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 Act 1 the outworlders play (haru edition)

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PostSubject: Re: Act 1 the outworlders play (haru edition)    Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:38 pm

Haru wasn't too sure what to make of his subject of study to be honest, but if there was one thing he was sure of: This guy was odd as hell. Though his oddness wasn't the sort that would make the idol be repelled. No, this oddness made the guy more curious than anything about his strange companion. He had questions alright, but knew this wasn't the time for them...and it would seem the clothing store agreed with him? Eh. Well the strange man and the building did share in a hug, so yeah....that happened. Thankful the guy wasn't severely injured from his encounter and from his way of speaking seemed to have his wit about him still.

The idol would smile a bit with relief and amusement and may have even said something, but right at that moment the guy's nose started to bleed causing concern as the idol instinctively took a step closer, his hand automatically going for the pocket where he carried a handkerchief. He was very much willing to give the guy the thing, but it seemed the strange fellow was already equipped with one and pulled his own out before the idol could even offer.  Keeping an eye on the guy, the idol would respond back to his question. "We were speaking of movie choices..." he would say more out of habit of answering a question versus adding anything meaningful to the conversation. In any case, the situation with the guy's nose thankful solved itself, the nose bleed stopping as the other began apologizing for rudeness? Okay well he didn't see a need for the apology or maybe he missed something back there, but anyway. What were they doing? Oh yes, the movie. Right.

"Cool. I am big fan of them myself so it is nice to see someone else as interested in the history there and not just the action it presents," the idol would say with a smirk and then nod as the other pointed in some direction. Shifting in his spot and making sure to keep the other away from the buildings to prevent further colliding, the pair would drift through the sleepy town passing small shops and homes until they came to the wide square where the theater rested on the corner.

Leading the way into the run down and settled building, the pair would enter the cool building and after Haru paid for the tickets to one of the samurai movies about to show, the idol would let the other pick a snack and drink if he wanted buying a water for himself and covering any expenses for the other. Once that was done, he would lead the way to the showing room and settle in the middle of the small room. There were a few elders about, the kids more than likely out and about versus sitting around watching older movies. He guess he was the odd ball in that group, but hey he wasn't complaining to having more space to chill in. Happy to rest his feet and be able to sit in the coolness for a while, the idol got comfortable in his seat and when the movie started he give his attention mostly to the screen unless bothered by the other.

After almost two hours, the movie about the samurai warriors that protected a small village from being destroyed by a greedy Lord would end and soon the idol and his strange companion would be walking back out into the warmness of the outdoors. Blinking in the light a bit, the idol would shift his strange eyes to the other, his behavior was a lot more relaxed now.  "What did you think?"


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PostSubject: Re: Act 1 the outworlders play (haru edition)    Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:51 pm

Arriving at the theater it was a relief in going in knowing there was a seat awaiting for him. It seemed things went somewhat as planned. There were no people to greet them was abit disappointing but, the cool air was indeed nice. As the variant made words with the funny looking worker at the entrance that exchanged some currency for a ticket to the event. As they move up to a stocked counter with a bushel of goods stacked up with another clerk. As the young man offered to pay for such extravagant goods Teruin hesitant at first with these people where such odd outfits. An then offered food an drinks as well in for such a performance was rather odd but, he pushed his better judgement aside due to being somewhat exhausted from his "adventure" so far. The second carbonated beverage on the list will do well enough As he points to the list that is displayed on the wall. Onto there way to their placements where pictures were flashed on the screen an watch the movie from there.

Later when they stepped out of the movie theater Haru would ask a suitable question for a change of pace. First he clears his throat and starts to speak when talking about  the lord he imitates a fascist leader somewhat with one hand behind his back an making swift motions with his right hand for expression in his conversation. An further on he goes into a somewhat calmer voice expressing the samurai;removing the hand from his back. The lord really had it coming miss managing his taxation on the village. He indeed had a nice image for himself wanting to gather fiances for himself for further explanation up the line of daimyo's but, threatening to rule through fear when he already has deprived them from resources but, not managing the boarders of his village could also have been a critical falling point as well. That samurai's did hold himself really well even against the attempts of the burning the village an infiltrating the lord's manner through a old ninja tunnel was unexpected! Their sword style seemed really defensive being reactionary when attacked on point but, their foot work is what surprised me the most with one foot measures. He waits abit for a response from haru during so Teruin pondered..I have yet to find much about his power but, atleast I got some insight on theaters that was truly unexpected he thought but, still don't understand how they fit the humans on such a any rate I should probably leave before I overstay my welcome.. I think this event has been a good learning experience perhaps will meet again it was nice meeting you Haru. As he takes a bow an walks off towards the station.
-Exit Malpercio
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PostSubject: Re: Act 1 the outworlders play (haru edition)    Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:29 am

When they were in the theater, Haru took notice of the other’s behavior and how he reacted what he saw. The guy seemed to not be too familiar with a theater or the dress wear of those who worked in it. The guy did stare at the lady at the counter before randomly choosing a drink in the oddest of ways making the idol wonder if the guy even knew about the flavors of sodas. It was indeed strange, something that the idol stored away for now. He would pay for what needed to be paid for and sit through the movie with the other. He did take note as they entered the showing room that the other seemed to be amazed by the pictures before him. Hmmm...maybe the guy just never been a theater before...though that still didn’t explain the telephone pole thing. So strange.

Despite this though the idol did enjoy the time with the guy and once they were out and he asked his question, the idol would take in the words the other said with a thoughtful look in his eyes as he crossed his arms. When the guy paused to let him respond, the idol would open his mouth and speak. “The movie does depict the consequences of greed gone too far and what happens when people are treated unfairly for too long. It always amazes me just how strong the human spirit or will can be in situations that try to push or stomp it out. Even if it is just a movie the reminder is nice.” For more than simply seeing it on screen. “That aside, the workmanship that was put into this movie to replicate the time period and how the warriors of the past worked was indeed spot on. I must admit, the movie was quite impressive.” Especially in comparison to other movies he had seen about the samurai that just veered off into questionable territory or just had them in there for fun rather than actually trying to show how warriors worked. Sad how much was lost as more focused on making a buck versus quality and how accurate things were to a historical source.

Those thoughts aside though, the idol would return from his thoughts just in time to hear the guy’s parting words. Unfolding his arms and letting his left hand slip into his pocket, the idol would give the other a nod. “I am glad you enjoyed time and the pleasure was all mine. Until next we meet, Malperico, take care.” The idol would end it all with a small yet pleasant smile as he watched the guy head off. As soon as the guy was out of sight though, the idol would turn his attention to the town around him, his smile gone. He decided to stay and wander about the town a bit to contemplate some more the encounter with the strange man he just had.

~Exit. This thread has ended~


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PostSubject: Re: Act 1 the outworlders play (haru edition)    Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:22 pm

Hatsuharu of the Tower and Malperico of the Lust have formed a Social Link...


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PostSubject: Re: Act 1 the outworlders play (haru edition)    

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Act 1 the outworlders play (haru edition)
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