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 Chit-Chat Gardening (Kuzi Junction Work Thread)

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PostSubject: Chit-Chat Gardening (Kuzi Junction Work Thread)   Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:04 am

Now this wasn't anything new, the bright and cheery home of the four Dreedles of the Forest Bio Dome was filled with life and chatter in the early morning hours as each of them wondered about their small burrow of a home seemingly aimlessly speaking a whole load of nonsense about what each of them were planning on doing that day. The three other Dreedles who made their home with Kuzi was his Ma, Pa and Ra. The small pink fluffs three parents, as unlike most races, Dreedles have a peculiar and different style of reproduction than most other creatures. Which was odd how most still even across multi-verses and different planets and all that were still so similar in that regard. Anyway, it wasn't like you wanted or needed to know any of this information, so obviously I'm going to explain further into this strange phenomenon. You see, Dreedles are actually hatched from eggs, with the Ma and Pa doing the same job that you'd expect from any other species. You following so far? Good. Now once the egg is laid however, it is not a simple case of having to sit on the egg and waiting for it to hatch, no, no, this would never do and would ultimately result in the baby inside the egg dying. This is where the Ra comes in, this third gender found within the Dreedle kind has a special underbelly where the egg can be stored, from here this third gender has a special organ that allows the flow of food into the egg without breaking the egg aside from at one point which is closely connected to the Ra until the egg is ready to be hatched. So, yeah. That's why there are four of the little creatures living together despite Kuzi being an only son. Anyway, completely off track.

Today Kuzi had been asked to assist his Ma in tending to the gardens outside their small, cozy home. They had quite a large garden space considering, a large area out the front of their home with flowers of all kinds that really brighten up the place and make it look warm and welcoming. Then out the back they had a few vegetable and fruit patches where they grew their own food to eat! He wasn't quite sure how, but Kuzi sweared his Ma was a magician when it came to growing fruits. She could make any fruit taste delicious, and delicious tasting fruits taste even more amazing then they already usually did! "So what do ya need help with Ma? You don't usually need my help with anything, you're often real good at doing all this by yourself!" Kuzi would question excitedly as he followed his Ma round to the back of their home and towards the vegetable patches. "Anything ya need, within reason, I'll be happy to help you with though! Just say the word and I'll get to work for ya! Anything to ensure all your beautiful crops grow to their very best! Did you want me to help you with watering them? Or planting some new ones? Or maybe you need to harvest some early or something? You haven't hurt yourself out here and that's why you need my help right? You didn't like, hurt your back or something?"

Listening patiently to the long list of unneeded questioning Kuzi sent her way, Ma would simply smile peacefully as they both walked towards the gardens. Laughing ever so gently to herself every so often as Kuzi kept on rambling before finally getting her chance to reply to the over blabbering fluff ball. "No, no, no. Nothing like that. Don't you worry your little cotton socks off about anything like that. Trust me, if something like that had happened and I was in pain you would all know about it." She'd respond gently, a sly smirk upon her face at the comment about them all knowing when she was in pain, boy what a fuss pot she knew she was. "No, for today. I simply want you to do what you do best my darling. Nothing more, nothing less as I tend to the gardens. As much as I truly love all this out door work, it can get a little lonesome out here all by myself all day. So just sit and talk with me for a while. It's been so long since we last got to have a proper chat about what you've been up to. You wonder off into the heart of Junction so much nowadays and I never get to hear about what you've seen, or found or learned about. I still worry so much about you each time you go, but you always manage to get back here in one piece. So come on, tell me what you've been up to."

With a light hearted giggle, Kuzi would take a seat in the dirt and grin. He was a little disappointed that he wasn't actually needed to help, he was so looking forward to doing some work himself, but this was still nice. "Weeelll. I met this weird cat thing recently. They were pretty cool, they weren't like a normal cat though. They had these small horns on their head as well as having two tails instead of just one! But guess what, that wasn't even the weirdest thing about them! They could say words... In my head. Like, without using their voice at all! They could just put words into peoples minds, they called it telepathic abilities or something like that. It was super cool though! So after bonding with them for a little while I showed off my phasing ability to them which was pretty fun too! Though, ya know. Now that I think about it. I don't think I ever caught their name... Hmm. Odd. I should make sure to ask next time I see them!"

"You be sure to do that, ufefe." This kind of talk continued for quite some time, with Kuzi telling his Ma all about all the various different people and things he had met recently. All of which she seemed very interested and impressed with. Aside from the whole him nearly being stepped on every so often, that worried her greatly. Regardless after some hours passed, she had finished with the work she needed to do for now and would nuzzle her son lovingly. "Thank you for spending time with me, my dear. Oh. Whilst I remember though, the festival is tomorrow and I heard they're having a special sale on a very special type of seed there. Would you mind going and grabbing it for me? I know you wanted to explore the festival anyway. I'll give you the money for it and a little extra for yourself for keeping me company today and for the help tomorrow. Deal?" With a confirmation nod between the two, the pair headed back into their home for lunch.

~Work Thread Completed~

~Words Used: 1,160~
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PostSubject: Re: Chit-Chat Gardening (Kuzi Junction Work Thread)   Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:54 pm

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Chit-Chat Gardening (Kuzi Junction Work Thread)
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