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 Kids are Bloody Hell [Work Thread]

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PostSubject: Kids are Bloody Hell [Work Thread]   Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:56 am


''Save me...''

Ack. Good Lord help! This was becoming more and more akin to pure hell by each passing second. This was definitely not what Cryox thought he had signed himself up for when he decided to take this job. It had seemed rather simple in the beginning. Just stay around for a couple hours and babysit these three kids while their parents were out dealing with some sort of business. Apparently the kids liked animals too, so it was supposed to be a simple job to do. When do things ever stay simple though? Never, that’s what!

The two-tailed feline had very quickly found himself wishing he had not done this at all and instead chose something else, or maybe even opted for a free day. Why? Because he was currently trapped inside a house with three six-armed, slug-like, slimy kids which were happily getting all over him. He was already covered with sticky slime all over! His poor fur was getting completely wet, soggy and stuck together man. This was not funny in any way or form, and it seemed like these little ones were not interested in stopping their shenanigans anytime soon, to the great woes of the already greatly abused shadow cat.

‘’Kitty!’’, one of the little devils would exclaim happily as she reached out her slimy hands to grab and pull at Cryox’s tails, amusing herself with the feline’s annoyed yelping. Nope, these kids were the spawns of Satan, and that was the final verdict. Too bad he was supposed to be nice and play with them, otherwise he could possibly get in trouble with the parents, and that would honestly be the final nail in the head for the day, were it to happen. Which meant he had to endure this crap until it was over, so he could at least walk away without any extra problems on his hands…er, paws. ‘’He..he…’’, he would try to laugh at the antics, albeit obviously more disheartened than enthusiastic about the happenings. Didn’t seem like the kids could really see the difference anyway. They were too busy pulling and poking at the sentient cat toy of theirs, obviously. Cryox had to wonder just how old these guys were. They were pretty bulky and all, but that was probably just due to their species, and by behavior he would honestly not guess more than 3 years. They certainly behaved like baby brats who just wanted to pull everything in their sight apart as messily as they possibly could.

Trying to unsuccessfully shake off some of the globs of slime off of his body, the horned feline would contemplate his own misery, wondering whether death wouldn’t be better than this torture he was being put through here. He better get some hefty pay for this one! He was about to flop down on the floor completely and just accept his fate for the rest of the job’s duration, but would find himself scrapping the idea as he noticed one of the kids wandering away somewhere. Dammit. Well, he would have loved to just do nothing about it, but he was technically supposed to keep an eye on them, so he had to stay around at all times to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves or anything like that. With a few inaudible curses muttered under his breath, the feline would awkwardly waddle in the direction the kiddo went, his movement rather compromised by the amount of slimy material stuck all over his precious fur. Getting tired of that, Cryox tried to build up some forward momentum by attempting to turn it into a light trot, which would however only end with more trouble.

Promptly sliding all across the floor like on some sort of water slide thanks to the slime, the poor cat would find himself crashing headfirst into the nearest wall. Or better put, he wouldn’t exactly notice anything as the impact would proceed the simply knock the living daylights out of him for a nice chunk of time. The plus? It got the attention of all the three kids who once again gathered around their fluffy target, poking at it curiously. Ah, how fun. Except for the fact that said fluff was too busy being KO’d and just seeing snails dancing around his vision, taunting him. You know, like when someone sees the starts spinning around their head, just replaced with evil snakes, as that fit his current predicament much better. Not that he could even focus on anything else considering what was happening. ‘’Owwwww...’’ Well, he was definitely not happy about this one. Thankfully, the time was being merciful enough to him, and so his torture experience was almost over at this point. Which he couldn’t thank the heavens enough for, in all honesty. He was so not fit for babysitting what was basically a trio of evil giant slimy slugs that didn’t seem to realize they were nearly crucifying their caretaker by their ‘innocent’ games. Maybe he should try to apply for the next Jesus after this. Haha, actually, that was a stupid idea even for him. Sigh.

Nevertheless, once the parents came back home, Cryox did his best to present a pleasant demeanor, hiding the fact that he was as dead on his feet as he could possibly be, praising the kids’ behavior despite the fact that it made him want to bite off his own tongue. You gotta make sure to make things look great to not compromise your pay, right? He could deal with that, as unfair as it kind of was. That said, once the nightmare was done and over with completely, the two-tailed cat would be out of the door immediately, as he proceeded to pad his way home for the day. Which was arguably going to take a while in his current sorry state, and probably even earn his some laughs from passerby’s on the streets who happened to see him look like he just came out of some dysfunctional washing machine where someone replaced the cleaning product with something very slimy. Eugh….

Word Count: 1012


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PostSubject: Re: Kids are Bloody Hell [Work Thread]   Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:30 am

A job well done deserves compensation.

You have earned 3000 VC

+10% for being very well written!

+10% for an interesting work experience!

Total, 3600VC

This total has been deposited into your citizen account.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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Kids are Bloody Hell [Work Thread]
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