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 Cryox [Junction Shadow Self]

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PostSubject: Cryox [Junction Shadow Self]   Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:58 pm

’’Meeeooow...what, is there a problem?’’

The Biography

Birth Name: Onyx
Aliases: The Demon Cat; Cryox Hale (the name he gave himself after he escaped captivity)
Gender: Male
Age: Claims he’s around 200; truth of statement unconfirmed
Birth Day: 30th November
Species/Race Name: Nekomata
Original Homeworld Name: Glyph
Arcana: Jester
Place of Residence: Forest Biodome
Academy Semester: 1st year

Part/Full Time Job: Bodyguard/Guard

Cryox’s base body shape is more or less that of a typical cat, albeit a little larger than what is average, standing at the height of 12.8 inches (35 cm), but having a surprisingly low weight at 6.6 pounds (3kg). Most of his fur is short and black, with some patches of white mostly on his underbelly/neck, tips of his paws and on a part of one of his front legs, and he has an oval shaped patch of darker gray fur on his face. Unlike a normal cat however, Cryox possesses certain traits that distinguish him from your everyday feline you may see on the street or in someone’s house as a pet. Instead of one, Cryox has two identical tails, which are just about 2-3 cm shorter than the length of the rest of his body, and also has two 2 inch (5cm) long, slightly curved, somewhat bone-like horns sitting on the top of his head. The final feature that sets him apart, are his eyes. While the pupils are green, which is common enough, the whites of his eyes are colored a yellowish color instead. He is also seen wearing a collar with a silver heart-shaped pendant which is colored red/blue.

Transformed Appearance:
When Cryox changes into his full Shadow form, his appearance doesn’t change a whole lot outside of his size and weight. What was originally an only slightly larger than average kitty, becomes a surprisingly huge 6’7’’ (2m) tall feline. Despite his large increase in size however, his weight does not raise proportionally, and he weighs only about 77 lbs (35kg), making him rather light for his appearance at glance.

Cryox can be a rather tricky feline to figure out. He seems to be able to play the role of a cute, friendly looking cat quite well, and may even fool you for a while, yet it tends to come to light that he possesses a more aloof and often even sarcastic demeanor underneath it. Which one is truly his real nature is hard to discern, and it doesn’t seem like he’s intent on letting people figure it out anyway. Most would just pay for being too much of a bother to him, as he is quite the mischievous one, liking to use his abilities for his own amusement and randomly speaking in people’s minds to either scare them or just plain confuse them. It sure works wonders for those unfamiliar with such methods, and it is a perfect way for him to haunt someone if he chooses to do so.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t appear to openly display bad will towards others despite his sometimes negative seeming actions, and is curious enough to hang around others if they’re interesting enough to him. However, he is a cat after all, and everyone knows a cat’s nature can be rather fickle and whimsical, so one should definitely be careful about what they assume of him at any time. This unusual feline is no cuddly pet for you to take home and keep, that’s for sure. Or would you like to try anyway?

The Potential


Strength Name: A cat’s nine lives (+10% HP)
Description: Perhaps the myth is true and perhaps it isn’t, but it seems that Cryox is indeed a bit more durable in a fight than most, and can generally withstand a few more blows than the average combatant.

Strength Name: Sixth Sense (+10% Luck)
Description: Having spent a good chunk of his life as a creature surviving by itself out in the open, Cryox has developed his natural intuition quite well, and is good at making hunches or approximate predictions based on what seems to be happening in the current moment. You can never drop your guard if you want to survive after all.

Strength Name: Stealth
Description: You can’t be a good prowler and trickster by being clumsy and noisy, right? Cryox is quite adept at remaining stealthy and not alerting others to his presence if he chooses to want to remain unnoticed. His lighter weight also helps him make less noise by default, making it easier for him to move about silently. Of course, this is way easier for him to do in his base, smaller form.

Strength Name: Resilient
Description: Life didn’t go easy on the two-tailed feline, and so he had come to adapt himself well to varying environments. Despite his typically small size compared to most citizens of Junction, Cryox deals pretty well even with harsher conditions such as very high/low temperatures for example. He is unlikely to be the first one to complain about such.

Strength Name: Up and up
Description: Thanks to being cat-like in shape, as well as not weighing a ton while having decently strong back legs, Cryox is capable of jumping quite far into the air as well as forward into the distance. He can clear 32.8 foot (10m) distances with a single large jump fairly effortlessly, as well as jump straight up to about 22.9 feet (7m). In his larger transformed state, the lengths extend up to 91.8 feet (28m) forth and 55.7 feet (17m) up.


Racial Strength Name: Telepathy
Even though Cryox’s species already do possess a natural ability to speak, they also have a higher aptitude for mind-manipulation tricks, resulting in their ability to speak to others through telepathy, without needing to voice anything out loud. The reach of the connection does have a limit however, and they can only speak in the head of someone who is within 65.6 feet (20m) of their current location. Due to the practice of this ability, their minds are also tougher to penetrate and fool, granting them a natural resistance to Ailments.


Weakness Name: A claw too small (-10% Dex)
Description: In his base form, Cryox’s claws are rather small, making it hard for him to sufficiently deal damage to others. Due to that, he hasn’t really bothered practicing with them much either, making him a bit underskilled in that department even when he assumes his larger form.

Weakness Name: Unskilled Mage (-10% SP)
Description: Outside of what is in his natural abilities, Cryox does not possess a high aptitude for performing magic, nor is he too knowledgeable in the area of spirituality.

Weakness Name: Cute Kitty
Description: Yeah, his kitty appearance can perhaps be of use to him when it comes to undisturbed exploration and such, but it does also carry a couple cons. Such as people possibly not taking a cute looking cat seriously enough and waving him off, which is only emphasised more by the fact that he possesses a rather childish sounding voice.

Weakness Name: Not Human
Description: Being a feline definitely bars one from a lot of activities more human-like beings can easily perform and participate in. After all, how will a cat hold items in its paws properly, or do anything that requires the wide-ranged dexterity offered by beings that stand on two legs?

Weakness Name: Lightweight
Description: Both a blessing and a curse, while his light body helps in some manners, it causes disadvantages in others. Having less mass to keep him grounded, it is naturally easier to push Cryox away and around by brute force, or drag/toss him if one were to try such acts.


Racial Weakness Name: Creature of Darkness
Description: Cryox is a creature born primarily from hate and spite, making him have a link with the darkness. He is very susceptible to anything holy in nature, such as getting dizzy and weak if he gets splashed with holy water, and is know to hate churches and any similarly religious based places. Due to that, he is also more vulnerable to Light based attacks, making him have an additional Light weakness.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name
: Meowzers
Weapon Description: Just about an inch long claws. Extends up to 4 inches in True Form.
Weapon Image: Toodles
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element: N/A

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Heart Shot
Side-Arm Description: Using the small pendant attached to his collar, Cryox can shoot small (a bit larger in his true form) black laser like bullets out of it. Its red/blue colors glow slightly when it’s being used.
Side-Arm Image: Picture
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Shotgun - Scatter Shot - Accuracy is decreased by 30%. Consumes 3 types of ammo at once to fire -must be same type of ammo. Can shoot all enemies with one attack.

The Background

History: Once upon a time in the world of Glyph, inhabited by mostly humanoid beings, there was a young black cat known by the name Onyx which lived as a pet of the Thrix family. The cat didn’t lead a very happy life however, as the young son of the family taking care of him was a rather cruel kid, and was frequently unpleasant to the kitten even to the point of hitting it or causing some physical injuries. The parents who worked long shifts and weren’t home very often (which is why they got a cat for their kid in the first place) either didn’t really notice, or maybe they didn’t really care, choosing to let their son take responsibility for whatever ends up happening.

As time passed, Onyx began to harbor hate towards the family that kept him, wishing he could just be free, even if it meant his keepers would have to die for that to happen. Cruel? Maybe, but it isn’t like anyone considered that when they acted the way they did towards him. If another being’s life did not matter to them, then theirs mattered just as little in return. It was very simple logic for the cat after all. Sadly, a small feline was quite obviously unable to enact any real kind of revenge or help himself out of the situation, and so he continued to suffer, only growing more angry at the kind of life he was being forced to live.

Until one day, a member of the family happened to carelessly leave the front door to the house open while they went back to grab an item they forgot before heading out, and the poor cat decided to take the opportunity to run out, sprinting as far away from that evil place as he could, until he ended up tired and exhausted in some sort of forest, which would become his shelter and new home from then on….

...what happened after that is deemed as a mystery, but some time later, stories of a monster cat appearing and haunting certain familiar started circulating around the area, leaving a lot of people in fear of what was happening. Did the Thrix family ever make the connection there? That was a question no one would have an answer to anymore, as one day a strange tower crashed into the forest area the feline lived in, eventually taking him away from his homeworld, only leaving scary bed stories for children behind…

Now the demonic cat lives within Junction, and despite having lost his target audience to haunt and having no means of going back to his homeplace, he still seems to keep the collar and pendant he’s been given when he was first bought into the Thrix family. Is it a symbol to remind him of his life and feelings? That’s something only he himself could explain. Nevertheless, he now lives in this new world he had found himself in, awaiting what the future will bring unto him next….


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PostSubject: Re: Cryox [Junction Shadow Self]   Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:36 pm

Analyzing Character Data.

All Requirements Met.

Congratulations New Citizen Of Junction, ID #FLN4326032 Otherwise Known As Cryox.

Welcome To Existence.
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Cryox [Junction Shadow Self]
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