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 Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1

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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:19 pm

Azul was absolutely quiet during the entire trip to the village. Hell, he didn't really do much other than walk, occasionally rubbing one of his arms, as if expecting something to happen. Unfortunately, his arm was in no-way adapted to leave Junction. Besides the new option related to the giant ghost beetle living in his head, everything else had gone blank. If it wasn't already there, it wasn't going to show up...he was going to be SO behind after the mission.

When the group finally reached the village, Azul simply followed orders, walking forwards a bit, before stopping. "...for what it's worth...I think we should be cautious." Walking into an alien place with no idea of what might be going on, guns blazing, would be a terrible idea, as far as he was concerned. Still, he was just a teenager, claimed no leadership, and really didn't care WHAT they decided to do in the end. He went right back to being quiet after that, absentmindedly toying with his arm's holographic display. While he had time, he could at least clear out old Emails.


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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:01 pm

Lucian stopped for a second to contemplate his options. It seemed as if once again he was a leader to some degree, which he was completely fine with, though it did raise a few questions about himself and general charisma, considering in the eyes of nearly all present in the mission he was another nobody. “The north settlement is an industrialized city, and the one on the south is a rural community, which means…” He could send Cassiel to the North – his empathy and foresight would be an immense help in regards to keeping dangers away – but he worried the mass presence of people and supposed danger would overload his senses like they did the other day. Besides, James was both a skilled diplomat and skilled warrior, so potential danger wasn’t that big of a worry. On the other hand, if he sent Lilly to the north and kept Cassiel for his own team, not only would the north team have a seeker whose Persona specializes in safekeeping, but Cassiel would be able to put his empathy to use on a much simpler, smaller, more targeted crowd. “Lilly, go with James and keep the North team safe if things go awry. Cassiel, you’re with me.” And with that, if there were no objections, Lucian would with his teammates.

As the south team proceeded through the road, Lucian wouldn’t be able to contain his curiosity. “So, Azul…” The president began, eager to make a little small talk. “What kind of powers does your Persona have? In case of the worst, it’d be better if we knew what we’re all capable of, don’t you think?” It wasn’t a lie, but his real intentions were more akin to simple curiosity than a tactical precaution.

Soon catching up with the rest of the south team, Lucian confidently stepped up the present soldier, ready and eager to get the ball rolling. “Introductions? Okay…” It was a little bit awkward to introduce oneself to a group of soldiers like they would to a newfound acquaintance, but orders were orders. “I’m Lucian, Lucian Clarke. I’m a human from Scarred Earth and a Seeker, but hopefully the only power I’ll put to use today is the power of words.” Keeping it short and sweet was probably the best idea.

So, they really were carrying the role of first contact. Oddly appropriate, yet also oddly ironic. “You can keep your men at ease, Sir, I happen to be a certified expert in diplomacy. If they’re civilized enough to build settlements, surely they can listen to reason.” Was the last thing Lucian commented on before the troops went their way, leaving him and his three companions to do their job. “Now then, shall we?” Lucian prompted as he led the way to the small settlement. A single experienced diplomat, one young adult empath and two children… what a first contact team.

As the four humanoids entered the very outskirts of the village, Lucian stopped again to consider his options. “Hmmm…” He pondered as he rubbed his chin. “Caution is good, but it'll only take us so far. A village like this must have some sort of leader or administrator. If I had to guess, they probably have a religious authority of some sort living with them.” That is, if they even had the concept of religion in this universe. “We should find their leader as soon as possible and request to sit down and properly talk. F’xiong said we shouldn’t stand out, so it’d probably be best to simply enter the village as any other and wait for their reaction. We can ask around for their leader once we stumble upon a big enough group of inhabitants; that is, if the leader’s place of residence doesn’t become obvious enough at plain sight.” Lucian waited a couple more seconds for any objections before properly setting foot in the village, his heart beating a tad faster than he’d honestly like to admit.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:54 pm

Alice had no reason to object to the way they were divvied up, so she wouldn't interject at all and would instead just nod her head. Assuming that they were fine with it themselves, she'd wave their way before splitting up and wish them the best. "Good luck you two. We'll see you soon." She felt like she should say something more, but nothing particularly came to mind, so she'd instead slowly withdraw and semi-awkwardly make her way over to the rest of the southern team alongside Lucian and Cassiel. Remaining silent, she'd listen to her father's inquiries about the nature of the blonde boy's powers and keep her mental notes at the ready. If Azul chose to reveal anything then she'd make sure to jot it down for now.. though hopefully, that data wouldn't be necessary for the mission. "...Yeah. It'll be fine, I'm sure."

As seemed to be the trend for the mission so far though, when they arrived they did so to the glares and murmuring of a dozen skeptical soldiers. Seriously, what had they done to warrant this distrust...? She could understand caution but it was unnerving to have a bunch of armed men and women staring at them like they were a bunch of dangerous crocodiles, or killer alien birds, or literal devils. While from a rational perspective she was sure they wouldn't make any rash movements, the discomfort of the situation would keep her on edge and ready to call upon Nona at a moment's notice. They were just doing their jobs, sure, but she and her fellow Seekers could toss out that excuse out as well.

"I'm Alice Clarke. As you can guess, I'm Lucian's daughter. It'll be a pleasure to work with you all."

Hiding her inner worries and true feelings behind a coy smile, she'd say nothing more and retreat as soon as possible. She was already a naturally shy person, so she wasn't too fond of the idea of saying anything more than needed to be said in this situation. There was no need to bore a bunch of innocent troopers to death with a monologue about how her life for the past few years prior to entering Junction was sitting around the White House eating ramen. No: the sooner they got started with their mission, the better. So when they'd depart her mood would pick up slightly (though most likely not to the extent that it'd prove noticeable).

Once they arrived at the outskirts of the village, she'd listen intently to Lucian's plan, which she had no particular qualms with. It sounded like a reasonable approach to her for the most part. When he made the remark about blending in though, her eyes would drift down to her clothes and then back up to the ostensibly rustic village up ahead. She adjusted her scarf slightly to hide the wryly amused curl of her lips as she averted her gaze to the right and murmured almost silently to herself, "F'xiong sounds like he's full of shit." Whatever the case, she was at least sure that they wouldn't look too out of place. If the information that had been relayed to her and the other Seekers was true then seeing three humanoids approach would probably be far easier for them to deal with at first than watching a smiling blob wander over to them waving its tentacles casually without explanation.


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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   Yesterday at 12:18 pm

So he'd stay with the main group and Millward, Jake, and Jill would go off with the walking corpse that literally screamed 'I'm an enemy of your people!' Phew, one of these groups was going to have an obviously easier time than the other... Well, with that out of the way, he'd move into step behind the others, taking out his phone to have Raziel at the ready. The digital pet app would open up to the sprite version of the blue haired boy drinking tea on top of his signature pile of pillows. Such a strange angel...

"Your name's Blue then? Alright! I'm Cassiel Pendragon of the fortune telling Pendragon family. I know, famous people right? I'm a Virtue so if you have any questions about your future, don't hesitate to ask!" Cassiel would chime in his introduction to Azul after Ally and Lucy. Names weren't his strong soot, if it wasn't obvious.

"Hey hey, Lucy! What made you pick me to be on your team? I don't really get it, honestly..." he'd ask with a small tilt of curiosity to his head. He had a few guesses, but if it was because of his fortune telling skills they'd have to stop for a moment. Really, unless he focused he could only see vague senses of doom or fortune. Made things a little difficult, you know?

Regardless, he'd fall silent after a moment, looking around to take in his surroundings. To be frank, this was his first time off of Junction. He had been born and raised there but never took a foot off of the giant tower of multiple worlds. He'd smell the air, savoring the difference it had to Junction. Junction was so mechanical and busy... It always smelt like a bit of metal even in the bio domes.

"Wait, blend in? Um, sir whatever your name is, you're literally a walking pile of smoke. I mean, what if these people aren't walking piles of smoke? Or what if walking pile of smokes are, like, their natural predators! I mean, same goes to the rest of us! I have pitch black veins and eyes, ya know. I could be a demon in their eyes." Cassiel would remark with a genuine look of confusion on his face. Wasn't this guy supposed to be smart? I mean, couldn't they just use their brains a little here? Oh well, he doubted anyone would really listen to him especially the walking pile of hot air.


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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   Yesterday at 12:50 pm

As the group entered the village and saw their first few glimpses of the natives of this world, a few things would become evident very quickly. First, these people were tall, at a guess the average height of a citizen in this village was around eight to nine feet tall. Second, F'xiong's statement about Chimera prevalence was a little off the mark, as from the small sample size, it seemed no such beings were in the village, at least not visibly.

The group would get a good distances into the village before drawing any attention. Should they care to the group would notice a few concerned whispers and looks as they passed the citizens homes. However they would be left alone untill they reached a good ways into town, at which point they would be approached by a particularly tall man, around ten to ten and a half feet in height. He would stand in the path of the group.

"Damn... you lot are funny looken aint cha... That how they're dressen their kids now?... So... You from Cog Town?"
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   Yesterday at 1:24 pm

"Alice and Cassiel...right." Azul noted their names down. "Yes, I suppose it does translate to Blue. Call me whichever you want." He shrugged. When questioned about his Persona, he gave Lucian a questioning look. Unveiling ALL of his Persona's abilities wasn't a good idea, as far as Azul was concerned. After all, he wanted to keep SOME secrets. " Persona makes things cold." He answered, truthfully. That half of it, at least. It also did a weird Purple thing, the effect of which he was still unsure of.

He would enter the village with the others, simply shrugging in response to Lucian's points. If conflict started he supposed they'd have to settle it the good old fashioned way. With magic ghosts. He payed close attention as they entered the village, remaining silent with hands shoved into his pockets. He eyed his own clothing for a moment, before realizing he didn't even care. 'Blending in' wasn't going to last too long anyway, he figured. If they were violent anyway, it wouldn't matter what any of them even looked like...though so far, the people he had seen had only been...well, tall. There wasn't much else that could be said about them, really. At least from Azul's perspective. Though, when they were approached, Azul rose a brow.

"You're job is simple, you enter the village first and present a peaceful greeting, explain who and what the hell you and the giant ass tower behind you are, and make sure the natives aren't hostile."

Right...what a pain. "We're not from Cog Town. We're from that Giant Tower that showed up. It's called Junction." Azul began...and then promptly gave Lucian an expectant look. He had wanted to ask around for a leader...


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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   Yesterday at 5:06 pm

“Well, you’re an empath. I worried the general emotions of a town’s corpse as depressing and downtrodden as the one to the north could’ve ended in another… accident.” As much as he wanted to avoid such an accident just for how unpleasant it was to look at, Lucian really did worry about Cassiel’s well-being. “If just lingering anger can cause stomach problems, I can’t imagine what the pent-up emotions of a city so repugnant would stir in you.” Not that he’d gotten the chance to look at it up close, but he’d gotten a glimpse of it from the skyline… it was sourly soul-crushing, that sight.

So Azul’s persona powers were cold-based? Interesting. From what Lucian gathered there were some Personas that could manipulate specific elements, but as far as he was concerned, neither his nor Alice’s nor Cassiel’s nor Lilly’s could. James’s seemed to be able to control darkness to a degree, which was honestly hard to find a use for past raw attacking force. Cold, on the other hand, could prove a lot more practical in the long run.

As the group walked further into the village, Lucian cracked his knuckles and stretched, quite enjoying the amount of free space rurality had to offer. The nature abundant in this village reminded him of the times he and his parents would go out picnicking out in the Virginian countryside. His thoughts drifted further, the man being unable not to worry about how his parents were holding up against the catastrophe Scarred Earth must’ve been facing. If the Horsemen had laid a single finger on them…

His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of the tallest men and women he’d ever seen. While most people would have likely seen this as a source of stress or possible self-consciousness, to the president it was nothing short of enthralling. The bad thing about getting used to Junction was that he could no longer indulge in all of his sci-fi junkie fantasies, but this really was an entirely new world, with entirely new people belonging to an entirely new culture!

“Apapapa!” Lucian quickly slid a hand over Azul’s mouth right after he’d mentioned they weren’t from Cog Town, but before he could say anything else about them or the giant tower. Quickly giving Azul a glance that spelt “We don’t wanna give it all away right now”, Lucian folded his hands behind his back, cleared his throat and spoke in the most solemn, imposing voice he could muster (one which, mind you, he had plenty years of experience with). Hopefully the depth of voice and tone would clue this man into the fact that they weren’t children - or, at the very least, he wasn't.

“We’re not from Cog Town, no.” Once again, they had to save most of their hand before laying it out for the village to see. “Would you be so kind as to direct us to your village’s highest authority? We have urgent matters we’d wish to discuss with them.”
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1   

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Mission: Traveling Unknown Lands 1
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