knees will buckle, his arms will bend, and his spine will snake out from under him.

Soul Bound Weapon

Weapon Name: Long Knife
Weapon Description: It's a big damn knife. The fugga you expectin', the legendary Toothpick of Gruumsh, bane to all living and slayer of angels? Get the fuggoutta here. I prefer the classics. It's a sharp piece of fuggin' metal that goes in someone's orifice, user's preference. Or, y'know, make new ones with it, get creative. It's as long as my forearm (18 inches) and don't weight that much (less than a pound, maybe half of one), that's as descriptive as I'm gettin'.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Element: None

Side-Arm Weapon

Side-Arm Name: Pocket Rocket
Side-Arm Description: Here's a lil' somethin' the wizard cooked up. So it's a tiny crossbow, but! ...fits right there on yer arm, see? Just like that. Even folds up 'n looks like a normal gauntlet when I ain't usin' it. Frees up a hand, nice and quiet, and hurts like a bitch if ya get hit with it. Gotta load the arrows every time, though, that's the bad part. I came up with the name, I don't think he was too impressed by it but fuggim I thought it was funny.
Side-Arm Image:
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style

Sniper Rifle - Aimed Shot - Accuracy and crit chance is increased by 20%, bullets also pierce through an enemy and ignore 10% of their PEnd. Takes a turn to charge/aim before able to fire. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.)

The Background


Aright, so where to I begin? It all started when my dad fucked my momma. Just goin' at it like pigs in ruttin' season, they were... You want me to skip this part? Yeah fine, but yer missin' out. Quality spank material if ya happen to be some kinda freak and I'll be honest ya look like one. Okay so back when I was a kiddo then. I did all the goblin shit. Went hungry, fled for my life, got beaten the fuggup for shits and giggles, lived in my own filth, the works. Suffice to say it was a shitty way to live. I was always runnin' for the hills or stealin' shit or gettin' my ass kicked because I was an ornery lil' shit. So's one day I meet'em. Adventurers. You know the type, got a mixed bag of special little snowflakes that think they're all hot shit so they go around killin' stuff for fun and turnin' green skinned assholes like us into handbags or whatever the fuck.

So's the chief wants to attack'em cuz he's a dumbass and thinks "Oh hey, we got numbers, let's use our sharp pointy sticks on the guy covered in iron and glowing in holy light". They kill'em all, fuckin' idjits, and I'm the only one left. So naturally I shit my pants and I got snot all runnin' down my face and I'm bawlin' like a little bitch, screamin' in the couple words I know in Common to let me be. I was probably askin'em where the library is lookin' back on it. Then they do somethin' that shocks me and I don't get my head chopped off. Spoiler, I know, they let me be. But then this tall bearded mucky muck wants to take me with'em and that's how I met my new best buds.

We went all over the world together, goin' on quests, savin' dames, fightin' wars, we did everything under the sun and some stuff that wasn't. I was a real part of the team, even though I was a shady pipsqueak fucknugget they put their trust in me and let me do the sneakin' around. I scouted out patrols, jiggered with the traps, put some sharp things into some soft things, I had a ball. Did some stuff I'm not proud of but I'm not even gonna talk about it. They were my family more than all my brothers and sisters were.

So how'd I get here, you ask? So some fuggen wizard who can't leave shit alone wants to bypass the Crimson Keep by travelin' across the planar dimension. Okay I says, or we could just fuggen sneak in under the cover of darkness but nooooooo. Gotta do the smart guy thing. Anyway Hilderbrandt speaks some googly moogly and next thing I know half the damn guild hall got mishmashed into a shit shack outta nowhere. Step outside, big surprise! We ain't in Kansas no more, Toto. No idea where the fuck we are. Now me an' the boys are lookin' fer a ways out cuz our shit-fer-brains wizard doesn't bring enough spell fuel for a round trip. Whatever, not like I care. Just another quest to do. At least there ain't giant spider people this time. 'Cept if there is, then I'm gonna kick that wizard in the ioun stones.

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PostSubject: Re: Grubby the Gob - Junction - Pee Yew   Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:09 am

Character Data At 95% .

Reduce Quick Old Bastard Strength and Bad Back Weakness to 10%, Luck is a very powerful stat and thus must be limited more then other stats.

All Other Data Is Approved.

Please Update Noted Fields.
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PostSubject: Re: Grubby the Gob - Junction - Pee Yew   Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:10 pm

The requested changes have been made.
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PostSubject: Re: Grubby the Gob - Junction - Pee Yew   Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:00 pm

Analyzing Changes.

All Requirements Met.

Congratulations New Citizen Of Junction, ID #GOB4773819 Otherwise Known As Grubby.

Welcome To Existence.
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PostSubject: Re: Grubby the Gob - Junction - Pee Yew   

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Grubby the Gob - Junction - Pee Yew
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