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 Cake and Gum [Glutty]

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Cosplayer Jerry


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PostSubject: Re: Cake and Gum [Glutty]   Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:41 pm

"No... I haven't." Glutty replied in an almost gloomy tone. "Glutty has been alone... for a very long time, Onyx." No family, no relatives at all. "Hrm..." Well, certainly hard to swallow. "I guess if one was desperate enough, I guess anything is technically edible. If I was starving for food, I certainly wouldn't complain if the food tastes horrible... Hunger is the best spice, after all." Something which was very true. The hungrier you got, the better things tended to taste. Maybe that's just the mind playing tricks on you though. If something tasted better, it would be easier to swallow. Not that difficult to put two and two together. Yeah. It was just a survival trick the brain pulled... Then again, was it the same for everyone? It certainly applied for Glutty.

"Stalk you? Of course not! I would... just uh..." Honestly, Glutty hadn't thought this far ahead. "Maybe I'll bake you a cake or something the next time we meet? How about that? A cake for a cake? Sounds fair, yes?" In its mind, that seemed fair, at the very least. What better way to repay someone for a slice of cake with another slice of cake? It made perfect sense! Of course, getting the ingredients for it was certainly not going to be very easy, but it would be well worth the effort. Everyone loves cake anyway, yeah? This had to work! "I see... Well, so long as that works out for you, I guess that's fine. I myself wouldn't really settle with just being okay. If there's one thing I know about my kind is that we love food! Both cooking and eating it!" That's not to say that Glutty was an expert at the craft. Sure, it could cook a wide variety of dishes and desserts quite well, but it still hadn't perfected the craft. Glutty's food did usually come out great, but there were moments where the food tasted so bad it had to be discarded... And wasting food made the blob quite sad.


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PostSubject: Re: Cake and Gum [Glutty]   Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:08 pm

Onyx Rhine

He would tilt his head slightly. “Did nobody raise you then?” How strange indeed. Though perhaps he was just overthinking this and that was how the little one’s species worked. It was still an odd thought for someone to have lived without ever meeting anyone of its own kind. That means you’d have to raise yourself somehow? “Almost anything. If it kills you, then you’re no better than one who starves to death.” It was certainly possible to create inedible ‘food’. Depending on what kind of stuff was put in it, and who was it served to.

The pale man would chuckle faintly. “Very well, if that is what you wish to do.” He supposed he could deal with that. Not that he really needed to have more cake, but he wasn’t going to argue against it. As long as it wasn’t going to be his end, of course. Even he wouldn’t just eat anything simply because it was presented to him, unless he had no other choice in the matter. “Food is certainly a good thing. I personally see it just as one part of life amongst many.” Not to say he had any problem with it being extra important to others though.


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Cosplayer Jerry


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PostSubject: Re: Cake and Gum [Glutty]   Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:26 pm

"I wasn't really raised by anyone of my own kind, no. I had to figure things out on my own. Or at least, travel around myself until the day I found someone who could raise me, so to speak..." It wasn't easy, but Glutty's efforts had certainly paid off. It was a quick learner, all things considered. It consumed and processed information pretty quickly, and that which proved useful to the consumer stuck, while the rest just faded away over time. The blob wasn't 100% sure about how this all worked. It just sorta... did, and Glutty was thankful for that. "Haha, true. If it's moldy or something, it's probably best to be avoided. But other than that, bad flavor doesn't really stop the starving from eating the food, now does it?"

"Yay!" Glutty cheered happily, like a young child relishing in having been given an opportunity to prove themselves. And Glutty was just that. A child, and thus was very much of a juvenile mindset. Things were still very simple for the blob, always looking at things in a very black and white way, as extremes were easy to both categorize, manage and understand. It could still delve into the grey areas of any subject, and understand it on a base level, it didn't interest the blob as much. Truly, a perplexing thing, this Glutty. "Of course, food is not the only things Glutty likes. Friends, playing and well... cooking." It always came back to that. Cooking. But why would it not go there? The culinary arts was the foundation of Glutty's identity, why not pursue something so important to it?


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PostSubject: Re: Cake and Gum [Glutty]   

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Cake and Gum [Glutty]
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