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October 2017
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 The school ends with you [Afternoon - Frog x Kenneth x Joseph]

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PostSubject: Re: The school ends with you [Afternoon - Frog x Kenneth x Joseph]   Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:14 pm

"Mhm! A great thing, actually!" Frog grinned at Kenneth as they introduced themselves. "The rumormill is a very bad place, if rumors are to be trusted~"

Disregarding the lame puns, they were brought into the aforedmentioned room and Joseph was handed over the shirt. Frog mostly kept glancing around awkwardly just to avoid looking at Joseph, though his eyes still darted over to him every half a second. When he began to undress though, Frog looked straight down and stayed down until the coast was clear.

Not only that but he found himself in foreign territory. This room and its inhabitants weren't like him, and he could smell it. Well, he couldn't was all in his head anyways. There was unintangible tension suffocating itself around him as he boiled in the spot, only breaking the spell once he felt it safe to look up at Joseph, only to be stared down again.

"Errrrr, I think it looks good on you..!" Frog tried to say it like he actually meant it, but it just ended up sounding really offputting with the combination of his voice and the fact he was wearing a cheesy smile on his face. Obvious attempt to alleviate the mood, obviously failing and backlashing against him. He had a jacket on him, but he wasn't ready to just give it off to someone he barely knew! It was right there, its sleeve sticking out of his backpack. He wasn't even gonna wear it and he started trembling in trepidation, the griseous contemplation of whether to offer it or not...he kind of hoped Joseph would notice it and ask for it himself.


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PostSubject: Re: The school ends with you [Afternoon - Frog x Kenneth x Joseph]   Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:20 am

Instead of watching Joseph change, Kenneth continues to dig around in the boxes of assorted t-shirts and sweaters. Some things are set aside, others a simply flung backwards behind him, threatening to smack into or land on the heads of Frog or Joseph if they aren't careful. This eventually leads to him turning around to face the both of him with a solid shrug gesture.

"Nope, doesn't look like it. But Frog is right: It does look pretty good on you! Should be able to make it through the rest of your day without the Fashion Police tackling you to the ground." Paak's light-hearted tone is met with a faint smile, his otherwise dull and exhausted expression being put away for the sake of a more sociable one.

"On a side note, you guys both look like you could use some and relaxation. Ever been to the spa in Little Tokyo?"
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PostSubject: Re: The school ends with you [Afternoon - Frog x Kenneth x Joseph]   Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:34 pm

While the Cadet was getting dressed and even after putting the shirt on, he found himself raising an eyebrow in Frog's direction. What was with this weirdo? Was he gay or something? Not like Joseph had anything against it, but nothing explained why the nerd was acting strangely. He noticed the jacket that was poking out like a thumb from Frog's backpack. God knows where it was nesting inside the idiot's abode. It was such a dilemma that he was caught between not wanting to be caught in this dumb shirt and not getting infected with some inane weirdness inherent on the guy.

"Nope. I have a tub at home. Why would I ever want to go to a cesspool of lecherous pricks?"

The thought never came to him to consider bathing with other strangers. It was just outright weird and probably a place rampant with sexual harassment if the rumors about peeping were true. It was already stressful enough being a Cadet, he had no desire for other reasons to start drinking. And besides, he hated people. After a quick moment of deliberation and despair, Joseph grimly relinquished before pointing a finger at the jacket sleeve poking out behind Frog. He was really going to hate this, he could tell. "Yo. You got a jacket there? Let me see."


[color=#999966][font=Georgia]Joseph's Dialogue[/font][/color]
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PostSubject: Re: The school ends with you [Afternoon - Frog x Kenneth x Joseph]   Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:08 pm

Frog couldn't help but restrain a grin and a chuckle at Joseph's initial reaction to Kenneth's proposal. He himself didn't mind public baths because he'd never even went to one, so he was curious, but Joseph's words were pure gold. In fact, in order for his chuckle not to show, he put a hand over his mouth and faked a cough to cover it up. "I'd like to come so long as I ain't alone there." Frog nodded at Kenneth and turned to Joseph, eyes darting wildly again.

"Errrr, ya want my jacket?" He couldn't quite say no anymore. It was over and he knew it, so he had to admit defeat. His case wasn't gonna hold out anyways, and he knew Joseph was gonna bring it up...but he still hoped he wouldn't. Alas hopes and dreams are meant to be brutally tarnished. He opened his backpack and pulled the jacket from it. It was a basic black with blue accents, and that was why he didn't really like it. It was boring. It would fit Joseph tho, so yeah, no problems there. He handed it over. "There."


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PostSubject: Re: The school ends with you [Afternoon - Frog x Kenneth x Joseph]   

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The school ends with you [Afternoon - Frog x Kenneth x Joseph]
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