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 Morning on the ranch[Illumina morning work thread]

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PostSubject: Morning on the ranch[Illumina morning work thread]   Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:35 pm

(please Note that Illumina has a strength that increases all VC gain by 10%)

Illumina smiled as she woke up, nice and early as always, but she stayed in bed, regulations said lights out lasted till the sound of the morning bugle, it was a sound she was used to waking up before by this point, but the exacting nature of the sound was always a comfort to her, and so she waited turning her head to the side and looking at the clock "ten minutes to get dressed and ready for inspection, then a morning march, followed by bathing, then breakfast, after that morning always..." she said to herself quietly as the clock ticked towards the next hour.

As the clock hit six Am a bugle sounded and she got out of bed and started to change, her clothing efficiently laid out the night before making changing take less then a minute as the bugle played, her hair brushed and set and her morning exercise hat placed atop her head, she then stood at attention at the foot of her bed in her room as the bugle continued to play, a sure smile on her face, her exercise out fit on and ready, she would have more time after her morning bath to dress properly in her work clothing, but still waking up early was already required.

After a few more minutes the bugle finally ended and she could hear footsteps coming up to her room, as they neared the door she snapped to attention and removed the smile from her face. Then the door swung open showing her towered father standing there, matching exercise outfit on, his hair combed down and his mustache properly groomed, and he walked in turning the light on as she walked to Illumina and scanned the room, a nod coming from him "Good...efficient as always...that's three weeks in a row...extra rations for the evening ease and fall in we begin!" he said with a nod.

Illumina nodded and went to follow her father as he started to jog down the stairs and made for the foyer, keeping quite the pace, but it was one Illumina had grown with and she easily kept up with him as she slipped her shoes on and managed to keep right behind him.

Leaving the house they began a lap around the property, their normal morning exercise, a simple marching pace though as it was meant to wake them up not tire them out, "how has school been?" he asked as they marched.

"Sir it has been going well sir! I am keeping my grades high, and am looking into joining the cadets if possible, if they have no openings then I will work even harder to earn an exception if required Sir!" she answered keeping pace easily.

With a nod he picked up the pace "Then we should pick up the pace to get you ready for the rigors of that post! Double time!"

she nodded as she moved after him Sir yes Sir!"

As they came back tot he house Illumina was sweating a bit, as was her father and as they stopped she took up position and stood at attention while her father took a moment to catch his breath before looking at her.

"Breakfast will be at the usual time, as we have finished morning exercises early I will permit more time to out morning baths, Dismissed!" he smiled to her as he headed inside to start his own bath in the larger master bath.

Illumina smiled at the small reward as she headed upstairs and quickly stripped down tossing her things into her hamper and entered her own smaller bathroom, the water already drawn for her by her mother when she had seen them approaching "Thanks mom" she said as she hopped in and let out a pleasant sigh as she relaxed after the run and let her muscles rest a bit.

After her bath she slipped into her ranch clothing, and smiled as she felt nice and clean and ready to do her chores, though she headed down and smiled as she sat at he table eating breakfast with her parents as her father laid out her chores for her to do that day.

Not long after that she left the house to take care of the horses, smiling as she lay the feed for them in the large trough, as well as water in the second deeper one, honestly at the moment she was simply enjoying her time working, after all it was one of the rare times she could simply take her time, not that she liked to dawdle but she did like to be around the animals. With the horses fed she took the time to wash them from head to hoof with a nice damn cloth, making sure she washed them thoroughly humming the entire time.

The time before anyone else arrived to work on the ranch, and the time after the exercise was her time to let her body and mind relax a little, and while others might consider it work, she considered it leisure time as her hands lingered on the horses bodies, ebfroe she moved to brush their coats.

After the horses were done she moved on to the sheep, honestly as a ranch it was odd for them to have more then cattle and horses but the sheep had been one of the few things that they got for her when she was a kid, and honestly it was something that still made her squee like a little girl when she hugged them or basically did anything that involved the adorable creatures, and she spent a lot of her morning sitting there with them as she fed them and made sure they were free of any burrs or sticks in their wool.

Despite her normal attitude towards people Illumina was much kinder to animals, after all most needed the aid of humans to survive and she seen it as one of the things people just HAD to do, and it didn't hurt that a good number of them were absolutly adorable.

After her time with the sheep, the cute creatures all knowing her so it would have been a shock to anyone that knew her from the school or the busier parts of town to see her being not only gentle, but having a genuine smile on her face while the docile and timid creatures gathered around her, after her time with them was time to look after the cattle, this one was simple really, make sure they had feed and water, check the fences, and see to any that were pregnant.

soon after that Illumina sighed and returned to her house to get ready to wash once more and then head out to school. her morning chores done, her after school chores would be another great time to unwind.
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PostSubject: Re: Morning on the ranch[Illumina morning work thread]   Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:00 am

+3300 VC. Your strength raises it to 3630 VC.


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Morning on the ranch[Illumina morning work thread]
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