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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 Devi B. Sinclair (Demmon For Junction)

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PostSubject: Devi B. Sinclair (Demmon For Junction)    Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:06 pm

Devi B. Sinclair
”The imagination is the most deadly weapon.” - Devi

The Biography

Birth Name: Devi, B, and Sinclair
Aliases: Devi B. Sinclair; The Cheshire Cat (Nickname)
Gender: Devi (Male), B (Female), Sinclair (Male)
Age: They are approximately 60 years old; however, appear to be in their 20 physically
Birth Day: January 1
Species/Race Name: Possessed Moving Picture
Original Homeworld Name: Old Town Theater - Located in the Ghost Town of Hibiscus in Mysteria
Arcana: Temperance
Place of Residence: A run down theater they have found within Junction’s Commercial District.
Academy Semester: School? Mmm. Nope.
Class: NA

Part/Full Time Job: Entertainers


Devi, B, and Sinclair are cartoons that mimic the art work of Disney’s Steam Boat Willy. They are black and white and were designed to entertain and capture everyone’s imagination.

He is a character about 4’11” in height and about 100 lbs. He has a round head and hair that resembles curled horns. His eyes are pie shape and black and he wears a big huge grin on his face almost all the time. He doesn’t seem to have a neck, yet there is a white neck tie attached to his black body. He has white gloves on his hands, a devil tail at his back and wears black shiny black shoes.

B: She is a slender character with nice curves and a cute face. She is about 5’1” in height and weighs 125 lb. She has black hair, small horns, a halo over her head, white angel wings on her back and a devil tail that swishes from behind her. She wears black high heels and white gloves. A small mole rests under her left eye which are also pie shaped like Devi’s.

Sinclair: He is a tall figure covered in black fur. He is a wolf that has a goofy smile and innocent, yet alert pie eyes. Like Devi and B, he wears white golves, but his clothing consist of cream color overalls with patches on the knees. His shoes are black and he has a tail that sways behind him. He is about 5’9 in height and weighs about 135 lbs


These three are general friendly and approachable. Though they have the bad habit of accidentally scaring folk that when they walk off the screen when someone is nearby. Typically Sinclair and B are truly apologetic for this, but Devi seems to get some pleasure out of it. With that being said, the three do have some personality differences which follows as such:

Devi: Devi may be the smallest of the group, but he is also regarded as the leader. He is intelligent, mischievous, curious, and fun-loving. He is general a nice and reasonable person that is easy enough to hang with; however, he is fiercely loyal to his crew and will tear apart anything that dares to threaten them. He may look innocent and act like a clown, but a careful eye can tell this is a creature that is ever watchful for wrong moves and by far not as dumb as he appears, the act mainly used to make others drop their guard and forget about the danger they are actually dealing with. All and all, he is not hostile unless provoked. A side note is despite his flirtatious behavior, he is not interested in any others outside of B. He just likes to get a kick out of messing with people.

B: B is probably the gentlest one of the group. She has a huge passion to entertain the world and help others. She has a motherly and welcoming personality to all she meets. She is one to say hello and engage with others. She is the one to love up on cute and adorable animals. She loves hanging with her crew and friends and generally is a peaceful creature who does not like violence; however, if she needs to she can and will fight to protect her crew and friends. An interesting note is that she is in love with Devi and he in love with her. She has no problem telling others that she is his girl. If a gal or someone else is trying to take Devi for their own, she doesn’t interfere taking some sort of pleasure out of watching folk get their hopes up only for Devi to crush them later. Maybe she is not as innocent as she seems.

Sinclair: He is the calm and mysterious one. Seeming to act older than the others, Sinclair is always focused his task, taking small breaks here and there to socialize. He seems to loosen up around his friends and is easy going when they are around; however, when alone he appears to be shy and fidgety making it seem like he’d run at the first sign of danger...and yet that is where people make their mistake. Much like the other two he will stand his ground and perhaps it is the wolf in him, but he is the most aggressive of three when attacking.

Outside of this, the three seem to share a deep curiosity for the world around them and seems to be fond of collecting things and making pacts with those they favor.

The Potential


Strength Name: Shapeshift
Description: They are cartoons and as such can change their forms at will to entertain the audience before them. This can also help them with things in the real world too.

Strength Name: Unity
Description: Being deeply connected to each other they seem to be one person despite being three individuals. This helps them work in harmony with each other and seem to know what the other is thinking and feeling without having to say anything to each other. In battle this allows them to fight together and travel with each other during dungeons.

Strength Name: Swift
Description: Being creatures of ink allows them to be agile and quick both in regular situations, battles, and dungeons. It translates into a 10% boost in luck.

Strength Name: Ink Body
Description: The group is flexible and cat like allowing them to pull off feats most cannot and they can also fall from heights that will typically harm others (can fall from 70 ft and be fine).


Racial Strength Name: World Hopping
Description: Using the power of ink they can traverse ink and darkness, so they can traverse through portals to different worlds. It gives them the ability to travel worlds and teleport outside of battle situations. In battle this translate into a Dark based strength.


Weakness Name: Scribbles
Description: While shapeshifting is fun and all, if used too much they can harm themselves and become scribbles which are pretty much deformed forms of themselves that are useless since it puts them in alot of pain and forces them rest. This is not so much an issue on the theater screen where they can do it as much as they want, but in reality it comes with this price. Scribble occurs if they shapeshift over 4 times within a thread/dungeon.

Weakness Name: Sharing is Caring
Description: Whoo boy. The price of being connected means all the pain and fatigue of the others weigh down on ya. This means they share all stats with each other and to remain effective, they must remain within the same vicinity. If separated, their attack power goes down by 20%.

Weakness Name: Why pain?
Description: Yeah being speedy is nice, but that still doesn’t stop magic attacks from biting. +10% damage from magic attack.

Weakness Name: Ink Splat
Description: After falling from high heights at least 3 times over the course of threads, the next fall while it won’t kill them will cause them great pain. On top of that, it takes at least 1 thread without falling from high heights for this to recharge.  


Racial Weakness Name: Bright Light
Description: Yeah….The Darkness is their friend, but the Light is their enemy. This translates to a Light based weakness in battle.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Claws and Fangs
Weapon Description: When in attack mode, these friendly looking creatures become demonic in appearance bearing sharp fangs and claws. They attack with bites and scratches. Claws are are approximately 1.5 inches long and are deigned penetrate and shred.
Weapon Image: NA
Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Finger Gun
Side-Arm Description: Pointing their hands like a gun, either character can fire ink from themselves with the power of a bullet within the blob hurdle.
Side-Arm Image: NA
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style:  Sniper Rifle - Aimed Shot - Accuracy and crit chance is increased by 20%, bullets also pierce through an enemy and ignore 10% of their PEnd. Takes a turn to charge/aim before able to fire. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.)

The Background


“I knew from the moment that guy walked into the studio and drew his first character that we were going to go far with this business.” These are the words of Edward Bower, a young and ambitious man that wanted to make the theater in Hibiscus a place for everyone in Mysteria to want to come to visit. He wanted to make grand shows on the huge screens they had, but everything he and his crew came up with never pulled more than a handful of people towards it. Edward was at his wits end until Maxwell Rose came onto the scene. Bring with him his passion to create living art, Maxwell came into the studio with the mission to share his passion with the world. Quite pleased with this Edward let Maxwell have his way with the ink and paper and so the creation of Devi came about. Devi was a cute little creature that was appealing to look at, but on his own just wasn’t enough, so Maxwell created Sinclair next and then later on B. The three characters became a hit with the crowds as it was the first cartoon to not only delight children, but also adults. While most showings was for everyone, there were others that were strictly for adults or strictly for the kids. The appeal was the way these three seemed to be able to shift and adapt to whatever script that was handed out.

They indeed made the theater popular, but having the town’s attention wasn’t enough for Edward. He tried to get public attention and so hired a critic to come view the shows and in turn write a review for a big paper. The critic came and left...and the next day Edward and his studio became a laughing stock. The critic gave a review alright, but one that tore at all the flaws and ‘stupidity’ the critic saw in the pictures he found too boring to pay any mind too. The review drove Edwards reputation down and soon only the loyal fans were coming, but they were not enough to keep the theater or the studio up in running. In shame and despair, Edward shut the studio and the theater down and gave up his dream of becoming something big as he settled with his family; however, Maxwell did not.

Maxwell was furious at the critic and so when he left he spent over two years locked up his house working on a project that would indeed bring his characters to life; however, what he did over those two years is a mystery. What is known is that on Janurary 1st, Maxwell finally came out of his house and after gathering everyone at the theater, he revealed his new creation. It was Devi and the crew redrawn in a new and darker story that had people both fascinated and scared. The situation became even more strange as the characters actually came from the screen and begin to perform for the gathered crowd. Some were terrified of this and ran out; however, the ones that stayed hailed it as something new and beautiful.

From that point on, people flocked to the theater to see the new shows Maxwell put out, becoming baffled that one man had created such a thing. The word of Maxwell’s living art flowed out of Hibiscus and reached the ears of others and even the critic that once called the piece disasters. Upon seeing the new show though, the critic changed his mind and instead showered praised upon the pieces and the theater. The review brought more people to Hibiscus and in turn more money to Theater and Maxwell.

Things were going well for 5 years, but then everything went wrong. Maxwell was sitting in a pretty good position with the people known as not only a creator of something magical, but also a man who gave back to the community and took care of the people. He was loved by all...except for one man - Edward Bower. Edward watched the success of Maxwell and hated him for stealing his spot of fame. In anger, he plotted behind the scenes to murder Maxwell and when no one was looking, he struck out at the man in his own home shooting him in the head, but making it all look like a suicide.

He did this in front of a poster of Devi and the others. The blood coating the poster that police later said simply disappeared. About two days after Maxwell’s death, Edward with a heavy heart stated he would continue his friend's legacy and so took over creating scripts for  Devi and the others. For 3 years, Devi and the others played their role still appearing out of the screen to entertain, but then on January 1st of the fourth year things went south for Edward.

As he prepared for another showing, Edward noticed that the reel for the show was missing. Cursing he went to find it and upon finding what he thought was the right reel in one of the storage closets that held a cut out of Devi within, he took the reel and managed to shove it into the projector. After the folks gathered as usual, Edward turned on the film and found out immediately that it was very wrong. Devi appeared on the screen alone and after asking the people if they wanted to see interesting, he disappeared from the screen. The next frame did not show a cartoon, but actual footage of Maxwell’s room...on the exact day Edward had killed him. Horrified, Edward tried to turn off the clip, but the projector refused to go off. In desperation, Edward kicked down the projector and stomped the reel destroying it and releasing thick ink that surrounded him and began to pull him down.

The people heard his screams, but about time someone got to the projector room to see what happened to him. The man was already dead seeming to have been drowned in ink. People couldn’t understand what had killed the man, but after that day the theater became an odd place to visit.

New people ran the shows in honors of the man who had created Devi and the crew and like loyal puppets they performed for the crowds, but when something bad happened - Like a person went missing or people were found drowned in strange places with traces of ink around, people began to believe that the characters in the theater were possessed by Maxwell and attacked those that were evil. At first this seemed okay, but as the number of the dead began to rise the more the people became worried until finally they began to move out. In the course of 1 year the town became a ghost town with the last residence being an old woman and a firm believer that Devi and the others were not evil. Going to the theater alone and having no way of operating the machines there, she did not fear that Devi wouldn't appear to her. She spoke out to that darken theater like she had done many times before telling those that resided there that she believed there was a murderer that copied what they had done to Edward and in turn had destroyed the town, but now they had no more worries. The murderer and the people were gone and now it was just she and them now. She told them she would be their customer until the day she died all they had to do was show themselves to her once more.

At first it seemed like her words would be unheard, but then the screen turned on and Devi appeared. He agreed willingly enough that they would continue to perform for their one viewer...and so they did until she died 2 years later. In honor of the woman, they made her a beautiful grave which they kept up even as the rest of the town fell down. The demons did not have an audience to entertain, but they still remained in the town they called home until the theater was no longer safe to stay in. Packing up what they could the trio took to the road, using their own abilities to teleport from town to town looking for business and fun. They continued to do this for a long time until their town hopping turned to world hopping and that in turn brought them to Junction where their world hopping ended as a new chapter for the demons began.

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PostSubject: Re: Devi B. Sinclair (Demmon For Junction)    Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:22 pm

Analyzing Character Data.

All Requirements Met.

Congratulations New Citizens Of Junction, IDs #DDD1257390, #BBB2847264, #SSS7948276. Otherwise Known As Devi, B and Sinclair.

Welcome To Existence.
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Devi B. Sinclair (Demmon For Junction)
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